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    Archived pages: 290 . Archive date: 2012-07.

  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Opeth part 3/4
    Descriptive info: Videos.. Produced by Imhotep Productions.. interviewers.. Roy Kristensen Alexander Skottene Twiss.. interviewees.. Mikael Åkerfeldt.. Fredrik Åkesson.. Martin Axenrot.. interview Mikael filmed by Heidi Bakland.. interview with Fredrik and Martin filmed by Trine Lindh Justad.. live material filmed by Roy Kristensen.. live-photos by Trine Lindh Justad (.. www.. eternal-terror.. com.. ) and Heidi Bakland.. band photos and single shots from the Official website.. opeth.. roadrunnerrecords.. com/artists/opeth.. imhotep.. no.. youtube.. com/imhotepno.. unionscene.. Roy Kristensen 20.. 06.. 2012 08:17.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Opeth part 2/4
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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Opeth part 1/4
    Descriptive info: 2012 08:16.. RE:Opeth part 1/4.. Opeth was one of my favorite bands and all the CDs from "Orchid" to "Watershed" I consider masterpieces.. But this one is simply NOT Opeth.. The only things that fool one into a false belief that this is nothing more than Michael Akerfeld project are PARTS of track 2 and 3.. He plays it like it's a natural progression, but would you say the same thing if Metallica's next album after AJFA was Some Kind of Monster or Megadeth's follow up to Countdown was Risk? How about Fear Factory's Transgression immediately after Obsolete or Machine Head's Supercharger after More Things Change? If this is natural progression then we are missing at least one album in between.. It is a calculated move to leave metal behind.. Look at the artwork and consider how Akerfeld just left Bloodbath and what he SAID about it, that he is TIRED of playing death metal.. To me that signals a departure from metal Anathema style.. Most of all, this album is incredibly mediocre for Opeth or otherwise.. They should change the name to Dopeth.. It is a major snorefest.. Every element, save Michael's clean vocals, that made Opeth so compelling and unique has been excised from the sound.. They didn't just change their style: they ripped off Opeth's balls and fed them to progressive rock monster.. Pink Floyd makes heavier albums than this.. But I doubt Pink Floyd, Camel, Pendragon or Rush would put less effort into this CD.. There's one name for this: LAZY.. Easily, the biggest dissapointment of 2011.. It bored me to death and the phantom antichrist had to resuscitate me.. I gave many spins in different settings and I stand by my initial opinion: this sux.. I'm selling my copy on amazon TODAY.. Opeth (1993-2011) RUST in Peace, indeed.. Dethster4life 28.. 2012 23:23.. Weeeeeelllllll.. I sincerely beg to differ.. I mean, you have "Damnation", so why the big fuzz about an album without growling? Ok, so the 70's influences are way more apparant in here, but still (life)? Pink Floyd did not make heavier albums than "Heritage", sir.. And that's a fact!.. Roy Kristensen 29.. 2012 23:58.. I don't know man.. "The Wall", songs "Run Like Hell" and "Trial" among others.. Stick next to "I feel Dark" or "Devil's Orchard" and call me in the morning.. Love "Damnation".. It was all accoustic and clean because it was meant as "Deliverence" nemesis.. But it still sounded like Opeth.. Take away Michael's vocs from "Heritage" and it sounds like someone else.. Its not just lack of growls, its lack of Opeth on an album thats Opeth only by name.. Its comparable to you suddenly shaving your head bald.. Technically, still Roy.. Dethster4life 30.. 2012 08:05.. Oh, I've always had short hair until three/four years ago and I have even been almost bald.. I was still the same and  ...   is not bad, but Opeth is not supposed to be not bad, its supposed to be awesome.. Now they are just an average prog rock band.. I hope this is temporary insanity (I doubt it) and the next album will be Opeth proper.. I guess Im not as openminded as I thought I was, but what the hell.. 2012 14:14.. All right, dude, I gave it another chance, being in a crappy mood, I listened on my headphones and I must admit, once you abandon your expectations of Opeth, this album is actually pretty good.. It's certainly NOT lazy, quite complex as a matter fact and theres still plenty Opeth on it that sometimes sounds like "To Bid You Farewell".. I understand what he meant by saying they went back to the beginning, now.. It's still nowhere near the excellence of "Blackwater Park" or "Still Life" to say nothing of "My Arms Your Hearse" but it IS Opeth worthy and Akerfeld is still musical genius for coming up with all these movements.. You got me to change my mind but I already cancelled amazon sale before it happened!.. Dethster4life 01.. 07.. 2012 20:55.. Yeah, it's not another "Blackwater Park", that's for sure.. Personally I love it when band take chances, like Morbid Angel did.. They didn't succeed completely, but they did do something out of the ordinary.. Slayer did their best to "shock" us back in the day with "South Of Heaven".. Deathspell Omega went from quite tradition black metal (Nordic sounding) to epic and monumental tracks to intricate jazz inspired insanity on "FAS", which by the way is my second favourite album of all times.. And yes, Opeth is different and daring.. And the great thing is that Mikael has opened up the path, meaning that they can come up with basically anything next time and we will swallow it.. Ok, not if they made pop music, ha ha.. Roy Kristensen 02.. 2012 08:59.. Wow, this is a hell of a grower! Songs I kinda liked I know love and those I didnt I like! That crazy jazz jamboree in "Nepenthe" (2:30-3:47) is unreal! Yes, I DO want them to get out of their comfort zone! If only Dark Tranquillity would get the hint!.. Dethster4life 03.. 2012 21:58.. Ha, you certainly changed your mind a lot in the space of a few days! This album is definitely a grower.. For me, I'm a relatively new Opeth fan so didn't have any previous expectations.. I immediately liked Devil's Orchard, Slither, Marrow and Heritage.. The more complex songs - Feel the Dark, Haxprocess and Folklore took a while but now I love them.. Still can't handle Nepenthe or Lines and there are bits of Famine that are ok.. I've been listening to it non-stop for almost a year, so I guess you could say I'm a fan ;).. Chezdon 05.. 2012 04:02..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Lvcifyre 2/2 - Abstract Satan
