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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Antropofagus - "Architecture of Lust"
    Descriptive info: Comatose Music (2012).. Seven words: Nile "Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka" could splendidly sum up this review in one sentence.. Antropofagus does try to make things varied by alternating between slow and heavy and fast and technical death, but slow stuff is incredibly simple - exactly as on Nile's debut, and even vomiting vocals are similar.. With the exception of the first song which is fairly original, Antropofagus borrows licks and riffs from Nile in great measure, but occasionally Suffocation and All Shall Perish (crazy fills between riffs) also appear.. However, the entire album screams Nile from their debut..  ...   this album is very uneven and even simply boring toward the end.. I am quoting Tom Araya speaking of Sepultura's "Chaos A.. D.. ": "Their latest production is quite not bad but I think they should stay away from what we're doing and write their own stuff".. I don't think Karl Sanders will issue a similar statement on Antropofagus, but if he chose to make one, I would not blame him one bit.. www.. antropofagus.. net.. comatosemusic.. com.. Rating: 3 / 6.. Composed by Dethster4life.. Roy Kristensen 23.. 06.. 2012 08:51.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Nile - "At The Gate of Sethu"
    Descriptive info: Nuclear Blast (2012).. Nile has always been a so-called one trick pony.. They appeal to specific audience: either you get them or you don't.. Next to Immolation, Nile is also my favorite death metal band and one of my favorite bands overall, so for better or for worse, this is a fanboy review.. I own all of their CDs and I love them all.. To me, they always maintained a consistent quality and I could not pick my favorite until 2009 "Those Whom The Gods Detest".. I gave it 6/6 but it was a 10/6 and I still think so today.. It was and is a death/thrash metal masterpiece.. Since Nile always delivered I never thought they were even capable of making a less than stellar album.. As of now, I'm not feeling so sure, as Bruce Dickinson would say.. In many ways, "At The Gates Of Sethu", titled in a similar manner as their first and third album (the latter, "In Their Darkened Shrines", by many considered their finest), feels like some of the best material of Nile career, such as the excellent "Inevitable Degradation of the Flesh", "The Gods Who Light Up the Sky" or "Supreme Humanism of Megalomania" - melodic, catchy compositions with great riffs.. But, great songs nothwithstanding, the rest of it sounds a little samey, like death metal for the sake of death metal, never a good sign or thing in this particular genre.. "At The Gates Of Sethu" is nowhere as ambitious as its brilliant predecessor.. Perhaps this is because, despite traditionally fantastic musicianship, the production is deeply flawed.. Guitars remind me of Nevermore's "Dreaming Neon Black" which has a rather inferior, overbassed production.. The sound is similar on Nile's record, especially on the 1st track and no wonder for both had the same producer (Neil Kernon)..  ...   who imprisoned little Annakin with his mother in "Phantom Manace".. Consequently, this album repeats some of the successful moves of the debut, but also the flaws are just as apparent in comparison.. Technically, all is well, Nile is still Nile, complete with rich instrumentation and the excellent ideas along with the balanced use of insane speed v.. slow burners, but something's amiss here.. For sure, some moments do feel derivative, as was the case with "Ithyphallic".. The closing track, for example, could be the not so distant cousin of both "Eaters of the Dead" ("Ithyphallic") and "Stones of Sorrow" ("Amongst the Catacombs.. ", et al.. ).. As this is not the first time, it seems as though, as is the case with many metal acts these days, the mighty powerhouse may be running out of ideas.. I think "At The Gates Of Sethu" is a good not great album that feels a little undeveloped.. Perhaps, indeed, having delivered seven albums of their innovative Middle Eastern death metal, Nile has thrown at us everything they had with their previous masterpiece, all the tricks up their sleeve have been used up and the band no longer appears unique, but that's not my opinion.. In my opinion, sometimes it gets to be around 3 years since last album and it's time to put another one to stay relevant, even if what you have is only half of a fantastic album.. It certainly feels like it could be the case with Nile's 7th offering.. I still believe in these guys, every band is entitled to delivering some disappointment once in a while, which this album certainly is an example of, for many of us who are used to worshipping at Nile's arcane altar.. nile-catacombs.. nuclearblast.. de.. Rating: 4.. 5 / 6.. Roy Kristensen 03.. 07.. 2012 11:41..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Nile - "At The Gate Of Sethu"
