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  • Title: Imhotep - Highlight(s) - Kråke - "Conquering Death"
    Descriptive info: Highlight(s).. Indie Recordings (2012).. There must be something special in the tap water up in the wastelands near Haugesund, to be more specific, Karmøy, land of Vikings and warriors.. Enslaved, Einherjer and Evig Natt are only a few of all the great bands with roots in this area, and now there is a new contender to the throne, all raise for the mighty Kråke.. Although I have known the band for a while now, and even almost seen them live twice (long story), nothing prepared me for this epic and truly great symphonic black metal album.. The song "I Ly Av Lyset" has been a YouTube favourite for a long time, a perfect soundtrack to the battle scenes in Lord Of The Rings.. The good news is that the rest of the album has the same high standard, if not higher.. Everything, every little detail, from the vocals to the drums, from the instrumental parts to the way the songs are arranged, it all just fits together like Thor and his hammer.. "Conquering Death" floats along and takes you on a incredible journey beneath black waters where you can avoid all light.. Three words comes to mind; epic, dark and powerful.. Leading to the unavoidable question: What does it sound like?  ...   when 2012 comes to an end (I know, we have all seen the movie 2012, we are all doomed, but let's just pretend it's not going to happen).. Did I mention the fact that I absolutely love Kråke and "Conquering Death"? If there is such a thing as buy or die this summer, this is it, my friends.. www.. facebook.. com/Kraakeofficial.. indierecordings.. net.. Rating: 5.. 5 / 6.. Composed by Leif Neverdahl.. Roy Kristensen 20.. 06.. 2012 14:31.. RE:Kråke -.. Fantastic album indeed.. Been a long time since I heard sympho bm done right!.. Dethster4life 07.. 07.. 2012 13:42.. Well, I guess I should take another listen, even though I'm not really tempted despite Leif's words.. http://www.. imhotep.. no/?did=9106278 - yes, I got a bit bored there.. Strange, since this kind of music is normally amongst my favourites.. Limbonic Art, Tartaror, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir.. Hmm, perhaps Deathspell Omega has taken over parts of my brain.. Roy Kristensen 07.. 2012 22:47.. Agree! Killer album, great debut, looking forward to hear what more these guys can come up with.. Leif N 07.. 2012 22:51.. There are worse things that can take over parts of your brain than Deathspell Omega :).. Leif N 08.. 2012 16:11.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Prey For Nothing 2/2 - humanity
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. If you have been offered a chance to go back to the beginning of Prey For Nothing, what would you do differently and why would you do such a thing? You know, artists always say that they could’ve done much better knowing what they know today, so how do you regard your story thus far?.. “Can't think of anything I would’ve done differently when it comes to the band.. Only the really small details – like refusing a show I should've refused or not working with this or that promoter, but musically, I really like what've done in “Violence Divine”.. I would’ve redone some vocal lines of “Against All Good And Evil” if I had the chance or time – but that's no biggy either.. All the artists are never satisfied with the work in the long run, but I don't think I made the long run perspective just yet.. ”.. Where do you see this band in 5 years? Relatively underground or with worldwide recognition the scope of, say, Megadeth?.. “To answer your question – if Metallica's 10, and an Israeli band called Absent Mourn is 1 (Who? Exactly) – that puts Megadeth around 9, and us around 3.. If we'll get to 5 in 5 years, I'm pleased.. Is that underground? Compare to Megadeth – no doubt.. World wide recognition took Orphaned Land (Israeli biggest and most successful metal band) around 20 years.. Who am I kidding that we could top that in 5?”