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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - Nile - "At The Gate Of Sethu"
    Descriptive info: Love&Hate.. Nuclear Blast (2012).. One of the leaders in the American tech death metal scene, Greenville South Carolina’s Nile does not sacrifice one iota of riff, lead, or blast beat fury.. 19 years in as a group, you would think guitarist/vocalist Karl Sanders and company may slow their attack down, as their style has an athletic element that probably punishes the arms, legs and assorted body parts more so now than in their youthful 1993 beginnings.. With album seven “At The Gate Of Sethu”, the quartet continues their unrelenting exploration of dropped A tuning, mystical/exotic Egyptian lyrical focus and complex speed picking with furious drum accompaniment that leaves you dizzy and discombobulated.. How drummer George Kollias doesn’t need hand (or foot) surgery after his flood of activity on songs like “The Gods Who Light Up The Sky At The Gate Of Sethu” and “The Inevitable Degradation Of Flesh”  ...   a rabid dog manner, and not distinctive enough for track separation (although the slower moments in “When My Wrath Is Done” give a tip of the cap to classic Chuck/Death days).. Dazzling technique won’t mean a hill of beans if the band didn’t know how to make the final product viable to the consumer- and there’s just enough mid-tempo pause for cause to keep songs like “Tribunal Of The Dead” and the seven minute “The Chaining Of The Inquitous” ready for crowd surfing, hair flailing antics.. “At The Gate Of Sethu” requires a multitude of passes in various environments to capture what Nile puts forth- but 47 minutes can be filtered through your five senses for quite a few years.. www.. facebook.. com/nilecatacombs.. nuclearblast.. de.. Rating: 4 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 11.. 06.. 2012 13:56.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - Rush - "Clockwork Angels"
    Descriptive info: Roadrunner Records (2012).. It wouldn’t be fair to merely write ‘It’s freakin’ Rush!’ and prove you need to buy this.. For comparison’s sake, “Clockwork Angels” rivals much of their mid to late 70’s output, when Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart seem to be at their creative peak with their knowledge, construction skills and out of the box pushing of any progressive hard rock parameters.. The 12 songs on this album give the listener 65 minutes of stripped down, three piece mood moving music.. Some parts of “The Anarchist” and “Headlong Flight” rival the best space/time travel moments within “2112”, as Geddy seems to have an attacking nature to his notes, offering the bottom end thickness for Alex to roll comfortably over the top of.. Geddy’s voice may not necessarily get to the helium highs, but he’s still pushing himself to  ...   moving experience.. The recording has a liveliness to it not heard in quite a while – the band appear genuine in their intent to keep the creativity flowing until they no longer feel inspired.. Even when they add a string section to the closing third of “The Wreckers”, it doesn’t sacrifice from the pure emotion of Alex’s riffing.. You can’t hit out of the park all the time when you’ve been recording albums since 1974.. We as Rush fans know that they’ve recorded enough special albums and songs through the years to forgive any left turn indiscretions they may have made not to our liking.. “Clockwork Angels” will be held in high regard by multiple generations of Rush followers- not just in 2012 but probably for the rest of their career.. rush.. com.. Rating: 5.. 5 / 6.. Roy Kristensen 18.. 2012 14:37..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - Black Sheep Wall - "No Matter Where It Ends"
    Descriptive info: Season of Mist (2012).. Downtempo/Metal/Minimalistic, or maybe Sludge, Stoner, Doom, no matter how the band describe themselves, they sound like slowly played hardcore.. It doesn't surprise me this band hails from California, US, where according to popular media, marijuana is overabundant.. They should have been nice and deliver a couple of grams to go along with the promo as this album only entertains (mildly) when the listener is stoned off his ass.. Produced to sound like a wall of sound with prominent bass, obscure, droning guitars, every single song sounds alike.. The vocals, again, sound generic,  ...   kids", those kids probably have never even thought about the reason they think their musical contribution should be worth listening.. The way band names are dropped in the liner notes strongly suggests that at their core, they are just another coverband trying out their own songs.. Maybe a concept would have helped.. In their defence, there are so many bands out in any given genre that creating something outstanding is hard.. That doesn't justify more than one Imhotep-head, though.. com/blacksheepwallband.. myspace.. com/blacksheepwallmusic.. season-of-mist.. Rating: 1 / 6.. Composed by Lennard Bertram.. Roy Kristensen 20.. 2012 08:53..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - Kråke - "Conquering Death"
    Descriptive info: Indie Recordings (2012).. Kråke means crow, and having in mind how a crow 'sings', one could say that it's a name fitting for black metal.. However, Kråke performs symphonic black metal and is much nicer than expected.. In fact, to these ears "Conquering Death" is more like a lighter version of Dimmu Borgir and other symphonic acts, but with less hooks..  ...   It's not enough to add another layer of orchestration to make it stand out.. The monotonous and way too safe vocals do not add to the feeling that this album has nothing new on offer.. Nor does it offer anything of special interest.. Safe sound.. Safe music.. Safe rating.. com/Kraakeofficial.. indierecordings.. net.. Rating: 3 / 6.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. 2012 14:11..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - Dying Fetus - "Reign Supreme"
    Descriptive info: Relapse Records (2012).. Dying Fetus is one of those bands I have never bought a CD from.. I do think that "Destroy the Opposition" is one hell of an album (maybe because it is really a Dying Fetus/Misery Index album?) and I might actually pick it up one day.. "War of Attrition" has some good guitarwork but not enough to get me hooked.. And I heard "Descent Into Depravity" once and didn't quite get the hype, either.. So maybe this one will hook me on?.. Not really.. Slow-fast mish-mash of good riffs and an occasional decent solo, but Dying Fetus is not moving forward from where they have been for years.. It's good enough, I guess, if you like death metal for the sake of the genre.. Yes, I think this is a perfect description for this album: death metal  ...   perhaps Dying Fetus are but "Reign Supreme" is not.. Fear Factory, Dying Fetus, I think bands need to stop serving what we expect and take some risks.. I'm not talking "Risk" or "St.. Anger" (which I actually LIKE) but there must be a happy medium.. Maybe musicians need to start listening to their old albums before going into the studio for pointers how NOT to sound on their next effort? I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of hearing the same album but with a different cover every couple of years.. Metal used to be about breaking the rules but it is, with some exceptions, largely becoming a rule on its own.. I say go ahead, surprise me, your records aren't selling anyway so what have you got to lose?.. http://dyingfetus.. bandcamp.. relapse.. Composed by Dethster4life.. 2012 14:19..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - Mustaine - Legend or Lunatic? Or both?