    Descriptive info: One of the leaders in the American tech death metal scene, Greenville South Carolina’s Nile does not sacrifice one iota of riff, lead, or blast beat fury.. 19 years in as a group, you would think guitarist/vocalist Karl Sanders and company may slow their attack down, as their style has an athletic element that probably punishes the arms, legs and assorted body parts more so now than in their youthful 1993 beginnings.. With album seven “At The Gate Of Sethu”, the quartet continues their unrelenting exploration of dropped A tuning, mystical/exotic Egyptian lyrical focus and complex speed picking with furious drum accompaniment that leaves you dizzy and discombobulated.. How drummer George Kollias doesn’t need hand (or foot) surgery after his flood of activity on songs like “The Gods Who Light Up The Sky At The Gate Of Sethu” and “The Inevitable  ...   for it can be almost barking in a rabid dog manner, and not distinctive enough for track separation (although the slower moments in “When My Wrath Is Done” give a tip of the cap to classic Chuck/Death days).. Dazzling technique won’t mean a hill of beans if the band didn’t know how to make the final product viable to the consumer- and there’s just enough mid-tempo pause for cause to keep songs like “Tribunal Of The Dead” and the seven minute “The Chaining Of The Inquitous” ready for crowd surfing, hair flailing antics.. “At The Gate Of Sethu” requires a multitude of passes in various environments to capture what Nile puts forth- but 47 minutes can be filtered through your five senses for quite a few years.. facebook.. com/nilecatacombs.. Rating: 4 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 11.. 2012 13:56..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Rush - "Clockwork Angels"
    Descriptive info: Roadrunner Records (2012).. It wouldn’t be fair to merely write ‘It’s freakin’ Rush!’ and prove you need to buy this.. For comparison’s sake, “Clockwork Angels” rivals much of their mid to late 70’s output, when Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart seem to be at their creative peak with their knowledge, construction skills and out of the box pushing of any progressive hard rock parameters.. The 12 songs on this album give the listener 65 minutes of stripped down, three piece mood moving music.. Some parts of “The Anarchist” and “Headlong Flight” rival the best space/time travel moments within “2112”, as Geddy seems to have an attacking nature to his notes, offering the bottom end thickness for Alex to roll comfortably over the top of.. Geddy’s voice may not necessarily get to the helium highs, but he’s still pushing himself  ...   an instant body moving experience.. The recording has a liveliness to it not heard in quite a while – the band appear genuine in their intent to keep the creativity flowing until they no longer feel inspired.. Even when they add a string section to the closing third of “The Wreckers”, it doesn’t sacrifice from the pure emotion of Alex’s riffing.. You can’t hit out of the park all the time when you’ve been recording albums since 1974.. We as Rush fans know that they’ve recorded enough special albums and songs through the years to forgive any left turn indiscretions they may have made not to our liking.. “Clockwork Angels” will be held in high regard by multiple generations of Rush followers- not just in 2012 but probably for the rest of their career.. rush.. Rating: 5.. Roy Kristensen 18.. 2012 14:37..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Black Sheep Wall - "No Matter Where It Ends"
    Descriptive info: Season of Mist (2012).. Downtempo/Metal/Minimalistic, or maybe Sludge, Stoner, Doom, no matter how the band describe themselves, they sound like slowly played hardcore.. It doesn't surprise me this band hails from California, US, where according to popular media, marijuana is overabundant.. They should have been nice and deliver a couple of grams to go along with the promo as this album only entertains (mildly) when the listener is stoned off his ass.. Produced to sound like a wall of sound with prominent bass, obscure, droning guitars, every single song sounds alike.. The vocals, again, sound generic,  ...   kids", those kids probably have never even thought about the reason they think their musical contribution should be worth listening.. The way band names are dropped in the liner notes strongly suggests that at their core, they are just another coverband trying out their own songs.. Maybe a concept would have helped.. In their defence, there are so many bands out in any given genre that creating something outstanding is hard.. That doesn't justify more than one Imhotep-head, though.. com/blacksheepwallband.. myspace.. com/blacksheepwallmusic.. season-of-mist.. Rating: 1 / 6.. Composed by Lennard Bertram.. Roy Kristensen 20.. 2012 08:53..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Kråke - "Conquering Death"
