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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Wigelius - "Reinventions"
    Descriptive info: Videos.. Frontiers Records (2012).. These days, talent can be discovered as easily through YouTube or television shows as it used to be slugging it out in the bar scene 30 years before.. Vocalist Anders Wigelius came to the attention of producer Daniel Flores through his work on a Sweden national talent show, who broadcasted his rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”.. Joining him on this 12 song AOR/melodic rock “Reinventions” debut is guitarist Jake Svensson, bassist Chris Pettersson and drummer / older brother Eric Wigelius- so it shouldn’t be shocking that this young singer performs with a strong similarity to Journey, Toto, and Richard Marx based on several passes with this record.. “Angeline” opens with a steel factory feel before the guitars charge through the mix, and Anders resides comfortably over the mix with melodies that are two parts AOR, one part  ...   features some ZZ Top-like licks and blues harp action, as well as the engaging acoustic number “Love Can Be That Much” that recalls Richard Marx when he was regularly selling out sports arenas during his non-stop top five singles mania from 1988-1991.. The piano driven ballad “There Is No Me Without You” allows Anders to flex more of his lower range during the verses, but do not fear as he turns on his charm and grace during the chorus.. Frontiers really know how to put the best songwriting and production values at the forefront for their artists, and “Reinventions” as a result is another gem for the new melodic rock generation to rally around.. www.. wigelius.. net.. frontiers.. it.. Rating: 5 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 24.. 06.. 2012 22:52.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Throneum - "Death Throne Entities"
    Descriptive info: Pagan Records (2012).. Throneum describe their music as ‘nightmarish death metal,’ but it is actually lo-fi black/death thrash with a heavy retro leaning.. The South American influences are pretty evident too.. This record did nothing good for me at all.. The drums are repetitive and unimaginative, I have heard a better guitar sound on mid 80’s demos and the vocals are so crap  ...   the lines of Apollyon from Aura Noir, only not even 10% as good).. I could say more, but I really just want to stop listening and get this thing off my hard drive.. myspace.. com/throneum.. paganrecords.. com.. pl.. Rating: 2 / 6.. Composed by Peter Loftus.. 2012 10:25.. RE:Throneum -.. Lol.. That last paragraph, if I had a nickle.. Dethster4life 13.. 07.. 2012 23:52..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Arkona - "Slovo"
    Descriptive info: Napalm Records (2011).. Arkona is a Russian folk metal with elements of black metal and gothic and lots and lots and lots of non-metal, clean female non-strumental and barely instrumental singing, all in Russian.. I don't like it, but I do recognize the amount of work and passion and heart that went into creating music that I personally couldn't care less for.. To begin with - not too crazy about Russian language, since I was forced to learn it in Polish elementary school by a decree of a socialist government.. Also I do not care for folk music in any capacity.. Well, not exactly in ANY capacity - I do own a few albums that have a bit of folk in them, but they are aggressive, melodic and catchy with folk element hardly the main ingredient  ...   boring to me.. I also am particular about language for my metal: English, German (and its Scandinavian derivatives) or Polish, that's it.. Any other language sounds silly with metal.. Especially Russian.. Also, if you're going to record an album full of sprawling folk songs to acoustic background, for fuck's sake don't cram 14 songs totalling almost an hour!.. Finally, there is nothing remotely catchy about this album.. It just plods along to no consequence.. If you're into aggression first, melody second, or, like me, likes proper balance, skip this and get new Aborted, instead.. I want to give it 1/6 but I realize my bias against Russian and folk, yet I actually have to LIKE something even a little bit for it to earn 3/6.. arkona-russia.. napalmrecords.. Rating: 2.. 5 / 6.. Composed by Dethster4life.. 2012 11:00..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Zaed - "II: Kain’s Mark"
    Descriptive info: ZMR/Indie Distribution (2012).. Back with their second album in as many years, “II: Kain’s Mark” from Norway’s Zaed appears on the surface to have more confidence and swagger than their Black Sabbath reference points on their debut.. Inject a little up tempo, post punk punch into their normal doom/stoner rock vibe and material like “The Flight Of Hawks” and “The Shadow Man” gives us more energy and a deeper emotive desire to care about Zaed and their songwriting.. Maybe the studio buying the original desk that recorded such landmarks as “Appetite For Destruction” and “Conspiracy” let the quartet of musicians relax a little- as drummer John Austen  ...   meets Danzig effort “Fool’s Gold”.. The band takes their melting pot of influences across the decades of hard rock and metal and through these 9 songs creates music that I crave again and again.. Must be something in the Scandinavian waters that brings out the best in musical output- whatever the genre- because “II: Kain’s Mark” is aggressive, raw, and primal to the core.. Zaed took the necessary step up in songwriting development to become a serious force in the hard rock scene- and spread the wares to multiple facets of the live venues across the globe.. com/zaedmusic.. indiedist.. no.. Rating: 4.. Roy Kristensen 23.. 2012 09:40..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Brutal Truth - "End Time"