.. Would you ever consider creating music for a motion picture? If so, what kind: horror, thriller, sci-fi?.. “Funny that you mentioned that.. I am taking part in an international metal project called 'Reign Of The Architect' – which tells a story I wrote some years ago, a sci-fi story to be exact, and it probably will be released worldwide near the end of 2012.. If you're into more of the atmospheric concept albums and metal-operas (the grooviest there is when it comes to metal operas like Avantasia or Ayreon)… But considering the music of Prey For Nothing? Most of them are plot less, maybe aside songs like “Homemade Holocaust” – that actually fit an action thriller theme.. Something like the show 24 or something.. Never gave it much thought besides that, but I guess most of our music will fit between thrillers and sci-fi.. I'm not a fan of horror movies and horror concepts.. How did you come up with the band's name? Does it reflect your position that all martyrdom and sacrifice is in vain or is that just supposed to be a play on words without much significance?.. “Well – it is a play of words of course, and both of the meanings (the A and the E) fits us well, but we chose the Prey instead of Pray because it's less obvious and it makes you think.. We believe that free thinkers are not subdued to social dictums to trendy fashions.. They do not get 'consumed' by hypes and such – they stand as prey for nothing in the face of modern society's flaws, which are many.. This name was suggested by a close friend of ours, Yuval Kramer, the guitar player of Israeli Oriental Metal masters Amaseffer.. Do you think new world order or one world government, in a positive or negative is possible? Do you think it's a good or bad idea?.. “Not in the old-fashioned way of the 20th century, but in cultural and economical hybrid of motives from western and oriental themes? Of course it is.. The thing is that it is not a thing of 'good' or 'bad'.. Monopoles tend to crush the little man, but capitalism won't last unattended for ages.. If we think of the world history through economist eyes, and let’s face it, it was money that ruled the world since the first trade, even when we thought it was just about religion, we'll see that the capitalist way is the pure way of government, as corrupted as it can be but as most rational to the western mind.. Nationalities are a thing of the past, they had their run in the 19th century and gave us nothing but sour scars in the 20th, so if the world will move to more rational state (see: the European Union) the power will shift to the better.. But, to quote Hentington, this is not  ...   flawed.. They are just different.. What we perceive as morals or altruism is just a social way of bonding and defending yourself by pack tactics.. I'll be kind to you – you'll be kind to me, together we're better than one, and that's basically it.. 200 years ago someone figured out that we all suffer from mental illnesses a certain degree.. It could be that we act hysterically in the face of a threat, or to be completely apathetic to danger, both are signs of mental disorder.. Same goes with emotional crisis, but the problem is that there is no 'menu' to how life should work.. There should be one.. People should reach a mature age where they naturally develop a sense of self responsibility and the will to continue to exist.. If this will contradict of the will of others to exist, that's only natural.. It's a crime when someone doing something about it – because of the same reason that we, as human beings, function better when with big masses, and hurting a single being in that mass is making us weaker – so we rather cast aside the one who hurt others than let him run lose and hurt others, weakening us even more.. So this is the sociological and psychological why we can't tolerate direct 'evil' amongst ourselves, but in the 19th century came a time when someone realised that we are not that good just because we are many, and we could be much better if we split the better from the worse.. Everyone had an idea of who's better and who's worse.. Add to that the thoughts of Freud about Egos, and you got the reasons of why we're all flawed.. So I won't call it self-destruction, I'll call it pathological need to survive in a world where survival is not an issue anymore.. I for myself try not to see myself as a self-destructive person.. I don't drink or do drugs, I love my girlfriend very much, got my lovely job and the only aggression act I know is to go berserk on stage.. This not self destructive.. This is healthy.. I won't tell people how to act – but I think that a little less self absorption and a little more education and thirst for knowledge could be quite helpful on finding a way to redeem ourselves and see ourselves worthy in our own eyes, which is the only pair of eyes that are important.. What about playing live? What can we expect from Prey For Nothing?.. “We hope to tour this summer around Europe, not sure if this going to happen – but this is our main goal right now.. We've postponed the opportunity to tour for too long in my opinion, so it’s time to step in into the deeps and deal with all those