    Descriptive info: Indie Recordings (2012).. Kråke means crow, and having in mind how a crow 'sings', one could say that it's a name fitting for black metal.. However, Kråke performs symphonic black metal and is much nicer than expected.. In fact, to these ears "Conquering Death" is more like a lighter version of Dimmu Borgir and other symphonic acts, but with  ...   whole album.. It's not enough to add another layer of orchestration to make it stand out.. The monotonous and way too safe vocals do not add to the feeling that this album has nothing new on offer.. Nor does it offer anything of special interest.. Safe sound.. Safe music.. Safe rating.. com/Kraakeofficial.. indierecordings.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. 2012 14:11..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Dying Fetus - "Reign Supreme"
    Descriptive info: Relapse Records (2012).. Dying Fetus is one of those bands I have never bought a CD from.. I do think that "Destroy the Opposition" is one hell of an album (maybe because it is really a Dying Fetus/Misery Index album?) and I might actually pick it up one day.. "War of Attrition" has some good guitarwork but not enough to get me hooked.. And I heard "Descent Into Depravity" once and didn't quite get the hype, either.. So maybe this one will hook me on?.. Not really.. Slow-fast mish-mash of good riffs and an occasional decent solo, but Dying Fetus is not moving forward from where they have been for years.. It's good enough, I guess, if you like death metal for the sake of the genre.. Yes, I think this is a perfect description for this album:  ...   outstanding.. And perhaps Dying Fetus are but "Reign Supreme" is not.. Fear Factory, Dying Fetus, I think bands need to stop serving what we expect and take some risks.. I'm not talking "Risk" or "St.. Anger" (which I actually LIKE) but there must be a happy medium.. Maybe musicians need to start listening to their old albums before going into the studio for pointers how NOT to sound on their next effort? I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of hearing the same album but with a different cover every couple of years.. Metal used to be about breaking the rules but it is, with some exceptions, largely becoming a rule on its own.. I say go ahead, surprise me, your records aren't selling anyway so what have you got to lose?.. http://dyingfetus.. bandcamp.. relapse.. 2012 14:19..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - NecropsY RooM - Evil Inside
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. What are the happenings within NecropsY RooM lately?.. "Lately NecropsY RooM stopped doing concerts to mark a new phase for compositions! Now with a new drummer (Junao), which is very virtuous and competent, we will give another look to our songs and we will surely surprise those who are already accustomed with our old songs.. The recordings are scheduled for late January and early February.. We will bring a professional, Marcelo Moreira, who has done a great job of production.. He is the drummer and producer of the band Almah (Edu Falaschi's current band, the former lead singer of Angra).. After all, there is a surprise to our new work! We are confident that we will be very pleasing to fans of heavy metal music!".. I can imagine it wasn't easy to get metal albums in your country when you grew up, since life wasn't easy because Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, the people in the 70's have lived under a dictatorship in Brazil.. During this dictatorship there was not a lot of freedom.. During that period there was a problem in finding good instruments, the market were very closed so metal heads were used to buy instruments from abroad.. The dictatorship ended in 1985, at the moment the bands were starting to release their releases.. "Over the years, since I started to listen to heavy music, the difficulty in getting albums of metal bands has decreased gradually! With the introduction of internet, it has made everything much easier, so now I'm responding to an interview made by a person who lives more than 14,000 kilometres away from me! Without the internet, my work would probably not come to India.. About the last dictatorship, we realize that appeared strong brands/trademarks and some still remains this day! It really was necessary to leave the country to have access to all of this and other things too! The bands actually had to leave Brazil to try something abroad! Nowadays, the access to good equipm ent is much larger, but the Brazilians stillkeep the same thought from the dictatorship time! Brazilians think that the good things only come from the outside, which devalues the bands and equipment here! We have great people working here who are on a par with foreigners.. The metal scene in Brazil currently is in a new phase that shows promise! Many new bands come out every year and the professionalization has become increasingly present.. ".. NecropsY RooM play death thrash metal.. When I think of Brazilian metal the bands that come to mind are Sacrofago, Krisiun, old Sepultura, Korzuz, etc.. And the band has shared stages with Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Iron Maiden, Michael Angelo, Sodom, Nuclear Assault, etc.. Are you influenced by these legendary