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    Archived pages: 290 . Archive date: 2012-07.

  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Kråke - "Conquering Death"
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. Indie Recordings (2012).. Kråke means crow, and having in mind how a crow 'sings', one could say that it's a name fitting for black metal.. However, Kråke performs symphonic black metal and is much nicer than expected.. In fact, to these ears "Conquering Death" is more like a lighter version of Dimmu Borgir and other symphonic acts, but with less hooks.. It feels like the rhythm is  ...   orchestration to make it stand out.. The monotonous and way too safe vocals do not add to the feeling that this album has nothing new on offer.. Nor does it offer anything of special interest.. Safe sound.. Safe music.. Safe rating.. www.. facebook.. com/Kraakeofficial.. indierecordings.. net.. Rating: 3 / 6.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. Roy Kristensen 18.. 06.. 2012 14:11.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Dying Fetus - "Reign Supreme"
    Descriptive info: Relapse Records (2012).. Dying Fetus is one of those bands I have never bought a CD from.. I do think that "Destroy the Opposition" is one hell of an album (maybe because it is really a Dying Fetus/Misery Index album?) and I might actually pick it up one day.. "War of Attrition" has some good guitarwork but not enough to get me hooked.. And I heard "Descent Into Depravity" once and didn't quite get the hype, either.. So maybe this one will hook me on?.. Not really.. Slow-fast mish-mash of good riffs and an occasional decent solo, but Dying Fetus is not moving forward from where they have been for years.. It's good enough, I guess, if you like death metal for the sake of the genre.. Yes, I think this is a perfect description for this album: death metal  ...   perhaps Dying Fetus are but "Reign Supreme" is not.. Fear Factory, Dying Fetus, I think bands need to stop serving what we expect and take some risks.. I'm not talking "Risk" or "St.. Anger" (which I actually LIKE) but there must be a happy medium.. Maybe musicians need to start listening to their old albums before going into the studio for pointers how NOT to sound on their next effort? I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of hearing the same album but with a different cover every couple of years.. Metal used to be about breaking the rules but it is, with some exceptions, largely becoming a rule on its own.. I say go ahead, surprise me, your records aren't selling anyway so what have you got to lose?.. http://dyingfetus.. bandcamp.. com.. relapse.. Composed by Dethster4life.. 2012 14:19..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles
    Descriptive info: Title.. Melechesh - Destiny.. Dying Humanity - Drive For Power.. Rage - Playing Roulette.. Slagmaur 3/3 - …horror….. Slagmaur 2/3 - …rhythms….. Slagmaur 1/3 -.. swine….. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. Next >>.. >>..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Melechesh - Destiny
    Descriptive info: Five albums in and we thought it was due time to find out what's the driving force behind the creation of the new album "The Epigenesis" and other topics.. Deathster4life and Roy Kristensen wrote to Ashmedi to find out why he had to be nude while doing the vocals.. Why did you have to relocate from Jerusalem in the late 90’s? Melechesh relocated from Jerusalem in the late 90’s, and we opened by asking Ashmedi what led to this decision.. “Various demographic, personal and socio political reasons.. I got fed up musically, there was no progress, personally I did not like what was going on there.. Being neither Israeli nor Palestinian somehow I was stuck in the middle.. ”.. Based on interviews Melechesh appear to be a very spiritual band and are classified as a black metal band who uses inverted crosses in their logo.. Are you guys Satanists after the manner of Anton La Vey and Aleister Crowley or like Nile, like dark ancient mythology and history?.. “The logo is fine, we like those things to me look like spears now not inverted cross, but anyway our spiritual concept is complex and important to us, Sumerian /Mesopotamian mysticism play a large role, near eastern occult.. "Epigenesis" seems more like one great story broken into several pieces than a set of heavy metal “hits” ala Megadeth or Death, even though I can still hear influences of both bands.. However, the band are more akin to Nile, Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me, and Tool in that they write and compose musical pieces that remind me of Beethoven symphonies rather than traditionally structured metal songs.. The album appears to be the biggest departure from traditional black metal in favor of eclectic songwriting.. Was this a conscious decision?.. “I am not influenced by