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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Slagmaur 2/3 - …rhythms…
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. Slagmaur 2/3 - …rhythms….. A much discussed band that creates untraditional black metal.. It is eerie, it is evil, it is dark and every sign of joy disappears to the rhythm of the music.. In what is only his second ever interview, and, according to him, it will be a long, long time before he does another, General Gribbsphiiser talks about the ideas behind Slagmaur, about the music, the lyrics and about black metal.. …read part 1/3 here….. Skrekk Lich Kunstler - the beating of the heart, the art of horror.. What did "Skrekk Lich Kunstler" actually do to you? General Gribbsphiiser begins by talking about horror movies.. "When you watch a horror movie you can obviously feel terror.. But you know that this is darkness that you can just walk away from, or that comes to an end once the movie has reached its conclusion.. If you dwell for any length of time within the darkness in the album, you will find it harder to return from the grave.. On "Von Rov Shelter" I was in control of the process.. "Skrekk Lich.. ” though, was actually written in five hours during one night, and straight away I sent a message to the drummer to let him know the album was done.. I was 100 % sure that it was really good, and it probably was quite OK.. But nine months went by before we could finally close off the album.. I have everything ready in my head when I work with the music and the art.. Our designer, Robert Høyem, sees things in the same way that I do, which is why he manages to turn our visions into reality.. He designed the cover quite early on in the process and in that sense gave the album its face.. I dreamt and thought a lot about the cover.. When you work so intensely with the music, the artwork and the overall concept, you can't fight against the power that it exerts over you.. However, you need to have some breaks, and I failed to do that with "Skrekk Lich Kunstler".. The album is complex in every sense, and made me physically ill; I collapsed a few times, long treks in the middle of the night and overnight stays at the ER.. " is the exception when it comes to the balance we spoke about earlier.. During that period I was deep, deep down in the bowels of the earth.. ".. He tells that the album means very much to him and I cannot avoid to question how it is to listen to the album, having the prcoess and the depression in mind.. He says that it actually feels good.. "It's as if there were a lot of little devils trying to stab you with knives, but you bind them and use loads of tape on them and throw them the hell out of there and into the world.. It’s cathartic, but at the time it felt like they wouldn't leave me; I lost everything in my life but I'm happy now when I look back at the process in retrospect.. But now that all these devils are spread around the globe they don’t bother me anymore – probably attached themselves to someone else by now!".. The rhytmathic approach in the music is the crazy happiness of monotony.. What is it that made the beating of the heart the pulse in Slagmaur's music? General Gribbsphiiser confirms that there are no blastbeats in his music.. "Our music is quite advanced.. My experience tells me that if you want to convey the sense of horror in the music, you can't speed it up.. You know, when we talk about love in music, the rhythms are often faster and you have the sensation of butterflies.. I also think that the drums take away a lot of the sound picture if you use blast beats.. When we slow things down there is room for much more in the music, and I include a lot of information in Slagmaur’s songs.. The General adds that the beats in Slagmaur reminds of the heart rhythm.. And since there is so much going on in the music on conscious and subconscous levels, it's important that there is something that people can recognize.. I think that the slow pounding really adds to the negativ aura of the Slagmaur universe.. To me "Die Eldres Klage" is a tour-de-abyss, where desperation is the only thing left, there is no hope at all.. There exists music that makes me smile in extacy because of its qualities.. "Die Eldres Klage" is also extremely good, but there's nothing therein that makes me smile a single second.. "Die Eldres Klage" deals with, among other things, spirits and the paranormal.. When I walk on one of the staircases where I live I feel ill.. There is something there that you can’t define.. I have actually seen my deceased grandfather on those stairs, and he’s playing the fiddle.. He was a good musician and wrote symphonies.. Anyway, I have seen him there, and that experience affected this song.. I read that in ancient times they used to sing through skulls to make use of the energy that is there.. So, we used this method ourselves.. I don't know if it really works, but I like to believe that it has a certain effect.. It was interesting to hear that you thought this track  ...   