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. The advent of synthesizers, electronic music and the use of computers, has enabled for some very interesting creation of sounds and has brought beautiful sonic textures with it and layers of audible dimensions otherwise not possible to create…and in some cases, very ugly textures.. This is true of every genre of music but it’s important to know that technology isn’t the destination but the road to reaching good music! Menthor has the same opinion.. "It is true, new technology brought a lot to music; it has added tools to musical expression, which is good for those who know how to use them.. ".. Kaos claims that the idiots ruin for the craftsmen.. "In the same way it kills the true craft, since any idiot can pick up an electronic instrument and start doing some noise that ends up being just another shitty project that fills up the music toilet.. It is a good thing if it is used by skilled craftsmen.. Dictator thinks that technology is a blessing and a curse.. "Artists’ means of expression have benefitted greatly from it and new ways of creating music are constantly being invented as technology progresses, therefore new avenues of music are also being explored.. The flipside is that more and more people have access to it so the market is flooded with subpar music provided by individuals lacking vision.. I take no notice.. Personally though, I prefer a gritty hands-on approach where technology is used as sparingly as possible and more as a means to an end in capturing a moment, a sound and feeling rather than something that is used as a tool to create that moment or feeling.. What are your observations about the current metal scene worldwide? The iconic bands such as Megadeth, Morbid Angel, Pestilence, etc.. , have not been able to create another record that could match the intensity and quality of their previous records.. Do you think that these godly musicians are becoming creatively weak these days? Not necessarily, according to Menthor.. "I don't think these musicians became creatively weak.. There are a lot of things to be said about that.. There is the right time for a certain album; there is people's interpretation and people change.. There are certain mental states that will inspire you at some point in your life that change, so the music will change too.. Dictator does not agree.. "An individual’s creativity is only as limited as their inspiration and their imagination.. I can’t agree with your statement that the bands you mentioned “have not been able to create another record that could match the intensity and quality of their previous records”; this is not a fact, only your opinion.. One has to always bear in mind the context in which albums like "Altars of Madness" were released – no one else was playing anything like that at the time but twenty years later you have hundreds of bands trying to do something similar (but obviously failing miserably).. If "Altars of Madness" was released today, would it be relevant? As to your idea of musicians becoming ‘creatively weak’; we've all seen it happen; some older bands lose sight of what they were trying to achieve as soon as they have reached a certain degree of success.. They then eventually become influenced by the bands they were responsible for influencing in the first place in an attempt to recapture the flame they once had, thus losing their own identity in the process.. The weakness was there from the beginning, it just showed through once they started getting paid.. What does philosophy hold for Menthor? I've heard that the study of philosophy without longing for liberation is like dressing up a corpse.. "I don't really think about philosophy in a structured way.. I try to observe the world and what's happening around me with an open mind and high focus (which is not easy).. There's way too much stuff nowadays influencing our thoughts.. Most of the time the answers we are looking for are stupidly simple.. That's how  ...   a resounding sigh of relief.. The album itself was written over the course of several years and recorded in around 25 hours in several sessions in Menthor’s studio.. The only real difficulties were trivial logistic ones and having to record the vocals twice, but that’s it.. We did have to rush the guitar recordings a little which resulted in everything being recorded in more or less one or two takes (we didn't need more anyway) so the album has a great sense of urgency as a result.. Is there any concept you depicted in "Abstract Satan" album, Dictator?.. " "Abstract Satan" isn't a concept album by any means, but there is a general theme running throughout; that Satan/Lucifer is an abstract, metaphysical spiritual essence that resides within us all and permeates every facet of existence.. The general theme of the album is an introspective view on esoteric subjects depicted in an esoteric, visceral – Necrosadistic – manner.. I’d rather leave your readers to discover it for themselves and find out what it means to them.. All lyrics by Dictator with the exception of “Golems Of Flesh” and “Lies Of Repent Turning Red”, courtesy of KHZ and MkM from Aosoth respectively.. How serious do you take the lyrical side of your both bands? Menthor is more about the music.. "I think the message is very important but for me words are very limiting and subject to different interpretations.. The most important thing is the overall ambience in the music, it says more than words.. I leave the words to T.. Kaos in Lvcifyre and Dictator in Necrosadist.. Dictator on the other hand thinks that the words are just as important as the music.. "An entity like Necrosadist or Lvcifyre is indeed driven by conceptual and spiritual ambitions, so it only makes sense that the lyrical side of things should complement and strengthen the overall concept as much as the music itself.. Of course, as Menthor said, words can be limiting so the way I use them in Necrosadist is to paint a mental picture of things rather than to explain ideas that cannot be defined using words.. Every little thing can more or less influence a musician life and it can be an inspiration to write songs.. It's not easy to explain.. Outside of music, what inspires you in life? Dictator supposes life in general, but most importantly spiritual and personal development.. Menthor is not quite sure though.. "I don't know what inspires me in particular.. When I sit down to write music, it just comes out, I guess we as human beings are influenced by the environment that surrounds us, so I guess I am inspired by everything that happens in my life.. Well, the first time I heard the album "Schizophrenia" by Sepultura I thought that's what I want to do, so I suppose it inspired me to choose that path.. What are your favorite’s bands/albums, Menthor?.. " "Schizophrenia" by Sepultura, "In the Depths of R'lyeh" by Catacombs and "Blood Libels" by Antaeus, to name but a few.. I wouldn't say I am stuck in the old days - I listen to everything, old and new.. Are you still in contact with your old band mate Nocturnus Horrendus?.. "Yes, we are still in contact.. It was great to work with NH; I gained a lot with the experience.. Gigs with Corpus Christii were always amazing, always an amazing spiritual experience, it was like being transported to a different dimension.. Thank you Menthor and Lvcifyre.. Let me conclude this interview here.. Wish you the entire best for your next album.. Hail Lvcifyre, Hail prince of death, Hail thy lord Lvcifer!.. "Thank you for the interview and support.. Prayer:.. Fallen, fallen, banished from heaven.. The One that blessed the sins of the Man.. We wait for a call, we look for a sign.. To raise Thee in rivers of Christian blood.. Hail Thy Lord Lvcifer!.. Hail Thy Lord!.. Hail Victorious Darkness!.. Hail black flame!.. myspace.. com/lvcifyre.. facebook.. com/pages/Blood-Harvest-Records/300012152033.. Composed by Ebby Sasi.. Roy Kristensen 04.. 2012 14:47..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Lvcifyre 1/2 - Lucifer
