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    Archived pages: 290 . Archive date: 2012-07.

  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Fear Factory - "The Industrialist"
    Descriptive info: Reviews.. Fear Factory - "The Industrialist".. AFM Records (2012).. As metal began its slow descent underground (which will happen again real soon), Fear Factory were breaking all the rules.. Disinterested (yet) in nu-metal trend, Fear Factory married hard core and metal with industrial and even techno beats (!) The first three Fear Factory albums belong to favorite records I own, with "Obsolete" as their finest work to date.. Subsequent nu-metalish "Digimortal" cooled me down, while "Archetype" minus main axe, Dino Cezares, was their most versatile work to date with some of the best, catchiest riffs I have ever heard, for the first time since the debut, with death metal and blast beats.. After atrocious "Transgression" a mere year later, Bell reCezaresed Fear Factory and "Mechanize" crushed balls and force fed them back with both classic and fresh Fear Factory.. With the first single off "The Industrialist", "Recharger", even better things seemed ahead.. And indeed, the first 6 songs, although INCREDIBLY derivative of Fear Factory's greatest achievements, are great.. "Virus of Faith", echoing "Securitron-Police State 2000" ("Obsolete") is probably the best track on this album, although the significant shortage of Burton's clean melodic croons gave me  ...   to not buy your music, it is a very foolish move vis-a-vis the cashflow.. Even on the good tracks, "The Industrialist" is ripe with auto plagiarism.. "New Messiah" clean chorus is a regurgitated "Undercurrent" ("Archetype") the opener smacks of "Digimortal", "Recharger" melodic line is cut and paste "Descent" from "Obsolete" (or even "Industrial Discipline" from "Mechanize") especially at the end, while "Difference Engine" is "High-Tech Hate" ("Obsolete") less evil twin.. Even the dreaded closer -"Demanufacture" or "Ascension" ("Archetype") reloaded.. It's a shame but the album appears rushed and unfinished.. "Dissasemble", joined with the following reprise of the same, "Religion is flawed" would have had better appeal and, hell, how about 2-3 kick-ass tracks thereafter and perhaps the "Augmentation", after severe surgery, would have been easier to swallow? And yet there is hope if phenomenal "God Eater" that sounds like a new chapter for FF, is any indication of future direction.. In any case, Fear Factory better tread carefully lest the concept from their best album becomes their fate.. http://fearfactory.. com.. www.. afm-records.. de.. Rating: 3.. 5 / 6.. Composed by Dethster4life.. Roy Kristensen 13.. 06.. 2012 08:35.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Circus Maximus - "Nine"
    Descriptive info: Circus Maximus - "Nine".. Frontiers Records (2012).. Progressive/power metal fans - while very adamant in their approval and appreciation for their favorite artists - can often be an impatient bunch.. Through the explosion of releases that hit the market weekly and choices through internet exploration they are always eager to hear the latest creative outbursts from bands.. So what do you mean I have to wait three to five years for the next studio product? As musicians, you aren’t allowed to have a real life, start families, and develop a dual existence between personal and professional lives.. The third album from Norway progressive metal act Circus Maximus comes five years after their “Isolate” release.. After subsequent touring as one of the opening acts for Symphony X on their 3 week European tour in February-March of 2008, downtime took place as three of the five members attended to family matters and vocalist Michael Eriksen recorded a fine melodic rock/AOR project The Magnificient with Leverage guitarist Torsti Spoof.. So the time spent on production, songwriting, and individual performances for “Nine” means the listeners have an elevated expectation on where Circus Maximus  ...   