    Descriptive info: Mustaine - Legend or Lunatic? Or both?.. Presenting: A Megamentous Megamorphosis.. OK, firstly I know that this is not going to be read by more than five people or so and that's just fine.. I'm a coward anyway.. Go directly to A Megamentous Megamorphosis.. I reckon a lotta folk who made their transition into our beloved 'underground' scene of the Doomed, the Blackened or the Deathened Metal went through the transition of the whole Metallica, Megadeth worship thing on their way down the fiery staircase.. As I did.. In all honesty, Megadeth made more of an impression on me.. I'm not saying that their classics are more classic than the classics of classic Metallica.. , you know, before they tried that classic(al) thing.. Time and a place I suppose.. I kinda lost Megadeth with "Countdown To Extinction".. Good album and all but there was a lot of soul gone.. However, Dave Mustaine has always remained a bit of an icon to me, due in no small part to his being a troublemaker and all that sorta thing.. I suppose what I am trying to say is that he was a personality.. He had balls.. A more pressing question for me is whether or not he is still a resident on this planet some would call Earth?.. So, it's usual for people to mellow with age isn't it? Mustaine turns 49 this year, so he would be more than excused if he were to trade the bullet belt for the pipe and slippers.. Well, ol' D-boy hasn't exactly chosen that path, he's.. well.. he's.. ehhhh.. I suppose I'm trying to ask if Dave Mustaine's lost his fucking marbles? I think he has.. Judging by the 'way outta sanity's playing field' rubbish he has been posting online the last while, I believe the lad has indeed lost the marbles he had left.. The final piece to this puzzle of insanity is the return of Mr.. David 'Junior' Ellefson.. What in the name of born again Christian soup is going on?.. James LoMenzo, poor lad, is set onto his White Lion to ride off into the sunset.. What is going on with Mustaine? He's bonkers I tell thee.. bonkers.. According to Mustaine they met for dinner around Christmas 2005 and smoothed things over.. He then said that he has zero interest in seeing Ellefson again because Ellefson filed a suit and attempted to sue him for $18,5 million in earnings he never received.. Fair enough.. Then Musitaine said that he forgives Ellefson for attempting to fleece him (although with Megadeth's earnings reputed to be in the $200 million field since 1984 I think Mustaine could take it on the chin) but THEN wonders what Ellefson woulda done had he won the case.. Well, mmm, sounds like the Mustaine antennae were well and truly set to kill rather than stun.. good ol' Dave (Mustaine) ain't no walk over muthafukka.. you gotta get up early to get one over on him.. you gotta.. *****HOLD THE GUCKING NEWS KIDS*****.. "This shows the power of brotherly love and forgiveness”.. Hahaha.. What the fuck? This is too much.. or is it?.. Megadeth will perform a tour to mark the 20th anniversary for "Rust In Peace", I have to wonder if Mustaine saw the holy show that Ellefson was making of himself in his role as Metal's Doctor Phil and with the Hail! covers band project thus deciding that now would be the time to pounce and secure at least one member who performed on that seminal album - the end result, of course, adding a welcome dose of credibility to the trek.. First things first: I still think Musitaine is a fucking legend.. Musically, Megadeth did have a big role in my formative days.. I am not talking in that sorta Robb Flynn way of calling everyone a legend just to be sure you'll be welcome in all the cool clubs -.. "Man, without Dave Mustaine there'd be no Machine Head".. "Ahhh dude, what band's he in again`".. "Uhhhhh, Machine Head?.. uhhh, no wait.. Black Fuckin' Sabbath dude".. I mean more because he has always pushed so many people's buttons over the years, not to get magazine space either, he was just a bastard.. Let us not forget that he has numerous classics under his belt as well.. Yes, Mustaine has quite the legacy.. However, a more pressing question for me is whether or not he is still a resident on this planet some would call Earth?.. As many others have, I'm sure, I was taken by Megadeth upon my entry into the world of Thrash Metal.. Truly, this was a band (as it was once) that had an edge, an edge missing from the other members of the 'Big Four'.. There was a snarl about Mustaine and that snarl was present in the music too.. At least back then.. "Peace Sells.. " stands up today as a classic of its kind.. "So Far, So Good, So What" was a dirty affair when the likes of Metallica.. Anthrax and Slayer.. , who all released albums in 1988, the same year the world got "So Far.. ", were growing up and polishing their shoes so that they may look sharp upon entry into the world of acceptance, that world had opened it's doors to them around this time.. Whether it was intentional or not, Metallica had gone very adult with ".. And Justice For All".. Slayer did "South Of Heaven", an album that was darker than "Reign In Blood" yet seemed to be far more acceptable to your average Paddy on the street simply because the Germans didn't do a "Don't mention the war" freak out over the lyrical content.. Anthrax? Sure they wouldn't hurt a fly.. They even had cartoon caricatures of themselves on their album.. They were the PC lads of the bunch.. Basically, the other three of 'The Big Four' would have been safe for introduction to Grandma - OK, Slayer's table manners might still have needed some touching up but nothing like the work Mustaine woulda needed.. Megadeth though? "So Far, So Good, So What" was rough n' ready by comparison.. Musitaine was droogged out.. , sorry, make that drugged out and still causing trouble.. See, Megadeth were always the bad boys of the bunch.. Now people will say Slayer were but that's based more on the fact that the PC Brigade took offence to their having songs like "Angel Of Death" rather than their antics being the source of the reputation.. As Rockers and Rollers, we are sorta drawn towards the bad boys aren't we? We like the F-word in songs, we like the fact that our Grandmothers would shake their heads at us when we gushed "You know where South of Heaven is? That's HELL".. "Oh that's nice dear, but couldn't it be Earth?".. "Uhhh, no.. cos.. uhhhh.. mmmmmm.. ".. Anyway, Megadeth were like The Fonz without manners.. Poor old Dave, he knows the truth just as we do.. I must make special mention here, so that it doesn't seem I'm forgetting about David Ellefson.. He was truly the white to Mustsaine's black, however I think there is no real argument to his polite demeanour negating the bad boy aspect if the Mega-Machine.. Rather, I believe it was a devious plot by Mustaine to take the 'Good Cop, Bad Cop' route and thus highlighted his dastardly tendencies even further.. Truly B-A-D.. Very cool Dave.. Hats off.. However, as cool as Mustaine was, he always had that fucking chip on his shoulder regards Metallica.. Dave just could NOT let it go, could he?.. So they booted him out of the band but come on.. , regardless, his is a story of rags to rags to riches that most people would sell their Mothers for.. , depending on the street price