acts?.. "Certainly, it has happened.. Each one of these great names has influenced all Brazilian bands that have emerged over the years! The influence is not restricted to the sound that these bands has, but also the trajectory of their career! The growth, the shows, the recognition and all the work of these bands have given us valuable lessons, especially bands like Krisiun and Sepultura! The latter has done a magnificent job showing the world that Brazil could do quality metal! Krisiun already proved that they make music with extremely high quality sound and impress musicians around the world.. I can't forget to comment about humility of these two bands that have always treated NecropsY RooM with great attention and respect! In one of the works that Andreas Kisser (Sepultura's guitarist) did here, I did an interview filmed by Under Metal team and he was very helpful.. Today we are very proud to say that we have members of Krisiun as friends.. In my case, specifically, I must say that I realized many dreams when I had contact with these people! I started playing bass listening to Iron Maiden and I had the honor to say it personally to Steve Harris, who was also extremely polite and attentive! On stage, my biggest influence has always been Alex Webster ofC annibal Corpse, who also gave me the honor to meet him! I presented him with a shirt and a CD NecropsY RooM, and calmly, he looked around the CD, read the names of the songs, the name of the members and lyrics, giving his opinion and even more! I was  ...   for having these two songs as your favorite ones of the album!.. When I started playing, years ago, I practiced a lot, every day! I spent hours and hours on exercising and tried to play the music of the bands that influenced me (and still do).. After so long, I don't feel much need to spend hours and hours playing, But I try to keep an exercise routine so that I don't rust.. Moreover, I have many other occupations that take me a long time! This prevents me from being so dedicated to music!".. I have heard that you are a teacher of Biology subject.. Tell us about some of the things that inspire you musically and outside of music.. What sort of things do you enjoy when not working with your bands? What about other members of the band? Wesley Amorin, Moises, Pedro and Jander.. "Oh, it was precisely this that I mentioned in my previous question.. Besides music, I also work as a teacher and teach in specialized courses in some cities in the state where I live.. I am Graduated in Biological Science, which can be seen in the lyrics of "Cancer", "Abstinence", "Passive Suicide" and others that I wrote for NecropsY RooM.. In these letters there are many terms of this area.. In addition to graduate in Biological Science, I specialized in three other areas; "Education", "Methods and Techniques of Teaching" and "Forensic Skill".. One of my dreams and goals is to become a Federal Criminalist Expert.. So I tried to specialize in Forensic Skills.. When I am not working with bands or music, I dedicate my time to study the subjects I teach or work-related areas of the Experts in Forensic Skills.. On the other members, each one has his occupations outside the band.. Our vocalist, Wesley Amorin, works as a web designer.. Moises Henique (Moyz) works in a telecommunication company.. The current drummer, Junao Cananeia, is the only one who works just with music.. In addition to the drummer work, he works as a drum teacher in an institute of music in his hometown.. Jander already works as a tattooist and his work is recognized in Brazil and other countries.. He is now considered one of the biggest names of the tattoo art from Brazil!".. What are your favourite authors? Do they have a big influence on NecropsY RooM's lyrical themes?.. "There are many that I can say as favorite ones.. Besides those already mentioned (SteveHarris and Alex Webster), I can say the names of various nationalities, including out of metal.. I can mention Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan, Martin Dresdan, Abraham Laboriel, Flea, Geddy Lee, and many others.. Certainly, they all influenced me in my compositions.. Talking of Krisiun, are you satisfied with latest Krisiun album "The Great Execution"? It's one of the greatest albums of the year.. "When speaking of Krisiun, you do not have much to say, just that the sound is very competent and they always left the job very well done.. Certainly I was pleased with the last album.. In their case, every job only tends to improve.. I do know them personally.. We have the honor of calling them friends.. After so many years, we played with them on several shows and it is always very gratifying to meet them again.. What else congratulated us over the years in relation to Krisiun has been the attitude they had and still have.. Years ago one of them was wearing a shirt from NecropsY RooM in photo shots for the dissemination of a new job.. The photos ran the world, the internet and also at major metal magazines.. In addition, they although mentioned NecropsY RooM in the acknowledge list of the CD that they recorded that year.. This was more than a proof of friendship and respect.. We are eternally grateful to them.. Let me conclude this interview here.. I am really honored to be contact with you, Murilo Ramos.. I look very much forward to the new album.. Cheers!.. "The honor is mine to participate in this interview.. I am very happy to know that there are people like you, who value our work and help to promote the metal in the world.. It is because of people like you that metal remains strong and will continue.. com/necropsyroom.. Composed by Ebby Sasi.. Roy Kristensen 15.. 2012 22:11..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Affector - Cross Continental Collaborative Metal