plunges headfirst into this anthem-like electric guitar crescendo for the emotional 10 minute “Last Goodbye” or the exotic twisted keyboard/ electric guitar syncopated riffing through “Namaste” that may remind some of “Awake” era Dream Theater days- Circus Maximus level their off time abilities with a semblance of streamlined groove sensibilities.. “Reach Within” has this calming, Toto aura running through Michael’s delivery.. Another favorite is the high energy “Used”, the low tuned Mats Haugen guitar bends and Truls Haugen percussive pattern giving the song a tribal touch.. Much like Pagan’s Mind took off from their influence factor to sprout their creative wings with “God’s Equation”, Circus Maximus now have a platform record where I think attaining headline status is imminent.. Feel the joy and excitement from the performances, the dynamic song choices, and the ability to be heavy and tranquil from one measure to the next- plus knowing how to tie things together so that you get the most out of the arrangements.. This should be an instant purchase for Circus Maximus followers worldwide.. circusmaximussite.. frontiers.. it.. Rating: 5 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 11.. 2012 13:09..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - Imhotep Podcast - #001: on Manowar
    Descriptive info: Podcasts.. Imhotep Podcast - #001: on Manowar.. Will you be our Pleasure Slaves?.. No, we won't.. Or, yes, we will.. Roy Kristensen 10.. 03.. 2012 19:29..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - Add your own comment on Imhotep
    Descriptive info: Add your own comment on Imhotep.. From now on you can add your comment to the article in question.. This goes for reviews, interviews and whatelse we’ll post on Imhotep.. Click on the Read more… or the headline for the article/interview.. Latest Comments will be updated within 5 minutes after you’ve posted (meaning, from 5 seconds to ca.. 5 minutes).. The reason for the time schedule are the catche stats that updates ca.. every fifth minute.. If you have opinions, want to ridicule the writer, add your own review, tell us how to improve – you just do the drill.. Username/nickname, e-mail and password.. So, what are you waiting for?.. 01.. 2010 21:08.. Ridiculing the writer!.. "If you have opinions, want to ridicule the writer.. " Eh, Roy you cock! :D Glad to see the comments up and running.. Could be interesting.. Flamewars, here we come!.. Haukelid 11.. 2010 21:56.. RE:ADD YOUR OWN COMMENT ON IMHOTEP.. Very nice with comments, just want to say that you're site is very good.. Good reviewers.. :) Thank Roy Kristensen that you mentioned Devil Doll on  ...   clocks in at 99,9 % perfect.. Thanks for the compliments on the site.. I think the writers are doing a tremendous job!.. Roy Kristensen 12.. 2010 15:25.. RE:Add your own comment on Imhotep.. Since a few older reviews and interviews doesn't have a comment section I feel that I need to write about them here.. First one, DEIPHAGO – IN THE NAME OF SATAN! Is these guys serious? No offense to satan but those guys are a joke! Their music was worthless and a disgrace to real black metal! Second, I have listened to "Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint" and it is indeed a masterful piece of music.. And as they review said it does need many spins to get the whole thing! A very good start of the new decade.. :) I recommend the new Agrypnie album, It's awesome (cough,cough, review, cough,cough) :P Keep up the good work!.. Crapass666 21.. 2010 14:39.. Thank you for the information, it will surely help me a lot.. Cheers!!! a href="http://www.. superiorpapers.. com" custom term papers /a.. jonniegram 07.. 2010 15:50..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - IMHOTEP VIDEOTORIAL - DECEMBER 2008
    Descriptive info: IMHOTEP VIDEOTORIAL - DECEMBER 2008.. http://www.. youtube.. com/watch?v=2csLoedxMhU..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - EDITORIAL – AUGUST 2008
    Descriptive info: EDITORIAL – AUGUST 2008.. Then Moses and the Israelities sang this song to the Lord:.. ”I will sing to the Lord, for he has.. triumphed gloriously;.. horse and rider he has thrown into.. the sea.. The Lord is my strength and my.. might,.. and he has become my salvation:.. this is my God, and I will praise him,.. my father’s God, and I will exalt.. him.. The Lord is a warrior:.. the Lord is his name.. (Exodus 15:1-3).. In recent times, you, reader, may have thought, “damn, there’s quite a lot of black metal on this website.. Yeah, fine interviews and all, but isn’t it getting somewhat predictable?”.. Or maybe not.. Who know? Heaven knows? Ah, not at all.. Since there is no heaven or hell, besides the album by you-should-know-who.. To be a bit personal, I have absolutely no faith in any kind of deity above myself, be it the one of the light, or the lightbringer, or the mater of all evil.. No, I see god when I see the man in the mirror.. I see myself as I regard the others – to each his own god!.. But from time to time I discover that music can be created also by people more into the Bible than I am.. And as you should know, the Old Testament is a book that’s more violent than Rambo IV.. In Exodus 14:28, “The.. waters returned and covered the chariots and the chariot drivers, the entire army of Pharaoh that had followed them into the sea; not one of them remained.. ” Now, that’s  ...   