    Descriptive info: These four people (with modification) have been part of a death metal band for the better part of the last five years.. Going alphabetically, Cultus on bass, Dictator on guitar, Menthor on drums, and T.. Kaos on vocals and guitars.. Lvcifyre was invoked in late 2007 by T.. Kaos and T.. Slutsodomizer (guitars), both involved in the death-breath erection of Adorior.. A few months into existence Lvcifyre welcomed S.. Bonewhipper on the drums.. In 2008 Alexandros Antoniou (The One, Macabre Omen) joined for bass.. In October 2008, Lvcifyre entered BST Studio in Paris to record two songs for the first EP titled "Dying Light OvGod", which released by Blood Harvest Records.. Shortly thereafter the band started experiencing line-up issues, and in 2009 Lvcifyre welcomed Menthor from Corpus Christii.. Cultus and his axe bass supported the Lvcifyre forces in 2010.. In 2011 Lvcifyre welcomed Dictator from Necrosadist on the second axe.. Anyway so much for history.. Cut to the present.. In 2011, the band’s first full length album entitled as “The Calling Depths” were released by Blood Harvest and Pulverized Records.. They’ve maintained a level of heaviness on the new record heavier than "Dying Lights Ov God".. This album is death metal perfection to my ears and shall always stay crush and pristine.. A musician evolves and establishes an identity.. The drums he plays acquires a definitive identity.. “.. Lvcifyre raises a black flag salute to the ancient powers of Chaos! Our creation is a scream heard in the deep abyss.. ”.. Menthor starts off by giving us a brief history of the band?.. "Lvcifyre came to life with T.. Slutsodomizer somewhere around 2006/2007.. They had both been involved with Adorior.. Shortly afterwards they found new band members and it became very big and powerful.. This manifestation also stood apart from the primitive spirit that they tried to achieve, so they simply decided to create this as something separate and thus Lvcifyre was born.. By 2008 the EP/demo "Dying Light Ov God" was released, and after a few line-up changes I joined Lvcifyre and shortly afterwards T.. Kaos and I started working on the debut album "The Calling Depths", which was released in late 2011.. We are presently working on the next album.. First of all congratulations on "The Calling Depths".. Menthor wasn't in the band when the EP was written and recorded.. "Well I wasn't in the band when "Dying Light ov God" was written and recorded, so I had no input on that EP.. When I joined Lvcifyre T.. Kaos gave me all the freedom on the songwriting process, so of course things would come out differently since this time around it's two minds rather than one (as opposed to the previous album).. I find the two releases to be very different.. Working with T.. Kaos has been amazing and very rewarding.. In all my experience, I find him to be the first person as devoted to the creation of this ancient black art as me (or even more).. “Husk Of Impurity” and “The Faceless One” are two of my favorite tracks from the record.. The guitar/drum works executed on this album are majestic.. Receiving new death metal albums these days often leave me disappointed but Lvcifyre have provided a good example of creating an enjoyable and worthy death metal album in these days.. It’s a fucking credit to you, Menthor and Lvcifyre.. "Thank you for the compliment.. Yes, it's true: there are lots of bands out there and only a few bring something worthy.. I guess with all that is happening in the world at the moment it is hard for people to focus on what is really important, and to be true to their art, and that's what I hear the most nowadays: unfocussed, untruthful and not so honest creations.. What does “LCF” deal with? The lyric to LCF begins quite nicely.. “Hail prince of death! Hail thy lord Lvcifer; Oh great manifestor! Oh Fallen star!”.. Kaos explains.. "LCF stands for Lucifer.. The lyric itself is based on a dream  ...   on paper.. ".. Kaos agrees.. "Alex did a very good job indeed.. We swapped a tone of emails and it worked out the way it should be.. The artwork represents Mother Tiamat and her symbolic connection with Man.. Can we expect another opus this year, Menthor?.. "We are working on the new album right now and planning to record it in autumn 2012.. Our followers can expect an honest, focused album.. It will be a bit different from "The Calling Depths", but with the same spirit.. Lvcifyre made an impact at Sonic Obliteration 2012 in UK with some other brilliant acts like Ulcerate, Unfathomable Ruination, Sarpanitum, Nexus Inferis, Svart Crown etc.. Menthor tells that it was a good ritual for them, some people in the venue got the message and that is quite fulfilling.. Dictator added some setbacks.. "Despite a few setbacks it was a great success as a first appearance, the response from the audience was fantastic, many were just mesmerized.. And at Purple Turtle, Lvcifyre had a video projection of infernal fire that just mesmerized the crowds.. It’s an unusual idea for death metal bands live but it worked really cool.. The infernal fire explosions which could be heard at the end of the song "The Great Fall", Menthor?.. "As I said before it is a ritual, and we will use anything that will help us creating the right atmosphere.. Dictator explains:.. "T.. Kaos was responsible for this magnificent idea; it fits the apocalyptic vision of Lvcifyre perfectly and adds yet another dimension and weight to the conceptual whole.. I concur with Menthor, every Lvcifyre live event is a celebration and a tribute to the dark forces we convoke in our music and every aspect of the concert is designed to augment the overall atmosphere.. Lvcifyre are a young and very promising band but the band had a lot of line-up issues, recently Dictator replaced Tony Slutsodomizer.. My question is what really makes up a band? I know it’s difficult to say even though I think it’s a dream like collective thoughts nourished by hope and fantasies.. The music that comes forth from the friction that gives new insights and makes the band members more familiar with each other’s attitude.. Menthor begins by telling how he met T.. Kaos.. "I met him through a common friend (Dani, drummer for Cruciamentum, Grave Miasma, Adorior).. Kaos was looking for a drummer and Dani knew me, so one thing led to another.. As for the line-up issues it is not easy to find people who share the same vision, and also people have their own lives.. Lvcyfire requires a great deal of commitment and not everybody is up for it.. In my opinion, what really makes a band is people who share the same vision and are commanded by a higher force and just have to do it, put it out there, that's how I feel.. It is a higher voice that only a few can understand.. That's it, or at least that's how it should be.. Dictator adds.. "A band is made up of individuals with similar goals and a common vision, driven by a higher force towards creating true art.. Menthor pretty much summed it up nicely, Lvcifyre is a band that requires a great deal of commitment and I think, something more that not all individuals are willing to – or can – offer.. I enjoy being in Lvcifyre because we are all different individuals with different personalities who all possess this shared vision.. We all add our own personalities to the proceedings and do everything we can to further the vision and fan the black flames.. Experience really means the kind of phases that we have done and all that we have observed during the course of lives.. Dictator claims that experience is learning from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.. Menthor agrees.. "You learn from experience, so the more you have the more you've learned and the more you can use as the basis of your creation.. 2012 14:45..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Chryst 2/2 - An entity
