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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Throneum - "Death Throne Entities"
    Descriptive info: Reviews.. Pagan Records (2012).. Throneum describe their music as ‘nightmarish death metal,’ but it is actually lo-fi black/death thrash with a heavy retro leaning.. The South American influences are pretty evident too.. This record did nothing good for me at all.. The drums are repetitive and unimaginative, I have heard a better guitar sound on mid 80’s demos and the vocals are so crap that they had started annoying me 30  ...   only not even 10% as good).. I could say more, but I really just want to stop listening and get this thing off my hard drive.. www.. myspace.. com/throneum.. paganrecords.. com.. pl.. Rating: 2 / 6.. Composed by Peter Loftus.. Roy Kristensen 24.. 06.. 2012 10:25.. RE:Throneum -.. Lol.. That last paragraph, if I had a nickle.. Dethster4life 13.. 07.. 2012 23:52.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Wigelius - "Reinventions"
    Descriptive info: Frontiers Records (2012).. These days, talent can be discovered as easily through YouTube or television shows as it used to be slugging it out in the bar scene 30 years before.. Vocalist Anders Wigelius came to the attention of producer Daniel Flores through his work on a Sweden national talent show, who broadcasted his rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”.. Joining him on this 12 song AOR/melodic rock “Reinventions” debut is guitarist Jake Svensson, bassist Chris Pettersson and drummer / older brother Eric Wigelius- so it shouldn’t be shocking that this young singer performs with a strong similarity to Journey, Toto, and Richard Marx based on several passes with this record.. “Angeline” opens with a steel factory feel before the guitars charge through the mix, and Anders resides comfortably over the mix with melodies that  ...   the highway cruising “Piece Of The Action” which features some ZZ Top-like licks and blues harp action, as well as the engaging acoustic number “Love Can Be That Much” that recalls Richard Marx when he was regularly selling out sports arenas during his non-stop top five singles mania from 1988-1991.. The piano driven ballad “There Is No Me Without You” allows Anders to flex more of his lower range during the verses, but do not fear as he turns on his charm and grace during the chorus.. Frontiers really know how to put the best songwriting and production values at the forefront for their artists, and “Reinventions” as a result is another gem for the new melodic rock generation to rally around.. wigelius.. net.. frontiers.. it.. Rating: 5 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. 2012 22:52..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews
    Descriptive info: Title.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. Next >>.. >>..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Asphyx - "Deathhammer"
    Descriptive info: Asphyx - "Deathhammer".. Century Media (2012).. In summer of 1994, after fleeing to the United States to escape Polish military draft, while attending high school in Chicago thanks to a bribe to its director from a family Roman Catholic priest who then had some serious contacts in Windy City elite, I was turned to a self-titled album of an unknown band Asphyx.. I found it incredibly slow and mildly amusing and I didn't quite get what the big fuss was about.. This was recorded after the departure of Martin Van Drunen and the band shortly after ceased to exist.. I decided to go to a library and rent the only album in stock, "Last One On Earth" with a cover depicting a burned body of a priest with a cindered cross on his neck.. And I ended up liking ONE song of that album, the opener "M.. S.. Bismarc".. Although the album was faster and far better from the self-titled, I thought it was average at best.. I lost track of these guys until 2009 with the reunion in the original line-up and excellent "Death the Brutal Way".. Here we are in 2012 and Asphyx has not changed one bit - this is still in your face old school death metal  ...   The Bell Tolls" (Metallica/"Ride the Lightening").. Asphyx offers another slow burner with "Landser" but the rest is old school, simple yet brutal chugga-chugga with little variation.. It's great to hear these guys in such form after so many years, but I actually prefer Obituary over Asphyx.. In both bands, though, there is a problem which is inconsistent but very annoying: the terrible reverb in certain songs.. "Timewastes" sounds as if they recorded outside in the pouring rain, which takes away from heaviness and clarity.. On "World Demise" (Obituary) the opener "I Don't Care" had the same issue and back then I understood this as a production flaw.. But it's 12 years into a new millennium and we don't need to sound shitty to preserve sound authenticity.. "Deathhammer" is a grower, but I doubt I will come back to it much after this review.. If you are Asphyx fanatic, however, this is like "Peace Sells 2012" for a dethster and I would highly recommend it to you then.. Cohesive, fairly varied with strong riffs and well placed melody, but not a mindblower in my humble estimation.. Anyway you slice it, "this is true death metal you bastards!".. asphyx.. nl.. centurymedia.. Rating: 4 / 6.. Composed by Dethster4life.. Roy Kristensen 18.. 2012 14:04..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Blacklodge - "MachinatioN"