Nile, Mastodon, Megadeth, Death or Tool, never heard Between The Buried and You , but all the aforementioned bands are very good.. This album had influence from the 70ies psychedelic rock and hard rock as well, yet it is extreme metal with blackened thrash and near eastern music, you know music of our heritage.. And yes, we wanted to have this journey into music and a jam session feel yet each song carries its own weight and has an own identity – like a real metal album.. So I tried to balance all these aspect, keep aggression, headbanging moods but also tripping.. Basically I compose music I want to hear, riff and drum beat oriented catchy yet has substance.. That’s how it comes out.. What is.. epigenesis.. ?.. “The epigenesis has several meanings, we refer to the philosophical spiritual angle.. In this context, it relates to what some call destiny, it is a series of causalities that are meant to happen for one specific reason and leads to growth, spiritual enlightenment, if you like!”.. We challenged Ashmedi to describe Melechesh’ music to a listener who never heard "Epigenesis" or "Emissaries".. “Well, we invented the near Eastern or Middle Eastern sound and approach to black metal / thrash metal/ extreme metal, call it whatever you like … However, Melechesh is certainly not a one trick pony.. Our musical abilities and our musical style are confident and very versatile.. So, we do deliver songs with their own identities as we also do albums with their own identities.. Yet they all exist within Melechesh sphere of sound.. The music offers aggression, mystical moods, and various other atmospheres.. We have songs that are ideal for concert situations and songs which are ritualistic and trippy.. From your experience in Jerusalem, do you think the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will ever end and what do you think it would take to make it happen?.. “Melechesh is not a political band.. And sadly the depth and significance of Middle East and its impact to the world culture, music, spirituality, mythology and art is often overlooked, clichéd, diminuated and usually politicized.. However, as an individual naturally I have my own political awareness and as an individual with my own opinions I developed one form of statistic to measure who is the aggressor or who is wrong at least.. So I count the dead.. That is my measure.. You do the math.. The rest is political talk and brain washing.. Will there be a solution between Israelis and Palestinians? One day yes, every conflict ends but not anytime soon.. Yes I’ve seen hostiles and aggression.. I know people from both sides that have died.. And I was stuck in the middle.. I also was literally stuck in the crossfire when I was in East and West Jerusalem.. What do you think of pre-emptive strikes like American invasion of Iraq?.. “There is no morality in striking.. Who said it was pre-emptive? Was Iraq ever gonna invade USA?”.. Ashmed was accused for “dark occult practices” back in 1995, but the charges against him were later dropped….. “This was very long time ago.. In Israel it’s liberal for music and art and lifestyle.. But Jerusalem is more conservative to some extend.. And we lived in conservative East Jerusalem and Bethlehem where socially it was unacceptable to be metalhead.. At one point I was the only headbanger in East Jerusalem.. And worst still, interested in the occult.. So socially I was cast-out there.. In West Jerusalem  ...   is the sound, having in mind that the music of Melechesh is quite complicated if one moves below the surface?.. “Having a good sound is obviously a priority and giving very sincere and genuine show is a known part of us.. The music comes through live and we have gained a reputation for that.. The new album opens with the catchy "Ghouls Of Nineveh".. Do you accept that people may listen to the album as music only, or should one rather read the lyrics at the same time? (in this digital promo times, we cannot read the lyrics since they don't accompany any promotional file).. “When I make the music to me the lyrics are very profound and important.. However I’m aware many people don’t read the lyrics yet they do get into the music but also the whole atmosphere and this is fine by me.. If they want more substance they can dig in deeper and that substance is there.. A bit naïve perhaps, but why did the instrumental have to be so long, instead of perhaps including some 4-5 instrumental as shorter interludes? It's not that they aren't good or anything, they just feel a bit too long since I am, after all, waiting for the metal to happen.. “Usually these are ritualistic meditative experience.. Indian ragas and near eastern Sufi music all indicate this as well.. To get into those journeys you need time plus adjustment of the breathing and the state of mind and the right mood.. So the length of the pieces is appropriate for this.. Some people would wanna just hear the metal parts and that’s perfectly fine.. That’s why there’s the skip button on the music player.. Howeverm many Melechesh fans do want this from us and it has been requested by countless people.. It doesn’t make the album any less it certainly makes it more.. Your songs are quite long, and I sense that it has a bit to do with the meditative approach that your music possesses.. But the longest is the closer, "The Epigenesis", a major and big track, if you see what I mean.. How is it to write such a long song compared to writing a shorter one, mentioned "Defeating The Giants" closing in at 3.. 