    Descriptive info: The idea of making one track, one long journey through different soundscapes, is a daring idea and it demands a full vision to make it come through.. How did this idea evolve from its initial spark to the final result and what was the most difficult aspect of making "PhantasmaChronica"?.. "It started with enigmatic pictures that came into my head, first only as short fluctuations at the very edge of consciousness.. Over time these pictures became sharper, clearer.. And one day they started a life of their own.. So I began to investigate them, to explore the secrets behind them.. But I only found new secrets and riddles.. It nearly drove me insane.. And I knew that I could only get rid of this possession if I reconstruct these riddles in an album.. Now I am redeemed, at least from the “PhantasmaChronica” pictures….. The most difficult aspect of making “PhantasmaChronica” was time.. When you are besieged by countless people who want something from you seven days a week from 8h00 to 20h00, then it’s nearly impossible to keep up any creative flow.. It only was possible with a massive lack of sleep, standing up every morning at 4h00 and with special hypnotic techniques.. Personally I only listen to the one-track version instead of the 14-tracker (which is of course the same music, but it's easier to stop after track 5 than during the one track).. How did you work with the different sections to make it one long journey instead of making a few tracks? I mean, there had to be some challenges where you probably didn't make things float the way you intended, and you had to work your way around it.. ?.. "The challenge wasn’t the 1-tracker.. It was the 14-tracker.. Making one whole song in the length of 47 minutes was natural.. It has just flown out like a river from a well.. But then dismembering this song into 14 parts has been the difficult thing.. The cuts could have been anywhere.. And I struggled with myself for a long time if this dismemberment should take place at all.. But in the end I decided that the listener’s comfort needs a kind of dismemberment into tracks.. So these 14 tracks are just for you, the listener.. And I didn’t spend much time in defining or naming them.. The subdivisions are most of all a “technical” thing.. the heaviness, the weird harmonies, the orchestral bombast, the growls and screams, the clean choirs etc.. The booklet is also something that makes me raise an eyebrow, or even two.. It seems well thought, it's filled with images and somehow I think that there're connections between the lyrics and the image on each separate page.. Is this more like an "you should buy the physical product instead of downloading the shit"-trickery? I, for one, is sold, he he.. But seriously, how do you melt everything together, keeping the balance between making this understandable and at the same time challenging?.. "The lyrics, the whole story of “PhantasmaChronica” is very visual.. It doesn’t talk about feelings, opinions or abstract things like philosophies or politics.. It builds a world of language pictures.. Working with pictures has a huge advantage: you can construct a story on several parallel planes.. You have the literal plane that may seem like an ordinary fantasy or science fiction story on the surface.. But you also have several symbolic planes underneath the surface.. This is the plane of hidden truths, the unconscious plane of archetypes.. The artwork reflects the story by filling the landscape with certain pictures out of the storyline in a chronological way.. It’s kept very abstract, simple and elementary as it shouldn’t influence too much your own pictures in your head when floating through the album.. “PhantasmaChronica” is not a solution.. It’s a riddle.. So it challenges you by understanding it in your own, personal way.. Ah, the music.. The vocals.. The insanity.. You never really know what comes next.. When you listen to the whole piece yourself, is there any section that means more to you, anything that is the definite  ...   upside town and you have to rotate the booklet 180 degrees to read the lyrics.. I like such elements, when the story jumps out of its words and spreads onto other planes of perception.. There are some parts that are insanely great, such as in the one-song version, mark 36.. 12 minutes.. Lasting only 23 seconds.. So, when do you know which parts that must be used for quite some time, and where to just have such a short pieces as the already mentioned one?.. "This was one of those parts that just flew out spontaneously, nearly automatically.. It has been composed, arranged and recorded in only one evening.. It takes place in a part of the story where many things happen in a very short time.. So there are also several different riffs and parts in the music in a very short time.. The part before is quite long and repetitive.. Out of the universe singularity slowly grows a cell that becomes an embryo and finally a child.. It’s a very slow and fragile process, so also the music is slow and fragile and seems to take forever.. At 36:12 minutes the child rapidly grows.. The pace of life is speeding up and he collects many different experiences in a short time.. So this part is only short and changes very soon into other musical parts.. So structure always follows content.. In today's scene, where fast food music is basically what survives the steadily decreasing consuming of albums and all that is left are singles and songs.. , where does Chryst fit in? I mean, "Phantasmachronica" is one long song and cannot be easily sold.. "Sales are not the major focus of Chryst.. If my target was to earn good money with music, I’d play cover-versions of oldies and chart-hits at weddings.. The target is to explore new dimensions of music, to build new worlds of words, sounds and pictures.. The mainstream won’t care about it.. But there is also a scene of weirdos out there in search of mental challenges.. And for these brothers and sisters we record our albums.. When we started in the early 1990ies it has been extremely difficult to find these brothers and sisters.. There only were the mainstream distribution and promotion channels like print magazines to reach anybody.. Now it has become very easy.. Via internet we can have direct contact to anybody interested, even if (s)he lives in the last corner of this world.. We have 20.. 000 visitors each month with avant-garde-metal.. At omniversal.. net we sell Chryst albums to countries all around the globe.. This is paradise compared to the situation we had in our early days.. There's a lot going on, speaking of genres.. What inspires you musically speaking, and how do you think the average listener will approach such a chaotic journey as the Chryst album really is?.. "The first influence is 80ies synthie pop music, for this is the music I grew up and started with.. I still like the cold, clinical and sad atmosphere of this era.. The second important influence is the extreme metal that I remember from the 1990ies.. Not specific bands, but the overall atmosphere of Black/Death/Avantgarde metal.. I still like this style of music very much, but had to minimize listening to it 10 years ago when having problems with my ears.. So I am not really up to date here.. Another crucial influence are the Prog/Psychedelic/Kraut bands from the 1960ies/1970ies.. Such a huge wealth of experimentation and new ideas has never appeared again afterwards in youth culture.. I see “PhantasmaChronica” a lot in this tradition, especially when it comes to epic, long songs, innovative structures and arrangements and surreal, otherworldly story concepts.. And then there’s the avant-garde and expressionistic vein of classical music that left some footprints in my music.. Apart from that there’s also a considerable influence from surreal, symbolic and existentialistic movie makers like Alejandro Jodorowsky, Luis Bunuel, Ingmar Bergman or early Lars von Trier or painters like Salvatore Dalí, Ernst Fuchs, Max Ernst or Paul Delvaux.. chrystworld.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. 2012 13:08..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Chryst 1/2 - An entity