    Descriptive info: The days of artists renting rehearsal space to refine material for studio records appears to be a long lost art.. Especially if you are working for a living full time as a musician as Affector drummer Collin Leijenaar currently does, and has been, for the past 14 years.. Spawned out of a series of demos he heard from guitarist Daniel Fries while on tour with the Neal Morse band in 2005, Affector developed their first album through a six year back and forth series of home studio recording sessions, between four musicians living in New Jersey, California, Germany, and the Netherlands.. The debut album “Harmagedon” contains that rare balance between technical progressive metal prowess and a melodic underpinning necessary for more than the schooled musician sect to appreciate.. Ted Leonard’s comforting vocals and the exemplary bass play from Mike Lepond complete the main unit - and there are a series of guest keyboard spots that raise the stakes for those into virtuosity.. Your interest in drums started at 3 years of age, but due to a friend wrecking a set of drums a year later you stepped away from playing until age 12.. Tell us about the initial impetus to become a drummer, and who in your early years shaped your approach and philosophy when it comes to percussion?.. “Good question, and you have read into the material, very good! As you said, there was a big hiatus in me playing the drums.. When I was in school in the Dutch system, everyone starts with a wooden flute called a recorder.. I really didn’t like that, we didn’t have any money to buy a drum kit, so when that little thing was broken that was the last thing I had until I was 12.. I was intrigued by music, as a child it didn’t matter what instrument as long as it was related to music.. I wanted to be a guitarist, so I went for guitar lessons with a parent of a friend of mine - that didn’t really work out because I didn’t feel at home on that.. At a young age I had a love for keyboard sounds - that’s where the progressive, symphonic side of me came out.. I did some lessons there - then I went to church as a child and there was a guy who played the drums at church every time on Sunday.. After the church service it got more interesting for me as a child because all the grown-ups would leave the church and then the kids could go on stage to play the instruments.. I sat behind the drums, and played.. Phil Collins and Jeff Porcaro from Toto were my early influences, Phil from the solo material - I got a live album “Serious Hits… Live” and I would play that album daily when I was 12 or 13.. I sat behind the drums and would play that album all the way through when I got home from school.. Before I did anything else-that was my ritual.. ”.. …The biggest challenge for us was that we were all not together in one room….. How did the idea of Affector start and develop? Is it easy to bounce ideas off musicians who are scattered across the world with Ted and Michael living in America, Daniel Fries from Germany and you located in the Netherlands?.. “It started in 2005 when I was on tour with Neal Morse, playing with him.. After a show Daniel Fries came up to me and he gave me a CD with music he wrote and asked me if I was interested in listening to it.. So I did and I was intrigued by what I heard, it was really amazing music and great guitar playing, great songwriting as well.. So we kept in contact for a few years, thinking maybe we should do something together.. So we started writing songs together, Daniel and I, just for the sake of documenting our ideas - not really making a record.. Who knows what would happen from there.. During that time in those early writing sessions when the music developed more, we knew it was too good to put away.. So we played around the idea of how we could make this music the way we would like, and without thinking it would be a band we asked some guys to play on the album.. Daniel was friends with Mike Lepond and Ted Leonard through the internet as a fan of their music.. He asked them if they would be interested in playing on our album, our own thing and they both said yes.. Soon when we started to record the songs we knew we wanted to make this a band effort - and Ted and Mike said yes to be in this band, even if everyone is recording through the internet.. That’s in a nutshell how things went, it took us through a six year period.. Were you familiar with Mike and Ted’s work between Symphony X, Enchant and Thought Chamber?.. “.. Yes, I own a lot of Symphony X, Enchant and Thought Chamber albums.. I met Mike and Ted being on tour with Neal and being on other band touring.. It was Daniel who suggested both of them at  ...   