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  • Title: Catenda AS | open standards for a greener planet
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Catenda.. Our clients.. Contact info.. Products.. bimsync for you.. bimsync.. Knowledgesearch.. Blog.. Publications.. We are launching bimsync!.. FInally, after years of research, years of making, promoting, explaning and advocating buildingSMART for people and projects we finally showed off our very own webbased BIM tool bimsync at the international buildingSMART Conference in Oslo.. The application is intuitive to use, unifies all domains through efficient collaboration and is completely open through its full support of the open international.. read more.. Catenda i Teknisk Ukeblad.. Teknisk Ukeblad har i dag en artikkel om Kunnskapsøk, Catenda sitt produkt for å få byggekunnskap ut på mobilen, ved bruk av buildingSMART standardene.. Dette er vi stolte.. Next version of bimserver.. The upcoming version of bimserver will bring many improvements over the existing 1.. 0 release.. While many of the improvements are bug-fixes and optimization there are also a range of new features introduced.. Catenda has been following the project for quite some while as we develop most of our tools on top of the latest development of bimserver.. We are very exited about  ...   100% committed to open standards.. We believe in openness.. Both as a way of working with clients and for the tools and formats we are using for our daily work.. When you work with us or use our products you shall feel confident that your data is safe and prepared for the future.. We don t believe in vendor lock-in.. Your data is your s and you choose to stay with us because you believe we offer the best solution.. If not you re free to take you re data to any other buildingSMART compliant competitor.. That s a promice!.. Jobbe i Catenda?.. Catenda opplever en meget hyggelig etterspørsel og vurderer nyansettelser.. Vi vil kunne ”skreddersy” stillinger til aktuelle kandidater som vil være med å videreutvikle selskapet, men ser i første rekke for oss to stillinger, med følgende ønskede kvalifikasjoner:.. bimsync is a powerful BIM collaboration platform.. It works from the cloud, and all you need to work and collaborate with BIM is a modern browser.. Get in touch with us.. !.. Designed by.. Elegant Themes.. | Powered by.. Wordpress..

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  • Title: About Catenda | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: About Catenda.. Recent Comments.. Release 1.. 1.. 0 final is public | BIMserver.. org.. on.. | BIMserver.. Brian Lighthart on.. What on earth is IFD?.. First Release Candidate for version 1.. Scott Beazley on.. Standardized rule checking of BIM.. Blog archive.. March 2012.. November 2011.. August 2011.. February 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. January 2010.. December 2009.. September 2009.. July  ...   2008.. December 2007.. November 2007.. November 2006.. Tags.. aquarium.. autodesk.. BIM.. BIM Manual.. BKS.. buildingSMART.. Catenda.. classification.. computable rules.. conference.. documents.. eRoom.. government.. GreenConServe.. guidlines.. hyperbolic tree.. idea.. IDM.. IFC.. ifc2skp.. IFD.. implementation.. iso.. itm.. Japan.. Jeffrey Wix.. libraries.. MVD.. ObjectLibrary.. politics.. press.. productivity measurment.. prototype.. pset.. research.. reviews.. rulechecking.. SaaS.. scheduling.. SINTEF byggforsk.. skanska.. SketchUP.. standardization.. Sustainability.. tools.. Meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress..

