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  • Title: CAN |
    Descriptive info: .. norsk.. english.. Produkter og Tjenester.. Vedlikehold og modifikasjon.. Riggeoppdrag.. Riving av boretårn.. Installasjoner.. Tie-in-bistand.. Flare tip-utskiftinger.. Arbeid i skvalpesonen.. Fallende gjenstander.. Fallende gjenstad inspeksjon.. Fallende gjenstand verifikasjon.. Fallende gjenstand utbedring.. Boltekontroll.. Kurs i observasjonsteknikk.. Konsulenttjenester.. Engineering.. Konseptstudier.. Metodebeskrivelser.. Design og utvikling.. NDT Inspeksjon.. Jackup legg.. Jacket-struktur og risere.. Entring av rør og tanker.. Flammebom/tårn og flaretip.. Boretårn og boreutstyr.. Kran og kranpidestal inspeksjon.. Helidekk-inspeksjon..  ...   Alsten.. Om Can.. Om oss.. Verdier.. Kontakt.. Ansatte.. Kontaktskjema.. Nyheter.. Arkiv.. Nyhetsbrev.. HMSK.. Vi CAN også under vann.. Utførende virksomhet.. Toårig rammeavtale med KAEFER Energy.. CAN Training AS.. Teknologi og utvikling.. CAN AS, Slettestrandveien 4, 4032 Stavanger | Sentralbord: +47 51 81 18 18 | Vakttelefon: +47 48 24 48 00 | E-post:.. post@can.. no.. | Telefax: +47 51 81 18 19 |.. Intranett.. |.. Webmail..

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  • Title: CAN | Maintenance and modification
    Descriptive info: Services.. Maintenance and modification.. Rigging assignments.. Derrick Removal.. Installations.. Tie-in assistance.. Flare-tip replacement.. Working in the splash zone.. [Fallende gjenstander].. Dropped Objects inspection.. Dropped Objects verification.. Dropped Objects repair.. Dropped Objects bolt tension control.. Dropped Objects obervation course.. Dropped Objects consulting services.. Consept studies.. Method Descriptions.. Design and development.. Inspection.. Jacket structure and risers.. Entry of pipes and tanks.. Flare boom/tower and flare tip.. Derrick and drilling equipment.. Crane and crane pedestal inspection.. Helideck inspection.. References.. About us.. About us.. Our values.. Contact us.. Employees.. Send us an enquiry.. HSEQ.. Maintenance and modification.. [Fallende gjenstander].. Engineering.. Inspection.. CAN Weld.. Contact.. Nguyen Tran Hai Nguyen.. Operation Manager.. Telefon: 416 03 610..  ...   combined with highly skilled engineers enables us to deliver turnkey projects within the maintenance and modification segment.. Our expertise in project planning and implementation ensures that the work is performed both safely and effectively.. We plan the use of rope access technology where appropriate making the implementation of the job faster and more efficient.. CAN has around 60 operators with a wide range of expertise within both blue collar and white collar disciplines.. All our operators are certified riggers with extensive experience of complicated rigging operations, both with and without the use of rope access technology.. CAN has performed maintenance and modification projects on virtually all installations in the Norwegian sector..

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  • Title: CAN | Rigging assignments
    Descriptive info: CAN has accumulated high skills and experience in connection with advanced rigging operations.. All our operators are certified riggers in accordance with NORSOK.. We have experience of planning and execution of the rigging work, both requiring the use of rope access technology and where the work can be carried out on deck..

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  • Title: CAN | Derrick removal
    Descriptive info: Jon Svendsen.. Manager Engineering and Technology.. Phone: 479 00 388.. jon.. svendsen@can.. Derrick removal.. CAN AS has developed several specially designed lifting devices for removal of derricks.. We carry out the work safe and efficient, without use of heavy lift vessels.. The derrick is removed piece by piece and transported to shore by ordinary supply vessels.. This method offers operationally flexibility and significantly costs reduction compared to heavy lift vessels.. Removal of a derrick is a demanding operation which requires  ...   large number of derricks on the Norwegian continental shelf.. The method used for removal is either based on use of specially designed lifting devices or extension of the platform crane boom.. Before the derrick structure can be removed, the derrick is stripped of all equipment, both auxiliary and drilling components.. If necessary, components are divided into smaller units that are manageable for a safe removal operation.. Then the derrick is divided into smaller and manageable sections to be lifted out..

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  • Title: CAN | Installations
    Descriptive info: CAN performs many types of installation work on offshore installations.. The common denominator for this type of work is that it represents challenges in terms of access, choice of method or other demanding conditions challenges we have years of experience in handling.. Riser protection framework.. The installation of riser protection frames is a challenging operation as it involves difficult access and work in the splash zone.. The work usually involves rigging tackle and equipment to cross-haul the protection frame into the correct position and then mount it.. CAN has the experience and equipment needed to do  ...   position the lifting arrangements so that the installation can be performed without installing extra tackle and equipment.. It is also often necessary to install oblique stays and braces as support.. We have a simple solution to this issue involving the use of rope access technology the elements are either welded together or drawn with bolts.. Caissons.. The installation of caissons requires work under the deck in connection with the tie-in operation.. Access to the areas under deck is difficult and there is limited crane coverage.. CAN has the experience and equipment necessary to perform the job..