    Descriptive info: Blacklodge - "MachinatioN".. Season Of Mist (2012.. ).. One listen.. Dissapointment.. Two listens.. Three listens.. Four listens.. Five listens.. Hmmm.. There are some interesting tunes in there.. Six listens.. Still not on par with the insane "SolarKult" album.. Could it be that this is a grower where you need time to adjust to the improved sound? Improved, yes, but better? Somehow I found the rather thin sound on the said  ...   to the fuller sounds on the new album.. Satan lives and he reveals himself through music.. Industrial black metal where the all seeing eye never rests, always looking out for new victims.. Grim, hidden gems in the mix, alien sounds, bombastic rhythms and a disconcerting atmosphere.. Would you want it any other way?.. loginsatan.. org.. season-of-mist.. Rating: 4.. 5 / 6.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. Roy Kristensen 13.. 2012 11:41..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Luley - "Today’s Tomorrow"
    Descriptive info: Luley - "Today’s Tomorrow".. AOR Heaven (2012).. Best known for his work with German based outfits like Tokyo and Craaft, guitarist/songwriter Klaus Luley has been away from the melodic rock scene for nearly two decades.. Joining Klaus on this “Today’s Tomorrow” album are session musicians Chris Elbers on drums and Matthias Rethmann on bass- with Luley handling the guitars, keyboards and vocals for the 11 songs.. Featuring a 2012 update of his “Tokyo” hit single from almost 30 years ago (recently taken on by At Vance as well on their newest album), the other 10 songs are a great mix of Luley’s affinity for most 80’s AOR/melodic rock artists.. Songs such as “Mountain of Love” or “Don’t Wanna See Your Face” have much in common with Toto, Richard Marx, Rick  ...   comfortable, smooth voice that evokes a sassy personality like Bobby Kimball or Zak Stevens on the blues based “Here In My Arms”.. Topping things off is the bright Michael Voss production- the man knows how to get every tone and instrument with the right dynamic energy so your speakers come alive when these tracks hit your ears.. George Siegl at AOR Heaven knows when talent needs to return to the scene, and I’m so glad Luley gains another opportunity to give the listeners a wonderful slice of melodic rock with “Today’s Tomorrow”.. Klaus still has the solo chops and songwriting skills to pay the bills and then some- a great record to prove that those into melodic rock can still find worthy material to treasure in today’s scene.. aorheaven.. 2012 11:24..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Nocturnal Torment - "They Come at Night"
    Descriptive info: Nocturnal Torment - "They Come at Night".. Deathgasm Records (2012).. Apparently these guys were once known as Termination 20 years ago.. Now they are back, but under a different name and with the urge to kill intact.. The music is DM with a heavy Floridian vibe but it is immediately apparent that these guys are not just here to pay homage to the elder gods.. In fact Nocturnal Torment like nothing better than stretching themselves – from weird percussive parts where guitar and drums seems to  ...   so they aren’t reinventing the wheel, but at least they are taking a new route to get downtown to the morgue.. “They Come at Night” presents a nice balance between thrashing and blasting, horror and accessibility, technical ability and the will to just rock and pummel.. The vocals, from the cookie monster school, work well and command the listener’s attention.. Overall, an enthusiastic effort that is as close to the mark as any new DM I’ve heard in the past few months.. com/eternalnocturnaltorment.. deathgasm.. 2012 11:19..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Pyuria - "Incarnadine Revelry"
    Descriptive info: Pyuria - "Incarnadine Revelry".. Violent Journey Records (2012).. The five piece Finnish death metal group Pyuria formed in 1996 and release their third album “Incarnadine Revelry”- their first in five years.. Original Torture Killer growler Matti Liuke joins the band on this 8 song outing, which has a weird groove nature at certain times.. You can hear semi-swing beats or 50’s rock and roll riffs transformed into the classic early 90’s down-tuned death style- my favorites occurring in “Eradicate The Parasites” with the intro 4 bars like “Rock Around The Clock” and a slow swing beat transition riff.. I love the horror soundtrack dialogue that streams through “Flesh Grotesque”.. As far as  ...   Oskari Maki and Ville Lahtivirta that signal riff changes within “I Am Pain”, and some of their best picking work occurs on the album’s concluding cut “The Dead Will Devour Us All”.. At 38 minutes in length, the band executes their ideas in such a way that you feel they’ve spent a lot of time refining and re-tooling the arrangements so everything flows easily- no excessive technicality or unnecessary individual spotlights here.. A great mix of shorter compact songs and material that hits the 5-7 minute mark for a little instrumental brooding, “Incarnadine Revelry” will not disappoint those who are looking for straightforward death metal from the heart.. pyuria.. violentjourneyrecords.. 2012 10:51..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Lamera - "Mechanically Separated"