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  • Title: About Catenda | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: Catenda AS.. Catenda AS was established in 2009 in Norway.. Catendas vision is Knowledge in optimal collaboration , we intend to give the AEC-Industry a simpler life and better products by connecting knowledge, processes and people, through the use of technology.. Catenda is a spin off from SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, where its employees where responsible for the research on buildingSMART, building process and knowledge system development.. Catenda is owned by its employees and SINTEF.. We currently have a team of seven people with offices in Oslo and Bergen.. It s business lies within the implementation, quality assurance, analysis of BIM and associated applications.. Catenda has a strong national and international positions related to this field and strategic development projects for a number of players in the construction industry.. Catenda As has a central position in developing bodies for both the IFC and IFD standards under buildingSMART.. Call us at: +47 40 33 01 01.. Employees.. Contact us.. Ole Jørgen Karud.. Ole Jørgen is the managing director of Catenda AS.. He is a former researcher / senior researcher at SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, He was the Head of Department at EDB Guppen and at SWECO Grøner.. Ole Jørgen has long experience in entrepreneurial activities and affiliations.. He s been the project manger of several development project on buildingSMART, communications and changing business processes in the construction industry.. He was the project manager and national coordinator of the Nordic EU project CREDIT and is currently the project manager of IfdSignon.. Ole Jørgen has a degree on MSc from the Norwegian Institute of Technology.. He is a Business Economist from BI and has a PhD from NTNU ( in building and productivity analysis).. Mobile: +47 952 55 450.. E-post: ole.. jorgen.. karud(at)catenda.. no.. Håvard Bell.. Håvard Bell is the sales manager and technology officer at Catenda AS.. He worked four years as a senior developer for Interlect in Tokyo before he in 2004 begun his work as researcher at SINTEF Building and Infrastructure.. He has 9 years of research experience and has worked specifically with the development and implementation of buildingSMART standards.. He s member of the model support group (MSG) in buildingSMART International and has been project manager for several large development projects aimed on improving the flow of information in building projects with the use of buildingSMART standards and technology.. He has extensive experience in Web technology, also as a developer, and speaks Japanese.. Håvard has a PhD from the University of Tokyo and a MSc from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (both in numerical analysis).. Mobile: +47 98 88 29 29 E-post: havard.. bell(at)catenda..  ...   DEA method as well as experience from many other research projects.. He has written many reports of empirical computational efficiency in the building, construction,government provision of services (tax, hospital, college, employment), nursing / care and other sectors.. He participated in research projects at SINTEF on topics such as public / private cooperation, Economic costs of Universal Design- He Participated in the projects that go on the future practice of software development at SINTEF ( SISAS ) – He participated in the project SysLife how it should develop a system for structuring / calculate the AOM-relevant information for the Norwegian power system (production and transmissions production).. Dag is graduated in business economics at Kongsberg Ingeniørhøgskole, economics at University of Oslo and doctoral in economics from the University of Gothenburg.. E-post: dag.. fjeld.. edvardsen(at)catenda.. Jan Erik Askjellrud.. Jan Erik is a senior systems developer at Catenda AS.. He has extensive knowledge and experience in programming and has worked on building smart technology since 2007.. He has on of the lead developers of SINTEF Building Knowledge Systems (Byggforskserien) where he created a complete editorial and web publishing solution for the institute.. Jan Erik has worked with development projects to the IFD API since 2006 and has made IFD Toolkit based on Google Web Toolkit.. In Catenda he is a key developer involved in all of our projects.. Jan Erik holds an MSc from the University of Oslo in computer science.. Mobile: +47 46 69 53 63 E-post: jan.. erik.. askjellrud(at)catenda.. Anders Hjellvik.. Anders is the system developer in Catenda AS.. He is a graduate MSc from the NTNU.. There he studied computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence.. He wrote a thesis on self-organization in artificial neural networks, where the goal was to simulate biological learning in a simulated robot.. Anders is now working on developing web applications mainly related to the IFD API and BIMserver.. Anders hold an MSc from the NTNU.. Mobile: +47 476 43 474 E-post: anders.. hjellvik(at)catenda.. Kristian Vedvik Holm.. Kristian is the system developer in Catenda AS.. He has comprehensive knowledge and experience in system specifications, programming and programming management, particularly in the building smart technology, Web, BOS and various visualization tools.. Kristian has previous experience as a developer and development manager from Octaga and Creuna.. Kristian holds an MSc from the University of Oslo in computer science.. Mobile:934 19 228 Epost: kristian.. holm(at)catenda.. no.. Catenda offices:.. Postal address Oslo Bergen.. Postbox 124, Blindern c/o SINTEF Byggforsk 0314 Oslo, Norway.. Visitor address Oslo.. Forskningsveien 3B c/o SINTEF Byggforsk, 0373 OSLO.. Visitor address Bergen.. Østre Nesttunveg 12, c/o Smidt Ingebriktsen AS 5221 Nesttun..