25?.. “As I said before the album has many moods it is quite comprehensive.. So we wanted a long epic track and the reason for this is we often jam improvised music in the rehearsal room.. These pieces are an hour long or more sometimes.. And we usually feel bad that no one else hears them.. So this song in a way enables the listener to feel that they are with us in the rehearsal room in the music creation process.. I've read something about rituals and magick and nudeness in connection with recording the album.. Do you think fans will be able to feel what you're trying to share with us, or must one have closer to the same references and inspirations as yourself when listening to the music? Or, to rephrase myself, how would you, if you could decide, like us to listen to your creations?.. “What can I say – I am a flasher.. Haha! Listening to music is an entirely personal process so listen to our music the way you want to.. However, during the recording of this album I wanted to be entirely primal.. So I decided to do the vocals only late at night till dawn, I kept all my occult jewelry on but I didn’t want clothes on me.. I had the whole floor to myself where the recording booth was, pitch black with a small red light and a few symbolic items.. The control room was one floor above and I didn’t want anyone in the control room besides the engineer.. My favourite is "Sacred Geometry".. It's catchy, yes, but also bombastic and quite heavy.. And as a European from the quite cold north, it's often great to listen to the Middle Eastern musical influences.. How do you work to combine the lyrics and the music and how do you decide which music belongs to which lyrics?.. “When I write riffs I only decide to use the ones that I have a mental image from.. Almost like a soundtrack to a movie.. Now you can understand once you have images you have a context, “a script”.. Even the main riff of Sacred Geometry is geometrical.. A bit on the side, but what does "Sacred Geometry" deal with?.. “Sacred Geometry is a spiritual concept, that many elements in the universe are of a geometric shape.. Like the crystal, the atom, the DNA, the sound waves such as octaves, thirds and fifth harmonies and many spiritualists think that this geometry is a result of order and chaos and to a large extend sacred.. How do you view the development from the beginning of Melechesh to date, in a rather brief version?.. “Actually it is a classic scenario of “The Epigenesis”.. It’s a natural progression of a band that started at one point and developed itself against the odds.. And now for the last few years the band is receiving recognition for it.. myspace.. com/melechesh.. nuclearblast.. de.. Composed by Dethster4life and Roy Kristensen.. Roy Kristensen 28.. 01.. 2012 19:03..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Dying Humanity - Drive For Power
    Descriptive info: A new album, being rated to 5 / 6 by Imhotep's Dethster4life, was recently released by Massacre Records.. Dethster4life got in touch with vocalist Marcus Dietzsch to find out more about their inspirations, their abilities and how it is to be Living On The Razor's Edge.. The closing of the album, "Clarity of Mind", is strongly reminiscent of "Perennial Quest" (Death/”Symbolic”).. Is this a tribute, inspiration or, as with Hetfield and Mustaine, your songwriting style is simply very similar to Chuck Schuldiner's? On the side perhaps, what do the band Death mean to you?.. "It's more like comparing Hetfield to Mustaine.. I wrote most of the songs for our new album and I paid special attention to not copy other bands.. Death is one of my favourite bands and their material has certainly inspired me from the beginning, but there are other inspiring bands as well, Iron Maiden for example.. In my opinion, the scene lost one of the biggest influences by losing Death and if others think that we keep their style alive then it's a great compliment.. ".. Death inspired many progressive death and thrash bands like Martyr, Obscura, Decrepit Birth and recently also Prey for Nothing.. Do you intent to carry the legacy of this legendary band to the next step or are you planning on branching off from this direction in the future?.. "We can hardly say how our music is gonna develop in the future, but we are pretty sure that we will stick to this