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    Archived pages: 416 . Archive date: 2012-12.

  • Title: Styledevil | Faksimile.no
    Descriptive info: .. Faksimile.. Blogs.. Nathalie Helgerud.. E L E-ista.. Styledevil.. Stephen Butkus.. Annabel.. On facebook.. Brands we like.. 11.. December 2012.. -COMBO-.. Featured.. I love.. Inspiration.. Style.. This combo is just too great.. Trackpants and pumps? Who knew it would look this sharp.. - via Jak Jil -.. Tweet.. Tags.. Adidas.. ,.. Jak Jil.. Pumps.. 1 comment.. 10.. -CH-CH-CHECK-.. What I wear.. A quick mirror snap of yet another checkered scoop from Fretex Unika.. A great coat or jacket is most certainly a make or break of an outfit during the chilly season if you ask me.. Ain´t no point in putting on that fancy dress if my coat looks like some scrawny dog.. I do have some of those thick jackets that gives me kind of a chicken-y shape tough.. Sometimes when the chill gets too bad I just have to realize that I´m defeated and surrender.. Brrh!.. // Bag from Alexander Wang / Vintage coat from Fretex Unika //.. Alexander Wang.. Vintage.. 2 comments.. 8.. -MY HAIR-.. My Style.. I get quite a lot of emails about my hair.. what color I use, how I style it etc.. Truth is.. I really don´t know a baboons ass about hairstyling.. but I can tell you guys the few things I do with this blue mess.. It´s really nice that some of you like my hair because I´m not sure my boyfriend does (who cares.. I´ll just give him Star Wars Lego for christmas.. It´s called compromising.. ).. My hair color: Right now I use Directions in the color Turquoise.. I´ve tried several blues, and this works best for me (find it on eBay).. I always get help from a hairdresser, and I do need to bleach my roots before I freshen up the color.. Once a week I mix some  ...   where to start.. Those tigh-high boots, those sweats and that leopard print?? YES MAMA! GIMME!.. - via Style.. com -.. 3.. 1 Phillip Lim.. 5 comments.. 6.. - DREAMY -.. This amazing apartment belongs to Patric Öhlund.. I wish it belonged to me.. - via Lovelylife.. se -.. Patric Öhlund.. Older.. ABOUT ME.. CATEGORIES.. Photo.. Blabla.. People.. Designers.. Accessories.. Music.. I want!!.. FAVOURITES.. SELLING.. Anywho.. Columbine Smille.. Guerreisms.. Street Peeper.. Streetfsn.. Style By Kling.. The Coveteur.. Vogue Weekend.. FRIENDS.. Cravings.. Grayzine.. Facehunter.. Hippie Hippie Milkshake.. Mia Marionette.. Oslo Nights.. Rydeng Art Shop.. The Showmanship.. The Streethearts.. Vanillascented.. MUSIC.. Hypemachine.. THESTYLEDEVILCLOSET.. PRESS / FEATURES.. All The Pretty Birds.. Citizen Couture.. Cracker Your Wardrobe.. Beauty Magazine.. Dagbladet.. Det Nye.. Glamour Young Posh.. Grazia.. Grazia Italy.. Min Mote.. Side 2.. VOGUE Australia.. TWITTER.. FACEBOOK.. BLOGLOVIN.. TUMBLR.. INSTAGRAM.. Archive.. November 2012.. October 2012.. September 2012.. August 2012.. July 2012.. June 2012.. May 2012.. April 2012.. March 2012.. February 2012.. January 2012.. December 2011.. November 2011.. October 2011.. September 2011.. August 2011.. July 2011.. June 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. March 2011.. February 2011.. January 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. September 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. June 2010.. May 2010.. Select Month.. December 2012 (10).. November 2012 (23).. October 2012 (33).. September 2012 (23).. August 2012 (20).. July 2012 (34).. June 2012 (23).. May 2012 (26).. April 2012 (29).. March 2012 (30).. February 2012 (29).. January 2012 (40).. December 2011 (35).. November 2011 (36).. October 2011 (36).. September 2011 (43).. August 2011 (33).. July 2011 (30).. June 2011 (35).. May 2011 (35).. April 2011 (43).. March 2011 (41).. February 2011 (32).. January 2011 (59).. December 2010 (42).. November 2010 (40).. October 2010 (31).. September 2010 (37).. August 2010 (15).. July 2010 (44).. June 2010 (32).. May 2010 (31).. Search.. © Faksimile 2011.. post@faksimile.. no..