Of The Beast".. You’ve been self-employed in the music business for 14 years.. Discuss the trials and tribulations you’ve had to go through as this industry continually shifts with the changing technological landscape?.. “14 years, there were a lot of challenges of course.. Holding on has to do with passion.. I’m living the dream, it’s not always a dream job.. It has been at times real rough, no money, living on very little.. I think the first seven years I was really struggling because I was trying to be a musician that can live off music that meant something to me.. That was just not for that time.. I was always hoping that people would pick up the music of the bands I was playing in.. I had to persevere to go through and continue the dream.. I own now a music school, I was teaching drums - six years ago my wife and I thought about building a music school for people who want to play.. We started with 30 students and six years later we have 400 students, 16 teachers that are working at my music school.. I believe firmly that somebody with a talent should try to reproduce that talent in others.. I really love helping other musicians develop and reaching their goals and their dreams.. If you have a dream, follow it no matter what the cost.. You will feel like you tried it, I’m a living example who is trying to live his dream.. 400 students come almost every week to get trained, I’m in Affector and releasing an album - I am so thankful for what has happened in these 14 years.. We have people from age 5 to age 70 - for some people it’s just a hobby, they want a lesson once a week to have an hour a week that’s fine.. There are many students who also want to make music their job, and yes we try to get them as educated as possible.. What are some albums/artists that you think people would be surprised you are into?.. “My musical taste is very wide.. I listen to pop, rock, prog, metal, jazz, fusion, soul, funk, r b, blues, classical etc.. For me it is much more important that the music has been made with soul and emotion instead of belonging to a certain genre.. I need to feel the emotion of the composer or performer.. To name a few things I'm listening to lately: I love the new album of jazz artist Esperanza Spalding (Radio Music Society) or the fusion/jam group The Aristocrats with Guthrie Govan.. Also the new album from Maria Mena (Viktoria) is an awesome album.. But what might surprise a lot of people is that I am also into a few dub step artists like Skrillex and Nero.. How do you feel about the progressive rock and metal movement in 2012? Are these exciting times for musicians, fans, and labels alike? Do you believe this is a style that has multiple generation appeal and the time investment is what keeps the music enduring?.. “I think these are exciting times, as I see that a lot of people are getting back into 'real' music.. I see a shift happening in what kind of music people listen to, and 'musician's-music' is back on track again.. More and more people leave the computer-generated, overproduced, heartless music behind and are getting into music that has been made with heart and soul.. You see that in the huge popularity of singer/songwriters, but also in music that gets a progressive touch to it.. More and more mainstream artists are releasing music with a progressive touch to it.. But you also see that in a younger audience at (prog or jazz) concerts where normally you would have a mainly 35+ male audience.. This is something you see happening all the time in art history.. There are always counter-movements following a certain movement, most of the time being the opposite of what was before.. So I think we now see a wave of getting back to pure, real music where you can explore all the possibilities of what music can do or can grow into.. I'm excited!!”.. What are some hobbies and interests that you have when you need to re-charge your batteries from music?.. “Two days ago I just finished a work week of 35 days straight with no day off (laughs).. So sometimes I need to get more time off, it’s hard and that’s the curse of being self-employed.. I love watching movies and television series - I’m into science fiction, thrillers, action movies.. I’m a big music fan as well, I love music.. What I like to do with my wife is travelling and holidays now and then.. So that’s what I do to charge up the batteries.. What does the plan look like for Affector over the next 12-18 months? Have you already begun work on the second album?.. “Yes, we are shooting ideas back and forth.. So indeed we are looking at the next album already.. We are also trying to get a tour together, we are waiting to see if we have an audience.. We are really looking forward to touring if we can.. affector.. Roy Kristensen 06.. 2012 15:07..