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  • Title: Our clients | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: Our clients.. Catendas faglige nivå og brede erfaringsgrunnlag, gjør at vi trygt loser våre klienter gjennom krevende prosjekter.. Vi arbeider alltid i nært samarbeid med våre kunder.. Catenda håndterer prosjekter i ulik omfang og størrelse innen buildingSmart teknologi som omfatter rådgivnning, FoU prosjekter og utvikling både i Norge og internasjonalt.. Våre kunder er de beste innen sitt område og yter alltid sitt beste for å styrke sin posisjon i markedet.. Våre kunder:.. buildingSMART Norge.. er en ikke-kommersiell og fagnøytral bedriftsorganisasjon for bygge- og eiendomsnæringen, som jobber for samhandling, ressurseffektivisering og lønnsomhet.. Målet er et mer.. ”bæredyktig bygd miljø”.. i en kostnads- og ressurseffektiv næring.. Utvikling og implementering av åpne standarder, som sikrer fri dataflyt og digitalisering er kjernen i dette arbeidet.. Norsk Byggtjeneste AS.. er Norges største formidler av byggeregler og byggevaredata, og tilbyr unike informasjonsprodukter og EDI-tjenester til byggenæringen..  ...   profesjonell, offentlig eiendomsaktør, som bygger, drifter og selger eiendom for Forsvaret.. Greenovate! Europe.. er en uavhengig europeisk ekspertgruppe dedikert til åpen innovasjon for bærekraftig virksomhet og tilbyr støtte rundt innovasjon på EU-nivå til forskningslaboratorier, teknologiutviklere, bedrifter som er villige til å satse på nye teknologier.. SINTEF.. er et bredt, flerfaglig forskningskonsern med internasjonal spisskompetanse innen teknologi, naturvitenskap, medisin og samfunnsvitenskap.. SINTEF er blant de fire største oppdragsforskningsinstituttene i Europa, og har som et mål om å bli Europas mest anerkjente konsern for oppdragsforskning.. SINTEF er en uavhengig og ikke-kommersiell virksomhet.. USBL.. er et boligbyggelag med bred bolig-kompetanse.. Usbl skaper verdier gjennom å bygge og forvalte boliger.. Standard Norge.. har ansvar for standardiseringsoppgaver på alle områder unntatt elektro og post- og telestandardisering.. Standard Norge har enerett på å fastsette og utgi Norsk Standard, og er det norske medlemmet i CEN og ISO..

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  • Title: Contact info | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: Contact info.. Loading..

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  • Title: Products | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: Products.. - intelligent and construction specific search engine.. Based on real construction knowledge, find what you need faster.. The search engine understands your context.. Better and better search with time.. buildingSMART based, but for everyone.. Flexible solution.. Simple interface, now special tools necessary.. Integrated into existing tools or intranets.. Ready on three mobile plattforms: iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Mobile.. Read more about Knowledgesearch.. BIM server from Catenda..  ...   your BIM easily in your map.. Clash detection.. Plug and play, Catenda does all the install and setup.. Read more about BIM server from Catenda.. Catenda labs:.. perhaps something in here you can use?.. Energy calculation.. easier to make green buildings.. Simple research based energy calculations.. Areas directly from a buildingSMART based BIM.. Catenda s area calculator and visualization technology.. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure s energy analysis..

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  • Title: bimsync for you | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: bimsync for you..

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  • Title: bimsync | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: bimsync.. The application is intuitive to use, unifies all domains through efficient collaboration and is completely open through its full support of the open international buildingSMART standards.. Closer to open BIM is hard to get.. Our simple web interface (no complicated application to install) allows the user to.. view information.. validate information.. enrich information.. connect information.. analyze information.. in your BIM.. Intuitive.. Unifying.. Open.. Get the big picture and the details with bimsync..

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  • Title: Knowledgesearch | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: Knowledgesearch.. First product based on Knowledgesearch is now launched!.. Montørhåndboka+.. is available for download.. Montørhåndboka+ gives you easy access to formulas, tables and images from Montørhåndboka.. Knowledgesearch gives access to knowledge intuitively, quickly and easy.. We use buildingSMART dictionary to tag all knowledge bits and buildingSMART dictionary s inherent knowledge to aid users during search.. This is a standardized and very powerful way  ...   local culture does not matter, buildingSMART dictionary is an international standard, and allows for local adjustments, while still staying globally standardized.. Get in touch.. to learn more on how Catenda can bring your knowledge (a complete knowledge system, a book, or some files) out to your customers, easily and in a fun way.. We have ready apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile..