I think their answers justify the main feature of August.. And their album, more than 70 minutes of grandiose music, is not an easy listen.. Or ten.. As Yuval says: “.. The many layers in each song and the length of the album makes it interesting even after quite a few listens and this is how we like our music as listeners and it reflects in the music we write.. Do you dare to step out of your squared box (also referred to as your own life) and discover that there is dark beauty also outside black metal? Perhaps you listen to metalcore, death metal, gothic metal, depressive rock, heavy metal…? Well, some once said “give peace a chance”.. I say “give Amaseffer a chance” and while you’re in there, be sure to give history a thought.. After all, the Bible is a piece of history.. And without the Bible there wouldn’t be any black metal.. As well as many other things that would not be, but that’s another story.. Being on the subject of black metal, there’s one band that sticks out these days.. The Swedish masters.. Watain.. have released three album, and I just got news that they will re-released the two first albums through Season Of Mist.. Good news for those who choose to waste their money on e-bay.. However, the point is that you will be able to read a 7-piece feature on Watain in Imhotep during August.. Yes, one week of Watain! Be there or be a Christian!.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. Roy Kristensen 31.. 07.. 2008 19:11..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - EDITORIAL - APRIL 2008
    Descriptive info: EDITORIAL - APRIL 2008.. Do you attend to festivals and concerts? Do we prefer the development today, where there’s a new concert every second day? But first, In Flames….. There’s no doubt about the popularity of the Swedish melodic metal band.. In Flames.. Imhotep's Andreas Aubert presents an in-depth conversation (transcribed into words) with the band’s drummer.. We’ve seen discussions lately concerning the cover of the new album.. Personally I think we should credit the band for doing something out of the ordinary, despite the fact that the cover itself is not worth that much attention.. However, covers these days seem to mean less and less, due to the increasing downloading.. I mean, if I would download an album I suppose I’d give a shit about the cover illustration… So, even if In Flames doesn’t reinvent metal on their new release, they do take some small chances, like the mentioned cover and also the longest track they’ve done as far as I know.. “The Chosen Pessimist” is a 8+ minutes track that doesn’t follow the recipe the Swedes normally writes by.. This just develops without obvious refrains, verses, bridge, repetitions… It’ll be exciting to see how the audience will respond to such a different In Flames track.. I guess In Flames will headline a few festivals and probably tour as well.. Now, this is a topic that’s interesting.. I remember 10-15 years ago.. Big bands came to Norway every now  ...   The hard thing is of course to support all the bands you actually would like to support, most often due to the private economic situation.. The good thing is that one can actually pick between the various alternatives and then support those you think deserve it.. So, in the end it’s mostly a win-win situation for us.. Some bands will of course loose, but the best aspect is that the bands have to work harder and harder.. Take a band like Behemoth.. They tour, tour, tour, write a new album and then tour again and again.. And I saw them at this year’s Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway.. It’s probably the best concert I’ve seen so far, and I’ve seen plenty… All it takes is extremely hard work.. Viron.. , the German heavy metal band, has recently released an album that writer Matt Coe simply loves.. Read his words on the release “Ferrum Gravis” in April’s album of the month.. Finally, I must add that the test with the Norwegian mirror-site didn’t work out as planned.. There is not enough articles to make any impact.. Thus, we focus solely on the original site,.. imhotep.. no.. A little spice for the Scandinavian readers though, with some reviews written in Norwegian every now and then.. Besides this, everything will be in Imhotep-ian English!.. Feature of the Month for May – Hanoi Rocks! Be there or be square.. Roy Kristensen 29.. 2008 12:51..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - EDITORIAL - MARCH 2008
