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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Demonia - Metal Every Day
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. photos by Marcus Norman.. First off, you are Swedish and your blog is now quite popular as far as I understand.. How did the urge to begin your blog and to develop it come from?.. "I first started when a friend of mine was nagging me about doing something with all the photos I had from different gigs and festivals.. I usually bring along my camera and I have been taking a lot of photos over the years.. My friend thought it was a good idea to do something with all the photos I took on different festivals, partys, gigs and so on, showing them to people and also do like reviews or something like that.. I was not into it at all, for me it was MY photos and I kept them for myself.. But after some years I thought that this might be a good idea after all, and I have now been doing this more than three years, still going strong!".. For people who have visited your blog, it's obvious that you know a lot of people in the metal scene in general, and not only artists and bands from Sweden.. "I have been in the scene for a long long time trawling around the world to different gigs or festivals, so of course one gets to know lots of people.. I haven't had any problems with people not wanting to be in a picture on my site - the pictures I post show friends of mine and not some unknown people.. If some of my friends don't want to be on the site they tell me and I respect that.. Of course the picture will not be posted.. I never post stupid, ugly or too private pictures of my friends! I take lots of photos and not even half of the pictures usually end up on the page.. I have only had good response from the filming and the photos, I think like you say that I do it in a respectful way so I think most people really enjoy reading and watching the blog.. My site is the biggest metal-blog in Sweden with between 700-1200 individual readers every day.. Big thanx to my readers.. ".. I guess the work with the blog is more like a routine to you know.. Perhaps it's even a drug in the sense that you have to post something quite often and regularly.. How much time do you spend on the blog-site itself, counting out all the time you spend on concerts, festivals and hanging out with bandmembers and friends?.. "I spend a lot of time with my page.. Some days I have more time and then other days I really don't have any time at all so that's very different, but usually we're speaking about at least 2-3 ours every day.. If I'm working on bigger festivals-posts with both pictures and videos, one post may take 6 hours up to 2 days to finish.. So it put lots of time on the page and I really hope people are enjoying what I'm doing.. You also post a lot of videos from concerts and festivals, as well as pictures, which I guess is the reason that you have visitors from in example the US of A.. What kind of response is it that you get the most, and what do foreigners (not counting in Norwegians and Danes) comment?.. "People from all over the world read my blog, I write in Swedish but you can easily change the language to your own (most of the languages are there).. I think that's why I have so many readers from all over the world and then of course I write about great music, posting pictures/videos of bands/friends.. Maybe people from countries far away from here never have the chance to see these bands.. I really don't get so much response in form of comments from people outside of Sweden so I really don't know?.. You listen to a lot of music, no only black metal.. Do you see your blog as a "Demonia's point of view" only, or do you perhaps give room for friend's post on matters that concern you?.. "I only post music that I really like, I try not to keep anything for myself even though it does happens sometimes, he he.. You do visit concerts and go to festivals all over the world.. Even though you behave as a tourist, it seems like you don't go anywhere if there's no concert at the same time.. What does it mean to you to watch Iron Maiden in Singapore (!) comparing it to watching them in Sweden?.. "Of course I am a metal fan and my biggest interest is the music so why not do it everywhere? For me it's a lifestyle, not something I do on the weekends if you know what I mean? I am totally dedicated  ...   want to put up on my page it's up to me.. I don't make any money at all, I get some free stuff and that's about it.. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions about working together:.. Demonia.. webblogg@hotmail.. com.. ".. Sweden has many of the best bands in the extreme metal scene, naming Watain, Funeral Mist, Necrophobic, Marduk and Ondskapt, not to mention the dead artists.. From your point of view, what's with Sweden and extreme metal? And why is it more orthodox compared to in example Norway where the bands are more image-based, being metal on stage and just party party off?.. "Sweden and Swedish blackmetal are growing stronger, and I think that Sweden have some great bands.. Some of the bands are really into what they are doing and it's not just a performance on stage, it's a lifestyle and it is for real.. I don't really know what to tell you about "being metal on stage and party off" - people like that should not be into this kind of music, it makes me sick *spit*.. I don't think it's about witch country you are from, I think it's just about what kind of person you are and what you believe in.. What were the highlights for Demonia, musically speaking, as well as coming to festivals and such? I guess the final Hole In The Sky was something special to you as well as most attendees.. ?.. "Hmm.. There have been so many highlights during the years.. I have been travelling all over Europe since I was 15 so let's see if I can remember some, he he.. I have great memories from my hometown Umeå (north of Sweden) where I in the 90s saw band like: Tiamat, Unleashed, Dissection, Black Sabbath, Throne of Ahaz, Merciless, Naglfar, Dismember Necrophobic.. Travelling 70 miles just to see Morbid Angel back in 1993 with Grave and Dismember, sleeping at Johnny's (Unleashed) small apartment and at some record store floor.. was and still is a great memory.. I have lots of great memories from Dissection from the early days until the comeback here in Stockholm at Arenan and the Midsummer Massacre show at Hovet here in Stockholm.. To see two gigs with Iron Maiden in Indonesia are of course memories that I always will remember.. I have great memories from the Open Hell festival in Czech Republic back in 2005 where Dissection and Mortuary Drape played.. The King Diamond/Mercyful Fate tour back in 96-97 was amazing.. I visited Norway's Inferno festival the first 6-7 years, maybe I have to go back soon (I haven't been to Inferno since 2008).. The final Hole in the Sky was of course a great weekend, I have lots of great memories from Bergen from all the years I visited Hole in the Sky, I've met a lot of new and.. old friends over there and we had some really fucked up parties before and after the festival.. I could go on and on, I have seen so much and there are more to come.. If you could listen to just one more album.. , ever, which album would that be and why would you go for that one?.. "Dissection "Reinkaos"!!! By far Dissection's greatest album.. The album means a lot to me, Jon Nödtveidt was a very close friend of mine.. Now the clock has tick tacked into 2012 and new releases are upon us, naming the Norwegian Nekromantheon as a good start.. What else is up your alley, that you look forward to?.. "Nothing really! I can't say that I listen so much to "new" music, I prefer to listen to the music that's already in my collection, maybe if we are lucky there are two ore tree albums.. 2012 that are good, at least we could hope for that.. I think one of them have to be the new Masters Hammer album "Vracejte konve na místo"!".. What kind of development can we expect on your webblog? Any surprises in the coming?.. "Every day is a surprise, he he.. In the near future you can expect some Festival reports, I have been to so many festivals this summer so I am still doing festivals from the summer.. Sooooo Hole in the Sky is up next, Eindhowen Metal Meeting in Holland and House of Metal in Umeå are coming up in the near future.. I don't know of any surprises yet, I usually do the post on the same days so whatever happens that day or weekend you will see, he he.. Probably some walks with mr LG, good food, some cool music, gigs and awesome parties.. That's the life of Demonia!.. A big thank you to Roy for the questions and thanx to all the readers, see you around soon! Cheers".. //D.. http://demonia.. webblogg.. se/.. Roy Kristensen 11.. 05.. 2012 07:46.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Secrets Of The Moon 2/3 - …wounds…