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  • Title: CAN | Tie-in assistance
    Descriptive info: Phone: 416 03 610.. Tie-in of risers or caissons often requires advanced rigging operations and use of cross hauling techniques, as these operations mainly take place below deck, where crane coverage is limited.. Connection of pipelines from other fields or platforms is a complex operation.. The work requires careful planning and often involves multiple actors.. We play an active role during interface and planning meetings with customers and other involved parties to ensure an efficient and safe work performance.. In addition to  ...   personnel are required.. CAN has the experience and the competence needed and we have been involved in several tie-in operations.. CAN has on several occasions assisted subsea companies in connection with tie-in operations to pre-install subsea support clamps, together with ROV.. We have also assisted divers in connection with the installation of fairleads, where we handle opsite activities such as lifting in materials and equipment.. In addition, we communicate closely with the divers regarding positions, and send the necessary tools down to them..

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  • Title: CAN | Flare tip replacement
    Descriptive info: Flare tip replacement.. Flare tip replacement is a demanding task, mainly because it involves work in areas without crane coverage.. It is therefore necessary to make use of temporary installed lifting devices.. A flare tip is usually about 3 metres high and weighs from 300 kg to about 3 tons.. For the flare tip replacement we install a specially designed lifting device (CAN A-frame) on the flare platform for transportation of the flare tip down and up the flare..

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  • Title: CAN | Working in the splash zone
    Descriptive info: Work in the splash zone involves challenges related to access and work performance.. For divers, the rise and fall of the sea level is problematic.. This also presents a problem for traditional access from the platform front.. The use of rope access technology in this area provides a fast, efficient and safe form of access, at the same time as allowing simple evacuation from the area if needed.. For CAN's assignments in the splash zone, the company makes use of specially designed equipment..

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  • Title: CAN | Dropped Objects
    Descriptive info: Dropped Objects.. Does your company need help to prevent accidents involving dropped objects? CAN can help – since 1996, we have carried out systematic third-party inspections of derricks in order to prevent dropped objects.. Previously, the primary focus of such inspections was in removing loose objects.. In recent years, inspections have evolved to now also include control of both primary and secondary barriers on fixed and movable equipment at heights.. They also include verification of the management systems for dropped objects.. Traditionally, most inspections involving dropped objects were for drilling contractors.. Today, the majority of operating companies, shipyards and terminals make use of these services.. CAN AS has been a member of DROPS since 2005 and regularly participates in seminars to exchange experience with other companies involved in preventing dropped objects.. CAN AS has an offshore, dropped object third-party inspection program covering derricks, drilling modules, cranes and operation modules.. In addition, corresponding programs are utilised for operating modules and onshore facilities and vessels.. The inspection programs include the full range of fixed equipment, mobile equipment and loose equipment used at heights.. CAN is also in the process of  ...   from the anti-collision system.. The program also includes verification in connection with transfer of contracts and/or dockings at yards.. Bolt Inspection.. CAN plans and prepares inspection programs for bolts in derricks.. Once the program has been compiled, our personnel travel out to the rig and perform the control using anti-falling devices.. Courses and seminars on dropped objects.. CAN not only performs inspections and other assignments, we also offer training.. We have developed customised courses in observation techniques, and participate in ongoing seminars related to work at heights and securing of equipment at heights.. Manuals related to dropped objects.. CAN has played a central role in the preparation of "Sikker Sikring", a manual defining the functional requirements related to the creation of double barriers on equipment installed at heights.. The manual was developed in collaboration with Statoil and some forty suppliers, and later further developed in cooperation with ConocoPhillips.. Equipment to prevent dropped objects.. CAN AS has carried out several verification projects in collaboration with Det norske Veritas (DNV) to ensure that the calculation models for safety wire and methods for fastening are satisfactory, based on the relevant fall energy..

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  • Title: CAN | Dropped Object inspection
    Descriptive info: Dropped Object inspection.. CAN have a 3.. party DO inspection program covering the derrick, drilling modules and cranes.. In addition a similar program is used for operation modules as well as onshore plants and ships.. The inspections had earlier focus on removing loose objects, while the inspections in recent years  ...   barriers of fixed and movable equipment at height to discover conditions that can lead to DO.. CAN also develop customized inspection programs for use in connection with periodic DO inspection.. All findings will be documented in a final inspection report with pictures, a brief description with location and repair recommendations..

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  • Title: CAN | Dropped Object verification
    Descriptive info: Dropped Object verification.. CAN have a program for reviewing the management system procedures and routines, the client in question has established to identify, control and reduce the number of dropped or potential dropped objects.. This applies to both own and 3rd party equipment.. The review gathers information from the clients documentation and by interviewing employees.. The goal is to  ...   reviewed systems and routines.. The review is not an accurate rating of the management system but a spot check, and the intention is to provide guidance to where possible shortcomings or weak points in the reviewed systems are.. Results of the survey will be documented in a report, together with an evaluation of the installation and our conclusions and recommendations..

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