    Descriptive info: EDITORIAL - MARCH 2008.. The.. hate & love.. of.. black metal.. I hate black metal.. For, there is no such thing as violence anymore.. Everybody is nice, everything is comfortable.. There is no fear, no real fear.. Practice, but do not practice what you preach.. And you are no better than those you oppose.. Hah! Oppose! I laugh.. I cry.. I smile in despondency.. There are no black metal bands any more.. But, oh yes, there are bands that play black metal MUSIC.. And that write lyrics of anger and hatred.. But real hatred? Ah, how can they feel real hatred when they come from these established homes.. Comfortable.. Cosy.. Yes, let us oppose.. Let’s raise some stir in our father’s glass.. Let’s hate everybody.. Let’s get some attention.. Oh yes, attention.. Isn’t that what everybody desires? 15 minutes of fame….. But is there any black metal band? As in a BAND that is everything but nice, and that live by the laws of atrocity, or chaos, of opposing!.. There is Mayhem – musically dark but violent?.. There is Deathspell Omega – Satanic.. But a band?.. There is Satyricon – black metal? Not even musically speaking….. There is Malfeitor – ah, now we’re getting closer, but have they really killed anyone?.. There is Watain – perhaps the one getting closest! And if I am the judge, Watain is black metal.. There is Gorgoroth – chaos!.. There is Leviathan – but hey, how much harm does Wrath do?.. And the rest of the bunch? Loads of great bands playing music which can be connected to black metal musically speaking, with lyrics that doesn’t give much hope to humanity.. But no violence, no real hatred, no murdering.. Does this mean that I want the bands to be violent? Not necessarily.. I just want to get rid of the category black metal, or at least clean up the mess.. And furiously spawn them to use the tag extreme metal, if any at all.. For, when we speak of black metal we speak of violent music, we speak of anger and hatred, we speak of opposing.. But do we speak of solutions? No, we do not.. There’s no black metal philosophy! Or is there? Can anybody pinpoint the black metal philosophy?.. What I see is people drinking beer, listening to music, doing their drugs… …talking about life, economy, playing, instruments, looking for the next girl or guy, being nice, drinking some more.. Is this black metal?.. It is now time to make a difference! To make people scared again.. It is a thought of the former millennium, but there is something wrong when people buy so many copies of the new Mayhem that is enters the Norwegian charts.. And “Ordo Ad Chao” is NOT a nice album.. In fact, it makes me want to punch someone.. It makes me want to cut the beard of every Muslim.. It makes me want to cut the flesh of someone I don’t like.. It makes me want to rip out the tongue of every Christian.. No, I don’t do it because I’m no Satanist, I’m no black metaller.. But if I were, I should do these things.. Because if not, then I just.. like.. I don’t preach black metal, thus I have no need to practice it.. And I do like black metal! Look at the extremist Muslim, extremist Christians – they practice what they preach, like it or not!.. So, black metallers.. It is time to raise some fury.. It is time to make people afraid again! And if you don’t mean it, then shut the fuck up!.. Gorgoroth is the Norwegian band today that is closest to the black metal tag.. Inside this eerie  ...   produced underground shitties.. I love the underground production – though, production with a purpose.. I love “Ordo Ad Chaos” – because it’s Hell.. I love the discomfort – it comforts me.. I love Deathspell Omega – chaotic affection.. I love the negativity – because it completes my positivity, the yin to my yang.. Is black metal only about the music? The lifestyle of Gaahl is blacker than it of others, for he lives by his own rules.. He has decided which rules he shall follow, and when it is necessary to follow them.. What would happen if everybody followed their inner laws?.. Is black metal about laws, about lifestyles? Who decides what is correct? Personally I have a pretty modern A-4 lifestyle, and I’m content.. However, the anti-life of many black metal albums does definitely interest me.. And perhaps I wake up some day.. And perhaps I realize that I love black metal because of the, at least originally, opposing approach on life, the dedication, the image, the fury, the will to power.. And let us not forget