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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Gojira - "L'Enfant Sauvage"
    Descriptive info: Roadrunner Records (2012).. With the "Wild Child", a fifth overall, but a third widely known album, Gojira goes back to the complexity of the classic "From Mars To Sirius".. While the new album is brimming with fresh riffs and melodies and the songs are actually not quite as instantly catchy as on that album, or even subsequent "The Way Of All Flesh", "L'Enfant" is a missing link between the two predecessors.. However, references to Morbid Angel or Mastodon no longer make any sense, I hear more Tool (title track) and Meshuggah (the opener, "Liquid Fire", "Pain Is A Master"), this is a different band, after all.. It's been 7 years since ".. Sirius.. ", a stellar masterpiece that impressed Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) so much he took them on tour as support AND guest sang on their next album.. It is also to that recommendation that I owe my running into this album in the middle of 2005, one of the best years of my life.. Even though I thought ".. Flesh" was a great album as well it didn't quite hit me with the same power as the predecessor.. This one does.. What's more, if you loved the keyboard/electronic experiments introduced on "The Way.. " but were not too crazy about some of the metalcore sounding moments, while loving ".. " for outstanding songwriting, you will love this new album.. It has the edge and the climate of ".. Mars.. " and experiments and progression of "..  ...   Pantera-ish yet death metal riffing with changes, twists and turns that put progressive back in Gojira's death metal.. And really, who cares what genre these guys are? All I know is that they write superb metal with high replay value and surprises at every corner.. Why not 5.. 5 or 6? Well, overall, much like "The Way Of All Flesh" it does not have the same merciless crushing tonnage that made Meshuggah sound like "Load" (Metallica, 1996) in comparison.. It retains all the best elements of "From Mars To Sirius" but with heaviness turned down a quarter of the dial, presumably in the name of progression ? Nevertheless, album is still plenty heavy, it's an incredible grower, and best of all, your father would still disown you if you played it at a family picknic, a requirement of any release with death metal connotations.. And in the unlikely event that they happen to like it just play "Rapture" ("Covenant", Morbid Angel, 1993) if you don't ever want to hear from them again.. Hell, they might even report you to Gestapo.. I mean Homeland Security for that one, since David Vincent's vocals are intelligible enough to hear the lyrics!.. As for Gojira, these incredibly talented Frenchmen progress fantastically and "L'Enfant Sauvage" is yet another top shelf release to be added to their already stellar catalogue.. www.. gojira-music.. com.. roadrunnerrecords.. Rating: 5 / 6.. Composed by Dethster4life.. Roy Kristensen 24.. 06.. 2012 22:39.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Ne Obliviscaris - "Portal Of I"
    Descriptive info: Code 666 (2012).. Forming in 2003, the six piece extreme metal band from Australia Ne Obliviscaris (pronounced Nay Ob-li-vis-kar-is for those wondering…) appear to be one of those groups that few will understand, and yet those who do will fervently follow every musical move these musicians make.. To describe their style accurately appears impossible- melodic and tender with clean vocals one moment, blasting death the next- with nuances of thrash, black, avant-garde, jazz, and flamenco parts.. A full time violin player goes toe to toe in neo-classical meets Robbie Steinhardt (Kansas) form- many times taking the instrumental lead against the sonic assault steamrolling from the intense strumming, dissonance in chord sequences and hyper kinetic percussion salvos.. Most of the 6 songs on “Portal Of I” are over the 10 minute mark- so this is not the music for you if your preference lies in repetitive three chord structures and simplistic, catchy choruses.. Ne Obliviscaris doesn’t beat your brain in with super complex technicality- they instead set diverse mood landscapes, allowing the listener to escape or immerse themselves  ...   