    Descriptive info: Relapse Records (2011).. I love metal.. But just because I love metal does not mean I love, or even like, every genre.. One of them is pure doom which bores me to nervous ticks, another is pure grind.. Frankly, I do not get the big hype about Norma Jean, Converge or Brutal Truth.. I could not get into the first at all, the second "No Heroes" album so universally praised, I tried three times to give it a chance and failed, and Brutal Truth, there is an overrated band if I ever heard one.. I would probably get crucified or burned at a stake by the metal inquisition for saying this, but to me pure grind is NOT music, it's just noise.. Again, I enjoy grind as an element (Napalm  ...   making me more serious, but, to put it bluntly, I can't stand this shit.. I was hoping, since I hated last BT album, to report some improvement on this one, but c'mon, the closing 15 minutes of buzzing noise that has as much musical value as Scott Walker's morning defecating procedures, is it just to make album duration longer? Prolong the pain on your own dime and time!.. Admittedly, although still not worth my time or ears, this sounds a little better (?) than the predecessor so I scored it a little higher, but my sentiment about this band and the necessity of their existence is as dubious as before.. Sorry, I just like my music to be more.. musical.. It's a crazy demand, I know.. http://brutaltruth.. bandcamp.. relapse.. 2012 08:46..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Martyr Lucifer - "Farewell To Graveland"
    Descriptive info: Buil2kill Records (2011).. “Farewell To Graveland” is a solo project from Martyr Lucifer, most well-known for his work in Hortus Animae and Space Mirrors.. Gaining the services of Adrian Erlandsson of Paradise Lost on 5 of the 10 main tracks for drums, ex-Nocturnal Mortum bassist Vrolok, as well as two Hortus Animae bandmates with Bless on keyboards and Grom handling the other 5 drum tracks, the material is more of a dark rock/gothic metal fusion, bringing to mind Nightingale meets Fields of the Nephilim along with left field Tiamat strains.. The contrasts between the gothic clean strains for the verses against the noisier, aggressive chorus work for “Noctua Munda” resemble the ups and down  ...   listeners that there’s plenty of metal going on through your sound system on “Anironauta(the Demon of the Earth)” as well as the magical 10:10 “The Horseride” where some of the strumming shifts between alternative/gothic lines and occasional black metal inspiration.. Martyr Lucifer can gain fringe appeal inside and outside the metal borders.. People looking for a mental release could enjoy “Farewell To Graveland”.. I’ll state for my tastes it’s not something that would maintain daily exposure, but that doesn’t mean this has no merit.. Stretch your imagination- this album tests you in ways you haven’t been tested before, which all good dark, left of center works should.. martyrlucifer.. buil2kill.. Rating: 4 / 6.. 2012 09:33..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Lord Shades - "The Rise Of Meldral-Nok"
    Descriptive info: self-released (2011).. Ah, the underground.. It never seems to fail on a listener hungry for the latest news.. Though, an album released a year ago is not exactly news.. Then again, when did quality have any deadline, except for those big bands that need to sell at lot the first week only to wither when the next big release is online? Not that big bands don't release quality releases, but more often than not I feel that bigger bands release products while smaller bands that are lurking in the underground release whole-heartedly albums where they put their soul, they skills and probably the little money they have into it.. Lord Shades seems to be such an underground band.. "The Rise Of Meldral-Nok" is a concept album, being a second chapter in  ...   visit doomier places.. The first minutes of "Ancient Fears" are awesome, and could easily have been minutes of highlight on the latest Septicflesh masterpiece.. Majestic and supreme.. There are some other highlights as well during "The Rise Of Meldral-Nok", even though none reaches the first minutes of "Ancient Fears".. The album's sound is heavy, but here and there I feel that the drum sound is too sterile.. I even thought that they were made by a drum computer, but there are no information of that so I stick to the sterile sound.. Great vocals, variation and an album that stands through several listenings.. If they only slowed down on the fast death metal, because Lord Shades is definitely best when the music is slower.. lordshades.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. 2012 09:13..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Neosis - "Neosis"