area.. Is the story of the woman in "Living.. " based on real life of someone you know or just literary non-fiction?.. "No, within our social environment we don't know anyone with such a history.. By writing this story we wanted to express what bothers us about our society and we wanted to call attention to injustices.. We have noticed that the voice of a band is much more powerful than of a single person and this is what we wanted to take advantage of.. That's why it was so important to us to tell a story based on real life.. Besides Death, what bands you feel inspired most by? How do you “use” your inspirations and how do these bands inspire you?.. "My main influences are Iron Maiden, Death, Metallica and Megadeath.. It depends from time to time.. I have listened to Iron Maiden and Death ever since and I will probably keep it that way.. Inspiration is quite a tricky topic.. While writing new songs I really try not to listen to a lot of music so that my mind is free from any influences.. In this way the danger of copying bands is lower.. I think making music has a lot to do with motivation.. We still have grand plans, but without motivation nothing is possible.. I think the main reason for this destructive tendencies is the drive for power.. How did you come up with the name Dying Humanity? Is that the reflection on your philosophy, and do you, like me, see human race just basically headed for self-annihilation?.. "We found our band name by a fluke.. In the beginning we were looking for cool band names and eventually Danny came up with Dying Humanity.. This has been our name ever since.. The fact that the meaning suits our band philosophy perfectly is, as I said before, a fluke.. Unfortunately it is true in our opinion  ...   are not alike at all.. There has always been a development in the songs and the sound.. I don't like it if my favourite bands repeat themselves over and over again.. That's boring and that's not how we want to be.. Do you think metal should move more toward complexity and resemble more of a classical structure or toward accessibility with more melody, hooks etc.. ? What about heaviness and brutality?.. "More, less or in-between? A good mixture of genres is the best choice.. If I consider it carefully, we have never tried to write, let's say, a very brutal song.. It is more important to me that every song is catchy and reasonable and sometimes I include playful elements.. In this way no song gets boring.. What advice would you give to a young up and coming metal band?.. "A young band has to have a long wind.. Sooner or later there will be chances to take.. Would you ever consider creating music for a motion picture? If so, what kind: horror, thriller, sci-fi?.. "That's a good question.. We haven't considered that yet but If I had to decide that right now, I'd say that a Thriller or a Science-Fiction would definitely provide the best base for our motion picture music.. Nationalism and sovereignty of the people always lead to unrest and quarrels, encourage egos and power games.. What do Dying Humanity do in a live situation? What kind of gigs do you perform?.. "Basically, we play every kind of show.. We want to reach as many people as possible.. Therefore, playing live is the best way.. We don't have preferences, we play on big festivals or in small clubs.. ".. Do you think new world order or one world government, in a positive or negative is possible? Do you think it's a good or bad idea?.. "Unfortunately, there isn't much movement in our world today and many people just try to get more and more powerful.. Those people would never accept a new world order in favour of humanity.. But those people should make the first move because they are the most powerful.. I would appreciate a new world order.. Do you think countries should just hold their own with healthy nationalism or cooperate as much as possible for the sake of the whole planet? Segregation is modern man’s favourite occupation, it seems.. "I think we should cooperate globally without boundaries.. Nationalism and sovereignty of the people always lead to unrest and quarrels, encourage egos and power games.. We should not have these problems in the 21st century any longer.. What’s next for Dying Humanity? How do you improve your expression and also yourself as artists?.. "For now, we will mainly concentrate on our tour and the live shows.. We have planned a promo video for the next months and I hope that we'll start working on our new album this year.. What is your general view of the human condition? I tend to think we are all somehow damaged/skewed toward self-destruction, so, in a sense, I agree with the first part of Christian thoughts but I deny any power of redemption, saviors, messiahs, etc.. Do you agree?.. "Yeah, I agree.. I am religious in a way but I don't pray to one deity.. I just can't imagine that that's it – being born, work and then die eventually.. com/dyinghumanity.. massacre-records.. Composed by Dehster4life.. Roy Kristensen 12.. 03.. 2012 08:22..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Frail Grounds - "The Fields Of Trauma"