in the list of reference points.. Ne Obliviscaris do not clone Opeth- they take some of the 70’s reference points into an epic, outer world experience for your ears, but I think the flamenco and jazz edge on a song like “And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope” combined with the turn on a dime black metal riffs to progressive soloing for “Of The Leper Butterflies” makes every return engagement exhilarating, spine tingling- and beyond entertainment.. There’s a reason why Australia is gaining significant attention for its domestic output.. The government grant money aids the final product, as brilliant songwriting and performances deserve an equally potent production, mixing and mastering job.. Watching video of some of these songs in a live environment, this six-piece will not remain remote or obscure for long.. Passionate, engaging, uplifting, risk-taking, and an album that should gain plenty of year end (and decade end) accolades- “Portal Of I” will not be the last we hear from this upper tier extreme metal act.. neobliviscaris.. code666.. net.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 11.. 2012 11:55..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Deathspell Omega - "Drought"
    Descriptive info: Norma Evangelium Diaboli (2012).. i woke up on this beautiful day.. and thought about this life.. The Sounds Of Distorted Guitars.. made me realize that not.. all i see is beautiful.. Sounds That Fill The Room With Horror.. made me comprehend that behind.. the beauty there is drought.. With Variation These Voices Sang.. of god, chaos, human famine.. and the lack of hope.. Stop Start Begin End Recovery.. after realizing that we are.. empty shells of no meaning.. The Drums Of Perdition In All Directions.. send us to the flames of the sun.. where we perish in hopes of splendour.. But Without Words There Is Eeriness.. sneaking up behind you, around you.. and you get this uncomfortable feeling.. That  ...   and secure zone.. where there is no such thing as music.. Disturbing Tracks Of Nonlinear Blueprints.. give me hunger for more but.. also the feeling of not belonging.. In This Doomed Black Metal World.. where blastbeats are not straight forward.. And It Gave Me Complete Satisfaction.. caused by all those ideas spread out.. on this short time, focused.. Big Horns In The Side Of The Skull.. make my head explode.. i do not identify with the first and the last.. Instrumental Tracks Filled With Insanity.. and sorrow, the longing for understanding.. and the acceptance of lack of accepting.. "Drought".. 20.. 55 minutes.. Slow.. Fast.. Big sound.. Varied.. Perfect.. Again.. noevdia.. Composed by Roy Kristensen.. Roy Kristensen 21.. 05.. 2012 14:32..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Isengard - "Vinterskugge"
    Descriptive info: Peaceville Records (2012).. Originally released in 1994, just a shave short of twenty years ago, by Deaf Records, one of Peaceville’s younger sisters.. Now resurrected with added commentary.. I bet the British version rules!.. I was there back in the day.. I went through the catalogs.. I sent the money in the mail.. “Send cash well hidden in envelope” was a regular line on fliers back then.. I waited for weeks.. Then the compact disc arrived from my kvlt dealer during that time and I listened.. I visited the forest.. I was inspired.. Things weren’t just Black Metal.. Things were nature.. Listen to the trees! I don’t listen to the trees anymore, but I like to hang out with them occasionally.. I listen to the commentary disc a bit but I’ve never hung out with Fenriz.. Why ruin a good relationship?.. Isengard never was a “Black Metal” band.. In fact I don’t really know where to lump the band, but as Fenriz puts it forth the recordings on  ...   track it out.. There are no kvltings to be found here, only Fenriz! And Fenriz isn’t about kvlting it up, creating a false image around the legend that Isengard is.. It’s straight forward talk about what was happening around that time and his inspirations.. There are no cloaks and daggers, no candles and midnight rituals.. No theater.. Might this make things too mundane for those that seek to create demigods out of their idols? I would think so.. If you want to believe it’s 1993 stay away from commentary discs that are included in the re-issues of legendary Black Metal releases, don’t go on the Black Metal Bus Ride and only buy organic food.. However! If you want to get a bit of an insight into the who’s and how’s of Isengard’s “Vinterskugge” then get this re-issue.. Oh, and get the Neptune Tower’s re-issues while you’re at it.. They might not be Metal! but they are essential!.. peaceville.. Composed by Eyvindur Gauti.. Roy Kristensen 13.. 07.. 2012 15:15..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Darkthrone - "Goatlord"