    Descriptive info: When I read the lyrics for “Carved In Stigmata Wounds” it’s obvious that you don’t hold much contempt for human kind.. Especially when we look closer to the – Destiny – part, which deals with the fate of mankind and its clear unimportance.. I wonder, do you feel this misanthropy towards humanity in general, or do you only view this against the religious principles?.. ”We don't take a stand with the content of the record.. The lyrics on "Carved In Stigmata Wounds" are based on visions of a dying evolutionary world clearing space for what is to come.. My personal religious appearance is not important in this context.. The spirit is above all.. “.. The lyrics for “Carved In Stigmata Wounds” are, as far as I understand, part of your trilogy, the first part being “Stronghold Of The Inviolables”.. Where “Stronghold…” represents a new world, “Carved…” denies and destroys this world.. Does this mean the third part will be a creation of a new world, since you have this idea that in order to create you must destroy? What is it that makes you write your ideas from an occult point of view, instead of making it obvious to the common man?.. ”I write the lyrics from my point of view.. It's not of interest if the listener can follow me or not.. There are some occult theories integrated in the lyrics but that should not detain the listener to take a closer look.. Moreover I think that the lyrics are more direct than they were on the first album.. ”.. You hate stagnation, and I guess this goes for your lyrical evolution as well as the music you create for Secrets Of The Moon.. How does the lyrics evolve?.. “Lyrics and music are equally important but I try to keep both things separated from each other.. Lyrics evolve independent from the music.. It's important to catch an atmosphere with music that fits to the lines I wrote.. I have a clear vision in mind about how music should affect me, us and the listener.. It must go hand in hand, it must be created independent but the vision is the same! It has not been easy to write the lyrics but it had to be spoken out and so I did.. The lyrics on the next records will be different again because I want to accost the listener this time, make him a part of the shit that's going on.. There’s one thing that always puzzles me when it comes to black metal, and especially black metal with less sales-potential (and often more soul).. Howcome you play black metal (without major keyboards, big choirs, symphonic orchestras)?.. “That's ok with me.. I don't have much interest in the Black Metal scene nor do I listen to bands from the genre where we approach.. People within Black Metal should not care about the likes of others but try to find their own expression, their own identity.. It's a heart-based thing and we don't want to share our heart with anyone else.. “.. Why not make a rock or pop album with the same theme, and where you may be able to sell more than you do today?.. “We chose the shape of extreme Metal because it represents our thoughts in the best way.. If we feel right with doing a dark rock album in some years we will surely do.. No one can nor should dissuade.. ” Enough of that, and let’s us spend some time with Secrets Of The Moon’s music, and your debut “Stronghold Of The Inviolables”.. I listened to it once again, and I must say that despite its wicked sound, it contains an atmosphere rarely conceived by other bands.. It’s unique and different.. Looking back at it from today’s point of view, I’m a bit curious if the album gained any success outside Germany?.. ”Yes, it did! As "Stronghold.. " was released by an American label (Red Stream) we got much attention from the states and the rest of Europe.. It brought us a big step forward.. Not in the same magnitude like Prophecy did with "Carved.. " but the Americans did a great job.. Moving a couple of years back in time, I wonder how you regard “Stronghold…” today?.. “We're still satisfied with the recordings.. Not because we like the sound or the songs but due to its uniqueness and its occult approach.. “Carved In Stigmata Wounds” is your newly released album, though it is more than a year old musically speaking.. I’m not going to ask you if there’s anything you should’ve or could’ve done better, because every musician gives the same boring answer.. But before we delve into the actual songs, I’d like to ask you what you think is the best aspect with “Carved…”?.. ”It's again the atmosphere the album provokes.. You see, atmosphere is all for us.. I think "Carved In Stigmata Wounds" has quite a "free standing" feeling.. The atmosphere is not only dark but also abandoned in a very positive sense.. Moreover I think the variety in each song is able to push the listener into very different moods, which is also a good aspect on the record.. The first and most obvious aspect with “Carved In Stigmata Wounds” is the length of the songs, lasting from 7 to 12 ½ minutes, except the opener “Crowns” and the closer “Dust”.. Besides the natural reason that it felt right, didn’t you feel it was daring to write such lengthy songs when most metal bands today try to at least have half the songs within the radio-friendly 4-5 minutes at most? And of course, why did the songs, generally speaking, turn out to be up to 12-13 minutes?.. ”We worked so hard on "Carved In Stigmata Wounds" and it just felt right.. We did not care too much about the length of the songs.. It's interesting because the press often wrote about the length of the songs.. The album as a whole is quite long but a 7-9 minutes song is not long to me.. 30 minutes are long.. 7-9 minutes is a perfect time because you're able to put many different characters in a song.. The second aspect is clearly the production.. It’s strong and each instrument is easily heard and related to.. The drums, guitars and the voice have their natural place in the album, but it’s more surprising to notice the bass and its role.. In “Kaosthrone” it’s highlighted and makes a dark atmosphere in the first two minutes of the  ...   out the way I look upon the vision of the lyrics.. The booklet has got its own very unique and independent way of expression.. A final aspect and maybe the most important one concerning this incredibly release is the whole there’s to it.. If we think of the music in itself and nothing more, I wouldn’t claim it’s an album filled with originality and inventiveness.. But, there’s always a but, the combination of production, booklet and music makes this album one of the most unique album released in several years.. Fact is, I can’t think of any album that is very similar to this.. There are different elements in every track, and once the listener has learnt to know the tracks from each other and become one with the album there’s no way back.. Do you think you’re able to overdo “Carved In Stigmata Wounds”, or must you once again change direction and come up with something different, since your two albums so far are like night and a different night?.. ”We are currently working on the new record and we finally found a second guitarist who is able to work with us.. He is a close friend for years and has the same musical background.. It feels fresh.. We do not care about any limitations in music.. The new material surely is different to the last album.. Our advantage is that people never knew what to expect from us so we have musical freedom and we thoroughly use this wide room for our music.. We must not forget about the four extra songs on the limited CD-version of “Carved In Stigmata Wounds”, which doesn’t fit into the album but still are good enough songs to become released, especially “The Devils Tempest”.. In there, we also find the “The Protagonist” by Dead Can Dance.. Hmm, a peculiar choice for a black metal, at least in first sight.. Do you see “The Ambience Of A Dead Star” as something people should have in mind while they try to get hold of “Carved In Stigmata Wounds”? And why should these