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  • Title: Imhotep - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Interviews/Articles.. Videos/Interviews.. Reviews.. Podcasts.. Contact.. Links.. Love Hate.. Imhotep Facebook.. Imhotep YouTube.. Search.. Latest Comments.. Frail Grounds - "Th.. (1).. Throneum - "Death T.. Kråke - "Conquering.. (4).. Prey For Nothing 2/.. Never to Arise - "H.. Info on Reviews.. Rating: 6 / 6.. Read more.. Latest Reviews (long short).. Unlight - "Sulphurblooded".. Mencea - "Pyrophoric".. We Are The Damned - "Holy Beast".. Adastra - "Corroder Of Minds".. Wigelius - "Reinventions".. Throneum - "Death Throne Entities".. Arkona - "Slovo".. Zaed - "II: Kain’s Mark".. Brutal Truth - "End Time".. Martyr Lucifer - "Farewell To Graveland".. Lord Shades - "The Rise Of Meldral-Nok".. Neosis - "Neosis".. Burning Point - "The Ignitor".. StoneLake - "Marching On Timeless Tales".. Trillion Red - "Two Tongues" EP.. Never to Arise - "Hacked to Perfection".. Dawnbringer - "Into The Lair Of The Sun God".. Tracedawn - "Lizard Dusk".. Antropofagus - "Architecture of Lust".. Nile - "At The Gate of Sethu".. Nile - "At The Gate Of Sethu".. Rush - "Clockwork Angels".. Black Sheep Wall - "No Matter Where It Ends".. Kråke - "Conquering Death".. Dying Fetus - "Reign Supreme".. Home.. NecropsY RooM - Evil Inside.. NecropsY RooM, hailing from the deepest abyss of Brazilian underground.. The band NecropsY RooM performs a death thrash metal with unique personality.. Ebby Sasi got in touch with Mr.. Murilo Ramos, the bass player of the band, a year ago.. Get an insight about the band history through Murilo's words.. Transylvanian Hunger blog.. Affector - Cross Continental Collaborative Metal.. Connecting from the Netherlands through Skype proved to be quite a challenge for Collin Leijenaar and Matt Coe, but muster through they did through a nice chat about Affector , the music school he runs for a living and his views on the current, exciting state of progressive rock/ metal for 2012.. Prey For Nothing 2/2 - humanity.. We contacted the Israeli band to learn more about their music, their lyrics and their view on the world.. Dethster4life got Prey For Nothing’s vocalist Yotam ‘Defiler’ Avni to speak about the aforementioned aspects and much more.. Prey For Nothing 1/2 - inspired by Death.. Opeth part 4/4.. This part deals with Opeth being a job, berocca (a placebo), Storm Corrosion, "The Lines In My Hand" (from "Heritage"),.. Bonus: Mikael gets surprised.. NOTE: due to various formats, some parts may not be in synch all the time.. The sound in the interviews changes here and there as well.. Opeth part 3/4.. This part deals with Abbey Road and Peter Mew, playing drums, touring around the world, doing the next gig and playing live.. Opeth part 2/4.. This part deals with a few words on "Burden", writing the music, "Marrow Of The Earth", lyrics, response to "Watershed" and music vs.. lyrics.. Bonus: Mikael blushes.. Opeth part 1/4.. This part deals with having children in kindergarten, playing live, sound and response on "Heritage".. Lvcifyre 2/2 - Abstract Satan.. Ebby Sasi of Imhotep fame presents an exclusive and extensive interview with Menthor; the drummer man of the band.. T.. Kaos and Dictator also contributed in this interview.. Get  ...   Magus part 2/2 - More Hunting.. Matt Coe called Grand Magus one afternoon recently.. He learnt that vocalist/guitarist JB is a down to earth, thoughtful person who has a good head on his shoulders.. Enjoy these thoughts emanating from one of the best Scandinavian bands currently assaulting the scene.. Grand Magus part 1/2 - The Spirit Of The Hunt.. Demonia - Metal Every Day.. With the Internet the whole music scene has changed.. Things are easy accessible and people write, share and spread information and most likely also misinformation.. There are though someone out there that can be fully trusted, like Demonia's webblog.. The Swedish nr.. 1 webblog is popular, there are regular updates and you get an insight into the Swedish metal scene that you will not get anywhere else.. Secrets Of The Moon 3/3 - …against….. The German cultband Secrets Of The Moon release their album “Seven Bells” in March 2012.. The album is dark.. As you could read in the review back in February.. S.. G.. has spoken to Imhotep on several occasions, and these interviews are from 2002 up to date.. Let darkness surround us.. Secrets Of The Moon 2/3 - …wounds….. Secrets Of The Moon 1/3 - …blackness….. Epica - No Indifference.. Epica recently released another fine album in a line of fine albums.. Their new "Requiem For The Indifferent" is, as expected, a dynamic journey through various landscapes in the vein of Epica.. Some may raise questions on the length of the album, but Isaac Delahaye begs to differ.. Do also notice that the question on the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Brevik was replied to prior to the trial that began in Norway on Monday, 16.. 