    Descriptive info: This isn’t a ‘classic album review’ per ce but a look at the 2 disc Peaceville Records re-release of Goatlord.. The album was originally intended to be a follow-up to “Soulside Journey”.. Stylistically, it didn’t fit in to where Darkthrone saw themselves going at the time and so it was shelved for three years before Fenriz recorded the vocals, finally seeing the light of day five years after its initial recording in 1996 (on Moonfog).. In this version all but one of the original tracks are repeated with audio commentary from Fenriz and Nocturno Culto.. These commentaries speak about the recording of the original demo and one of the guys’ favourite topics: their influences at the time.. Not much new perhaps, but the spoken parts are done in the typical candid, self-effacing style fans of the band are used to, meaning that it is informative and highly amusing at times.. Maybe not the type of thing you’d re-listen to a lot, but a pleasing bonus that gets you inside the mind of the beast.. Musically, “Goatlord” probably makes more sense to fans of the band now  ...   organic black thrash drumming and a dirty, home-grown production.. It has an endearing lack of restraint – it is as if the guys decided they wanted to do everything they could think of in every single track on the album! Of note on this release, Fenriz experimented with pitch-shifted vocals to achieve a bizarre falsetto that many have found reminiscent of King Diamond (I find it more closely resembles some of the languid and operatic female vocals used by early Celtic Frost).. Kind of effective but sometimes funny too!.. As far as the songs go, “Goatlord” is a hit and miss offering.. There are frequent flashes of genius here and there, lost in a morass caused by the overall lack of focus and direction.. However, even at their most challenging, the songs are still have that inexplicable compulsive character that make me return to the Darkthrone back catalogue so often.. And if that is no good, at least this one will guarantee a laugh for Fenriz’ girly vocals and the down-to-earth commentary.. darkthrone.. no.. Rating: 4 / 6.. Composed by Peter Loftus.. Roy Kristensen 18.. 2012 12:26..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Enslaved - "Yggdrasill"
    Descriptive info: A new day and another re-issue from Peaceville.. You might remember my review of another re-issue by Peaceville, the re-issue of Katatonia's "For Funerals to come", that was posted within Imhotep's realm a bit back.. In which I noted that there wasn't anything changed, everything was basically the same, the extras were extras, not alterations for the sake of modernization.. Perhaps you wonder why this was re-issued, seeing as it had already been re-issued by Moonfog back in the day, but let's face it, that CD is about as useful a stack of mp3's with no real information or notes from the bands, just the music and the track-lists.. Boring..  ...   fuss about, you start fussing when they start fiddling with the knobs and altering the sound.. You value extra songs, you value the added liner notes that give you a fly's view of the musician's experience during that era and you value the inclusion of the lyrics and the photos you hadn't seen before.. Like lifted straight from the demo tape itself, they are, and the whole layout is laid out like a demo tape would be.. Roy Kristensen 06.. 2012 10:56.. RE:Enslaved -.. You are on the right track, I have the tape and the front cover art is exactly the same.. good demo nonetheless!.. bollverk 06.. 2012 14:56..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Darkthrone - "Ravishing Grimness"
    Descriptive info: Peaceville Records (2011).. So Peaceville continues its journey of re-releasing everything Darkthrone have released, this time "Ravishing Grimness".. Originally released on Moonfog in 1999, it also includes a bonus disc with interview footage on the making of the album and new, gorgeous artwork.. Before this, I only had listened to "Sardonic Wrath" from Darkthrone's Moonfog era.. When they released the classic "The Cult is Alive", I came back on board.. Even though Darkthrone departed the shell of what Black Metal was supposed to sound like, they returned to their spiritual roots, eventually playing Heavy crust punk metal on their latest, 2010's "Circle the Wagons".. "Ravishing Grimness" proves that Darkthrone's Moonfog years really had been dark.. After the first spin, these two lines from "Too old, too cold" (from "The Cult is Alive), went through my head:  ...   