four tracks be listened to with headphones, while the main album should be played as high as possible?.. ”This is only because we mixed the songs through headphones only (!!).. They sound "wider" through headphones.. Actually "The Ambience Of A Dead Star" has nothing in common with "Carved.. " because it's a different session, it was a different time.. "The Ambience Of A Dead Star" shall reflect the death that lies beneath us, beneath earth’s population.. This world is dead.. It has always been and we should not exist but we do.. It's wrong! We chose those four tracks to become part of the whole because they present inflection points for us.. If we shall make a summary of Secrets Of The Moon so far, the band is not one of those “…rats that walk the paths of your ancestors…”.. You create your own world and bring in new ideas (and principles).. Do you feel that Secrets Of The Moon deserves to be noticed by the huge herd of metallers out there? Could it be that you’re content with being a band that makes a path of its own?.. ”Oh no, I don't think that a huger crowd will notice us.. Our music is not for the masses.. It's good to know that there are people treating us with respect because they know that we are different and it's good to know that there are individuals who really understand what we stand for, being ambassadors of a new philosophy in dark metal.. Are your new songs easier to perform live? While thinking of it, I guess the audience get into your music and stay there during the shows due to the hypnotic feeling some of your songs actually contain.. Do they get somewhat confused due to the variety you have in your creations?.. ”It's great to see that many people are familiar with the songs on the latest record and know our words as well as we do.. But also people pay their tribute for just watching the show, forming their own opinion.. We often fall into a very hypnotic state of mind, which is why we normally do not communicate much with the audience.. “Carved In Stigmata Wounds” is in my opinion your magnum opus (so far).. The minutes lasting from 5.. 45 minutes to 11.. 20 minutes are really out of the ordinary.. I was caught by surprise when I heard these minutes and understood absolutely nothing.. I didn’t understand what it had to do with the lyrics and the song as a whole, but I really liked it.. How have people reacted towards these minutes and the song as a whole? I mean, there is no other song ever that’s even similar to this track, at least not to my knowledge….. ”Many critics appointed the songs as some kind of blueprint uniting the wide aura of Black Metal which is indeed a praise I think.. It left many people speechless which is something that surprised us a lot.. We never thought about reaching so many positive reactions with this song.. Maybe because the last five minutes have a very progressive background.. Now, that you’re leaving the interviewing schedule behind for some time, maybe in order to concentrate on the final section of your trilogy, do you feel you’ve received response from people who actually understands what you’re aiming for, or is it more that you have to disappear from the spotlight for a while and await the comprehension of more people? I mean, why do you choose to let these next few words be your last for an unknown period of time?.. ”We will do a couple of interviews with the release of the new album but until then we will leave this as our final words.. We don't want to talk too much and let the music speak instead.. We also thought about regretting interview requests forever but time will show how we will handle this.. Interviews, especially written ones are very time consuming and we don't have much time in our lives.. This should not be meant as arrogant, it's just a natural development for us.. Anyway, I thank you for your questions.. I am sure that this new year will bring us forward spiritually and musically and I am very interested in your thoughts concerning our next steps.. There's much to come.. ”.. www.. secretsofthemoon.. org.. prophecy.. cd.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. Roy Kristensen 28.. 01.. 2012 00:02..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Secrets Of The Moon 1/3 - …blackness…
    Descriptive info: Look for originality, and you most probably have to search for quite some time.. Especially in the underground metal scene, because it could be that most bands try to maintain success by copying bigger bands.. At least that’s what the media claims.. No matter, Secrets Of The Moon are probably just what the name says, a secret.. But no more, because such a band can’t be kept a secret for a long time because their music demands more.. It’s underground black metal which you haven’t heard before, totally dark black metal.. Hailz and congratulations on the CD release of “Stronghold of the Inviolables”! How does it feel to have this released on this format via Red Stream/Cicatrix, and how have they and Sombre Records (who published the vinyl!!) been to the band?.. “Yeah, we are very satisfied with the words of both labels Red Stream and Sombre Records.. Both labels did a fantastic job and spread the propaganda far! The vinyl version is for a long time sold out now, but a picture LP version will follow in about one month, I think.. How does the entity of Secrets Of The Moon differ from Martyrium and the “Lux Occulta” album you released on Merciless years back? How did the beginnings of the formation of this cult arise from the ashes of Martyrium?.. “Daevas and our former guitarist were active in Martyrium for a long time.. When Martyrium quit, they started to work on a new concept and let Secrets Of The Moon arise from the ashes of their former band.. Martyrium was a very strong cult back then.. They were the first neo-Black Metal band hailing from Germany.. They live on in the minds of the ancient ones! It's 2002 now.. The sound on “Stronghold…” is raw, dark, and fucking hollow sounding.. It captures a very occult atmosphere, truly a must for your style of music, I think.. What was the recording process like? Was there a ritualistic atmosphere to the recordings? Do you think arrangement in the studio, such as darkness, candlelight, magick, etc, is especially important to the outcome of an album?.. “Yes, when we recorded the album we were surrounded by blackness, not by light.. Most guitarparts were recorded by night in candlelight, as well as the vocals.. There was a very ritualistic atmosphere, especially while mixing the album.. We were occupied with many occult/satanic topics while recording as well as reading underground literature from the early 90s, tons of fanzines, remembering old bands and catch up the old feeling again.. All that helped us to make those recordings a very special, dark, and intense one.. The most intense feeling is the remembrances in our minds.. There is also an element of old school death/Heavy Metal in tracks like “Praise the Kaos”, especially around the 5 minute mark when the solo and heavy break-riff comes in.. Very dark! Do these bands like Possessed and Celtic Frost also pose (in addition to Black Metal) as an important stone in the “Stronghold…” of Secrets Of The Moon?.. “Yes! Celtic Frost had a huge influence.. Absolutely! But I think with our new songs this influence is gone, as the new songs differ very much from the old material.. Many people might be surprised.. You have chosen what I’d say is underground music; meaning that the sound is raw and unclean, and your music, in its originality, is not commercial in any sense, if metal music can be commercial at all.. Do you really think the people who’ll listen to your music could be capable of understand your philosophy the way you try to present it? I mean, don’t we normally expect teenagers to listen to such music as underground black metal? Or, could it be that the people who were 15-20 ten years ago have evolved?.. “Interesting question.. Well, I think it’s both.. Actually we have quite a strong horde of supporters here in Germany who can really occupy with what we are doing.. But I think it is more musically than they are interested in the background of the music.. I think people just notice that Secrets Of The Moon are original in our approach and that there’s more behind it than in most other bands nowadays.. And finally on stage they are able to see and feel the attitude and the aura surrounding us.. But I would