live shows.. Where do you see Prey For Nothing going from here? As you probably become better musicians all the time, will your write even more complicated stuff on the next album? You know, someone claims that simple is more effective, but….. “We don't believe in simple = effective formula.. I get the whole 'Less is more' thing, but it's just not for me.. Minimalism was never really my type of things anywhere.. Not in modern art, not in the cinema, and especially not in music.. When Burzum is realising 10 minutes song of the same slow atmospheric riff, I can die out of boredom.. No, I need something fresh every couple of seconds.. I need to be surprised, and complexity is the way to push the boundaries of excitement in music a bit further.. Sure – some people finds complex boring, and are overwhelmed by the musical richness to the edge of indifference, but this is what we like as metal fans, progressive and overwhelming songs like “Master Of Puppets” or “Symbolic” or “Ashes In Your Mouth”.. They are the epitomes of what we consider metal, and we try to follow those shoes and where the lead us.. preyfornothing.. com.. massacre-records.. Composed by Dethster4life.. Roy Kristensen 16.. 2012 10:05.. RE:Prey For Nothing 2/2 - humanity.. Chuck would be proud for the truly "individual thought patterns" Avni represents! Especially his theory of development of human morality is compelling philosophy.. I will definitely do another interview with fresh questions after their next album!.. Dethster4life 08.. 2012 13:37..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Reviews - Never to Arise - "Hacked to Perfection"
    Descriptive info: Reviews.. Bad God Music (2011).. "Hacked to Perfection" is the debut from Florida two-piece Never to Arise, and it is quite an opening statement.. This is Floridian DM in the classic mould, offering up an excellent balance between tech/brutal/groove elements.. The songs are impressive; generally hard hitting with strong choruses and accomplished riffing.. Good vocals too.. Unfortunately, not all is as rosy with this release as we might hope.. I’m not normally bothered by covers, but this one is very amateurish.. Secondly, the drums are programmed.. I don’t have a problem with this per se and the guys have done an excellent job, but the overall effect is that the album  ...   atmosphere to the next level.. All of which is a pity, since the songs on "Hacked to Perfection" actually deserve more of a chance than some people might give them.. Definitely a band to watch out for in the future, and here’s to hoping they manage to recruit a couple of new members to help them fill out that sound!.. myspace.. com/nevertoarise.. http://badgodmusic.. com/.. Rating: 4 / 6.. Composed by Peter Loftus.. 2012 08:59.. RE:Never to Arise -.. Oh, c'mon, man, MOST gore death covers look like shit.. It's like a standard.. Your expectations may be too high in that department.. Btw.. have you heard Bodyfarm? Those guys rock!.. 2012 13:41..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - on reviews
    Descriptive info: To whom it may concern.. As you’ve noticed, we have longer and shorter reviews.. We do understand if you would prefer only longer reviews, but as the metal scene has grown into a monster spitting out new albums every time you take a breathe, we simply cannot keep up with the pace doing Imhotep in our so-called spare time.. Thus, in order to review as many albums as possible, we will write plenty of the shorter reviews.. Longer reviews will include cover!.. However, the Rating is still in the same system and will remain so in the future as well.. 6 / 6 is top score..  ...   the review.. b) use the white box right below the menu and write in the name of the band to search for the review or an interview.. c) contact the editor at.. roy.. kristensen@gmail.. and ask for the album in question.. Do also notice that from now on Imhotep will.. often, but not always.. review downloading promos or voice-over promos.. We understand that the labels are afraid of the spreading of albums befire their initial releases, but we do Imhotep as a hobby and we do not make a single dime on this.. Thus, receiving full albums is our only "reward".. Roy Kristensen 17.. 2008 20:23..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Unlight - "Sulphurblooded"