for a Mother at any given time.. Megadeth are estimated to have sold in the region of twenty five to thirty million albums worldwide.. Metallica have sold, as far as most reports, over one hundred and twenty million albums worldwide.. Add into this that their self titled or "Black Album" from 1991 is currently the biggest selling album in the US since the soundscan system was introduced that same year (latest report was 15,500,000 US sales).. Which makes it not only platinum, double platinum and multiplatinum many times over.. It also means that the album is diamond (ten million units shipped) and heading towards twice that amount.. This obviously really stings Mustaine.. It shouldn't.. At a show in Glasgow in 1997, Mustaine introduced a song from "Countdown.. " as coming from "Our multiplatinum album.. Now this was painful to read.. Sure, the album has received certification from the RIAA for shipments in excess of two million.. The usual terminology here would be 'double platinum', now multi platinum isn't wrong per se but you don't tell your mates that your girlfriend is a model just because she was entered in one of those 'Pretty Baby' competitions when she was 18 months old.. see what I mean?.. Either way, it is an awesome achievement but my reading of this was this - so torn was the man at his former bandmates success.. multiple multi platinum albums.. that he was just desperate for any of his releases to crawl to that point where he could streeeeetch the truth and mention it in the same breath -.. "Well, yeah.. I mean we are both multi platinum bands".. Anyway, Mustaine was Rock and Roll.. No doubt.. He was also full of shit.. , but in an awesome way, in a very entertaining way.. Always the man with the knack for making fun of ex-members.. Poor old Jeff Young got some roasting in the press courtesy of good ol' D-Boy.. Tunnel vision ended up being an unlikely ally for Mustaine though.. Jeff Young did NOT look like a Thrasher and for us young headbangers back then.. , well, we didn't appreciate people straying from the path.. How I shook my young bemulleted head seeing Young in the video for "In My Darkest Hour" (ignoring the fact that Mustaine's leather jacket could have been standard issue Warrant attire).. When you're a wee one that can be quite damning, talking about Jeff Young here by the way, a sixteen year old Thrash fan back then was not particularly open to such things as a member of a Thrash band breaking dress protocol whether it was intentional or not.. I remember seeing a picture of Charlie Benante wearing a Sinead O'Connor shirt - "What the fuck? In public even?".. Point is, back then Young didn't really look like a Thrasher so I was more than happy to have Mustaine talk shit about him in the press.. Little did I realise that this was my introduction to Dave's public relations approach in general.. If you haven't been lucky enough just go to Blabbermouth and type 'Dave Mustaine' in the box marked 'Search News'.. Frankly, it is a stunning collection of insane and inane ramblings.. Then there was also the whole thing with Ulrich joining them onstage at Donnington '88.. Dave and Lars kiss and make buds again? eh, lads.. you didn't have to do it in front of 100,000 plus drunken Metal folk.. I just hope those poor souls that took a bite of the big cherry that day (two fans died by being crushed) said goodbye to their living days before they were subjected to that Metrosexual train wreck.. And on.. and on.. Still, despite all we can say, Mustaine was the fucking coolest of those high profile Thrash Metal stars.. Then at some point, he went got himself sorted out.. Well, sort of.. Maybe ol' D-Boy was out in a position where he had to choose between the heroin or the trash talk? Whatever the  ...   something and, like I said, they were close.. REALLY close.. They'd been searching for the SS Metallica ever since DM was discharged.. One day, after having no contact for years they found the Metallica.. They tailed it for weeks, the whole time they had the invisibility shield up.. but the Metallica dude.. they had their comms on 50% to save energy 'cos Ulrich had some big shots visiting and he had the floodlights on full blast in the wing where they had all the gold and platinum records mounted.. Anyway, then apparently.. some tea drinking limeys from the SS Oasis were stopping by and so Ulrich had 'em put on more floodlights in the wing where he kept all his paintings and shit cos he wanted to show off more to those dudes.. And this meant that their comms went down to fucking 30% dude.. Know what that fucking means?.. Broderick: No dude.. What's it mean?.. Drover: Dude, it means.. that we could hack in and get fuckin' audio from that muthafucker.. Broderick: Doooooode.. the SS Metallica is a monster, it's like fifty times bigger.. Man, that's.. At this point Broderick is interrupted by Drover.. His eyes glaze over, in almost robotic fashion, he repeats one of the many mantras that DM has instilled into the minds of his Droogies.. Drover: DM says the SS Megadeth is 30% the size of the SS Metallica.. he says that he helped build the first four wings or something.. That the success of the hull is mainly down to him.. Broderick, being newer to the SS Megadeth, has not yet reached the final stage.. that point where the Droogies are whisked off in the dead of the night to taste The Five Magics.. Legend has long spoken of a ritual where a potion ingested by the Droogie is of such potency, only he of the most ginger of hair can come through unscathed.. DM has been heard muttering to himself in the dead of night of this ritual and how there is almost no antidote.. apart from the deadliest of poisons.. Upon his escape from the Megadeth and his subsequent crash landing on the Planet J-Pop in the Tokyo Galaxy, Marty Friedman in a fevered cry was said to have mouthed the words 'Poison Was The Cure'.. Serious doubt regarding the validity of this has arisen.. For one, Friedman has taken to speaking only the heavily encrypted language of technology that is common on J-Pop.. Also, there have long been tales of one time SS Megadeth inhabitant Al Pitrelli attempting escape by hacking the ship's PA, wherein he fed Poison's old world classic 'Unskinny Bop' on repeat.. Witnesses reported DM screaming words similar to 'CC.. you think you got me? CC.. where are ya now'.. Pitrelli was apparently recaptured shortly afterwards whilst searching for the SS Savatage, never realising it has been retired in Jon Olivia's Pain Galaxy.. He was never seen again.. Broderick: Dude, bullshit.. no way the SS Megadeth is 30% the size of the SS Metallica.. Come on dude.. DM had credit for the first wing.. bit on the second.. Everyone knows that.. Drover: Dude.. shhhh.. you don't want him to hear you, you'll be intergalactic toast for sure.. Broderick: (whispering) Sorry Dude.. go on.. Drover: Anyway, they got audio.. It was unclear at first and then.. they heard something.. Junior recognised it.. turned to the rest of the crew and said 'Haha.. hey, it's "The Four Horsemen" but he realised it too late.. he had said the wrong thing.. DM was in another wing, of course he was pissed cos it was smaller than any wing on the SS Metallica.. even smaller