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  • Title: Imhotep - ...the devil speaks... - Prey For Nothing 1/2 - inspired by Death
    Descriptive info: the devil speaks.. You recorded your latest album in my native Poland.. It is awfully far away from Israel.. The result is killer, but what made you think of Herz studio and how did that come about?.. “We had some good few reasons to fly all the way to Poland in order to record our new album there.. First and foremost – the recording experience is very important to us as a band.. Here in Israel – even the best producer are inexperienced with metal recordings, and the higher you climb on the scales of professional studios, the less you get what you paid for.. It's quite sad, really, that the best metal studios in Israel are actually the home-made ones.. So combining the fact that Israel can't really offer us anything when it comes to professional recording, and that we like to disconnect ourselves from our surrounding for the recording process, we decided to, yet again, fly to Europe and record our album with professional metal studio.. In 2007 – when in we recorded our debut album – we had the chance to work with Jacob Hansen in Denmark, and in 2010 we got to work with another couple of metal producers who know what they're doing.. Their experience helped us a lot in the recording process.. Other than that – we really liked the sound they made for some of their latest recording back then – mostly Decapitated and Vader, but also Virgin Snatch and Lost Soul.. So we had our mind set to record a heavier album – and Hertz Studios produced the heaviest albums while still keeping it clean and destructive at the same time.. Did you get a chance to see Poland?.. “We didn't get much chance to see Poland.. The studio is based in Bialystok, far away from Warsaw or other places non-Polish people got to hear about, and we only had one day off in this entire trip.. So we took some sight-seeing, saw some old churches and walked through the city park.. It's amazing how high the rate of beautiful women in this city is, we actually had a difficult time to find one croon! Hehehe… but seriously, this city is classy for Middle-Eastern fellas like ourselves.. Since you are from Israel, obviously you are somehow affected by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.. Do you think it will ever be resolved, do you see 2 state options as a possibility and if not, what would you see as an alternative if at all?.. “Good question; and I'm afraid I don't have a good answer for that.. Surely it affect us, it affects all of us on both sides of course.. Personally I think that even if the 2-state option will NOT resolve the situation, it is still the only reasonable option we had left.. Israel can stock excuses till the day I die, breathing life to centuries-old manifests about why this is not the right solution, and probably, when it comes to politics, our government will have some serious strong points.. But that's not enough for me.. I don't enjoy the suffering of innocent children, even if they teach them in school to hate me.. I'm not one of those fanatics who's glad the other side got a serious loss or that some people died there in an accident or bombing.. This is not a war, not in its regular context.. There are no 'goals', there is no prime directive.. We cannot win a war by just keeping other people miserable as a status-quo.. Sure – many of those people will do a lot so my ethnicity will suffer, at least for a bit, if not in casualties, but that's not good enough reason for me for war.. And I think the 2-state solution is the best way to get out of this complex situation.. I mean, if Palestine, as a country, will still try to mass with Israel – that will be a true declaration of war, and then the gloves are off and all of that.. They won't want it, so why don't we just give them what they want already? What are we benefiting from anyway from denying them their state? I really don't know.. How much are you influenced by Death and would you call yourself the bearers of the legacy of this legendary band? Or is it just one of the influences and not necessarily the main one?.. “I would say 70-80% influenced by Death, but that's mostly  ...   