    Descriptive info: Before we reach the present, let's dwell a little bit with the past.. Korova and KorovaKill.. Looking back on the weirdness, those twisted turns.. How do you view those albums, knowing that people were not ready for such twisted music as you did with "Dead Like An Angel"?.. "On one side I connect the years of Korova/KorovaKill (1990 – 2001) with many positive memories of magic inspiration and a juvenile urge to cross all frontiers, to reach new and undiscovered musical realms.. It was a real adventure.. The Black Metal scene made its first child steps.. Many bands were open for experiments and nobody knew where it all would develop to.. On the other side the first years felt a bit like Charlton Heston landing on the planet of the apes.. Concert hall emptied rapidly when we started to play.. Media reviews were bad or not at all.. But we also found many good friends and great supporters in that time.. Still I fully stand behind the first two albums “A Kiss in the Charnel Fields” and “Dead like an Angel”.. The sound may suffer from the low studio budgets.. But the songwriting and the ideas were already on eye height with everything that came afterwards.. With “WaterHells” we finally were able to make a happy end.. We had a good studio budget and a fantastic producer.. Everything sounded the way it was planned.. And press response was pretty good.. So we finally were able to close this chapter with a good feeling.. To have made, and still on the right course, weird music that most likely made completely sense to you, but that alienated most potential listeners in days when Nordic black metal still was the thing, did probably result into the long pause since "WaterHells".. When I think of KorovaKill I basically see only very few bands in the same box, same huge box.. Did you ever feel that somebody understood what you were trying to do? I mean, you kind of didn't really know what was coming next.. Another prime example of sick music is what Solefald did on their "Neonism".. "You’re right that the major part of the scene was quite alienated by our work.. But there also was a couple of people who loved our albums.. And sales were okay for a niche band like us.. There were several other reasons for the 10 years break after “WaterHells”.. Our drummer Moritz Neuner got more and more successful with his other bands and projects (Dornenreich, Atrocity, Leave’s Eyes, Abigor, Graveworm etc.. ).. So his attention shifted to these acts.. Renaud Tschirner restarted Elend, which is everything else than a half-time job.. Each Elend album means lifting mountains with bare hands to build eternal monuments.. So it was clear that he’ll completely disappear from this planet for many moons.. And my interest shifted from music to scientific research.. In 2002 I published my first book.. Then I moved from Tyrol to Berlin to start my PhD studies.. So it was a natural process.. With “WaterHells” KorovaKill was completed and ended.. What have you done musically the last ten years, if anything at all?.. "In 2005 I started to build up my own studio.. I was fascinated by the huge possibilities that new recording technologies offered.. So I wanted to fulfil my childhood dream to produce albums completely by myself.. Since then I recorded nearly 100 songs, some finished, some half-finished, some fragments.. This was an important period to learn the craftsmanship of recording and producing, to experiment with the tools, to play with new ideas and approaches.. In 2010 I decided to stop these experiments and fully concentrate  ...   gets, there always will be place for a fly, or at least a grain of sand, or at least a molecule or an atom.. And even an atom has some electrons that rotate around it, mesmerized and enthralled.. Of course the elephant in the skyscraper won’t care about it.. Nor will the electrons care about the elephant.. "PhantasmaChronica" has recently been released.. The first resemblance that comes to mind is Devin Townsend and his insanity on the amazing "Deconstruction" album, like it or like it not.. The second is.. , well, KorovaKill's "Dead Like An Angel".. And as every journalist ask, be it sports, music or whatnot, I also ask: How do you feel [with it being released, this strange journey named "PhantasmaChronica"] ?.. "I feel very glad and relieved that this huge work finally is completed after all these years, all the countless nightshifts, all the battles against permanent interrupts.. It definitely was my most intense and complex work so far, and the one under the most difficult circumstances.. I am not that kind of guy who claims: “Well, this is absolutely the best album we’ve ever done” whenever a new album is released.. I see “PhantasmaChronica” as an important new column of my work.. It puts all the Korova/KorovaKill albums into a new context, a bigger picture.. It’s not my personal interest to draw comparisons.. This is the job of journalists and people who can see it from “outside”.. Anyway I take the comparison to Devin Townsend as a big compliment, Roy.. Devin definitely is one of the most magnificent and mind-blowing artists of the whole metal scene.. I think that you've spent more than a couple of months on the album, doing everything by yourself.. How do you secure the quality in the sense that it's easy to become blind to your own "mistakes"? I guess you know exactly what you want, but still there's a process going on, so how do you write the album and bring the bits'n'pieces together in the end?.. "Yes, all in all “PhantasmaChronica” took 5 years from the first riffs until completion.. The mixing and mastering alone took more than 4 months.. This doesn’t mean that I’ve sat in the studio all days from the morning to the evening.. There have been many breaks, sometimes a couple of days, sometimes a couple of weeks or even months.. This was also the best way to “secure the quality”.. After a longer break you hear everything with a distance, with new ears.. One human being in two different points of time becomes two different persons.. And one human being in hundred different points of time becomes a hundred different persons with different views, attitudes and perceptions.. Many regular breaks helped me to split into this gang of hundreds of different personalities – the crazy artist with chaotic ideas, the structured arranger, the automatic writer in trance, the strict producer, the poet under the tree, the guitar guy etc.. All these personalities worked together very well.. And whenever one of them ran out of power another one came in freshly to continue on another level, on another part of the construction site – until one day the castle was finished.. Another important support was Renaud Tschirner (Elend, KorovaKill).. He regularly gave me feedback during the whole production and did large parts of the mastering in his own “The Tidefall Mastering Studio”.. This was a big help as he is an expert in balancing hard and mighty metal sound with the subtility of complex arrangements.. This gave the final boost to “PhantasmaChronica”.. then dismembering this song into 14 parts has been the difficult thing.. 2012 12:57..