    Descriptive info: SAOL/ H’Art (2012).. A Swiss quartet who play a unique brand of polyrhythmic metal with electronic fusion and melodic death vocals (aka bad cop on the verses, good cop on the choruses)- welcome to the world of Neosis.. Imagine the craziness of Strapping Young Lad against the mathematical rhythmic chaos of Meshuggah, then float in Soilwork and Fear Factory and you’ll have an idea of what to expect through songs such as “Unwilling Fate”, “The Deconstruction Of Reality”, and “The New Paradigm”.. Bassist Did Bender evokes  ...   boy band sugar sweet.. I’m on the fence about these 10 songs.. When the reference points are obvious, the band really has to hone in on some special aspect of performance or songwriting to become unique- and I don’t feel Neosis at this point in time can display this.. North Americans may go ballistic over these tracks, but I doubt mainland Europe will know what to make of the marriage of metal and technology.. neosis.. ch.. saol-music.. Rating: 3 / 6.. Roy Kristensen 21.. 2012 14:18..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Burning Point - "The Ignitor"
    Descriptive info: Scarlet Records (2012).. Here we have a power metal band where the songs are not actually each other's twins separated by number.. The cover is great and musicianship outstanding.. Although the guitars sound like Trivium, it's probably Trivium influenced by power metal not vice versa so the same goes for songs until the title track.. The title track is exactly what I usually don't like about power metal: unhooky chorus, mediocre riffs, assinine lyrics.. While this is easily the worst track on the album, it  ...   to sleep.. These guys have been around for a while and this is their fifth album so there's no excuse for mediocre songwriting, even if production and musicianship are great.. Power metal, or really, just heavy metal (I can't tell a difference between one genre or the other) may be about the last two but the first one is the most important.. So, 5 for musicianship, 5 for production, 2 for songwriting.. Do the math and compare with the score below.. burningpointmetal.. scarletrecords.. 2012 08:42..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - StoneLake - "Marching On Timeless Tales"
    Descriptive info: Massacre Records (2011).. Impressive if not a little outdated hard/hair/heavy metal with a generous helping and attitude of "Cowboys from Hell" Pantera.. Very good musicianship, execution, mighty catchy songwriting that works for the most part.. Perhaps a little early Ozzy thrown in to the mix as well.. I cannot say anything is particularly bad or a filler, and, surprisingly, despite operating with 160 Kbps mp3, the sound still comes in clear, crisp and powerful.. It has that 80s/early 90s, "all-hits-arena-rock-star approach" but somehow also that Megadeth "Addicted to Chaos" ("Youthanasia") vibe to it.. You want to say it's "commercial" but how can you deny the charm of " Snakechild" or "Walk in the Temple" or the simple but wrecking ball heavy "Liar", when that shit takes you back to the times when you didn't have to worry about your job, changing reeking diapers, politics, religion or relationships and were getting "pocket money" to buy the new Scorpions or Europe along "Rust in Peace" record?.. Although, I do remember how I heard "Countdown to Extinction" (Megadeth) for the first time thinking it actually better than the black Metallica album every other Polak worshipped? How  ...   my mom and she went and actually BOUGHT me that motherfucker for my birthday? Oh, those were the days of my European upbringing!.. Speaking of Megadeth, I get this "my Megadeth" feeling I have not felt since "Countdown.. " (17 years!) with the new, "Th1rt3en" album, an album I constantly rotate in my car or listen to on my iPod along with this here Stone Lake CD.. I know the new 'deth disappointed many and garnered mostly bad or average reviews but I am actually very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this offering.. I also find it strange that no one bothered to review it here nor on Eternal Terror website, especially since it was done for "Endgame".. It has been generally ignored more than Ron Paul by his own party.. Anyway, back to the matter at hand.. Voodoo Highway made me question Massacre's judgment, Love Might Kill made me reconsider but Stone Lake got me thinking if they're this good, keep them coming! There is a magic to this album that, despite some flaws, will not let me rate it below 5 / 6, so be it.. stonelake.. se.. massacre-records.. 2012 09:20..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Trillion Red - "Two Tongues" EP
    Descriptive info: badGod Music (2011).. 4 songs and 24 minutes of dark melancholic metal from a duo of musicians called Trillion Red.. Patrick Brown handles guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals while Max Woodside is the drummer.. Songs like “Forging Two Tongues/A Reckoning” and “Right Over To The Helm” have much in common with Isis and Jesu- and I have to be  ...   occasionally left field, noisy, and as alternative as it is heavy.. Probably fits right in with the San Francisco musical climate- “Two Tongues” should resonate with the twenty-somethings who wonder where they fit in the current economic model.. As for myself, Trillion Red merely registers in the ‘okay’ feeling barometer.. trillionred.. badgodmusic.. Rating: 3.. Roy Kristensen 20.. 2012 09:15..

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