than their guest toilet wing but he had video to Junior and the rest of the crew.. When he heard Junior, he just growled 'Dude, you just called The Mechanix The fuckin' Four Horsemen'.. So, DM.. he does this telepathy magic shit from the wing.. the "Countdown To Extinction" wing, you know the one he calls the Multi Platinum wing.. Broderick: Yeah, but isn't it JUST barely made from Double Platinum?.. Drover: Yeah dude, but the SS Metallica had plenty of true Multi Platinum wings.. like shit that's like 7 X platinum and 14 X Platinum and shit.. and he was desperate call a wing his Multi Platinum wing.. anyway.. Junior is in the other wing.. the Risk Wing.. you know dude, the gay one with the pink walls and shit?.. Broderick: Oh yeah, DM doesn't like to talk about it.. He says it was a mistake.. He says that that dude who was banished to the Tokyo Galaxy.. Friedman.. he said it was Friedman's influence.. Drover: Yeah.. well, suddenly Junior grabs his own throat, starts choking and is then lifted off the ground.. even though DM was way off in that other wing.. Junior died dude.. Broderick: Dead?.. Drover: Dead.. Broderick: Dude.. that's.. just like 'Star Wars' dude.. it's more like fucking "Dallas" dude.. like Bobby Ewing.. Junior's back from the dead dude.. how the fu.. Just then, there is a mighty wooshing sound.. Doors slide open.. From the other side two men appear.. One is Pastor Blastor otherwise known as Father Vic, the ship's priest who is never away from DM's side.. The other is something else entirely.. An imposing ginger figure, standing at six feet tall.. Clad in a t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase 'The TRUE Metallica: 1981 - 1983' and a backprint saying 'James kicked my fucking dog'.. The figure's red hair rests over his shoulders and his face has a snarl that's believed to be the result of talking about himself constantly year upon year.. It is the much feared ruler of the ship.. It is DM.. Both Broderick and Drover stand to attention and salute.. Their voices tembling with fear.. Both men shout in unison -.. 'Darth Mustaine, we are ready to do your bidding'.. Darth Mustaine speaks: "Drooooooogs.. Good Mourning or should I say Black Friday.. Our mission is about to take a turn.. I stand before you today as the Architecture Of Aggression.. Reckoning Day is upon us Droogs.. I must say, half organic and robotic as I am.. I ain't superstitious.. However, Father Vic has informed me that he reached the Forclosure Of A Dream last night.. In that dream Droogs, he witnessed the little tennis loving Dane Sweating Bullets.. Yes, Droogs.. We draw close.. I promise, he will.. Wake Up Dead'.. ha hahaha hahahahahahahaha".. DM's insane laughter echoes 'Into The Lungs Of Hell', it shakes the very core of 'Devil's Island', sweeping all that is evil into a 'Tornado Of Souls' to end all life as we would know it.. Something to that effect anyway.. you get the drift.. Let's sum up here.. Mustaine = legend.. Ladies, Gentlemen.. DROOGS.. Welcome to the SS Megadeth.. a mid sized space ship (hence the SS) that has been on a seemingly endless journey to hunt and destroy the SS Metallica.. The reason? Darth Mustaine's bitter ego vendetta to avenge the ruling commission of the SS Metallica who he says unjustly discharged him from the vessel.. The greatest story of revenge ever known, revealed finally.. So, wadda ya think? Bit over the top and ridiculous? You bet baby, but then so have master Dave's internet babblings.. He has sold shitloads of albums, inspired shitloads of people and made music that has passed the borders of time and will remained revered and loved for many, many generations to come yet he still measures all of his achievement and success against Metallica.. Metallica are seen as a band who have stepped over recognised boundaries and taken sounds and approaches to music to previously uncharted waters.. Does Mustaine feel that, because Megadeth obviously came after Metallica, that people who are not in the know will assume that his band was born partially as a result of influence from Metallica and this he must point out at any cost that he was actually one of the figures responsible for the creation of that beast?.. In so, I feel, he compromises his dignity.. Then we come to the recent Mustaine.. In charge of a band that has sadly become a vehicle for him to run a totalitarian styled musical entity and this could be the reason he must constantly post online to repeat just how awesome things are.. Stalin would be proud.. Then in adding insult to injury he decides to go further and further into inane land and I kinda get lost in the blabbering and struggle to find any point in what he says.. The man is almost a definition of a maddened genius.. The difference here is that the term is normally used to describe a person who has both aspects running in tandem.. Ol' Dave's kinda done it another way.. His genius stage was the early half of his career and the maddened stage is now.. Regardless, the man is still a genius but will his madness eclipse his musical legacy?.. Answer on a postcard to the SS Megadeth please.. megadeth.. Composed by Paul Kearns.. Roy Kristensen 28.. 02.. 2010 15:52.. RE:Mustaine - Legend or Lunatic? Or both?.. What's my name, bitch?! I'mma fucking kill you, motherfucker! Talking about my man like that?! But seriously, you are right.. As much as I love this band, I'm starting to really get tired of hearing this guy talk.. It's like he thinks that EVERYTHING he says is relevant.. Admittedly, though, I must disagree with you on this: his apparently tyrannical rule of HIS band is a bad thing.. It is not.. In fact (and I love them all, though Risk not as much) 1994-1999 saw Mustaine BARELY giving two shits about the music, especially on Risk, where EVERYONE else was freely including all metal and non-metal ideas on the album with his more than tact consent.. Yet, it is when when he began to take over the reins, in 2001, that we see gradual rise to the form, culminating with last year's The Endgame where he was the sole determinant of what passed onto the album.. In other words: Mustaine a nice guy nor on drugs or booze=Megadeth lite Mustaine not on drugs or booze but a colossal asshole=Megadeth in full prowess.. The only way The End Game could have been better is if DM started shooting up or drink again or both.. But then we would probably get Peace Sells 2.. As for your story, great stuff, laughed my ass off.. I knew my reviewer nickname could somehow marry my Deth love with my Star Wars love.. Thank you for making it so easy to see.. And yeah, sorry, but Megadeth shits all over Metallica.. The first five albums are great, but Metallica completely lost their balls after Black Album.. Yes, even Death Magnetic was a joke.. Metallica is DONE.. They said that DM was the best album they could write.. Thus, they are simply unable to produce anything even as good as Black Album, to say nothing of their second and third offering.. Whereas with The Endgame, at least Mustaine shows he can still sound like a relevant, kick-ass metal band.. Finally, compare the body of Megadeth's work 1992-2009 with Metallica's.. The latter released the grand total of FOUR studio albums (in over SEVENTEEN fucking years, dude, that's beyond lazy , man) against Megadeth's twice as many, thrash or not thrash, including 3 semi-thrash and one pure thrash metal ones.. And what of 'tallica's quality of recording? Two very similar pieces of Alice in Chains-rip offs and a garage band joke in 2003 with a semi-metal release in 2008 where only first two songs sound like anything worthy of the first five albums.. Honestly, outside of commercial/financial considerations, I don't know why Mustaine even gives a fuck about these guys?!.. Dethster4life 18.. 05.. 2010 17:47..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - A spade is a spade: Wipe on, wipe off