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  • Title: Imhotep - ...the devil speaks... - Persona Non Grata - Made for playing live
    Descriptive info: the devil speaks.. Did you intent for “Inertia” to have a very similar chorus to "Evil Feelings" so as to create a reprise sort of like another brick on the wall thing, or did this similarity simply slip thru cracks?.. "Hi… thanks for the hospitality in Imhotep.. I hope you and your readers doing well.. I am very pleased because it seems you listened the album very carefully.. To tell you the truth I haven’t noticed a relation between the 2 songs especially in the chorus part.. We don’t have any problem to use many times musical themes with different approaches.. In our new album “Quantum Leap” there are certain parts where a musical theme from our previous album “Shade In The Light” slips in.. General speaking our songs are relative or “similar” as you mentioned in order to build the wall brick by brick.. I was blown away by vocals.. How did you get to that point of prowess that easily rivals Dickinson?.. "Aris has a great rock voice with heavy metal lyrical elements; he likes Dickinson a lot so I think he will be now very happy with this comparison.. Anyway I think that everyone is unique especially if we are speaking for vocalist.. It’s widely known that all musicians have their personal influences that affects their personal style.. Your debut album, "Shade in the Light" was interesting but a little all over the place.. "Quantum Leap" sounds like a completely different band.. I mean it doesn't sound like a natural progression at all.. How did that happen and what was your main focus when you began to write for the new album?.. "The truth is that the 2 albums were recorded in completely different conditions.. On the debut album Chris and I, having no band actually, we asked for session musicians to help us record the album.. On the 2nd album we were acting like a band with 5 full members rehearsing, writing music and lyrics all together.. Apart of that we now have the experience from doing the production of the previous album and avoided to make the same mistakes.. How did you get this record to sound this organic and yet mechanical at the same time?.. "We tried to record as dry and natural as we could.. Drums are completely natural, guitars and basses are recorded with amps and mics.. What you hear on the CD is close to the sound that we have on our rehearsals.. I am sure you noticed the lack of multi vocals, something I believe is making the production more direct.. I am often using pianos, organs, strings and other analogue sounded keys in order not to lose the “live feel” that we wanted for our production.. On the other hand, we gave our best to have a solid, strictly correct, rhythm section.. I assume that is the mechanical feel you refer to.. In my review I noticed how the "Diversity" melody is like the one in Machine Head "Darkness Within" (“Unto the Locust”, 2011).. How do you think is this possible for two different bands in remote corners of the world from each other to come up with the same notes at the same time? It is a phenomenon as I completely rule out any inspiration since you both worked on it at same time.. "Yes that could have happened.. The globalization of music eliminates the distances.. Apart of our very personal influences, I do believe that we all have very similar ones.. In any case I am flattered with this comparison.. Machine Head are one of the groups I respect a lot.. Besides the ones you have already worked with, if money or transportation was not the issue, who would you like to produce your next album and what do you think others can contribute to your band?.. "I won’t name producers or studios because they are temporary and expendable.. I can only tell you my dream for the perfect recording session.. If I am not wrong some years ago Sting gathered his buddies (all of them exceptional musicians) somewhere in Tuscany - Italy where they rent a villa for a couple of months.. They played all day music so finally they came up with some of the greatest songs ever.. That’s perfect.. The cover of "Quantum Leap"- what is, if any, the story behind  ...   economic system that is falling down.. A weaker country goes down faster, that’s logical I think.. The difference is huge compared to 3-4 years ago not only for the artist of course but for all.. The unemployment is near to 20% according to statistics.. Some artists say that the best thing is to perform the songs on stage.. How do you view playing live compared to the more long process of recording an album, not to forget that you have to write your songs as well?.. "Yes I agree.. A band is made for playing live or is obliged to play live, in my opinion.. I don’t like bands that produce great CDs and they never play live.. What’s the meaning? If you ask me what I prefer playing live or being in studio I totally state that I prefer the live thing.. It’s a bit difficult to explain that the best way to rest from the fatigue of the studio is to perform live.. This two things are opposite to each other I think.. Do you think new world order or one world government, in a positive or negative way, is possible?.. "I think it is a bad idea because each country is individual.. That diversity makes our world amazing.. The global or world government will force people to resample in a “prototype” dummy.. I could agree in some world regulations that ensure human rights, or eliminate the starvation of the third world.. For those problems to be solved we need a world effort.. We all are one human race.. What is your general view of the human condition? I tend to think we are all somehow damaged/skewed toward self-destruction, so, in a sense, I agree with the first part of Christian thought but I deny any power of redemption, saviors, messiahs, etc.. Do you agree?.. "I believe that the end of the world will take place the December of 2012.. No, I'm joking.. Self destruction? Maybe yes, who knows? For sure not the messiahs or saviors.. I agree with you on that.. It is the ignorance of what we are, were we came from, that force people to follow religions.. I agree with most of them as they all state not to harm each other, to help and support.. What I can’t accept is the “good” and “evil” thing, the “paradise” and “hell”.. We have a song with similar subject named “Redemption of Sins”.. What advice would you give to a young up and coming metal band in today’s scene?.. "Things are very difficult as there are thousands of bands fighting for the same audience.. That’s cruel.. I could say some banal things about hard work or exceptional skills etc.. but don’t believe that.. All bands are working hard and most of them have great musicians.. No one knows what the audience wants.. That’s the point.. The audience will lift a band from the mass to the sky.. The only advice I could give is to be real.. If the audience like their reality then they will succeed.. What’s next for Persona non Grata?.. "Our 1st priority right now is to tour as much as we can.. We have Redlion, our booking agent, to work on this part.. We are expecting some good offers in order to organize a European tour.. What kind of response you have received thus far?.. "The response we receive from the audience is very positive event though we haven’t established our name in the music industry yet.. We all work too hard in order to have good sound for our lives as much as close to our CD.. Progressive metal audience is difficult and critical some times.. They want to hear the CD live.. That’s very, very difficult to do right.. Some last words from me: Thanks for the hospitality.. I really enjoyed this interview as your questions are unconventional.. I am looking forward to visit Norway and the rest of the world soon for a live performance, hoping you and your readers will join us.. Thanks again!".. personanongrata.. info.. massacre-records.. Composed by Dethster4life.. 2012 08:03.. RE:Persona Non Grata - Made for playing live.. Masterful job, Roy.. Thanks for suplementing some of my questions.. It means a lot to see my "name" underneath the interview.. Thanks for your hard work and always delivering on your promises! D4L.. Dethster4life 09.. 2012 03:22..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Dream Theater - to headline the 2012 D-TOX ROCKFEST, and other acts announced