what he's done or not done.. His father forgave him and worked for his reprieve.. The prisoners are treated like cattle; they're moved from their cells more than once a month to create tension and unease.. Heh, when somebody is sentenced to death in Iran, they execute faster than a shark attacks.. But in the USA inmates can be on death row for many years, and they get to know themselves in a special way.. This is why the lyric is connected to the photo where the woman looks into the mirror.. You can lie to the mirror, but can you hold back the beast you really are?.. "Von Rov Shelter" means the lair of the beast, and then we're back to human kind and the balance between good and evil.. How do you work to find the right words, the right sentences and eventually the right combination to make a Slagmaur lyrics just that, namely a Slagmaur lyric?.. "A lot of the work deals with the tone colours of the words and the sentences.. An example is the track "Skamdem" fra "Domfeldt", and the line ".. til helvete med dem.. " (“to Hell with them”), and I realized that the use of swear words is appropriate to create the right feeling.. We have lines such as ".. knulle et lik.. " (“ fuck a corpse”) and the said ".. til helvete.. ", and this affects the listener in a more aggressive way.. We use words that sound right and that are connected to the music.. And we also use words in different ways, whilst still keeping the meaning intact.. "Gåsehud" ("Goosebumps"), for instance turns into "hud i hull og hår som står" (roughly translated: becomes "skin in holes and hair that stands).. This means that the listener has to think for himself.. At the same time it becomes more obscure and at time even surrealistic in my opinion.. How does he combine the music and the lyrics? The General writes music all the time, something that is understandable having the number of releases in mind the last three years.. "I write the lyrics when I have something I want say, and the song titles come to mind during the process, and often before the songs are finished.. Everything has to fit the concept, and since it didn't work out the way we had hoped with Thomas on death row, I more or less wrote everything myself.. I had the pictures ready in my head, even though we had to change our stance and what connected to what during the process.. The first that came to mind was "The Devil And The Wolf" and I knew how part two should sound before we recorded it.. You know, the lyric is Norwegian to begin with, before it turns into English in the second part.. The reason for this is that the closing section on this track is something I want people to understand all over the globe.. I guess you only really need those lines when you see the picture that goes with the song.. If we had tried to translate the entire lyrics into English, I think the meaning would have been lost.. You know, the English language has probably five words compared to the one Norwegian word, and it’s also hard to translate metaphors into English.. I tell him that the Norwegian review I've written had its startingpoint in just this track, and especially the part we're talking about.. Almost speaking of fairytales, the General says that the cover for the next album is in fact ready for making and the theme is from a wellknown and dear children's tale.. To nobody's big surprise, we're talking the Wolf and sweet Little Red Riding Hood, of course done in a Slagmaur-ian universe.. Just like the lyrics.. "The lyrics deal a lot with the devil inside of us and the A-4 (average Joe) humans who live their lives without experiencing true happiness.. Wake up, begin to live instead of dying when you're 18 and being buried when you're 74, as I said before.. Living here and now, that's the deal.. This was also what we talked about with Thomas on death row.. He sits there missing the things he never appreciated when he had them.. Those things he thought he'd miss he doesn't think of, while the daily, seemingly insignificant things, he misses a lot.. Without comparison, but I heard of someone who was on the Robinson-expedition series who said they missed milk chocolate, something they never did in the daily life since they could buy it whenever they wanted to.. What is with the evil aspect that attracts you?.. "It is actually not so much about evil, but about darkness.. Everybody enjoys being frightened from time to time and we also feel attracted by whatever we cannot really explain, be it UFOs, situations or.. The feeling of discomfort is something I like a lot.. Even though my music is quite Norwegian, so to speak, it is also very disharmonic and eerie.. And as said, those who think they are happy listen to pop music, while those of us who genuinely are happy and have a good life, search for the dark side of the music because we need the balance this creates for us.. www.. myspace.. com/slagmaur.. osmoseproductions.. com.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. Roy Kristensen 27.. 01.. 2012 23:02.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Slagmaur 1/3 - ...swine…