like to add that age is not important to me.. Of course we have young listeners who even grow up with the underground and with our music.. It’s great to hear that they are proud of having our vinyls in their collection and identify themselves with what we are doing.. On the other hand there are lot of older people which get to like our style.. Despite the raw sound, your music is pretty clear if we think of the musical structures and the melodies in certain songs, like the “Inverted Kaos Principles” with its war-drumming and rather melodic solo.. When you write your music, do you consciously think ‘this and that’ has to fit into the metal style, or do you simply construct the songs without any thoughts like this? How do your songs develop?.. “It is like that: When I am home and put my Guitar in my hands to write new riffs and structures for a song, there’s a motive behind it.. That means that something has to move me before I play.. And when it comes I already know how the song will sound finally.. It’s like enlightenment.. Also I even compose many melodies on acoustic guitar (which I play most of my day) and on keyboards before I reveal them on E-Guitar.. When we are rehearsing we build up the song and everybody bring his note in it with the drumming, the breaks and the bass lines.. For the second album “Carved In Stigmata Wounds” we created 72 minutes of music, which means that all the songs on it are 8 to 15  ...   magick and its guiding principles.. The lyrics are a reflection of my inner self, as they are mostly of a very personal character.. Simply said, I try to catch my emotions, thoughts, and experiences in words, which is not that easy to reconstruct for most people when reading it.. They are very metaphorical in nature, yes.. ! The lyrics are as important as the music!”.. Could you, since the concept of “Stronghold Of The Inviolabels” is based upon a story of creation: destroy to create, tell me why you need to destroy to create? And equally important, what is it that you have to destroy? Do you think we can only truly obtain freedom through complete and utter obliteration?.. “Well, first of all I have to note here that “Stronghold Of The Inviolables” is the first part of a trilogy.. I was still unsure to reveal it when I wrote the liner-notes for the CD booklet.. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do this trilogy because lyrically it would be difficult to reconstruct.. But when I started to write the lyrics for the second part I soon realized that I could not do anything else than to continue the story.. At least you find a small introduction in the picture LP version of “Stronghold Of The Inviolables” which has been released some while ago.. So in a short way, the inviolables are humans that withstand religious dictatorship, shoving away principles and morals of society and finally are able to re-release lost strengths and powers.. They rebuild the mutilated form of being.. So, the described destruction means the destruction of barriers and false powers which impede men from development and evolution.. Destruction of all things that were.. The album as a whole deals the topic ‘Destroy to create’.. To erase old principles and standards, to destroy the laws that try to lead you and try to influence you, to break out of the moral imaginations of this sick and perverted/inverted world.. We are here to change the current situation!!! The album should be a musical key to those hidden imaginations, not lost yet.. Cornelius of Solefald said in the interview for Imhotep #7: “.. I think it's bullshit to criticize what people have done before me.. They have done what they thought to be the best.. I think that a band who are made solely to be anti-something which has been done before, cannot be very interesting.. ”.. Instead of the focus on what you have to destroy I ask you what you want to create? What kind of freedom is it that you search for?.. “At first I have to say that I endorse to your opinions.. But you should always have in mind that there’s stagnation within the metal scene.. There are no bands that bring something fresh or new.. I think nowadays bands should follow both ways.. At least that’s what we are doing: Building up our very own concept, our very own forms of expressions and an identity, but on the other hand to be faithful to roots and values.. In my opinion bands like Satyricon or Nile are the best representatives of working in this way.. So we do not search for freedom but for identity.. What exactly is the Clavis Imperial? I notice that the layout was done by ‘Imperious Clavicle, in co-operation with Clavis Imperial.. What is this connection?.. “Well, let's leave it like that: Clavis Imperial is a generic term of artistic creation.. It's no individual person.. There are some people working under the banner of Clavis Imperial.. Clavis Imperial is extremism combined with creativity.. What would you personally like the audience to experience from your music? Would you say Secrets Of The Moon music might be ideal for the performance of certain rituals, torture, etc? “Moonstruck” and “The Rite of Mercury” especially have this very soulless, black, magickal feel.. The guitar solo in “Moonstruck” is also in exactly at the right point in the song to emphasize this.. “The true meaning of the “Stronghold Of The Inviolables” can be discovered only when an individual person becomes one with the album and with the lyrical expressions.. I want the listener to read between the lines.. I don't want them to buy the album, have one short listen, and then have another nice cool item in their CD collection, but that's the way many people do.. “Stronghold…” should be experienced in total blackness and on a very high volume level.. I want the people to dive into a very different state of mind, to get lost in their thoughts and to experience the world we tried to express on "Stronghold…".. Much to my irritation the lyrics of “Moonstruck” is in German.. And since I can’t understand German these days, and don’t have the time to learn it the next half a year, I ask you to explain a bit about the final track on the album, so that I can try to understand the whole (in my own way)?.. “ “Moonstruck” was not written by me but by an old friend of us, so I can not give you an exact meaning.. The song deals with possession and the longing for obedience and total devotion.. That’s why it became a part of the album and incorporates into the lyrical concept.. Ihm werde ich immer gehören.. Ok, I believe that's all I have for today, man.. Thanks very much for your time in answering these questions, I appreciate it! Anything you wish to add, please do so here! Thanks again, and best of luck to you!.. “Yes, thanks a lot to you for preparing these strong questions.. I hate those standard interviews, but this one was a pretty good one! I have to apologize for my short answers, but time doesn't stand still at the moment so I had to keep this short, unfortunately! ALL HAIL THE NEW AEON!”.. Composed by MetalGeorge and Roy Kristensen.. Roy Kristensen 27.. 2012 23:58..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Epica - No Indifference
    Descriptive info: read the former interview here.. Now two and a half year have passed since the former full-lenght.. But let me first ask you how people took on the "Design Your Universe"? Normally one would ask of positive response, but did you really get any negative response, and if so, what kind of?.. " "Design Your Universe" definitely was a huge step forward for Epica, and it sure put the band on the map among other top metal acts.. We quite often heard the word ‘masterpiece’ and it brought us all over the world as a headlining band.. Of course there are people who think that the first album is the only good one, and that everything after that is part of a downward spiral, but I guess every band has fans like these.. I actually see that as a compliment, as it means that first album was good enough to be influential for everything which came after it.. Then you released "The Classical Conspiracy" prior to the “The Divine Conspiracy”.. I guess all Epica fans listened to it, and liked it for sure.. How do you look upon the experience of performing with an orchestra and choir? I am sure it was a dream come through, but what has made the biggest impact on Epica?.. " "The Classical Conspiracy" actually came after "The Divine Conspiracy".. It might sound