04.. 12.. Inferno Festival 2012 - images and words.. (updated 11.. 12).. Read Imhotep's report on this year's Inferno Festival, starting Sunday the 8th of April.. Meanwhile, check some pictures below.. Neseblod Records proudly presents ”Norwegian Black Metal – Part one” (exhibition).. Imhotep's Roy Kristensen talked to Kenneth A.. Nilsen (Neseblod Records), who has a few selected rarities to show us during the exhibition at Popsenteret in Oslo, Norway.. Perdition Temple - Darkness, Ruin and Abomination.. USA's Perdition Temple formed in 2008, after the demise of mighty Angelcorpse (but yes, Angelcorpse continue in the form of Perdition Temple).. The band is just one album old (Gene did all guitars/bass/vocals and Terry Eleftheriou did the drum works for the record) but there should be no need for an introduction to a band like Perdition Temple.. The members have been around for so long already.. Ebby Sasi (of Slaying Tongue blog) decided to ask Gene Palubicki (also in Apocalypse Command, Blasphemic Cruelty) some questions about his whole career, and Imhotep republish this post by kind permission.. Highlight(s).. Frail Grounds - "The Fields Of Trauma".. Testament - "Dark Roots Of Earth".. Asia - "XXX".. Gojira - "L'Enfant Sauvage".. Ne Obliviscaris - "Portal Of I".. Deathspell Omega - "Drought".. Classic(s).. Isengard - "Vinterskugge".. Darkthrone - "Goatlord".. Enslaved - "Yggdrasill".. Darkthrone - "Ravishing Grimness".. Katatonia - "For Funerals To Come".. No Copyright © Imhotep 1994 -2012..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home
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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. Archive.. More news.. Melechesh - Destiny.. Dying Humanity - Drive For Power..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews
    Descriptive info: Videos.. Nekromantheon - videointerview with Sindre Solem.. Imhotep's Roy Kristensen got hold of Norwegian metaller Sindre Solem for a short chat on response to the new masterpiece ("Rise, Vulcan Spectre") and the small tour de Norway, namely Fire Walk We Me vol.. 2.. The Devil's Blood - videointerview.. Paul Kearns talked to Selim Lemouchi of The Devil's Blood at Hole In The Sky last year.. Topics that came natural were The Devil's Blood, success, live ritual, how the band evolved and more.. Pain Of Salvation 3 of 3 - writing music and more + "Kingdom Of Loss" live exclusive.. Imhotep's Roy Kristensen met up with composer Daniel Gildenlöw from the great Swedish band Pain Of Salvation.. They spoke about life, music, lyrics and playing live.. In the third and final part they talk about writing music, vocals and about life.. This  ...   singing, "BE" and more.. In the first part they talk about being tired, singing, the band's development, dynamics and the "BE" album.. Gromth - Enemy (edit).. Two promotional videos of the track from the Gromth album "The Immortal".. Get their albums via the webshop (check link below).. Dimmu Borgir - the four-part interview in one part.. Dimmu Borgir, part 4/4 - on the orchestration and more.. Dimmu Borgir, part 3/4 - on the line-ups and more.. Dimmu Borgir, part 2/4 - on touring and more.. Dimmu Borgir, part 1/4 - on the drum sound and more.. Slagmaur - "Klokker Tramp" tribute video + Steingrim tribute.. Zeitgeist - the movie (by Peter Joseph).. Insidious Disease part 2/2 - on the writing music and more.. Insidous Disease part 1/2 - on the musicians and more.. Death Angel, part 2/2 - on reforming and more..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews
    Descriptive info: Reviews.. Asphyx - "Deathhammer".. Blacklodge - "MachinatioN".. Luley - "Today’s Tomorrow".. Nocturnal Torment - "They Come at Night".. Pyuria - "Incarnadine Revelry".. Lamera - "Mechanically Separated".. Alestorm - "Back Through Time".. Fear Factory - "The Industrialist".. Circus Maximus - "Nine"..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts
    Descriptive info: Podcasts.. Imhotep Podcast - #001: on Manowar.. Will you be our Pleasure Slaves?.. Add your own comment on Imhotep.. From now on you can add your comment to the article in question.. This goes for reviews, interviews and whatelse we’ll post on Imhotep.. Click on the Read more… or the headline for the article/interview.. IMHOTEP VIDEOTORIAL - DECEMBER 2008.. EDITORIAL – AUGUST 2008.. Then Moses and the Israelities sang this song to the Lord:.. ”I will sing to the Lord, for he has.. triumphed gloriously;.. horse and rider he has thrown into.. the sea.. EDITORIAL - APRIL 2008.. Do you attend to festivals and concerts? Do we prefer the development today, where there’s a new concert every second day? But first, In Flames….. EDITORIAL - MARCH 2008.. The.. hate & love.. of.. black metal.. EDITORIAL – FEBRUARY 2008.. Will  ...   metal, progressive rock and hard rock.. But inside these genres, journalists and labels and at times the band themselves are more creative than good is.. I mean, just recently we got a promo tagged Scottish Pirate Metal! Then again, I suppose this is somewhat necessary to try to make a difference.. EDITORIAL – DECEMBER 2007.. Says Jack in “Making Christmas”: “It’s Christmastime”.. And boy, is he right or is he right? December is the Christmas month and everybody is supposed to be happy, everybody stays at home with their families and eat good food and drink well and the children open their presents and we can continue our continuously feasting, just a bit more than the rest of the year.. EDITORIAL - NOVEMBER 2007.. Love?.. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and to be loved in return..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Contact - Conact; incl. Imhotep Staff 2012
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Conact; incl.. Imhotep Staff 2012.. A little glimpse of the staff, and what we're listening to at the time being!.. Imhotep is an international webzine.. Imhotep, R.. K.. , Box 4001 Gulskogen, 3005 Drammen, Norway.. Editor: roy.. kristensen @ gmail.. com.. Remove ( ) when you send us e-mails!.. Imhotep on YouTube:.. www.. youtube.. com/imhotepno.. Imhotep on Facebook:.. facebook.. Note that we will most likely not review all albums we receive.. This because we do everything in our sparetime, and also because more and more labels choose downloading promos, voice-overs, beeps, and whatelse!.. STAFF (incl.. a playlist or favorite albums at the given time in no specific order).. Bollverk (Germany).. * Dissection - "Reinkaos".. * Watain - "Lawless Darkness".. * Airbourne - "No guts, no glory".. * Nefarium - "Ad discipulum".. * Iron Maiden - "Flight 666".. Espen Haukelid (Norway).. * Electric Wizard - "Dopethrone".. * Motörhead - "Bomber".. * Ahab - "The Divinity of Oceans".. * Immortal - "At the Heart of Winter".. * Ancestors - "Neptune With Fire".. "You have your way.. I have my way.. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.. " Friedrich Nietzsche.. Eyvindur Gauti (Iceland).. * Sabbath Assembly - "Restored to One".. * Nachtmystium - "Addicts: Black Meddle Part II".. * Nachtmystium - "Assassins: Black Meddle Part I".. * Nidingr - "Wolf Father".. * Krohm / Tenebrae in Perpetuum - "split".. Joni Juutilainen (Finland).. * Emperor – “Anthems to the Welkin at  ...   "Restless And Wild".. * Dismember - "Death Metal".. * Grand Magus - "Hammer Of The North".. * Sieges Even - "Paramount".. * Vicious Rumors - "Digital Dictator".. Favorite current quote: Earl Nightingale "Find a need in life.. and fill it!".. Paul Kearns (Ireland).. * Anathema - "We're Here Because We're Here".. * Deftones - "Diamond Eyes".. * Deströyer 666 - "Cold Steel.. For An Iron Age".. * Kent - "Röd".. * Fields Of The Nephilim - Elizium".. * Fields Of The Nephilim - "The Nephilim".. * Repugnant - "Hexacomb".. * Hybernoid - "The Last Day Begins".. Peter Loftus (Ireland).. * Blood Cult - "We Are The Cult of The Plains".. * Blind Illusion - "The Sane Asylum".. * Von - "Satanic Blood Angel".. * Deathspell Omega/Clandestine Blaze - "Split".. * Nocturnus - "The Key".. Roy Kristensen (Norway).. * Rhaspsody - "The Frozen Tears Of Angels".. * Limbonic Art - "Phantasmagoria".. * Limbonic Art - "In Abhorrence Dementia".. * Dødsengel -.. the new album.. * Devil Doll - "Dies Irae".. * Porcupine Tree - "The Incident".. “Feeding on fragments of gangrene.. Teeth crumble Toes fall apart.. We crawl like earth-worms.. That rats and birds fight over”.. picture of my tattoo.. (shot 5 minutes after it was done).. (shot one month after it was done, at Party San).. Roy Kristensen 10.. 10.. 2007 13:19.. RE:Imhotep Staff 2010.. Damn Roy Kristensen!!! I want to hear Lawless Darkness.. :(.. Crapass666 09.. 05.. 2010 00:06.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Links - x