    Descriptive info: Triptych Recordings (2012).. Norwegian progressive metal is on the radar map for most into this genre- especially with the current recordings from acts like Pagan’s Mind and Circus Maximus, as well as the historical technical masterpiece from Spiral Architect.. The six piece Frail Grounds has also been lurking in the mix, although more on an independent scale.. Forming in 2005 and releasing their previously reviewed “Corrosion” EP in 2008, I did wonder where the band would go from here… and after a long songwriting and recording process we have the fruits of their labor in this 11 track, 55 minute debut album.. “The Fields Of Trauma” is a concept album detailing a Siberian expedition and the extreme conditions people can endure to have desired resolutions with their life.. As such, it makes sense that Frail Grounds expands their musical and vocal output to match the proceedings- so do not be shocked by their occasional use of harsh vocals or death/ black metal riffs and rhythms when they need to match the storyline.. Main singer Morten Søbyskogen lives for emotional expressiveness, up to  ...   reflective keyboard part in “Origin” from Sigbjørn Galaen before the Erik Fidgett/VegardAmundsen riff and soloing expertise kicks into high gear, or the twin harmonics that wield into the epic arrangement whirlwind of bassist Thomas Oppedal and drummer Magnus Nødset on the Communic-like “Emberstorm”, the songs have tension, passion and a slight unexpected nature which is what we need more of from progressive metal.. This is a record where I didn’t even mind the small intros, outros or short songs like “Triptych” that advance the storyline at their own pace.. It’s difficult to come up with a complete comparison for “The Fields Of Trauma”- you’ll hear elements of Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, Nevermore, Communic and even thrash and death acts.. Ultimately, Frail Grounds should gain serious attention for this work- it’s engaging, invigorating, and an exciting listen every time my ears take this in.. frailgrounds.. Rating: 5.. 5 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 05.. 07.. 2012 14:47.. RE:Frail Grounds -.. Great album, yes.. I guess we have to go for the good ol' interview thing there.. Roy Kristensen 15.. 2012 15:46..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Testament - "Dark Roots Of Earth"
    Descriptive info: Nuclear Blast (2012).. Prolific early in their career due to major label demands (i.. e.. when we have a successful formula, pump it out to the masses as quickly and often as possible), Testament have slowed down in terms of studio releases since the early 1990’s.. You would figure in 25 year recording career the band would already have hit double digit studio albums- but since “The Gathering” in 1999, Testament have only released one subsequent studio album in 2008 “The Formation Of Damnation” prior to this new recording.. It’s not like they’ve been idle- touring the globe on their own headlining excursions, opening for killer package deals like “Metal Masters” with Judas Priest, Motorhead, and Heaven Hell as well as hitting festivals in India, Venezuela, and Columbia among other territories.. Given their propensity to change the formula through the years- “The Ritual” being their most straightforward, commercial offering, while “Demonic” probably their heaviest knocking on death metal doorsteps- where would Testament 2012 belong in their legendary thrash career with “Dark Roots Of Earth”? Do not fear legions- Testament know what their fans want and deliver in spades through these 9 songs.. “Rise Up” and “True American  ...   old school.. Finally Chuck Billy has one of those instantly memorable vocal presences in the metal business- evil one moment, melodic the next, he has proven over his career that his ability to channel anger, aggression, and restraint gives Testament opportunities 95% of the thrash world can’t possibly match.. “Cold Embrace” opens its 7:46 arrangement with this acoustic/electric guitar panoramic motif, once again taking a ballad format but twisting things up enough in terms of where the solo spots appear and how to surprise the listener with the crushing, heavy chorus action- something I haven’t heard since Mike Howe-era Metal Church days.. The other epic “Throne Of Thorns” evokes a slightly Middle Eastern meets “Seventh Son.. ” Maiden-era atmosphere, especially during the bridge transition, dual guitar harmonies and spirited solo section.. Produced once again by Andy Sneap, Testament understand the need to really push their riffing, songwriting and performance skills to unleash an album that will have longevity beyond the initial five to ten exposures.. Much like Anthrax’s “Worship Music”, “Dark Roots Of Earth” proves that thrash isn’t merely a young man’s game.. Well worth the wait, Testament provide Bay Area magic once again.. testamentlegions.. 2012 14:31..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Kråke - "Conquering Death"