cheesy, but also for this live album people where really praiseful, calling it one of the best live captures since a long time.. It sure was a huge piece of work, as there were over 100 musicians involved.. Over 6 months of preparation, 10 days of rehearsing, making sure everything is recorded properly.. Epica’s music really comes to life with a real orchestra, so it is definitely something we wanna do again.. The biggest impact was the reaction of the people who came to the show and never heard a single Epica song, let alone a metal band playing along with an orchestra.. It was recorded during a festival for classical music, so obviously you get a pretty different audience.. We always like these kinda challenges!".. How do you choose which songs to play live now? I mean, you’ve a few albums in store now, so the choice is perhaps harder and harder?.. "On every album there are songs which work better live than on the album, and songs which work good on the album but don’t have a huge impact live.. So this is a decision which basically makes itself.. On top of that we also need to take the production into consideration.. Some special effects only work on a certain song, or a certain light color works best with this or that song.. With the new album we’re putting a lot of effort in the live show, so these details are very important for us.. But just like on the albums, we like to have a nice flow in the show.. Create tension and dynamics throughout the show.. What is most important to you when you perform the music – how you perform as a band or how the audience (re)act? In what way do the audience affect your performance?.. "People pay good money to come to a show, so you better give them something memorable.. I’ve learned that you should always give all you’ve got, even if you think people don’t appreciate what you’re doing.. Every audience is different, and there are huge cultural differences between audiences in different countries and continents.. Some people scream from the moment you go on that stage until you leave, other stand still and only clap their hands in between songs, even if they think it’s the most brilliant thing they’ve ever seen.. Though I surely admit the band gets a lot of energy from an audience which is going totally wild.. ".. You have played in Norway several times, though not in 2011.. Will we see you here this year? I see from your Upcoming Shows-list that you’re going to play in Sweden in August, so let’s hope there’s some room for you in Norway as well… What are your best memories from our country?.. "The first leg of the European tour is booked now, but we’re still working on  ...   afraid that the listener will loose his/her attention here and there?.. "First of all Epica is a band which has very long songs, so it comes naturally.. We even had to skip some songs.. Like I said before, we like dynamics in our albums, and use this to keep grabbing the attention.. In addition, being a leading band in the genre, it can also be seen as a statement.. Why would we follow ‘the rules’ and make a 45-minutes album? Because kids can’t concentrate any longer? If we would do that, we’d be part of the reason why they can’t concentrate much longer, and that would be sad.. My favourite lyric is for the song “Anima”.. Seriously, it’s “Monopoly On Truth”.. This can be in a relationship where one is claiming to know the better…, but I think it has more to do with society and how someone else always tells us what we should and must think.. As it says “Can.. we trust all the facts and believe that the fancied wise are just and needed?.. How can people trust each other when it takes more than 10 truths over 1 lie? And people do lie all the time, it seems… Politicians, parents, brothers, sisters, the media, TV, bandmembers, kids… Would we be able to handle a world where people actually were honest to the bone?.. "It can indeed refer to every aspect of life.. Relations, or society in general.. The fact we have consciousness and an own opinion makes us human beings.. But it also makes us use this against each other, or even against ourselves.. It’s human nature, so I’m sure you can’t erase that, and I’m even sure we shouldn’t.. However, it seems like nowadays there is a very select group of people who have all the power, and who do everything to hide the truth from the people.. And that’s a dangerous thing, because there’s nothing more powerful than a nation which feels betrayed.. The Arab Spring is just 1 example of that.. Anyway, "Monopoly on Truth" is indeed about these people who think they have the whole truth, and therefore don’t even take other opinions into consideration.. It makes them narrow-minded, and mostly it’s no fun to have a conversation with them.. Put someone like that in a leading position, and you call this person a dictator.. The closer of the album has probably the best chorus that Epica have ever done, and you’ve done plenty.. “Serenade Of Self-Destruction” is a song that doesn’t exactly give me much hope for the Earth, or to be precise, that’s exactly what it does.. The music is superb and the lyrics make me think of an Earth without its plague, namely humans… Is our self-destruction inevitable?.. "Not if we care a little more, if we are less indifferent.. However, this song is about different aspects of suicide.. It could be an act of religious sacrifice, it could be for honor (samurai), or just because you don’t see another way out.. The result is the same, the reasons are different.. And finally we’re at the title track.. Is there any hope for the Indifferent? You have maybe answered this previously, but why do you think that those who in fact are able to change the world into a better play remain indifferent? When they have a million Euros, they must have one more and so on….. "There’s always hope! The world will never be a place full of peace, love and happiness and we would be naive to believe so.. But it seems like the balance is gone at the moment, and if we all stay indifferent for that, it will only get worse.. People are greedy, we always want more and more.. So if we don’t stop people who lost their balance, they could just go on getting more.. A lot of people think that all these problems are far from their beds, or that they are insignificant in a certain matter and think they can’t make a difference.. Well, once again the Arab Spring is the most clear example.. If you scream loud enough, your voice will be heard.. And that’s exactly what we should do.. epica.. nl.. nuclearblast.. de.. Roy Kristensen 17.. 2012 16:25..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Inferno Festival 2012 - images and words... (updated 11.04.12)
    Descriptive info: click.. on the word to go directly to.. -.. pictures.. day 1 (club day).. day 2 (Thursday).. day 3 (Friday).. day 4 (Saturday).. Day 1.. - Wednesday 04.. Chton.. (H.. B.. ) I remember last year, or perhaps the year before, that watching a band at Blå, in that case Blood Red Throne, was one of the drawbacks with smaller stages than the ones we know from the main area, namely Rockefeller and John Dee.. It was packed.. However, this time around there was plenty of space and I could concentrate fully on the music.. Concentrate? Well, to these ears the Norwegian band's music sounded like death metal like you've heard it before.. Not bad at all, yet not classy.. Just death metal.. The brutal way.. That the band had one song with Kjetil of Enthral fame on guest vocals did spice it up, but didn't save the lack of power due to a drumsound that wasn't up there.. They were simply too hollow.. chton.. Nekromantheon.. ) Another thrash metal feast by a press-praised Norwegian band.. Great sound, packed venue and metal.. What more can you ask for? Nekromantheon know the drill and they are just as tight as a virgin's ass.. myspace.. com/nekromantheon.. Kirkebrann.. ) Norwegian black metal, of course.. Churchfire = Kirkebrann, so there you go.. At Revolver, a small venue where you had to be right in front of the small stage to see anything, the band did a fine gig.. Don't we just love underground black metal with the Norwegian attitude? If course we do.. The sound wasn't too much to write to the elders about, but people seemed to enjoy this bit of trve extremity.. Corpse-paint and all.. com/kirkebrann.. Viðr (Vithr).. ) Norwegian songtitles, presented by the good folk behind Norwegian heathen black metal band Viðr.. If this performance was something to judge by, the full-length album ("Hedensk Skikk Og Tro" out by Demonhood Productions) in May will be something noteworthy.. Loads of great riffs, breaks, songs and blood.. Real? Fake? Who cares? Keep your ears open for another great Norwegian act.. So few people, so many great band.. It has to be the oil-filled soil, don't you think? People had a great time at the small venue in Oslo.. Revolver.. Bang bang.. But let me assure you that Viðr's is not as cheap as my horrible mistake of a joke.. com/vithr.. go back to top.. Day 2.. - Thursday 05.. The Konsortium.. ) The men behind the masks.. But since the sound was a bit muddy, the details in the songs didn't come forth as they do on album.. I'd like to see them for real, with proper soundchech and all.. But luckily they managed to keep the intensity to a necessary degree, which made the performance OK.. Better sound next time around.. com/konsortiummetal.. 