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  • Title: Blog | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: Blog.. Green BIM kurs.. Posted by.. on Mar 22, 2012 in.. ,.. |.. 0 comments.. Optima Kompetanse og Catenda arrangerer Green BIM kurs i samarbeid med EU prosjektet GreenConServe.. Landets beste eskperter fra Universitet for miljø og biovitenskap og SINTEF Byggforsk vil gi deg konkrete råd om hvordan øke miljøgevinsten gjennom BIM.. Temaer: Reduksjon av miljø- og helsepåvirkning, Energieffektivisering Bærekraftig tilnærming (økonomiske, miljømessige og samfunnsmessige forhold).. Programmet er klart og datoen er som følger: Torsdag 24.. mai på Oslo Konferansesenter.. Det er begrenset med plass for å gi.. on Mar 19, 2012 in.. Frontpage.. PressRoom.. on Nov 16, 2011 in.. We are very exited about the changes and have great expertiaion for the project.. There have been many changes and improvements since version 1.. 0.. Some of the major changes are: Removal of major.. How to get Solibri Model Viewer working on 64bit Ubuntu.. on Feb 25, 2011 in.. 3 comments.. As a Ubuntu user I m not spoiled with good IFC viewers.. To be honest there are hardly anyone out there.. One decent alternative is the Solibri Model Viewer downloadable from here: http://www.. solibri.. com/solibri-model-viewer.. html For a  ...   in.. The Norwegiean Defence Estate Agency (NDEA) and buildingSMART Norway just won the Information Technology equivalent to the Oscars! They took home the Green IT award.. We congratulate them many times! This is well deserved.. Knud Mohn of NDEA has worked hard to emphasize the green advantages of buildingSMART technology over the last few years, it is about time that this view is recognized.. Catenda has been part of the technology development in buildingSMART Norway and buildingSMART International since 1999.. We are proud to be part.. JOINT Collaboration and Catenda to offer BIM starter service.. on Nov 25, 2010 in.. JOINT Collaboration and Catenda will offer a BIM starter service.. Collaboration is central to any construction project, with or without BIM.. With BIM that is even more true.. It is important to stay synchronized with the rest of the team.. JOINT Collaboration are excellent at providing good collaboration tools, while Catenda has the BIM and buildingSMART expertise.. With it s eRoom platform, JOINT can together with Catenda offer a complete getting started with BIM package.. It will offer organizations that want to get started with BIM, a low.. Older Entries..

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  • Title: Publications | Catenda AS
    Descriptive info: Publications.. Benchmarking the Norwegian public sector.. on Sep 28, 2010 in.. The Frisch Centre and Catenda has examined the efficiency and productivity changes in 4 areas of the Norwegian public sector (higher education, hospitals, police and childrens welfare).. One of the main results was that all fours areas had overall increases in productivity in the time period studied.. The full text version of the report can be downloaded from here (in Norwegian).. The research was commissioned by the Norwegian ministry of government administration, reform and church.. on Dec 20, 2009 in.. 1 comment.. There is almost no limit to what you can do with a building information model (BIM), once you have the data.. Imagine all the different analysis or simulations you can do, once you have a virtual building to play with! Useful software is already showing up, a very good example of this i Solibri Model Checker.. The real challenge with this, however, is to develop a way to standardize the rules.. Statsbygg in Norway, Standards  ...   for anyone willing to listen.. Some presentations are best forgotten but others as the one containing the building information circle (sometimes referred to as the Holy Grail ) was a success and has been gone through multiple modifications and been used by me and other at many occasions.. As we like the idea of sharing here at SINTEF, we have decided to make some of our.. “Review of the Development and Implementation of IFC compatible BIM”.. on Jan 18, 2008 in.. This is a report sponsored by Erabuild, and written by a collaborative group from SINTEF (Ole Jørgen Karud and Håvard Bell), VTT (Arto Kiviniemi), Rambøll (Jan Karlshøj) and Eurostep (Väino Tarandi).. We (SINTEF) had the lead of the project, but it was a very productive team effort, and shows the strength the Nordic countries represent in this field.. The report provides current status on buildingSMART technology and usage, gives an overview of all the lessons learned so far, and list all recommended steps for future development and further..

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