    Descriptive info: Slagmaur 1/3 -.. swine….. He begins by condemning the ceaseless pandering on television to all those searching for their five minutes of fame.. The first thing that comes to mind is the name of the band, Slagmaur.. I’ve learnt that amongst other the Scream forum there are those who ridicule the name and think that the concept is childish.. What springs to my mind when I hear the name is that we are all ants (maur) but there are those who are bigger and stronger, namely battle ants (slag maur).. And I think that there is something that the band wants to crush be….. “There was a lot inside me that needed to find some form of expression and I thought that the name was important if we wanted an instant reaction.. What I really wanted was a name, and an overall image that implied force, but that at the same time was ridiculously childish.. The first cover we ever did showed a giant destroying a church.. It’s essentially General Gribbsphiiser like some fairy tale ogre, sitting there with a huge sledgehammer, crushing the church.. I considered “Kardemommeby” (from a story about the imaginary peaceful town of Kardemomme and the people there, the good, and the trouble makers, and considered to be one of the most important Norwegian children’s books) and the themes running through it, about a society where everything is more or less ‘perfect’.. But I wanted something even more childish, and came up with Slagmaur.. Most band names conjure up a particular image, something that already exists.. There is nothing called Slagmaur, and because of that the name is, just as is the music, mine alone and as well as being the trademark for what we do.. When you hear someone say Slagmaur you think of dark music.. Not ants.. Of course, if anyone does happen to think of ants and assumes that the name is ridiculous, then when they hear the music, live or recorded, the contrast between the name and the actual sound is enough to make it disturbing.. The General tells me about his reluctance to give interviews.. If every band thought like this, the scene would be different and perhaps smaller, but personally I really respect those bands that focus solely on the art itself.. The prime examples on this are Deathspell Omega and Devil Doll.. Nostalgia comes to mind, and the General tell us that before every band was Google-able there was more mystique to everything.. An example is Emperor, where the band was distanced from the listener since there were only a handful of interviews at the time when the band was formed.. The music was more important and Ihsahn was just the name of one of the artists.. The whole thing was more exclusive, so to speak.. And Slagmaur prefer it this way….. The Three Protocols Od Fosen – you cursed swine.. Before you began the Three Protocols of Fosen - “Svin”, “Skrekk” and “Domfeldt” you probably had a vision of what you wanted Slagmaur to be.. And already from the first few tunes Slagmaur shows its identity.. I’m thinking particularly of the rhythm, which is something we’ll focus more on later.. But first things first, what was it that you wanted when you began Slagmaur? The General had a clear thought when it began the band, and refers to what he wanted to pick up from different bands and use this to make his own thing.. “Personally I don’t think Slagmaur is necessarily as original as people make it out to be, but that could be due to the fact that it comes from inside of me, and I’ve been living with it for as long as I can remember.. I definitely don’t sit there thinking “now I have to create something original and special”, I simply create what comes naturally to me.. And I get really pissed off when somebody refers to Slagmaur as doom metal based only on the fact that it lacks blast beats.. To me this is black metal and nothing else! And to create this, everyone involved has to give 110 %.. I remember when we finished recording the track “Oldermann Uhygge” and started to record “Norwegian Giant”.. Nobody had any voice left, so all we managed to do was make a kind of howling noise, and we included it on the track, because it shows that we go the whole nine yards to bring out the emotions we strive for.. ”.. How did people respond, those few who got access to the first music you recorded, having in mind that these were demos, if I’m not misinformed?.. “ “Svin” (Swine) was something we made very quickly and I still think it’s quite good.. “Skrekk” (Horror) was good, though a bit too short.. “Domfeldt” (Convicted) doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.. I thought it should have had more of a doom-ish feel to it, if you see what I mean.. The reason these came under the Protocols of Fosen trilogy was that  ...   Being on the subject of chuckling, I wonder what he may find positive about black metal? He hesitates….. “Eh… Black metal saved my life! If I didn’t have the music and everything connected to it, something would have gone very wrong a long time ago.. I was really bad at times.. The music is a therapy for me, and I get paid for creating the music and therefore I look upon myself as an artist.. And extreme metal has saved the lives of many people.. Look at the rap-scene.. There are way more murders and violence connected to the genre… When I was in prison, there were those who dragged their feet just to pretend that they had been shot.. They were wearing those baggy trousers.. You know, everything is so cool… I’m not denying that there have been murders connected to black metal, but a lot of people have found themselves within the music and also in the creative processes.. I watch documentaries about