the provocative issue, even though this is a rarer aspect of black metal these days.. I love to drink a few beers, talk with my friends about metal and having a good time.. But alone in my welcomed solitude I love to listen to black metal.. This at times incomprehensible music attracts me.. Is it perhaps simply a question about doing what is right for you, instead of caring about the so-called laws, the image, the attitude.. I mean, you can shout Satan six hundred and sixty six time for all I care, but if you don’t really mean it, why do you then waste yours and my time? Black metal is, at least the best albums, individual releases that define the dark art.. DarkThrone, Gehenna, Emperor, Deathspell Omega, ABSU, Leviathan, Watain, Marduk, Limbonic Art… None alike the other….. I’m no Satanist, nor a Christian of course.. I don’t believe in God, nor do I believe in Satan.. Nor Allah.. Buddha.. And so on… I believe in myself, and I know that I love black metal because it fulfils one aspect of myself, namely the darkness herein.. I don’t smile when E.. of Watain reveals that he’s sworn to the dark, I rather prevail.. For in my world I am the chosen one, and I choose myself! And I think that you should choose yourself in your own world.. There’s no need to allow Gorgoroth, Watain, Marduk or any other band tell you what to do.. Just listen to your voice.. within.. yourself.. because.. you.. rule.. your own fucking world.. Read Gaahls words in The Feature Of The Month.. He speaks of many things and he speaks well.. It’s time to choose yourself instead of everybody else.. If people cared more about themselves, if people loved black metal or any other music category and put their dedication into it….. …then I’m sure life would improve.. Use your dreams, fulfil them.. Don’t watch all the TV, all the stupid series.. Start to think, start to believe.. When Deathspell Omega wrote “But if nothing has any meaning, there's no point in my doing anything”, I understood many a thing.. There’s more to black metal than meets the eye.. That’s why I love black metal.. Something that definitely won’t add to the evilness in the world is the new release from In Flames.. Another number in the line of popular albums from these Swedish longrunners, and now with a sense of purpose, I suppose.. A worthy choice for album of the month, no doubt, given that the reviewer’s analysis of the album is more in-depth than your average review.. Roy Kristensen 27.. 02.. 2008 21:53..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - EDITORIAL – FEBRUARY 2008
    Descriptive info: EDITORIAL – FEBRUARY 2008.. Will metal be anything else but underground? And who is really the metal underground? Imhotep writer Ravn discusses the subject in this editorial.. Most people would be able to point out a typical hardcore metal fan on the street.. During Easter and the Inferno Festival Oslo is swarming over with young men and women dressed in black.. Many of these young adults also wear t-shirts with obscure logos and weird words that obviously are band names.. There are several good and evident reasons to wear a shirt with a band name.. The first is of course to support the band.. A second might be to show other metal fans that you like this particular band in order to get a conversation going and by this receive some music tips or even gain a new friend.. A third reason could be that you feel that wearing such a t-shirt gives you an identity, something to show others a little of who you feel that you are.. It could be for the same reason that all these metal fans wear black clothes, leather and metal.. That is the standard metal fan uniform.. When wearing these clothes we easily identify each other.. the metal underground.. One thing that sets metal music apart from most other genres is that it thrives on suppression.. The more the media tries to restrain and conceal the metal subculture the stronger it seems to become.. The metal underground is a constant surging force that keeps this rebellious music and for some; lifestyle alive.. There have certainly been times when the commercial forces have recognised metal music’s potential to be sold to the mass market.. Such as in the eighties when the big record companies signed glamorous melodic hard rock bands and sold millions of albums to the masses.. Most of these bands are now history or even forgotten but a few survived and made a name for themselves.. Still through these occasional mainstream surfacings of metal music the underground has been the main force that has kept this at times highly controversial music genre alive.. This metal anti-establishment has bread a plethora of sub-genres and given birth to an incredible number of musicians and bands.. So, what exactly is this metal underground?.. I would like to rephrase my question: Who is this metal underground? Yes, because the metal underground is in fact a whole movement of people.. It has become a very active and worldwide  ...   