    Descriptive info: Links.. Go.. HERE.. to see Imhotep on Facebook.. to see Imhotep on YouTube.. Bands.. Labels.. Various.. Slagmaur.. Blabbermouth.. Diabolical Conquest.. Eternal Terror Live.. PercingMetal.. Headbanger's Blogg.. Rockonnection..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate
    Descriptive info: Love&Hate.. Mustaine - Legend or Lunatic? Or both?.. Presenting: A Megamentous Megamorphosis.. A spade is a spade: Wipe on, wipe off.. Well, this is not usual territory for Imhotep but I suppose that one of the advantages of pushing the cart on barren streets is that you can say whatever you feel like saying and there will be little chance of reprimand.. The reason for this wee bout of scribbling is down to comments made by a bloke named Dez Fafara who currently fronts a band called Devildriver.. MEANINGLESSNESS.. PLANET  ...   gentleman! I am Alex K.. , your beloved reviewer/interviewer with the best metal website in existence: Imhotep! I am now going to share a portion of my brain with you in my column simply entitled “Planet X” where I will tackle topics that make our world go spinning round and round.. DISTURBING.. In my ancient slumber.. I heard a voice calling.. I shouldn’t have come.. because now I am falling.. The siren sang her song.. with the voice so clear.. Why didn’t I close my ears.. so that I couldn’t hear?..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Highlight(s) - Frail Grounds - "The Fields Of Trauma"
    Descriptive info: Highlight(s).. Triptych Recordings (2012).. Norwegian progressive metal is on the radar map for most into this genre- especially with the current recordings from acts like Pagan’s Mind and Circus Maximus, as well as the historical technical masterpiece from Spiral Architect.. The six piece Frail Grounds has also been lurking in the mix, although more on an independent scale.. Forming in 2005 and releasing their previously reviewed “Corrosion” EP in 2008, I did wonder where the band would go from here… and after a long songwriting and recording process we have the fruits of their labor in this 11 track, 55 minute debut album.. “The Fields Of Trauma” is a concept album detailing a Siberian expedition and the extreme conditions people can endure to have desired resolutions with their life.. As such, it makes sense that Frail Grounds expands their musical and vocal output to match the proceedings- so do not be shocked by their occasional use of harsh vocals or death/ black metal riffs and rhythms when they need to match the storyline.. Main singer Morten Søbyskogen lives for emotional expressiveness, up to  ...   reflective keyboard part in “Origin” from Sigbjørn Galaen before the Erik Fidgett/VegardAmundsen riff and soloing expertise kicks into high gear, or the twin harmonics that wield into the epic arrangement whirlwind of bassist Thomas Oppedal and drummer Magnus Nødset on the Communic-like “Emberstorm”, the songs have tension, passion and a slight unexpected nature which is what we need more of from progressive metal.. This is a record where I didn’t even mind the small intros, outros or short songs like “Triptych” that advance the storyline at their own pace.. It’s difficult to come up with a complete comparison for “The Fields Of Trauma”- you’ll hear elements of Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, Nevermore, Communic and even thrash and death acts.. Ultimately, Frail Grounds should gain serious attention for this work- it’s engaging, invigorating, and an exciting listen every time my ears take this in.. frailgrounds.. com.. Rating: 5.. 5 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 05.. 07.. 2012 14:47.. RE:Frail Grounds -.. Great album, yes.. I guess we have to go for the good ol' interview thing there.. Roy Kristensen 15.. 2012 15:46..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Throneum - "Death Throne Entities"
    Descriptive info: Pagan Records (2012).. Throneum describe their music as ‘nightmarish death metal,’ but it is actually lo-fi black/death thrash with a heavy retro leaning.. The South American influences are pretty evident too.. This record did nothing good for me at all.. The drums are repetitive and unimaginative, I have heard a better guitar sound on mid 80’s demos and the vocals are so crap that  ...   lines of Apollyon from Aura Noir, only not even 10% as good).. I could say more, but I really just want to stop listening and get this thing off my hard drive.. myspace.. com/throneum.. paganrecords.. pl.. Rating: 2 / 6.. Composed by Peter Loftus.. Roy Kristensen 24.. 06.. 2012 10:25.. RE:Throneum -.. Lol.. That last paragraph, if I had a nickle.. Dethster4life 13.. 2012 23:52..

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  • Archived pages: 290