    Descriptive info: A spade is a spade: Wipe on, wipe off.. Well, this is not usual territory for Imhotep but I suppose that one of the advantages of pushing the cart on barren streets is that you can say whatever you feel like saying and there will be little chance of reprimand.. The reason for this wee bout of scribbling is down to comments made by a bloke named Dez Fafara who currently fronts a band called Devildriver.. (this article can be commented).. Heard of them? They are a band from the US signed to Roadrunner Records.. That they are, in the opinion of myself and others in my circle of bestest buds, ambassadors for mediocrity has nothing particular to do with the inspiration for my article here.. , well, it probably has a little bit to do with it.. Mainly, it is down to their singer Dez Fafara and his abilities in seemingly harvesting those vast fields of negative IQ.. Who read his recent post (02.. 12) on Blabbermouth about a proposed Venom and Devildriver tour that was postponed on a couple of occasions? Devildriver (or Dez it would seem) adjusted their schedule, and when it was finally undertaken Devildriver had already accepted another tour and bowed out.. Nothing wrong with that, is there? Now, far be it from me to attempt the division of the 'scene' into continental foes by comparison of the European verses the American (the US faction) but it does strike me as being more a trait of our Superpower brethren to feel the need to partake in tabloid like behaviour of throwing mud through the press.. “Is it naive on my part if I find this unusual when I imagined that the artistic value of an album held merit over how many copies it shipped or it's Soundscan results?”.. Whilst I am at it I think it should be pointed out that the approach Stateside seems to have more of this competitive element generally - where sales/popularity seem to be paramount, where cities/areas on the touring route are referred to as 'markets', where albums are referred to as 'product', where emphasis on gigs/shows seems to be put on them being 'SOLD OUT' rather than it being a moving experience or not.. Is it naive on my part if I find this unusual when I imagined that the artistic value of an album held merit over how many copies it shipped or it's Soundscan results? Am I a green if I believe that touring was about things like expressing yourself to your fans or potential fans through music that can be of such personal value it might even eclipse the financial or material gains it 'can' bring about as a bonus? I could continue but I think you might see what I mean.. One thing I do know is that I am not so stupid as to fail to understand the need to find means to support oneself and family, if there is also a family to consider.. Even more so I do understand that as participants in Western capitalism we participate in a society where great emphasis is put upon luxury and, perhaps, even more upon showing others your spoils of war and fortune in the form of possessions.. However, I was always rather happy in my belief that musicians as well as artists in general could be so unique that they may transcend the shallow waters, so great was their love for their art.. Was I so wrong?.. Back to Mr.. Fafara and this post on Blabbermouth.. In case you have yet to read it, I have been sweet enough to add the link:.. http://www.. roadrunnerrecords.. com/blabbermouth.. net/news.. aspx?mode=Article newsitemID=131317.. Fafara begins by saying "Well, I love Venom.. I collect Venom shirts".. Really? My inner alarm begins to buzz.. In my younger days living in Ireland, I was an avid reader of any Metal or Rock publication I could get my mits onto, Kerrang! included.. That Kerrang! featured next to nothing I was into mattered not, such was my curiosity in all areas of the scene I could happily read about bands I considered to be mush.. One of these bands was Coal Chamber, the sub-Korn clone band Fafara was fronting in the late 1990's and early 2000's.. Fafara went to great pains at the time to justify their sound and its similarity to Korn by saying these similarities were due to a simple matter of geography, that is was nothing more than a local sound etc etc.. Please note that I reference only their self titled debut here.. It was their only album to sell in quantity really (receiving Gold status from the RIAA for shipments exceeding 500,000) and was also released through Roadrunner Records.. Fafara struck me, even then, as less than genuine and as one who just tried too hard to prove authenticity.. Further, in a 1997 Kerrang! feature he was asked how old he was to which he replied "26".. Well, being that he was born in 1966 this would have made him 30/31 at that time.. I understand that Europeans and Americans can find it confusing when it comes to the Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion but I am quite sure that when considering a persons age that both continents are united in the use of the standard calendar with its day/week/month/year progression.. If he did lie about his age was it in order to assist his plans to share in Korn's fanbase? Believing that he would just seem a little bit too old to teenage Korn fans if he was in the same age group as some of their parents?.. "First of all, he's like 60, and I do martial arts every day.. I'm twice as strong now than I ever was in my 20s".. Worth noting also that during this period it was not particularly scene (the NU-metal scene) friendly to show affinity to the old school of Metal so Mr.. Fafara in mentioning his influences back then failed to mention either his love for Venom just as he failed to mention his prized Venom shirt collection.. Of course, I am assuming his devotion to Conrad and the lads had begun at this stage, I could well be proven wrong on this point.. Continuing on the subject of image as you hope to portray it, maybe we should look at Fafara's comment that could be award worthy in the category for 'Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid'.. This bastion of truth and integrity, in an attempt to portray Cronos in the zimmer frame wielding light he so obviously deserves, said - "First of all, he's like 60, and I do martial arts every day.. First things first: WOW.. Spiderman would definitely kick Batman's ass.. My Dad is tougher than your Dad.. And so on.. It could very well be the case that Dez Fafara is twice as strong  ...   