to their concerts and buying their merchandise and albums.. And spread the word.. Let your enthusiasm spread.. Let people hear the music you love.. Write articles, play the albums at parties and get-togethers and wear those aforementioned t-shirt with the band names and logos.. And of course learn how to play, sing, scream, growl or even write music and lyrics.. I feel that it’s important that each and every one of us, regardless of our background or origin, understand that we can play a very important part of the metal music movement.. Since the first guitar riffs developed into rock, hard rock and metal music, countless subgenres have developed.. These have often been created by individuals or groups with an idea of what to them would be the perfect kind of metal and therefore the ultimate variety of music.. Many of these ground breakers have been far from brilliant musicians.. They have simply pursued an inner sound.. They have put their mind into making an audio fantasy a reality.. Once this idea is conceived it often attracts likeminded on its way to fulfilment.. And of course after an original album with a radically new sound has been born it may be embraced by the metal underground and develop further into its own genre or subgenre.. After the actual new sound has been created the artist may focus on perfecting their instrumental skills and bringing the music to an even higher level.. Other musicians will be inspired and incorporate parts of the new genre into their own compositions and so it continues thus serving the metal underground keeping it alive and constantly growing and evolving.. Before I stop stating the obvious and writing what you all intuitively already know I have one request for my fellow metal heads: Do not wear black because it’s what you have to do in order to be a true metal fan or Satanist.. You are very welcome to wear this uniform in order to show everyone your feelings for metal music and by all means show regular people exactly what you think of their ridiculous religion and lifestyle – I salute you.. Just do not believe that the right clothes and image automatically make you a more hardcore metal fan or a truer Satanist.. In fact there is no such colour code for Satanists.. “Do what you will!” Of course if you feel most comfortable wearing black then please go ahead.. Composed by Ravn.. 2008 17:53..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - EDITORIAL – JANUARY 2008
    Descriptive info: EDITORIAL – JANUARY 2008.. There is seemingly an endless stream of categories in the music scene of the world.. I am not familiar with classifications outside metal, progressive rock and hard rock.. But inside these genres, journalists and labels and at times the band themselves are more creative than good is.. I mean, just recently we got a promo tagged Scottish Pirate Metal! Then again, I suppose this is somewhat necessary to try to make a difference.. this article can be commented.. dream theater.. A band that has no need to create an identity is.. Dream Theater.. No matter if you like the band’s music or not, you know this band that is especially mentioned for the skills, be it on the albums or on stage.. Imhotep’s Thiago Sarkis, in companionship with.. Adriana Califano (president of YtseBR, the official-Brazilian-Dream-Theater fanclub), has conducted an outstanding piece of writing based on a conversation with Mike Portnoy.. Mr.. Portnoy has a lot to say, and rarely have we read such an honest and open-minded opinion on the downloading issue.. Mike says: “.. Honestly, I understand the fans.. They are willing to have an album as soon as they can.. I feel the same when one of my favorite bands finishes an album.. I can't wait to get my hands on it, so I totally understand that.. But for me, on the other side of the fence, it's frustrating sometimes because you want people to hear it directly in its full fidelity presentation.. You want them to see the artwork, and the booklet, and kinda get the whole big picture, so it's frustrating that that can't always be maintained, but, you know, it's uncontrollable.. I can't get crazy about it.. nostalgia vs.. downloading.. Today’s fans expect everything to knock on the door without having to give as much as a penny for the execution of their desires.. We don’t have to look further than Imhotep (your number one webzine, right!).. We work for free.. We do everything in our spare time and we work very hard to do reviews, interviews and articles that uphold the necessary quality.. I remember back in the day, where there were numerous printed fanzines and a never-ending line of demos.. And we had to actually write letters (yes, believe it or not) and wait  ...   