1349.. ) Let's throw in a flame or two.. But what would a 1349 gig be without the opening? Flamethrowers? Nah, flame weeding, that's the real thing.. And off we go into fast and furious black metal.. Great sound, insane drumming (as usual) by Frost and intensity from beginning to end, even when they slow down here and also there.. But I think Ravn's vocal have been better and wilder.. It could be that his voice was mixed too low in the production.. 1349 is never dull, and in my book a better choice than Aborted, which had to abort their appearance.. 1349 is never a substitute only, it's a band that stand firmly on 10 feet.. Black metal.. Nothing fansy pansy, just Norwegian black metal the way it should be!.. com/1349official.. Triptykon.. ) Welcome darkness.. Sadly the sound was improper and Tom's vocal was.. quite not there.. I mean, you could hear it but compared to the impact he did at Hole In The Sky 2010 this was a drawback.. And we couldn't see that much due to the fog on stage.. Great with Ravn from 1349 on stage for one track, but that wasn't enough to lift it.. triptykon.. net.. Church Of Misery.. (Ms Freezing North) Last band on stage at John Dee on Thursday was Church Of Misery.. I don’t know what you think of when you hear “hurch Of Misery, but my first thought was that it’s probably just another band with corpsepaint.. So I have to say  ...   band seem to have a great time on stage.. The sound was good, the music was filled with energy and the audience, though a bit reluctant, gave in for their hooks every now and then.. When it's death thrash metal on the plate, make sure you're info for a headbaning time.. I, for one, is sadly too old for this but I still enjoy a great performance.. deadtrooper.. ABSU.. ) When you go to an ABSU show, you must expect a lot of drums.. Not necessarily by the number of elements in the kit, but more that there is so much drumming during the performance.. Yes, you could hear the guitars, the vocals, the bass.. But the drumming.. I'm glad for the older songs, I do like the newer as well and since the sound was great the result was that the show was super to an old fan such as myself.. That the sound was too low for a powerful gig was all fine by me, since I then could concentrate in full on the music.. And especially the drumming.. http://absu.. bandzoogle.. com/mythologicaloccultmetal.. cfm.. Autopsy.. ) Death metal in the rotten to the core manner.. Classics from "Severed Surivial" and the peak "Mental Funeral" blended with newer hits from the recent releases, wrapped in a dirty yet clear sound.. Just as with ABSU, the main vocalist is a drummer.. Personally I don't care who does what in a band, since it is the music that counts.. But I must admit that I'm impressed by such a performance.. Tight and deadly, just the way death metal should be.. autopsydeathmetal.. Day 4.. - Saturday 07.. Ancient VVisdom.. (Ms Freezing North) Next band at John Dee on Saturday after norwegian black metallers Svarttjern, was Ancient VVisdom (two V's) from USA, could be mixed up with another band called Ancient Wisdom from Sweden.. The band was formed in late 2009, they have no drums and they also use acoustic guitars.. The music didn't exactly "blow my mind", but the gig was different, and different is good.. Their songs were dark and the whole atmosphere was very "gloomy", they had (røkelse??) on stage, but unfortunately that smell made me kinda sick so I had to leave before the show was over.. From my point of view, it looked like the audience enjoyed listening to them.. But, maybe the band should consider using a little less "røkelse" next time? Just a thought.. ancientvvisdom.. The Monolith Deathcult.. ) Newly signed to Season Of Mist.. That bears promises of something great to come, having their former "Trivmvirate" in mind.. Great death metal, groovy and brutal with loads of exotic elements (read: ambient, techno, soundscapes).. The band's appearance is great, three vocalists and great sound.. And it seemed that the audience did enjoy themselves, especially those 10-15 headbangers in the pit in front of the band at John Dee.. monolith-deathcult.. com/.. One Tail One Head.. ) Norwegian black metal with a more brutal touch.. This is pure musical violence, blood and great songs.. A packed John Dee (ca.. 600 capacity) enjoyed the show.. Perhaps not the smell of blood (fake/real?), but the appearance was visually all fine.. The band's prime advance is the vocalist.. He's all over the place, his voice is strong and the variation between shouting and screaming with an added dose brutality is great.. One Tail One Head is onto things, and make sure you'll be there when they do their black magic next time around.. com/onetailonehead.. Arcturus.. ) The rise or fall of an Arcturus performance lies in the voice of ISC Vortex.. And he did succeed.. That he exceeded the theatricals in the songs is not a bad thing.. You know, "Painting My Horror" is far out already from the start but when Vortex exaggerates the ups and downs, it worked surprisingly well on stage.. That he didn't hit all tones throughout the show was just a minor drawback, and didn't subtract from the totality.. Great musicianship, some fireworks and a fine sound.. That Vortex acted like a kindergarten teacher in between the tracks is a win/loose battle depending on the single viewer's point of view.. com/arcturusnorway.. Pictures.. (click on thumbnails).. 1349.. (by Heidi Bakland).. (by Ms Freezing North).. Anaal Nathrakh.. One Tail One Head.. The Konsoritum.. Triptykon.. infernofestival.. net.. Roy Kristensen 06.. 2012 17:56..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Videos/Interviews - Neseblod Records proudly presents ”Norwegian Black Metal – Part one” (exhibition)
    Descriptive info: Videos.. The exhibition opens Thursday 29th of March at Popsenteret in Oslo.. It’s curated by the legendary Neseblod Records and designed together with Popsenteret.. You will find rarities, posters and exclusive video material from the early history of Norwegian black metal, with main focus on Darkthrone, Mayhem and Burzum.. A highlight of the exhibition is the screening of never seen video material by  ...   present parts of his own metal-fanzine,”Slayer”.. He will also show pictures from his career as a photographer.. Opening hours during Inferno (easter):.. Thursday-Friday: 12-7 pm.. Saturday-Sunday: 12-5 pm.. Official opening on Thursday 29th of March, 6 PM.. Entrance: 90 kr/50 kr.. Regular opening hours:.. Tue-Fri: 11am - 6pm.. Thursday: 11am – 8pm.. Sat-Sun: 11am – 5pm.. Monday: closed.. Roy Kristensen 31.. 03.. 2012 18:11..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Perdition Temple - Darkness, Ruin and Abomination