    Descriptive info: Lamera - "Mechanically Separated".. Transhumanz Records (2012).. Lamera is a "cosmopolitan modern death metal band", whatever that is (note to self: its probably this band…), and although "Mechanically Separated" is album number two, the first album was not released and distributed by a professional label.. So, its kind of a debut album after all.. The members are from both Europe and USA, the band was founded in 2004, and they are booked to play big festivals such as Graspop and Wacken.. Not bad, but….. OK, so this is what made me sceptic: "Core elements are combined with thrashy passages and outstanding vocals into an explosive mixture and feeling".. Why? I can't stand anything that ends with core, hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, you name it, its just annoying noise, end of story.. But here I am, quite impressed and a bit surprised, this album is actually not bad at  ...   of it.. If this is metalcore or whatever, I might just like it after all?.. I could probably add that there are a few riffs and passages here I have heard before, but there usually are on every release these days.. But as long as it doesn't feel recycled, I don't care.. I mean, come on, most bands let their inspiration shine trough here and there, nothing wrong in that.. One more thing, some of the clean vocal choruses might be a bit over the top here and there for some of you, and that's probably the reason for not scoring higher than 4.. On the other hand, the clean vocals might be the thing that does it for some of you, who knows.. Still, check it out and give it a few spins, you might be surprised.. com/lameraband.. Composed by Leif Neverdahl.. Roy Kristensen 11.. 2012 13:36..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Alestorm - "Back Through Time"
    Descriptive info: Alestorm - "Back Through Time".. Napalm Records (2011).. Alestorm - never heard of these guys and usually power metal is not on my top ten Christmas list, but I downloaded it because the label said "Scottish Pirate Metal".. I thought "get the fuck out of here", but lo and behold that's exactly what it is.. The guy sings in Scottish  ...   all the instruments are clear and powerful, guitars are raw like early Anthrax.. Every track is pretty much the same with heavy use of harmonica and some other instruments I cannot name.. The highlight for me is "Buckfast Powersmash" with a thrash metal riff a'la "Among the Living".. Fun to listen to but gets old quick.. alestorm.. napalmrecords.. 2012 08:58..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Fear Factory - "The Industrialist"
    Descriptive info: Fear Factory - "The Industrialist".. AFM Records (2012).. This industrialized metal act’s influence is undeniable on a plethora of bands.. Be it the good cop/bad cop vocals of Burton C.. Bell that bands like Soilwork and In Flames use as a reference point, on through to the mechanical percussion precision that other industrial (or groove oriented acts) took into account, Fear Factory has always had a distinct sound.. “Demanufacture” in 1995 remains their defining masterpiece, and they lost me a few years later with their “Cars”/Gary Numan cover and forays into commercial radio accessibility with their “Digimortal” album in 2001.. Reuniting with guitarist Dino Cazares in 2009, Burton and company are now on studio album eight with “The Industrialist”- and it’s a return of sorts to  ...   the all-out thrash volleys in “Recharger” serve notice that the quartet remember what the lifetime fans desire musically, lyrically, and sonically out of this group.. Serious neck breaking will happen as the jackhammer drilling throughout “Depraved Mind Murder” consumes you, Dino responsible for the addictive industrial groove riff and the drumming follows close pursuit.. By the time the mood moving nine minute “Human Augmentation” instrumental closer concludes, you realize “The Industrialist” recaptures the blending of musician creativity along with the proper technology use- all without feeling as if the band had outside pressure from labels or management to do so.. To those who cast Fear Factory aside for years- “The Industrialist” should be a welcome return to what you’ve known and loved.. fearfactory.. afm-records.. de.. 2012 08:38..

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