the music scene that Imhotep belongs to, I would have ended all signs of promos, downloading pools and pre-listenings.. The simple reason is that the albums longevity would increase, and deadlines would be less important.. Today each album is in the spotlight for one week or two.. The big albums perhaps a month or two.. The labels push their releases in a very short amount of time.. I think that if we, the reviewers, had got the albums the same days as the official release-date, I think that the good albums would’ve been talked about, reviewed and recommended over a longer period of time.. And we would be able to review the whole release instead of only the music, as is mostly the case today!!.. Sadly I think this dream of mine will not come true any day soon.. So, we better stick to our guns and continue to write while having you, dear reader, in mind.. Though, personally speaking I write for myself and hopefully one or three of you are somewhat entertained by my writing.. 01011001.. A man that goes his best to give the fans what we desire, while at the same time doing what he knows best is Arjen Lucassen.. If/when you enter his universe you’ll experience a thorough complexity of music and lyrics that belong together, hints of earlier albums and bears promises of the future.. Arjen and his.. Ayreon.. has again unleashed a double monster upon us, an album that again secures Ayreon’s place on the throne of progressive rock/metal journeys.. If this is a good as the former album or the earlier release, that’s one questions I’ve discussed in the Album Of The Month’s review.. the future of Imhotep.. As you, dear reader, can comment on these words, as well as all articles, news and a few selected reviews, we hope that you use this opportunity to raise your voice.. In order to improve we’re interested in hearing what you have to say.. We will also search for new writers in the time to come, since we want to be the best webzine, your number 1.. Let’s wish for a 2008 that upholds the musical quality of 2007, or even improve it if possible.. Best regards.. Roy Kristensen.. 2007 12:07.. RE:EDITORIAL – JANUARY 2008.. hail.. steint 02.. 2008 13:58..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Podcasts - EDITORIAL – DECEMBER 2007
    Descriptive info: EDITORIAL – DECEMBER 2007.. Says Jack in “Making Christmas”: “It’s Christmastime”.. And boy, is he right or is he right? December is the Christmas month and everybody is supposed to be happy, everybody stays at home with their families and eat good food and drink well and the children open their presents and we can continue our continuously feasting, just a bit more than the rest of the year.. Exodus.. “In short “Exodus (Greek: Ἔξοδος, "departure", "out-going") is the second book of the Torah, the Tanakh, and the Old Testament.. In Hebrew, it is called Shemot (ש מו ת), from the opening phrase Ve-eleh shemot, ואלה שמות, "And these are the names".. The book opens with the Israelites in Egypt, having been welcomed there at the end of Genesis.. The Israelites settle in Egypt and grow in numbers.. A new Pharaoh oppresses them to the point of ordering that the male Israelite babies be massacred.. A Levite couple hides their infant son to protect him, and a daughter of the Pharaoh finds him, names him Moses, and raises him as her son.. After killing an Egyptian guard who had been whipping Israelites, Moses flees Egypt.. He meets God, who tells him to return to Egypt to liberate the Israelites.. Moses returns, and God sends plagues to demonstrate his power.. Finally, the Pharaoh relents and lets Moses lead the Israelites away.. They travel for years through the wilderness, receive a covenant and its laws, and then displease God by creating a golden calf to worship.. Moses wins God's forgiveness for his people, and they build the tabernacle.. I just love the idea of Moses killing a guard, and then the rightful God chooses to talk to him instead of someone who didn’t kill anyone (yet).. Ah, innocence.. Then again, as we remember from the wonderful Old Testament, God is