was that the Venom cassette was in a cover marked 'True Norwegian Black Metal - Vol.. 3'.. Making things even worse Anselmo had written 'The Boys From Newcastle' instead of 'Welcome To Hell' on the cassette itself, sorta like a joke between buds.. Anyhooo.. , one thing led to another and poor old Brad made a bad and assumed that Newcastle was in Norway (remember that the cover said 'True Norwegian Black Metal - Vol 3') and if Newcastle were in Norway then Newcastle Brown Ale would be Norwegian.. Easy to see how one could make such a mistake, right?.. Now, if you have not heard this before it's because I just made it up right now.. I just thought I should point that out.. It also shows that despite my obvious cynicism in this case I really am a good time guy who just loves a beer and an arm wrestle.. Over the fuckin' top baby!.. In closing I would like to point out that all of the above is opinion brought about by some fact, I surely do not encourage people burning their Devildriver shirt collection just as I am sure Brad did not burn his Venom shirts after Conrad did a boo boo.. To end on a positive note I would like folk to consider this.. Being that I cannot help but notice that my assessment of Fafara's ethics seem to mirror those of Anthrax's Scott Ian in an uncanny way perhaps when John Bush is canned next time (as it seems he will follow in his old 'Thrax and return to the well), Mr.. Ian should consider Mr.. Fafara for the big job?.. 'Safe Home' everyone.. Roy Kristensen 07.. 2009 12:51.. SV:DEZ FAFARA’S RAMBLINGS (09) – NEGATIVE IQ.. Brilliant.. Just love that story about Newcastle being in Norway!.. 2009 13:24.. RE:A SPADE IS A SPADE: WIPE ON, WIPE OFF (09).. Well written Paul.. I've had the 'pleasure'(cough.. cough!) of seeing Bradley's band live, opening up for Opeth in 2002 or 2003 I believe.. To say they are dumbing themselves down for the sake of their desired fanbase is an understatement.. I can recall your good friend reiterating numerous times 'how great the pot is in Canada', because he's "soooo fucking high"!!! After their set the band quickly headed for the crowd and flexed their muscles for all the 15 year old girls.. How very cool of you.. Regarding Bradley's statement that Venom couldn't draw more than 100 people to a venue, well unless you are the king of pop-metal (or nu-metal as it's typically called), 100 people for a band touring North America can be standard, regardless of the bands history.. I can name countless shows I've attended with classic metal bands who bring in not more than 50 people, when shit bands will sell-out the entire venue well in advance.. Why??? Because it's the nature of the industry.. Shit sells, while quality material is left on the ground for those of us more interested in substance than flash will find them, brush them off and cherish them.. Now go put Ozzy Osbourne in a stranglehold Brad!.. Greg Öhman 08.. 2009 19:34.. Hey Greg.. cheers for being one of the countless (now it's my turn.. cough, cough) people to have read this.. I saw Devildriver in 2004 or so, can't quite remember.. what I do remember though is how unremarkable they were and Fafara? Well, I dunno.. haha.. On the other hand, their latest album scanned almost 15,000 in the States upon it's release.. First week anyway.. Being that he seems so occupied by statistical trophies, I can't help but feel that it would count towards a moral victory for him.. I'm a bit too busy to argue the point.. I'm helping Cronos with his bed wetting problem.. Apparently, it often starts when folk hit their 60's :-) Anyway, word came back that Brad's decided no response is the best course on this one and that he just wants it all to go away.. Grudgingly I have to tip my hat to him - has he found the gentleman's path?.. Ok, so he is taking more of the ostrich path I imagine.. I'd guess he's received a lot of slaggings for the Cronos thing.. still, the Sicilian route's better than that which led him to this embarrassing situation in the first place:-) Oh, and you're dead right.. shit does sell.. The lowest common denominator factor has put many musicians in posh houses.. consolation is that it sells less now than before:-).. Dwarfism of the Snake 09.. 2009 18:21.. Amazingly bad article.. When you spend your time finding reasons to bash someone, you just don't have a life on your own i guess.. But that's what the internet is for, right? Fat kids complaining about how some famous people aren't exactly the way they'd picture them.. How dare they change their opinions! I guess you guys always stick to everything you say, never change your mind and never have a day where you're just off.. Right.. wolfzix 08.. 01.. 2010 10:13.. Dez? Is that you? Brad? wolfzix (Dez, is it really you?), I really wish I could have my faith restored in humanity by agreeing with you that I had to find reasons to even consider writing an article like this one.. Truly.. Alas, the case is simply that such soul prostitution just screams at such a pitch I am powerless to ignore it.. Have you ever reacted, involuntarily, towards something just by the sheer vibration of some karmic balance being offset moved you to protest? Why am I so? A cynic.. a vessel so hollow and longing? much as I would love that it were not true.. it could be that I'm edging ahead of you in the ABC's and the 123's? Without meaning to nit pick, I must counter one of your points.. You said: "Fat kids complaining about how some famous people aren't exactly the way they'd picture them.. " First: I'm big boned, so my Grandmother used say.. Secondly: The problem with Dez Brad FaFairy is that he is, in my mind, exactly how I do picture and present him in the article.. In fact, that was why I was driven to write it.. Thanks for the feedback though.. happen to know any girls with very low self-esteem?.. Dwarfism of the Snake 10.. 2010 07:31.. RE:A spade is a spade: Wipe on, wipe off.. Holy shit what a steaming pile of bile!!! so there's nothing to add to this is it? Just a huge rant fest towards some guy who despite what you consider to be cool, has major success?? Well, envy comes in many different forms.. At lease Bradley gets to travel the world and enjoy his life.. All you have is (amazingly) the time to bitch about THAT.. Shit article and a waste of time.. MetalLordOfTheEighties 15.. 2012 14:41..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - MEANINGLESSNESS
    Descriptive info: MEANINGLESSNESS.. In the waking dream I ran to the planes to hide.. But no grass, no trees, no place to seek shelter.. And the shadow came closer to me.. The blinking sword raised above its head.. I turned around to face my doom, the conjuration.. Its glowing eyes were staring me down to the ground.. The sword, oh the sword of materialism was in the air.. And I understood it was searching for my soul.. And I spoke the words of wisdom, the sentence of life.. Those words I had thought of since them came to me.. The alpha and the omega, the everything.. “…if nothing has any meaning, there’s no point in doing anything…”.. The shadow trembled in fear, for it didn’t see them coming.. The sword fell  ...   loathe, that have no meaning.. In my quest for the meaning I kill the meaninglessness.. The shadow did not understand the vanity inside it.. For, it had only one meaning, to kill and kill again.. And it couldn’t kill me, hence there was no meaning.. Its ego, its purpose, its unreasonable actions vanished.. And it brought the pieces together.. It gave me the sword of materialism.. My gloomy eyes smiled in the plane field.. As the shadow turned and walked… away.. And as I arose from my dream I sensed.. The burden of meaninglessness passed away.. For, I shall do nothing if it doesn’t have any meaning.. But isn’t that the biggest egotism in the universe?.. Composed by Roy Kristensen - December 2007.. Roy Kristensen 31.. 07.. 2008 21:32..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - PLANET X “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ALEX” – on Those Damn Digital Promos And Promo CD’s With Voiceovers