own style.. How do you see Prey For Nothing compared to what’s considered originality?.. “It's kind of hard to say.. We never wanted to play the most original material.. We don't believe in playing experimental music if it doesn't come from the heart.. Eventually – we are just a bunch of metal fans, who love to play metal music for other metal fans.. Sure – you might have heard that riff here and that riff there, and you can always pick that album off the internet if you didn't find on the CD store, if there is a CD store in your town.. Bottom line is that as long as we know we don't steal riffs and melodies on purpose, it’s OK by me.. I don't believe things should be just summed up as 'All the (good) riffs has already been written' because music is not just about originality.. All the words has already been written too – is that a good reason to stop writing books? This is how I see it.. As long as it's fun – and as long as people enjoy it – there's no reason to stop playing metal music, even if it's cheesy and has been done to death.. That's been said – we try really hard not to fall to the genre clichés.. I don't consider our albums as one of the same as Arch Enemy's “Wages Of Sin” or In Flames' “Colony” or even Death's “Symbolic”.. We try to blend the styles we love to make something of our own, even though those styles have already been widely spread out.. Do you think metal should move more toward complexity and resemble more of a classical structure or toward accessibility with more melody, hooks etc.. ?.. “To each his own I guess.. I like both Theory In Practice and Black Label Society – and they are from different galaxies in the metal universe.. And as long as they do it good, it doesn't matter if it’s complex or catchy.. I'll probably admit that I rather listen to more challenging new music than accessible when it comes to new bands, but not if this complexity is the only thing that band have.. I watched a video of band called Design The Skyline a few months ago.. It was complex, sort of, but it was the most horrible thing I ever heard or saw which relate to metal music.. As a fan of classical music I would love to hear more of those compositions in metal music, but I don't mean cheesy Symphonic Metal for Goths who like to think they’re metal.. Not every Symphonic Metal band is awful – but 90% are not for me.. When it comes to brutality, I always enjoyed a good brutal Death Metal album, from Nile to Aborted – but when it comes to Brutal Death Metal as a genre and all the other music is forgotten for the sake of brutality, those bands usually loose me as a listener.. So yes to brutality – but not by all cause.. What advice would you give to a young up and coming metal band?.. “I still consider myself as a young, and hopefully still up and coming, musician – so I really can't say I'm looking down from my ivory tower to shed some light on mythical objectives.. All I can say is that I think that music is still the most important thing for a metal fan.. You can pad it with gimmicks and artworks and merchs and crazy ass live shows – but in the end, if the music sucks, this ship will sink.. Problem is that EVERY band think their music is awesome.. My advice is to consult with someone you are not very familiar with, something like a bigger local band or something – and ask them to give some words about your demos / live shows.. Criticism is still the very best way to improve yourself.. Not the trolling on one of the net-nests, but real sincere criticism.. And nothing is never perfect.. When all of your feedbacks are 'That's just awesome and perfect man' – the criticism is flawed.. It's better to learn from several 7/10 than to think your single 10/10 determines who you are and what you do.. If all the people you ask are saying there's nothing wrong with you and they don't understand why you aren't signed yet – get more critics.. preyfornothing.. massacre-records.. Roy Kristensen 16.. 2012 10:01..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Opeth part 4/4
    Descriptive info: Videos.. Produced by Imhotep Productions.. interviewers.. Roy Kristensen Alexander Skottene Twiss.. interviewees.. Mikael Åkerfeldt.. Fredrik Åkesson.. Martin Axenrot.. interview Mikael filmed by Heidi Bakland.. interview with Fredrik and Martin filmed by Trine Lindh Justad.. live material filmed by Roy Kristensen.. live-photos by Trine Lindh Justad (.. eternal-terror.. ) and Heidi Bakland.. band photos and single shots from the Official website.. opeth.. roadrunnerrecords.. com/artists/opeth.. imhotep.. no.. youtube.. com/imhotepno.. unionscene.. 2012 08:17..

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