a rather angry man whose main aim seemed to be.. seek and destroy.. ! Today’s Exodus, the band, is a different task.. It’s still about being given a few lessons in violence.. As Gary Hold says himself in the Feature Of The Month “If you look at the genre of thrash metal in 2007, who else is making anything like this? Who else is, like, pushing the boundaries of thrash metal 22 years after their debut album like we are? I don’t see anybody else doing it”.. Perhaps only Slayer and Metallica can be mentioned in the same team, but they don’t develop, they just continue to do the same things over and over again, while Exodus have a will to kill! Listen, read and scream! This is the real Exodus, and forget about the hypocritical fairytales of The Bible.. Do Exodus have enemies? Well, perhaps they have.. I am sure, if he ever leant an ear to their music, that the Middle-East favourite George Bush is one of Exodus’ enemies.. After all, he repeatedly says “God Bless America”.. He has also said “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.. " I’m sorry, but dear God (I write dear, since I expect God to be a shemale, and I want to be especially polite to the female part of the shemale), when you have Mr.. Bush on your side, I have to vote for the other one.. Especially since he is the leader  ...   dollars, and then (s)he buys me something else for ca.. 20 US dollars is, thinking seriously, an alien idea and has nothing to do with spirit in life, nothing to do with what’s.. really.. important.. In 2008 I will ask anybody who wants to buy me a present to rather give the money to someone who needs them.. I will only give poems or stories! Why not in 2007? Because I’m too late, and haven’t thought about it like this before!.. However, it’s nice to meet the folks and to spend some time with good friends.. But that can be done outside this hypocritical, materialistic and sinful month.. Not that I agree with the Church claiming that doing the human task is sinful, I just use the word in the concept of society.. Sinners.. I have no idea what Pete Doherty thinks about Christmas, if he loves it or not.. But the energetic music.. Babyshambles.. creates should be enough to get us through this insane month of economic downfall, alcohol, feasting and violence.. And let us not forget about love, family and happiness.. Ah, don’t we just love contradictions! Wrap it up, throw it away if you don’t like, wear it if it’s nice.. Play it again, Sam.. “Shoffer’s Nation” should be played again, drinking a few beers and whatelse.. Is Pete a sinner, since he does the things he does?.. We’re all sinners.. We’re all doing our part of the Seven Deadly Sins.. And we top it during December, this joyful month consisting of numerous tragedies, more violence than normal and a feast of the Western society, this empty society where the only important aspect of life is to get more, more and then a lot more!.. The Seven Deadly Sins.. - Lust (Latin, luxuria).. - Gluttony (Latin, gula).. - Greed (Avarice) (Latin, avaritia).. - Sloth (Laziness) (Latin, acedia).. - Wrath (Anger) (Latin, ira).. - Envy (Jealousy) (Latin, invidia).. - Pride (Vanity) (Latin, superbia).. Lust – the meaning of life, the lifebringer.. So, December, the Christ-mass month is a jolly good month for getting laid.. Gluttony – oh yeah, let us not eat to death.. But we have to try to come as close as humanly possible.. Greed – nah, can’t really say that we’re witnessing anything close to greediness in our society! At least not close to Christ-mass when people tend to buy even more than the 11 first months of the year.. Sloth – come to me, open my mouth, feed me! It’s Christ-mass and we need to be fed.. Let somebody else work, as long as I can relax, do nothing and basically just exist! Give me presents.. Buy them for me, and to me.. Wrath – we’re happy to know that during Christ-mass there’s less violence than the rest of the year.. That is, since few people drink more than normal! You know, everybody calms down when they drink alcohol, right?.. Envy – oh, so you got one more present than me? Well, that doesn’t mean anything to me… …at least not until you look in another direction so that I can steal your nicer present.. But, don’t tell anyone!.. Pride - In perhaps the most famous example, the story of Lucifer, Pride was what caused his Fall from Heaven, and his resultant transformation into Satan.. So, there came something good from the War in Heaven!.. But let us not be negative here.. It’s Christmastime, for God’s sake!..

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