    Descriptive info: There must be something special in the tap water up in the wastelands near Haugesund, to be more specific, Karmøy, land of Vikings and warriors.. Enslaved, Einherjer and Evig Natt are only a few of all the great bands with roots in this area, and now there is a new contender to the throne, all raise for the mighty Kråke.. Although I have known the band for a while now, and even almost seen them live twice (long story), nothing prepared me for this epic and truly great symphonic black metal album.. The song "I Ly Av Lyset" has been a YouTube favourite for a long time, a perfect soundtrack to the battle scenes in Lord Of The Rings.. The good news is that the rest of the album has the same high standard, if not higher.. Everything, every little detail, from the vocals to the drums, from the instrumental parts to the way the songs are arranged, it all just fits together like Thor and his hammer.. "Conquering Death" floats along and takes you on a incredible journey beneath black waters where you can avoid all light.. Three words comes to mind; epic, dark and powerful.. Leading to the  ...   guarantee that this album will be found on several top rankings when 2012 comes to an end (I know, we have all seen the movie 2012, we are all doomed, but let's just pretend it's not going to happen).. Did I mention the fact that I absolutely love Kråke and "Conquering Death"? If there is such a thing as buy or die this summer, this is it, my friends.. Composed by Leif Neverdahl.. Roy Kristensen 20.. RE:Kråke -.. Fantastic album indeed.. Been a long time since I heard sympho bm done right!.. Dethster4life 07.. 2012 13:42.. Well, I guess I should take another listen, even though I'm not really tempted despite Leif's words.. http://www.. imhotep.. no/?did=9106278 - yes, I got a bit bored there.. Strange, since this kind of music is normally amongst my favourites.. Limbonic Art, Tartaror, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir.. Hmm, perhaps Deathspell Omega has taken over parts of my brain.. Roy Kristensen 07.. 2012 22:47.. Agree! Killer album, great debut, looking forward to hear what more these guys can come up with.. Leif N 07.. 2012 22:51.. There are worse things that can take over parts of your brain than Deathspell Omega :).. Leif N 08.. 2012 16:11..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Asia - "XXX"
    Descriptive info: Frontiers Records (2012).. In 1982, America felt the impact of this melodic rock/AOR supergroup.. You couldn’t escape a television set or radio station that wasn’t playing “Heat Of The Moment” or “Only Time Will Tell” from Asia.. Internal struggles with style and songwriting duties fractured the band within 2 years- but they have been going steady once again since reuniting in 2006, with two more studio albums and numerous worldwide tours re-igniting their sound to a new generation of fans.. 30 years as a recording entity, the original four of AOR group Asia see no need to slow down their studio and touring momentum, as “XXX” reinforces the fine musicianship and personal interplay between the members.. Bassist John Wetton may not necessarily be hitting his early 80’s highs on their self-titled debut, but his mid-range comforting voice still comes through on “No Religion” and “Judas”, two early  ...   Drummer Carl Palmer may not necessarily dazzle with his propulsive rolls and fills of yesteryear, but the material calls for a rock solid foundation and he delivers on “Bury Me In Willow” and the slightly funky/ Genesis-like “Face On The Bridge”.. The soothing harmonies for choruses within “Tomorrow The World” and “Faithful” remind me of why Asia still remains relevant in 2012- the knowledge and capacity to match up the right melody with the right chord sequences, and knowing when to elongate certain instrumental sections or when to just stick to the heart of the song.. The band sticks to the core sound within current production parameters- and that’s fine by me, because this material will translate easily from record to stage.. Another AOR highlight for me - “XXX” isn’t scandalous - it’s as comfortable as a warm summer breeze.. originalasia.. frontiers.. it.. Roy Kristensen 24.. 2012 10:56..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Gojira - "L'Enfant Sauvage"