    Descriptive info: Massacre Records (2010).. Thrashened black metal combining ideas of Dimmu Borgir and Agathodaimon.. Mildly entertaining although the main riff in "Pale Rider-Pale Horse" is cut and paste Machine Head ("Slanderous" off "The Blackening").. Compositions have been crafted with attention to detail and there are some cool moments ("Become an Opponent") but those happen to be "borrowed" from Agathodaimon's brilliant debut ("Blacken the Angel").. The majority of "Sulphurblooded" is pure chaotic noise  ...   just don't like black metal" horseshit: I own every Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and major Enslaved releases and appreciate Watain a great deal.. Unlight is just admittedly talented and skilled but apparently not very original.. This is usually not a problem if you have identity which Unlight seems to be sorely lacking.. And there's definitely no excuse for it on your 5th album.. unlight.. org.. Rating: 3.. Roy Kristensen 24.. 2012 23:03..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Mencea - "Pyrophoric"
    Descriptive info: “Pyrophoric” serves up eight tracks of the best new progressive death metal I’ve heard in a while.. The emphasis is on crafting songs that draw you in and transport you to another world rather than smash your head in with their brutality.. Some of the rhythmic parts give a nod in the direction of Meshuggah and the guitar lines have a cool spaced-out vibe, so there is plenty of chugging groove to get your attention before the riffs take hold and sweep you along with them.. Although “Pyrophoric” is only the second full-length from Greek act Mencea, one could be forgiven for mistaking it for the work of a much more experienced band.. There  ...   very polished package.. It has that quality of being highly accessible without being too middle-of-the-road thanks to the accomplished song-writing and seamless atmosphere.. The only negative I can see is that there isn’t a great deal of variety to the songs.. Because everything fits the sound of the album so closely, it comes across as a teeny bit too controlled.. I wanted them to lift the veil now and then and reveal a few moments of madness or blast my face off with some more violent interludes.. Still, this is one I can see myself returning to again and again and a very easy disc to recommend.. com/mencea.. Rating: 5 / 6.. 2012 10:39..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - We Are The Damned - "Holy Beast"
    Descriptive info: Massacre Records (2011).. I'm not sure if there is such a thing as blackcore, but if there is, We Are The Damned would represent the genre quite well.. I would call them blackcore Ministry.. Most of "Holy Beast" consists of black metal background and schrieks encased in hardcore riffing.. This makes for a very monotonous listen and I would definitely NOT recommend as driving music on your 70 mile  ...   that your ass needs to stay actually AWAKE.. Yet toward the end, the band gets creative on some 3 songs.. Too little, too late, my car is already over the cliff and on fire.. Thanks.. If the next CD focuses on these rare jewels of creativity for inspiration it will be more but today it's only halfway up the scoring ladder.. com/wearethedamned.. bastardizedrecordings.. de.. Rating: 3 / 6.. 2012 10:46..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Adastra - "Corroder Of Minds"
    Descriptive info: Violent Journey Records (2012).. I remember an interview I did with Henny Wolter recently when he talked about how much you cherish the indelible imprint bands of your teenage years and the mark they make on your life.. It’s probably why acts of a traditional, power, progressive, and thrash metal nature resonate much more loudly than any other genres- from 13 to 19 those four styles encapsulated a majority of my attention (and record collection).. So even when it’s time to hear a traditional band like Finland’s Adastra for the first time on their third full length “Corroder Of Minds”, it’s natural to give them more than a casual glance.. Forming in 2001 and gradually ascending the ranks from cover songs to original tracks, a few demos and EP’s later they received their record deal with Violent Journey in 2007.. The five piece stick to a conventional traditional approach, with influences mostly coming from the Judas Priest,  ...   of the drum work from Jussi Ruokolainen keeps the proceedings in a basic four on the floor groove mode, although some of the floor tom and rolls within “Widow Maker” resemble early Clive Burr in terms of hitting power and finesse.. Where “Corroder Of Minds” may lose a few followers is in the sneering vocal parts from Ville Siikamaki.. When Ville attempts to hold out a note beyond his range (or even a trailing chorus note), its slightly cringe worthy as you can hear the pitchy-ness.. We do not have a Halford, Dickinson, or Dio in the midst for songs like “Going Out For Good” or the title track.. ¨.. I’ll keep an eye on Adastra.. Very British in their approach, there is plenty to dig musically for the traditional, true denim and leather crowd- so “Corroder Of Minds” could be a sleeper gem for some.. adastracave.. violentjourneyrecords.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 01.. 2012 09:58..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Wigelius - "Reinventions"