    Descriptive info: Greetings Gene, What are the next steps in the career of Perdition Temple? Would you say that you have material for the next blasphemous album already?.. "Right now I've got the line-up completed with new drummer Ronnie Parmer, bassist Gabriel Gozainy, and vocalist Collin Andrews.. We've done one local show here in our city and will doing several more nearby as well as the upcoming Martyrdoom fest in New York in June.. I've got some new songs developed but for the meantime it is time for getting these songs from the debut album out on the live front.. "Edict of the Antichrist Elect" is Perdition Temple's first release, consisting of 8 tracks.. Each song has interesting riffs! How long did the the songwriting and recording take?.. "Some of the stuff on that album was written even prior to some of the songs that appeared on the final Angelcorpse album.. One of them being written for the most part almost 8 years ago.. I wrote a lot of material that ended up just being shelved during the period of the original Angelcorpse break-up in 2000 up till the reformation that happened in 2006.. The actual recording process was much more relaxed than on previous efforts being that I've now got a modest home studio setup for recording my guitars/bass/vocals/etc.. It also shaves a lot of expenses when you're not watching a clock while trying to record your parts.. Who did the art work for the album "Edict of the Antichrist Elect"?.. "Longtime Death/Black metal artist Christopher Moyen.. What led you to choose "Edict of the Antichrist Elect" as the title for the album?.. "It was an appropriate title for a debut for the 'new' band.. Everything I've built over the years has basically created commands, or a sort of 'law' to how my things are done, and given my personal leanings the title really states my mission.. Perdition Temple's first release was a full-length album.. That is not usual in metal, mostly some blasphemous demos came before.. Do you think that its because of your massive experience from Angelcorpse?.. "Yes.. And given the volume of material I had on hand, I figured why just piece meal it out when I could just bulldoze ahead with the full album.. I didn't feel compelled to need to make some 2 or 3 song teaser demo.. I have enough confidence in what I do to just go for it right out of the gate.. "God is dead and the superman is nigh! That is the idea one is left with after reading "Thus Spake Zarathustra" (Nietzche's book is a 19th century literary masterpiece), tremendously influential in the arts and philosophy.. Your thoughts on Fredrich Nietzche? Do you take inspiration from other bands or other forms of art?.. "I have been amused by his stuff as well as stuffs from De Sade, Devi, or even occultists like Blavatsky.. All have had some degree of impact in having spelled out things that I feel and can relate to.. Would you like to express of your lyrical aspects on the album?.. "I never wrote any of the lyrics in Angelcorpse.. At most I guided some of the subject matter and evolved many of the song-titles.. Perdition Temple is my debut for lyrics that fully represent where I am at and how I relate to certain subjects.. But anyone who followed the course of subject matter with my previous band will find nothing has really changed much from the one band to this one.. I have no compulsion to reinvent myself as what I've evolved to naturally is perfectly fine for me to continue with now.. Who came up with the name Perdition Temple?.. "I did.. Its meaning is understood as a gathering for the celebration of all Darkness, Ruin and Abomination.. You have been nearly two decades in the underground metal scene as a musician.. How does it feel like to look back on your career? What impact do these experience have on you as a person?.. "For more than half of my life now I have been somehow involved with all of this.. It is for the most part the place where I find things most sensible to me.. When I am at work at my job or going about other mundane "life" affairs I'm often regarded as  ...   we find in Venom or Bathory.. Satanic thoughts spread through the metal music.. It will last as long as metal exist.. How do you evaluate this?.. "Strong ideals are always going to find a perfect fit with strong art.. It will be the same 20-50 years from now and beyond.. Can we go back in time to late 90's to when "The Inexorable" came out? It's one of my favorite albums.. "Edict of the Antichrist Elect" has a clear "The Inexorable" influence; this can be heard especially from most of the riffs.. I know the musical styling of Angelcorpse continue on in the form of Perdition Temple.. Is this something that you especially wanted to incorporate in your compositions?.. "From the musical side, for me there is no separation from what I was doing in Angelcorpse to what I am doing in Perdition Temple.. There was actually criticism about Perdition Temple that it sounded so close to the Angelcorpse sound.. Ha, that was the point! Because though, since there were enough changes to the sound, such as the vocals and lyrics coming from a different source, it was appropriate for a name change, so I came up with the new name that best represented the place where the music now.. I'd like to talk about your past.. I have heard that while on tour with Immortal, Satyricon, and Krisiun, in support of "The Inexorable", Angelcorpse had an accident in your tour van, in which Pete was injured! Can you expound on that? On the same tour, Helmkamp's girlfriend was stabbed, and he decided to leave the band and rest of you guys continued for a while but decided to split up.. "We all took some damage in the van wreck.. And yes there was also the stabbing incident.. We finished a few shows of that tour without Pete.. and then a few weeks after the tour he decided to leave the band.. But in 2007, the band reformed and recorded a new album, "Of Lucifer and Lighting".. Your first after an eight year split offered the listeners the same ferocity that Angelcorpse's first three releases did, as well as something a little more but Pete said of the reunion.. "It just seems like the planets realigned.. It's not like we didn't get along or that there were any bridges to mend".. Gene, what do you have to say about it?.. "It all seemed to be a point in time that the idea was good.. Pete had lyrics and I had tons of song materials.. timing seemed good.. So we did the album, and also had some great tours/shows to go along with it.. But I guess for both him and I, our sights for the future had already begun to drift to some different places which resulted in the permanent ending of the band.. Talking of Pete.. His music is uncompromising and chaotic.. A total fucking onslaught.. It is a credit to him.. He has always tried to do his own thing from the beginning of Order from Chaos.. But I can say that Pete is an ominous musician because most of his projects are short-lived! What do you have to say about Pete Helmkamp personally?.. "I can say that Pete will decide on some radical direction changes at almost a moments notice, and in some of the situations it has in turn caused abrupt endings to otherwise promising projects.. that aside, the works produced are always of a high quality standard.. Perdition Temple confirmed to play at Martyrdoom Festival 2012 which might be the best underground extreme metal festival in USA.. The fest features many other amazing bands such as Encoffination, Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum, Dead Congragation and mighty Evoken, etc.. What do you have to say about this impeccable line-up and what do you expect from this fest?.. "It will be an amazing time playing with many of these contemporary juggernauts of hardline death/black metal.. It'll be fantastic to contribute to blowing the whole place apart!".. Do you have plans to go and play in India?.. "Not currently.. You never know what the future holds though.. Anything else you’d like to tell through this interview?.. "Thanks for the mega support for my works!!!!".. com/perditiontemple.. reverbnation.. Composed by Ebby Sasi/Slaying Tongue.. (.. http://slayingtongue.. blogspot.. in/2012/03/interview-perdition-temple.. html.. ).. Roy Kristensen 15.. 2012 11:20..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Frail Grounds - "The Fields Of Trauma"