    Descriptive info: Dream Theater are widely known to be kings of the progressive metal music world, and this band alone should attract many attendees to the festival.. Even if they do not know much about the other bands appearing, those who are fans of Dream Theater, loving to listen to them as they play.. Partypoker.. or travel to work, are likely to go just to see them.. The band were formed in 1985 and hail from Massachusetts.. Together, they have sold more than 12 million albums and have recently been nominated for a Grammy Award.. The founders of  ...   concentrate on the band they had formed.. Now, Dream Theater is credited with being among the early pioneers of progressive metal music, containing the three main elements of melody, metal and progressive roots.. Also, recently added to the D-TOX line-up are Sublime with Rome, No Use For A Name and Good Riddance.. A further 90 bands, a very impressive number, will be announced in March 2012 and the main festival itself will be held from June 15th – 16th.. Below you can watch a three part video interview done a couple of years ago.. 02.. 2012 14:04..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Grand Magus part 2/2 - More Hunting
    Descriptive info: It’s never easy losing a member of the band, but due to family/work reasons you’ve had to replace Sebastian Sippola on drums with Spiritual Beggars drummer Ludwig Witt.. Was he the natural first choice to join Grand Magus? How would you describe his style in comparison to Sebastian?.. “Yes, he was the first and really the only choice.. Even Sebastian and I had talked about this before he decided to leave that Ludwig would be the only one that could do this properly.. Style-wise, they are from the same school of drumming- it’s something you don’t find often today because they are real hard rock drummers.. The same way that Cozy Powell and Bill Ward are hard rock drummers- but they also have the metal chops.. Lately I think Ludwig has turned away a little bit from the 70’s style and gone for a more stripped down approach so he plays a bit straighter and doesn’t do as many fills as before.. He told me this before- he is now into early Manowar, early Judas Priest style drumming, and Accept - Stefan Kaufmann’s drumming on “Restless And Wild”, “Balls To The Wall” - so we both agreed that this was going to be a perfect approach for this album.. ”.. Any special secrets for how you are able to sing so well live? Is it difficult for you to separate your mind between playing your guitar parts and also singing with such power and conviction?.. “Secrets… well I think, the key is not to think too much about how you are going to sing, you need to relax.. Sometimes it’s a struggle but most of the times if I’m in a good frame of mind its usually great and a lot of fun.. The main thing apart from relaxing is you have to have conviction, you have to believe in what you are singing and you have to put your heart and soul into it otherwise it’s not going to mean a thing - if you can’t reach people with your emotions people aren’t going to believe in you.. Vice versa you can be a ridiculously bad singer but still touch people because they love the way you connect with them.. When it comes to playing and singing at the same time it is difficult.. There are guys like John Sykes who is a super guitar player and a super singer, he can play these incredible rhythms and sing at the same time- and I’m not anywhere near his class.. You just need to rehearse and play to the level where you don’t have to think about it - you feel it in your body.. If I get lost I don’t know what chord I’m in because it comes so automatic through the number of rehearsals.. What do you consider the advantages of Grand Magus as a power trio outfit? Do you think there are any specific disadvantages - would you ever consider adding another rhythm guitarist to beef up the sound?.. “I would say that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.. The advantages have to do with longevity, you avoid the potential of conflict.. Everything logistically is so much easier to deal with, you get tighter as a band because you have less people to deal with- as a trio you really have to be on your game.. Disadvantages are you can’t have an off night or you are in a world of hurt.. I would say that there is a bit more pressure on you in a live situation being a trio.. At the same time you have a lot of freedom.. Yes, we have thought about adding an extra guitar player for live work but we also realize we have done things the way they are for close to 15 years so it doesn’t make sense to change things now.. We don’t want to be one of those bands that add session players for live work- being in a trio in the studio or are you five people live? People seem to get off on the fact that we are a trio - we make a noticeable racket as a trio.. Now that it’s been a few years since your ‘breakthrough’ with the “Iron Will” album, why do you think that particular record connected with so many people across the globe?.. “How many was there? I certainly didn’t get rich from that album (laughs).. It’s a combination of the songs, the production, and the performance with the sound.. It was the right timing, we had good songs and that’s the most  ...   Tipton - the riffs that they created just put a smile on my face thinking about it.. Do you think there is too much music for the consumer to sift through these days? How do you feel about the quantity versus quality issue in metal?.. “I don’t ever think there can be too much music because music is music, it’s always been around in some form or another.. There’s definitely a problem when it comes to quantity over quality when it comes to heavy metal I have to say.. Then again who knows? The good stuff will persevere and the bad stuff will just vaporize.. That’s the way it’s always been and hopefully that’s the way it will continue to be.. It’s become much easier to record and put out music in some shape or form.. I’m a bit worried that to create something really special you need to have support financially- not only for metal musicians but for an artist like Kate Bush for instance.. Are those artists going to even exist when no one gets paid for recorded material? I am bit worried about what the future is going to look like, it would be a shame if the art of the heavy metal album would disappear.. Then we would just have songs.. An album is a really cool thing- it’s like the chronicle of a band, where they are at a certain point in time.. An album is like a novel, and a song is like a chapter in a book- I don’t want to read separate chapters from different books, it gives me no sense of fulfillment.. I want to read a whole book from start to finish.. And then I can read some of the chapters again due to my deeper interest.. You have a good relationship with many Swedish death metal musicians through the years- do you think in today’s scene people are more open-minded to various genres of metal than say in the 80’s or 90’s?.. “Maybe, maybe some of the younger kids are.. I think most death metal people or bands that we know and socialize with have always had a very strong love of classic metal- Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath- that’s one of the things that maybe warmed people up to us because they like that kind of music.. With the growth of all the metal festivals you have loads of different types of metal being played all at the same time, the barriers between each style have eroded a bit.. It’s good to have a bit of resistance - when the Norwegian black metal bands came out, it wasn’t for everyone and I think that’s a good thing too.. They were very protective about certain things- everything is not for everybody, that’s important to remember.. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received regarding your music career- either from your family, fellow musicians, or anyone else through the years?.. “I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten any advice really through the years in that respect.. The best advice I can think I read somewhere was probably from Yngwie Malmsteen - to just stick to what you believe in.. Don’t try to jump on any trends because it’s going to be too late.. Stick to what you think is the best type of music or style and that’s the only choice you have.. How do you feel about the retirement of acts like Cathedral (who’s singer Lee Dorian signed Grand Magus to your first record deal with Rise Above) and Candlemass? Will you know when it’s time to put Grand Magus to rest?.. “I hope so (laughs).. I think you see it.. Both Lee Dorian and Leif in Candlemass, they are people with very strong integrity and intelligence.. They know exactly what they are doing, and I hope I do as well.. You enjoy the outdoors - what are some of your favorite things to do when you have the time to enjoy them away from Grand Magus?.. “My favorite thing to do is grab a pair of binoculars, grab a back pack with something to eat and drink and plow straight through the forest.. I could spend days just being out for a long walk, or sometimes sit down and listen and look around you.. It’s the most exciting and relaxing thing that I know about, just to fill up with the scents.. Fishing is the second favorite, it has an added element of fulfillment to it.. Pictures by Audrey Dujardin.. grandmagus.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 18.. 05.. 2012 12:36..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Grand Magus part 1/2 - The Spirit Of The Hunt
    Descriptive info: Rarely will you find a power trio so resolute in their purpose as Sweden’s Grand Magus.. Developing their style originally on Lee Dorian’s Rise Above record label, their fourth album “Iron Will” struck a chord with audiences into traditional metal and doom all the same.. Their follow up for Roadrunner “Hammer Of The North” opened the floodgates with major media attention, cover features on most of the more prominent metal publications and a boatload of touring/festival opportunities.. “The Hunt” will once again win over metal fans young and old.. Steeped in the classic mold, JB, Fox and new drummer Ludwig aren’t worried about studio tricks, samples or Auto-tuning their vocals.. The philosophy remains simple and effective: plug in and play- let the hooks, riffs and melodies do the talking.. With Black Sabbath and Judas Priest as a backdrop, Grand Magus keep the spirit of heavy metal alive and kicking.. What are some of your earliest musical memories growing up? What convinced you to begin playing an instrument and start the band process which led to Grand Magus?.. “My earliest memories are I have two older brothers – they are thirteen and eleven years older than me, so by the time they were teenagers they were listening to Nazareth, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and stuff like that.. I was around 3 or 4 and I was in one of my brother’s rooms.. I have a distinct memory hearing “Black Widow” by Alice Cooper from “Welcome To My Nightmare” and that was one of the earliest.. That brother also happened to have an electric guitar with a distortion pedal, and a little amp.. When I turned 11 or 12 I started buying my own albums with Black Sabbath and stuff like that- so I was curious to start playing the guitar.. Ritchie Blackmore had a huge impact on me as well because I thought he was the coolest guitar player- I decided then and there I wanted to play the guitar for real.. You mention in one of the interviews I saw online that you write together as a band in your rehearsal space instead of piecing things together through home studios and sending files to each other on the computer.. Do you think this helps Grand Magus stick out from album to album, due to your personal chemistry and ability to hone in on things organically?.. “Yes, but this time around it was a bit different.. We had our first personnel change in six years, so three of the songs were done just as we had done before in the rehearsal room- but the rest of the songs were ideas that I was working on at home.. Then we did pre-production demos, so there was no drummer involved in the creative process for the rest of those songs because it was not doable due to Sebastian finishing up the last of our touring earlier this year and then he quit the band.. We knew we needed another drummer for the album so we got in touch with Ludwig and there wasn’t time for him to be involved with the writing of the material.. I think the outcome wasn’t that different anyway.. The new album is “The Hunt”- your first for Nuclear Blast.. Was the deal with Roadrunner a one-off, and do you feel you’ve made the right move for Grand Magus in light of the recent dissolution of Roadrunner in Europe? Please enlighten us on the recording and writing  ...   yourself.. At the same time you become more confident as you go along- even though it seems impossible to come up with something you know that you are going to in the end, it’s going to happen.. It’s a matter of finding the key to open the door and then you find a room full of things that you can use.. One of the things I like most about the new album is the risk taking measures you deliver on a song like “Son Of The Last Breath” with its sparse acoustic guitars and violin accompaniment against the twin guitar harmonies and atmospheric vocal parts.. How important are dynamics to the Grand Magus arrangements and overall sound?.. “Very important.. For this album I’m very happy that you mentioned this, we made a conscious effort to have a lot more dynamics than in the past.. We wanted more variation between the songs, you know - “Son Of The Last Breath” we knew we needed something like that, so we worked very hard to make it feel hypnotic and in some parts it should be ass-kicking and powerful.. The risk you always run is that you have ten tracks that are great but after five of them you just get too samey so that’s something that we worked consciously on.. Many of the songs possess an attack and tone reminiscent of the older analog metal records - is it tough to capture your sound with today’s digital technology? Are there any particular tricks you used this time to make the album rawer sounding than “Hammer Of The North”?.. “That’s a good but difficult question.. I think that with all the technology available it’s easier to fall into traps where you do stuff that sounds good on paper but ends up sounding sterile and monotonous in real life.. One of the things that we did on “The Hunt” was we were very careful to not use compressors because a lot of metal music today the only punch that’s left is in the very high transients of the attack- there’s no air being shifted.. When you use too much compression in the wrong way, you can’t really turn up the volume because the louder it gets the more annoying it gets.. With “The Hunt” we wanted it to be an album where you just want to crank it louder and louder on a home stereo system, much like an album that’s produced like “Back In Black”.. We avoided the standard solutions with too much drum replacement, it’s just drums and mics.. There isn’t a single sampled sound on there.. We were very pleased with “Hammer Of The North”, variation is the key.. The cover art is very minimalistic in comparison to previous Grand Magus albums.. Who designed the new album art and what was your thought process behind the concept?.. “This time we went back with Arik Roper - the guy who did the “Iron Will” cover art.. We knew about his capabilities, in his art that he does on his own he has a very strong element of nature in it.. “The Hunt” has parts of it that deal with the relationship between nature and mankind, mankind and wolf kind- so we knew he would grasp what was needed to illustrate the title.. This is what he came up with- it’s just a perfect thing that encompasses so much I put into the lyrics.. It’s almost like a telepathic thing.. 2012 12:35..

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