    Descriptive info: PLANET X “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ALEX” – on Those Damn Digital Promos And Promo CD’s With Voiceovers.. Greetings ladies and gentleman! I am Alex K.. , your beloved reviewer/interviewer with the best metal website in existence: Imhotep! I am now going to share a portion of my brain with you in my column simply entitled “Planet X” where I will tackle topics that make our world go spinning round and round.. Yes, I will approach key issues in life with intelligence, humor, skepticism and yes, with our wacky, magical touch.. Whether it be the music industry, religion, politics, Marijuana, pornography, bands I hate, love, genres of music we hate, love, the pope, perverted priests, strippers, hookers, sluts, your pet dog, you name it, I want to make a difference in this wonderful world known as planet earth, however Alex K.. is taking over, so I am going to say this: The world is my frigging oyster and as of now and for the rest of eternity planet earth is going to turn into PLANET X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY…………………….. Topic # 1 “Record Labels And Those Damn Digital Promos And Promo CD’s With Voiceovers”.. First off as a reviewer of music there is nothing like receiving a traditional, “physical” CD that is nothing more than an actual compact disc that is in a jewel case or slip case and yes, you take it out of the case, place it in your CD player, and whammo, you are listening to a CD that plays music.. Now most reviewers, critics, writers, journalists or whatever the heck you want to call people like me or the rest of the staff of Imhotep, we work very hard in our free time writing reviews for promos that invade the mailbox of our editor at a rapid rate.. Yes, it’s an honor to write and critique promos releases from the record labels, especially when you are a music junkie that lives, shits and breathes music 24 hours/7 days a week.. We music journalists have a very strong passion for our craft and yes, some of us do not get paid money for what we do.. Now whether you are a music journalist/writer who gets paid or doesn’t, there is nothing more rewarding then being able to keep that CD that you passionately just wrote a review for.. Yes, the promo CD’s, not to mention the honor of seeing your journalism work published are the two motivating factors that drive you to want to write more and more reviews.. Now there is a new trend that is beginning….. it’s an itsy bitsy problematic.. What is it? Well, since I guess since the Spring of 2007 suddenly it seemed that certain record labels were beginning to send out promo CD’s that featured “Voiceovers” to webzines and magazines for review.. Now before I go into my rant about “digital promos” which is even more evil and vile, let me first point out my issues with promo CD’s that feature “voiceovers”.. (It says: "WARNING: All songs on this promo CD are voice-over protected to avoid any piracy and illegal file uploading on the internet before the release date, except (*)).. Well, one day I received a promo CD from a record label that happens to feature one of my favorite death metal bands on its roster.. My hands were wet anticipation and I could not wait to drop this CD into my stereo and review the fuck out of this album.. Suddenly 2 minutes into the first track an annoying, monotone voice enters the mix as the music fades out and this evil voice says “you are listening to the property of Massacre Records”.. Ok, it wasn’t a tragedy, however now I am listening to track 2 and about midway through the song I am listening to a wicked double bass blast beat and boom…, the blast beat fades and that evil voice that sounds like Arnold Schwaranegger on valiums chimes in and says: ”you are listening to the property of Nuclear Blast”.. Ok, now I am beginning to get a tiny bit annoyed, however the optimistic side of my brain says “Don’t worry Alex, I am sure that’s the last voiceover”.. Ok, now all is forgiven and I am trying to regain my concentration as I review this CD.. Good, concentration is back on track, I am listening to the third track and just as the song is “about” to end that haunting voice suddenly chimes in AGAIN and says “you are listening to the property of….. ” Holy shit! What were the executives at this label thinking? I understand record labels want to avoid such problems as unlawful reproduction of their releases and all, but give me a break, assfart records can’t create if they must, one voiceover that  ...   yes… I never will, but how inconvenient, the writer cannot now listen to his promo CD for review while driving in his car, while visiting a relative or through his favorite stereo at home, yes, he must sit at his computer listening to a streaming mp3 file where it will be a bit difficult to hear the mix quite properly because yes, you have now entered the world of the mp3.. Again, you’ve got to be kidding me.. This is without a doubt, a cheapskate tactic imposed upon by this record label who by the way, have not only an office in New York City but an office in London, England and they don’t have any extra finances or resources to suddenly afford to print up extra “promo cds”.. Yeah right, that’s just as believable as let’s say Osama Bin Laden is employed as a part time transvestite stripper in the suburbs of Pakistan.. Ahem.. (cough, cough) I must admit I think the staff at Earache Records must have been smoking some really powerful drugs when they said “Hey, let’s do away with those promo CD’s because we are struggling financially and let’s hire an internet rocket scientist that can create these awesome mp3 files, I am sure every journalist will get wet between the legs when they find out they can get their very own access code and hook up a pair of headphones to their computer speaker”.. Ahem… (cough, cough) simply put, Alex K.. is going to lay forth the smack down here and state that gee….. little tiny indie labels that are being run out of some dude’s apartment in the middle of Florida can afford to somehow distribute promo CDs for magazines and webzines, but c’mon, a label that’s been in business for 20 years or so with offices in New York City and London cannot afford to create even one promo CD for let’s say Kerrang magazine? Now that’s pathetic.. The mp3 digital promo is nothing more than an insult to any music writer/critic who has been otherwise reviewing actual CD’s for sometime.. Not only is the mp3 digital promo of poor sound quality and just soo damn cold, it’s a smack in the face and it makes me feel as if Earache Records does not appreciate