    Descriptive info: Triptych Recordings (2012).. Norwegian progressive metal is on the radar map for most into this genre- especially with the current recordings from acts like Pagan’s Mind and Circus Maximus, as well as the historical technical masterpiece from Spiral Architect.. The six piece Frail Grounds has also been lurking in the mix, although more on an independent scale.. Forming in 2005 and releasing their previously reviewed “Corrosion” EP in 2008, I did wonder where the band would go from here… and after a long songwriting and recording process we have the fruits of their labor in this 11 track, 55 minute debut album.. “The Fields Of Trauma” is a concept album detailing a Siberian expedition and the extreme conditions people can endure to have desired resolutions with their life.. As such, it makes sense that Frail Grounds expands their musical and vocal output to match the proceedings- so do not be shocked by their occasional use of harsh vocals or death/ black metal riffs and rhythms when they need to match the storyline.. Main singer Morten Søbyskogen lives for emotional expressiveness, up to  ...   the quiet, reflective keyboard part in “Origin” from Sigbjørn Galaen before the Erik Fidgett/VegardAmundsen riff and soloing expertise kicks into high gear, or the twin harmonics that wield into the epic arrangement whirlwind of bassist Thomas Oppedal and drummer Magnus Nødset on the Communic-like “Emberstorm”, the songs have tension, passion and a slight unexpected nature which is what we need more of from progressive metal.. This is a record where I didn’t even mind the small intros, outros or short songs like “Triptych” that advance the storyline at their own pace.. It’s difficult to come up with a complete comparison for “The Fields Of Trauma”- you’ll hear elements of Symphony X, Pagan’s Mind, Nevermore, Communic and even thrash and death acts.. Ultimately, Frail Grounds should gain serious attention for this work- it’s engaging, invigorating, and an exciting listen every time my ears take this in.. frailgrounds.. Rating: 5.. 5 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 05.. 07.. 2012 14:47.. RE:Frail Grounds -.. Great album, yes.. I guess we have to go for the good ol' interview thing there.. 2012 15:46..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Testament - "Dark Roots Of Earth"
    Descriptive info: Nuclear Blast (2012).. Prolific early in their career due to major label demands (i.. e.. when we have a successful formula, pump it out to the masses as quickly and often as possible), Testament have slowed down in terms of studio releases since the early 1990’s.. You would figure in 25 year recording career the band would already have hit double digit studio albums- but since “The Gathering” in 1999, Testament have only released one subsequent studio album in 2008 “The Formation Of Damnation” prior to this new recording.. It’s not like they’ve been idle- touring the globe on their own headlining excursions, opening for killer package deals like “Metal Masters” with Judas Priest, Motorhead, and Heaven Hell as well as hitting festivals in India, Venezuela, and Columbia among other territories.. Given their propensity to change the formula through the years- “The Ritual” being their most straightforward, commercial offering, while “Demonic” probably their heaviest knocking on death metal doorsteps- where would Testament 2012 belong in their legendary thrash career with “Dark Roots Of Earth”? Do not fear legions- Testament know what their fans want and deliver in spades through these 9 songs.. “Rise Up” and “True American Hate” explode  ...   Finally Chuck Billy has one of those instantly memorable vocal presences in the metal business- evil one moment, melodic the next, he has proven over his career that his ability to channel anger, aggression, and restraint gives Testament opportunities 95% of the thrash world can’t possibly match.. “Cold Embrace” opens its 7:46 arrangement with this acoustic/electric guitar panoramic motif, once again taking a ballad format but twisting things up enough in terms of where the solo spots appear and how to surprise the listener with the crushing, heavy chorus action- something I haven’t heard since Mike Howe-era Metal Church days.. The other epic “Throne Of Thorns” evokes a slightly Middle Eastern meets “Seventh Son.. ” Maiden-era atmosphere, especially during the bridge transition, dual guitar harmonies and spirited solo section.. Produced once again by Andy Sneap, Testament understand the need to really push their riffing, songwriting and performance skills to unleash an album that will have longevity beyond the initial five to ten exposures.. Much like Anthrax’s “Worship Music”, “Dark Roots Of Earth” proves that thrash isn’t merely a young man’s game.. Well worth the wait, Testament provide Bay Area magic once again.. testamentlegions.. Roy Kristensen 18.. 06.. 2012 14:31..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Kråke - "Conquering Death"
    Descriptive info: Indie Recordings (2012).. There must be something special in the tap water up in the wastelands near Haugesund, to be more specific, Karmøy, land of Vikings and warriors.. Enslaved, Einherjer and Evig Natt are only a few of all the great bands with roots in this area, and now there is a new contender to the throne, all raise for the mighty Kråke.. Although I have known the band for a while now, and even almost seen them live twice (long story), nothing prepared me for this epic and truly great symphonic black metal album.. The song "I Ly Av Lyset" has been a YouTube favourite for a long time, a perfect soundtrack to the battle scenes in Lord Of The Rings.. The good news is that the rest of the album has the same high standard, if not higher.. Everything, every little detail, from the vocals to the drums, from the instrumental parts to the way the songs are arranged, it all just fits together like Thor and his hammer.. "Conquering Death" floats along and takes you on a incredible journey beneath black waters where you can avoid all light.. Three words comes to mind; epic, dark and powerful.. Leading to  ...   hesitation guarantee that this album will be found on several top rankings when 2012 comes to an end (I know, we have all seen the movie 2012, we are all doomed, but let's just pretend it's not going to happen).. Did I mention the fact that I absolutely love Kråke and "Conquering Death"? If there is such a thing as buy or die this summer, this is it, my friends.. com/Kraakeofficial.. indierecordings.. Composed by Leif Neverdahl.. Roy Kristensen 20.. RE:Kråke -.. Fantastic album indeed.. Been a long time since I heard sympho bm done right!.. Dethster4life 07.. 2012 13:42.. Well, I guess I should take another listen, even though I'm not really tempted despite Leif's words.. http://www.. imhotep.. no/?did=9106278 - yes, I got a bit bored there.. Strange, since this kind of music is normally amongst my favourites.. Limbonic Art, Tartaror, Emperor, Dimmu Borgir.. Hmm, perhaps Deathspell Omega has taken over parts of my brain.. Roy Kristensen 07.. 2012 22:47.. Agree! Killer album, great debut, looking forward to hear what more these guys can come up with.. Leif N 07.. 2012 22:51.. There are worse things that can take over parts of your brain than Deathspell Omega :).. Leif N 08.. 2012 16:11..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Asia - "XXX"
    Descriptive info: Frontiers Records (2012).. In 1982, America felt the impact of this melodic rock/AOR supergroup.. You couldn’t escape a television set or radio station that wasn’t playing “Heat Of The Moment” or “Only Time Will Tell” from Asia.. Internal struggles with style and songwriting duties fractured the band within 2 years- but they have been going steady once again since reuniting in 2006, with two more studio albums and numerous worldwide tours re-igniting their sound to a new generation of fans.. 30 years as a recording entity, the original four of AOR group Asia see no need to slow down their studio and touring momentum, as “XXX” reinforces the fine musicianship and personal interplay between the members.. Bassist John Wetton may not necessarily be hitting his early 80’s highs on their self-titled debut, but his mid-range comforting voice still comes through on “No Religion” and “Judas”, two early  ...   Drummer Carl Palmer may not necessarily dazzle with his propulsive rolls and fills of yesteryear, but the material calls for a rock solid foundation and he delivers on “Bury Me In Willow” and the slightly funky/ Genesis-like “Face On The Bridge”.. The soothing harmonies for choruses within “Tomorrow The World” and “Faithful” remind me of why Asia still remains relevant in 2012- the knowledge and capacity to match up the right melody with the right chord sequences, and knowing when to elongate certain instrumental sections or when to just stick to the heart of the song.. The band sticks to the core sound within current production parameters- and that’s fine by me, because this material will translate easily from record to stage.. Another AOR highlight for me - “XXX” isn’t scandalous - it’s as comfortable as a warm summer breeze.. originalasia.. frontiers.. it.. Roy Kristensen 24.. 2012 10:56..

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