    Descriptive info: Roadrunner Records (2012).. With the "Wild Child", a fifth overall, but a third widely known album, Gojira goes back to the complexity of the classic "From Mars To Sirius".. While the new album is brimming with fresh riffs and melodies and the songs are actually not quite as instantly catchy as on that album, or even subsequent "The Way Of All Flesh", "L'Enfant" is a missing link between the two predecessors.. However, references to Morbid Angel or Mastodon no longer make any sense, I hear more Tool (title track) and Meshuggah (the opener, "Liquid Fire", "Pain Is A Master"), this is a different band, after all.. It's been 7 years since ".. Sirius.. ", a stellar masterpiece that impressed Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) so much he took them on tour as support AND guest sang on their next album.. It is also to that recommendation that I owe my running into this album in the middle of 2005, one of the best years of my life.. Even though I thought ".. Flesh" was a great album as well it didn't quite hit me with the same power as the predecessor.. This one does.. What's more, if you loved the keyboard/electronic experiments introduced on "The Way.. " but were not too crazy about some of the metalcore sounding moments, while loving ".. " for outstanding songwriting, you will love this new album.. It has the edge and the climate of ".. Mars..  ...   "The Gift of Guilt" where the melody competes with the Pantera-ish yet death metal riffing with changes, twists and turns that put progressive back in Gojira's death metal.. And really, who cares what genre these guys are? All I know is that they write superb metal with high replay value and surprises at every corner.. Why not 5.. 5 or 6? Well, overall, much like "The Way Of All Flesh" it does not have the same merciless crushing tonnage that made Meshuggah sound like "Load" (Metallica, 1996) in comparison.. It retains all the best elements of "From Mars To Sirius" but with heaviness turned down a quarter of the dial, presumably in the name of progression ? Nevertheless, album is still plenty heavy, it's an incredible grower, and best of all, your father would still disown you if you played it at a family picknic, a requirement of any release with death metal connotations.. And in the unlikely event that they happen to like it just play "Rapture" ("Covenant", Morbid Angel, 1993) if you don't ever want to hear from them again.. Hell, they might even report you to Gestapo.. I mean Homeland Security for that one, since David Vincent's vocals are intelligible enough to hear the lyrics!.. As for Gojira, these incredibly talented Frenchmen progress fantastically and "L'Enfant Sauvage" is yet another top shelf release to be added to their already stellar catalogue.. gojira-music.. roadrunnerrecords.. Rating: 5 / 6.. 2012 22:39..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Ne Obliviscaris - "Portal Of I"
    Descriptive info: Code 666 (2012).. Forming in 2003, the six piece extreme metal band from Australia Ne Obliviscaris (pronounced Nay Ob-li-vis-kar-is for those wondering…) appear to be one of those groups that few will understand, and yet those who do will fervently follow every musical move these musicians make.. To describe their style accurately appears impossible- melodic and tender with clean vocals one moment, blasting death the next- with nuances of thrash, black, avant-garde, jazz, and flamenco parts.. A full time violin player goes toe to toe in neo-classical meets Robbie Steinhardt (Kansas) form- many times taking the instrumental lead against the sonic assault steamrolling from the intense strumming, dissonance in chord sequences and hyper kinetic percussion salvos.. Most of the 6 songs on “Portal Of I” are over the 10 minute mark- so this is not the music for you if your preference lies in repetitive three chord structures and simplistic, catchy choruses.. Ne Obliviscaris doesn’t beat your brain in with super complex technicality- they instead set diverse mood landscapes, allowing the listener to escape or  ...   quick to place Opeth in the list of reference points.. Ne Obliviscaris do not clone Opeth- they take some of the 70’s reference points into an epic, outer world experience for your ears, but I think the flamenco and jazz edge on a song like “And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope” combined with the turn on a dime black metal riffs to progressive soloing for “Of The Leper Butterflies” makes every return engagement exhilarating, spine tingling- and beyond entertainment.. There’s a reason why Australia is gaining significant attention for its domestic output.. The government grant money aids the final product, as brilliant songwriting and performances deserve an equally potent production, mixing and mastering job.. Watching video of some of these songs in a live environment, this six-piece will not remain remote or obscure for long.. Passionate, engaging, uplifting, risk-taking, and an album that should gain plenty of year end (and decade end) accolades- “Portal Of I” will not be the last we hear from this upper tier extreme metal act.. neobliviscaris.. code666.. Roy Kristensen 11.. 2012 11:55..

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