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  • Title: -COMBO- | Styledevil
    Descriptive info: Kommentarer.. 1.. Kariole.. 7 hours ago.. Datarock meets Kylie! Like! 3 Kari.. Add yours.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Required fields are marked.. *.. Name.. Email.. Website.. Comment.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong..

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  • Title: Featured | Styledevil
    Descriptive info: Category.. via Jak Jil -.. Ain´t no point in putting.. but I can tell you guys the few things I do with this.. Those tigh-high boots, those sweats.. via Lovelylife..

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  • Title: I love | Styledevil
    Descriptive info: -OMGSHOOOOOES-.. 4.. Djisus.. those shoes!!! Darn you icy roads.. only thing that works at the moment are Dr.. Martens.. Blargh!! But speaking of these shoes.. where are they from? Heeeelp?? Picture via Tommy Ton Tumblr -.. 4 comments.. - BLUES -.. 2.. -Pictures via: Fashion Gone Rogue, carven, Christian Dior, Vogue Russia and Tommy Ton-..

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  • Title: Inspiration | Styledevil
    Descriptive info: - XXXXX -.. 24.. Going to several birthday parties tonight and these days I have no idea what to wear.. Thank God for the world, wide web who provides tons of inspiration.. I mean.. how gorrrg does Elin look in that black dress with those.. Write a comment.. - GLOOM -.. 22.. Wow.. this constant rain and dusky gloom that has been covering Oslo these last few weeks is really taking it´s toll.. I need some wine.. This picture makes me a tad bit happier.. Great styling! The Misfits: Chloe Norgaard for..

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  • Title: Style | Styledevil
    Descriptive info: - SHALA -.. 15.. Need more overalls in my wardrobe asap! This relaxed, simple and oh so chic piece that I spotted on the always gorgeous Shala Monroque during NYFW makes me crave for one even more.. I really, really, REALLY want one in.. - CHRISTINE-.. When Christine Centenera wears black it´s all but boring.. -Private Picture -.. - SASKIA -.. Wauww! Gorgeous Saskia De Brauw photograped during PFW by Juanlu Real for Vogue.. es.. I loove her suspenders and the front detail on her pants.. Sooo goood!!..

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  • Title: Adidas | Styledevil
    Descriptive info: Tag Archives:.. - Mickey -.. How great are these Jeremy Scott X Adidas sneakers?! It sure makes me happy to have Mickey Mouse with me wherever I go!.. - Picture via Team Peter Stigter -.. Jeremy Scott.. Mickey Mouse.. 6 comments.. Pages.. Archives.. Categories.. (58).. Ads.. (1).. Bags/Purses.. (16).. (72)..  ...   (200).. Features.. (66).. (51).. In my closet.. (9).. Inspirasjon.. (266).. It´s all about me!!.. (10).. Ka-ching!.. Magazines.. Makeup.. (28).. (32).. Musikk.. New.. (2).. Paris Fashion Week.. (80).. (115).. Runway.. Selling.. (5).. Shoes.. (37).. Shopping.. (6).. (83).. Talk.. Things I do.. (22).. Thoughts.. Toughts.. Uncategorized.. What I might wear.. (398).. Winwinwin!.. (20)..

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  • Title: Jak & Jil | Styledevil
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  • Title: Pumps | Styledevil
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  • Title: -CH-CH-CHECK- | Styledevil
    Descriptive info: Liz.. 1 day ago.. blue hair.. don t care!! you are fucking amazing.. http://lavieenliz.. com.. Styledevil.. 8 hours ago.. Liz: :-*..

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  • Title: What I wear.. | Styledevil
    Descriptive info: - LOOOONG -.. Elen gave me some fabooosh earrings the other day, and this weekend I decided to sport one of them.. I love me some bling-a-ding.. need to wear it more often.. Only problem is it keeps getting tangled up in sweaters and.. 10 comments.. - SPOTS -.. Enough of this bloody cold weater already! Gimme summer! That being said.. this beanie from Lindex is pretty grr-eat! (I know.. totally lame joke..  ...   time to take them out for a part-ey! ( I know I look like I´m SO ready for it!! This facial expression in particular is called trying to look like I´m.. - DVN -.. Who am I really? Defining my style sees to be harder for each year that passes along.. Sometimes I´m that girl who dresses all in black, sometimes the girl with plain jeans and a tee.. The girl who wishes she..

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