and care much for your opinion… yes I am talking to you my fellow brothers and sisters… the hardworking music writers, journalists and critics.. Seriously, let’s all hope and pray that more labels do not start this digital promo trend.. In fact, if any other writers and editors out there find this to be just as annoying as me, let’s make a difference and protest!!!.. Yes, all we have to do is simply refuse to review any promo that is a “digital promo”.. If we continue to review digital promos we are going to support the idea and concept of labels who do this, and the only way this plague is going to stop is if we protest!!!.. WE MUST IMMEDIATELY STOP REVIEWING ALL DIGITAL PROMOS NOW OR MORE AND MORE RECORD LABELS WILL JUMP ON THIS EVIL BANDWAGON.. I must admit I have nothing but love, respect and honor for the record labels who continue to provide magazines and webzines the good old promo CD!! Keep up the great work.. As for the labels who think the mp3 digital promo is the best invention since sliced bread; wake up and smell the coffee!! Stop the madness!!!.. (It says: shortened between 30 - 40s ) (meaning, that the tracks are cut between 30 and 40 seconds.. However, I have tested this, and sometimes the tracks are cut like 2 minutes on this AFM promos).. That’s all for now in my first column…Next time I will touch upon a topic that effects the general masses and not just music writers, journalists, critics and editors.. Till next time…remember, keep one foot in the gutter and fist in the gold…whatever…Ha!.. Note from the editor:.. Imhotep will from now on not review promos with voice-overs or downloading promos.. The reason can be read above in Alex K.. ’s Planet X.. This means there will be lesser and lesser reviews, in contradiction to today’s two reviews a day scheme.. When all labels have chosen the downloading or voiceover, or whatever, promo, we will not review albums at all.. We will rather focus on interviews, articles and other interesting aspects of writing that we can and will publish!.. These days we receive voice-over promo / downloading promos from Earache Records, Nuclear Blast, Frontiers Records, Lion Records and probably more that we don’t remember at the moment.. Roy Kristensen 14.. 2008 11:48.. RE:PLANET X “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ALEX” – on Those Damn Digital Promos And Promo CD’s With Voiceovers.. mhamad khalaf 24.. 2009 22:19..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - DISTURBING
    Descriptive info: DISTURBING.. In my ancient slumber.. I heard a voice calling.. I shouldn’t have come.. because now I am falling.. The siren sang her song.. with the voice so clear.. Why didn’t I close my ears.. so that I couldn’t hear?.. I don’t want songs of love.. but songs of hate.. Are those dark songs.. the songs of my fate?.. Did I asked for being disturb.. from my ancient sleep?.. Leave me and let me rest.. down here in the darkest deep!.. I have been bothered,.. by thy pure tunes.. I didn’t see it coming.. when I read the ancient runes.. Chaos, leave me alone.. fore I reach the light.. I see before me my darkness.. that shines to me so bright.. I did not ask for your song.. that was sung to me.. All I want now.. is that you leave me be.. You have disturbed me.. when I was not clear.. I asked for calmness.. but you were so dear.. And now I must sleep again.. to my cave.. Fore I am not sure.. how I should behave.. I must find out if.. I want to be disturbed.. By you, or anyone else.. of the humanity herd.. When I find the answer.. I will arise again.. If I awake too early.. it is  ...   øde.. Alle mennesker i helligbrøde dro ut til sort messe mønstring; oppbruddet skjedde fra Skiringsheimen, sirklene i Helvete de passerte på ferden.. Da kastet Satan til dem sin vanhellige kappe, og se: menneskene ville blodet tappe.. Menneskeheten, fortapt i sin daglige dont, så at alt var ondt.. De skred rasende inn i natten – best, vakrest og størst – våte struper hadde stillet sin tørst, og de seirende bar tornekronen.. Nå for øret kom det Satan med kløvet fot det som mennesket hørte; at det fantes et folk som ikke gikk til blot, men i stedet satt hjemme og nørte medmenneskelighet i overflod.. Verken tro eller det de visste kunne bære eller briste i en verden med inntrykk av blod.. Folket ble hentet og ført for ham i Helvetes skrik og jammer.. Det var det skrekkeligste torturkammer; de snakket forvirrede som brekende lam.. Så ble Mørkets Prins vred, og brølte: “Tjen din fyrste i ditt ansikts sved!” De hørte dette og forsto at de var fortapt i den evige natt.. De mottok den nifse dom, den endelige straff og pryl, og da Apokalypsen kom med de døendes hyl, olme og onde til sinns de vendte seg mot Mørkets Prins, men hans kjærlighet var død, og menneskenes liv var kun nød.. HELLELUYAH!!!.. Ståle 08.. 2009 16:53..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Love&Hate - Frail Grounds - "The Fields Of Trauma"
    Descriptive info: Triptych Recordings (2012).. Norwegian progressive metal is on the radar map for most into this genre- especially with the current recordings from acts like Pagan’s Mind and Circus Maximus, as well as the historical technical masterpiece from Spiral Architect.. The six piece Frail Grounds has also been lurking in the mix, although more on an independent scale.. Forming in 2005 and releasing their previously reviewed “Corrosion” EP in 2008, I did wonder where the band would go from here… and after a long songwriting and recording process we have the fruits of their labor in this 11 track, 55 minute debut album.. “The Fields Of Trauma” is a concept album detailing a Siberian expedition and the extreme conditions people can endure to have desired resolutions with their life.. As such, it makes sense that Frail Grounds expands their musical and vocal output to match the proceedings- so do not be shocked by their occasional use of harsh vocals or death/ black metal riffs and rhythms when they need to match the storyline.. Main singer Morten Søbyskogen lives for  ...   individual song.. Be it the quiet, reflective keyboard part in “Origin” from Sigbjørn Galaen before the Erik Fidgett/VegardAmundsen riff and soloing expertise kicks into high gear, or the twin harmonics that wield into the epic arrangement whirlwind of bassist Thomas Oppedal and drummer Magnus Nødset on the Communic-like “Emberstorm”, the songs have tension, passion and a slight unexpected nature which is what we need more of from progressive metal.. This is a record where I didn’t even mind the small intros, outros or short songs like “Triptych” that advance the storyline at their own pace.. It’s difficult to come up with a complete comparison for “The Fields Of Trauma”- you’ll hear elements of Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, Nevermore, Communic and even thrash and death acts.. Ultimately, Frail Grounds should gain serious attention for this work- it’s engaging, invigorating, and an exciting listen every time my ears take this in.. frailgrounds.. Roy Kristensen 05.. 2012 14:47.. RE:Frail Grounds -.. Great album, yes.. I guess we have to go for the good ol' interview thing there.. Roy Kristensen 15.. 2012 15:46..

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