religion, astronomy and whatnot that can be related to black metal.. There are many doors that open up…”.. How do the listeners view the Norwegian lyrics? As it is now, not everybody in the world understands Norwegian….. “The problem is that the lyrics are difficult to translate into other language, or English in this case, and ours in particular are full of hidden meanings and imagery.. Both our manager, who is English, a trained translator, and has a lot of experience editing lyrics for bands that don’t have English as their first language, and Carpathian Forest’s bass player Vrangsinn, who is fluent in both English and Norwegian, couldn’t come up with something that we could all agree on.. If it’s done, it has to be in such a way that the whole concept and feel comes through, it’s not enough to translate literally, and so far we are all three in agreement that Slagmaur “aint do-able”.. But we do include photos that illustrate each of the lyrics on “Von Rov Shelter”.. A genre that earlier glorified death and destruction, discomfort and provocation, has slowly turned into the arms of conformity’s indifferent embrace where music is more or less all that is left.. What does black metal need to become black metal again?.. “"At its inception Black Metal had a purpose, a war to fight if that’s the way you want to look at it - the burning of churches and so on.. People gave themselves up to something that went beyond the music itself.. However, Black Metal is now another established genre, even commercial if you will.. Hypocrisy is just as prevalent in Black Metal, as it ever was in Christianity.. I'd say that the war that the adherents of Black Metal must fight is a war within themselves.. You can burn as many churches as you possibly can, but ultimately the battle is with yourself.. At the end of the day, why should you care about how others waste their lives? You can't save the whole world, because in the big picture you're nothing.. But to other individuals you can be the whole world.. And you can be that to yourself as well.. Be realistic and do something for those you can affect, those that you hold dear and that you care about.. There aren't many in the Black Metal genre who use the phrase "I love.. " in their lyrics, but I look upon myself as someone who enjoys life to the full.. But I also worship death and the Devil, defined as darkness.. Of course, things don’t always go according to plan.. I had one disturbing experience, and feeling frustrated I tried to dredge up the deepest darkness with some music I was writing.. , and ended up writing melodic riffs in the vein of In Flames.. I called a good friend of mine and complained that I was really depressed, but couldn’t write music the way I wanted it to be.. He said that I just needed something good in my life.. As sure as I'm standing here, he was right and I understood that when I want to express what I feel with my music it’s all about balance.. When life is a good as it gets, that's when I manage to bring forth the deepest darkness.. We talk about balance and that depression doesn't not lead to our creativity.. The General mentions the picture from the booklet where a character is brushing her teeth whilst a dark entity is crawling over her back.. He adds that those who only focus on life as a positive thing will rot from the inside.. "I think this is why many people listen to pop music.. A lot of people live the A-4 lifestyle (having 9-5 jobs, 2.. 4 children, dog and a weekend cabin by the sea while driving the average car).. They unconsciously follow society's rules and dogmas.. But deep within they're unhappy and that's why they reach for pop music, which is sort of positive, relatively speaking.. 2012 23:10..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Death Angel, part 1/2 - on the early years and more...
    Descriptive info: Videos.. Death Angel, part 1/2 - on the early years and more.. Eternal Terror's Helle Stenkløv sat down with vocalist Mark Osegueda to learn more about Death Angel's hiatus, live-performances and the early years of the band.. The first part deals with the early years, the band's development and the Bay Area thrash metal scene.. live material filmed during Inferno Festival.. photos from Eternal Terror webzine and the label.. http://deathangel.. us/.. com/deathangel.. nuclearblast.. de.. eternal-terror.. Roy Kristensen 17.. 08.. 2010 22:22..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Blind Guardian, part 3/3 - on the album title and more... (audiointerview)
    Descriptive info: Blind Guardian, part 3/3 - on the album title and more.. (audiointerview).. Imhotep's Roy Kristensen spoke to guitarist Marcus Siepen recently.. They talked about Blind Guardian's music in general, playing live, the new album and more.. The third part deals with fan dedication, the album title and the work the band has to go through after the release of the album.. Videos downloaded from YouTube.. "Bard's Song" video and "Valhalla" live.. Pictures from the label and the band's Myspace, and photos are credited Herr Buchta, Audrey Dujardin, Stanimir Lukic.. warnerwall.. no.. imhotep.. com/blindguardian.. Roy Kristensen 20.. 07.. 2010 21:04..

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