    Descriptive info: Frontiers Records (2012).. These days, talent can be discovered as easily through YouTube or television shows as it used to be slugging it out in the bar scene 30 years before.. Vocalist Anders Wigelius came to the attention of producer Daniel Flores through his work on a Sweden national talent show, who broadcasted his rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”.. Joining him on this 12 song AOR/melodic rock “Reinventions” debut is guitarist Jake Svensson, bassist Chris Pettersson and drummer / older brother Eric Wigelius- so it shouldn’t be shocking that this young singer performs with a strong similarity to Journey, Toto, and Richard Marx based on several passes with this record.. “Angeline” opens with a steel factory feel before the guitars charge through the mix, and Anders resides comfortably over the  ...   Wigelius comes out on the highway cruising “Piece Of The Action” which features some ZZ Top-like licks and blues harp action, as well as the engaging acoustic number “Love Can Be That Much” that recalls Richard Marx when he was regularly selling out sports arenas during his non-stop top five singles mania from 1988-1991.. The piano driven ballad “There Is No Me Without You” allows Anders to flex more of his lower range during the verses, but do not fear as he turns on his charm and grace during the chorus.. Frontiers really know how to put the best songwriting and production values at the forefront for their artists, and “Reinventions” as a result is another gem for the new melodic rock generation to rally around.. wigelius.. frontiers.. it.. 2012 22:52..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Throneum - "Death Throne Entities"
    Descriptive info: Pagan Records (2012).. Throneum describe their music as ‘nightmarish death metal,’ but it is actually lo-fi black/death thrash with a heavy retro leaning.. The South American influences are pretty evident too.. This record did nothing good for me at all.. The drums are repetitive and unimaginative, I have heard a better guitar sound on mid 80’s demos and the vocals are  ...   are kind of along the lines of Apollyon from Aura Noir, only not even 10% as good).. I could say more, but I really just want to stop listening and get this thing off my hard drive.. com/throneum.. paganrecords.. pl.. Rating: 2 / 6.. 2012 10:25.. RE:Throneum -.. Lol.. That last paragraph, if I had a nickle.. Dethster4life 13.. 2012 23:52..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Arkona - "Slovo"
    Descriptive info: Napalm Records (2011).. Arkona is a Russian folk metal with elements of black metal and gothic and lots and lots and lots of non-metal, clean female non-strumental and barely instrumental singing, all in Russian.. I don't like it, but I do recognize the amount of work and passion and heart that went into creating music that I personally couldn't care less for.. To begin with - not too crazy about Russian language, since I was forced to learn it in Polish elementary school by a decree of a socialist government.. Also I do not care for folk music in any capacity.. Well, not exactly in ANY capacity - I do own a few albums that have a bit of folk in them, but they are aggressive, melodic and catchy with folk element hardly  ...   is just incredibly boring to me.. I also am particular about language for my metal: English, German (and its Scandinavian derivatives) or Polish, that's it.. Any other language sounds silly with metal.. Especially Russian.. Also, if you're going to record an album full of sprawling folk songs to acoustic background, for fuck's sake don't cram 14 songs totalling almost an hour!.. Finally, there is nothing remotely catchy about this album.. It just plods along to no consequence.. If you're into aggression first, melody second, or, like me, likes proper balance, skip this and get new Aborted, instead.. I want to give it 1/6 but I realize my bias against Russian and folk, yet I actually have to LIKE something even a little bit for it to earn 3/6.. arkona-russia.. napalmrecords.. Rating: 2.. 2012 11:00..

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