any Grimness from Ravishing: I hate the late 90's, early 00's production where bass and treble is all one can hear.. Where the fuck is the mid-range?.. There are some hints of Darkthrone's beauty present though.. At times, their great sense for (dis)harmony shines through, creating melancholic atmosphere.. Nocturno's vocals remain solid, always a pleasure.. Also, when playing in the background, the album doesn't become unnerving.. It is depressing to have to write this about a Darkthrone release, but if there is a Darkthrone album I can live without, it is "Ravishing Grimness" and if there is a Darkthrone era I can live without, it is the Moonfog era.. It still gets 3 Imhotep-heads, since Darkthrone fans will get a fair amount of pleasure from it.. Composed by Lennard Bertram.. Roy Kristensen 15.. 03.. 2012 10:31..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Home - Katatonia - "For Funerals To Come"
    Descriptive info: This album was originally released way back in 1995 via Italy's Avantgarde Music.. Now, some 17 years alters I have here in front of me the "an improved" version courtesy of Peaceville Records which decided to re-issue this lost classic.. Nothing's been altered.. No re-mixes.. It still sounds the same.. But it doesn't look the same, thanks to the added liner-notes, for example, that Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström contributed.. This adds a lot of value to this re-issue for nerds like myself that enjoy reading the recollections of rockers.. There is a small change,  ...   only appeared on a compilation released by Wrong Again Records back in 1995.. This re-issue is definitely worth your money whether you are or aren't Katatoniaphile.. The added liner notes as well as the extra album tracks make this album worth getting as well as it allows a genuine look back into Katatonia's past before they changed into the depressive rock rollers we are more familiar with today.. The only bad thing about this album is the drum sound, electric kits should be outlawed from Heavy Metal music.. katatonia.. Roy Kristensen 07.. 2012 09:09..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Secrets Of The Moon 3/3 - …against…
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. This German force has recently released “Antithesis”.. This album is another in the row of high quality Secrets Of The Moon-releases, and an obvious opportunity to speak to S.. again.. The reason this interview is pretty short, is that you can read the former huge interview we did when “Carved In Stigmata Wounds” was released.. I’m heavily impressed by the sound.. It’s loud and clear and every element in your music can be heard.. At first I was afraid that it would be a fist-in-my-face album only to get boring, but the music grows a lot.. Why did the sound take a more professional turn and how did you work to maintain the envisioned sound that would be able to justify your extreme form of metal?.. “We had quite a clear vision in mind when we entered the studio.. We wanted a very massive and dark sound that not only underlines the image of the songs but really makes them going one step further.. Fortunately we had a quite a good budget and were able to fully concentrate on the sound of each instrument in studio.. There were also long talks with the producer before we actually started recording.. We wanted it to be as good as possible and we are still very satisfied with the result.. ”.. In the review I wrote that “Antithesis” is the album Satyricon should’ve desired to do.. The reason is that the sound is quite similar (at least to my ears) and the two first minutes of “Versus” reminded me (too) strongly of certain passages from “Now, Diabolical”.. However, “Antithesis” twists and turns and in the end remains as one of the top five of 2006 (I’m confident about that).. What is your aim with “Antithesis”? Have you begun to get feedback, and if so, has it turned out the way you aimed for / expected?.. ”Uh I can not stand the comparisons with Satyricon.. They are really professional in what they are doing but still I see no relations at all.. Anyway, we want to reach what we always want to reach with every new album: self fulfillment.. The reactions so far and very good it seems.. But still I think that the album won’t find the acceptance that it probably deserves because the music is too special.. We aim to become a bit more known though and I hope that we succeeded in a way.. To me “Antithesis” is probably the most dynamic extreme metal album I’ve heard (at least from what I can remember now).. There are slow songs, the alien “Metamorphosis” that binds the album together and the mighty “Lucifer Speaks”.. But there are also progressive sections that impress me more and more for every single listen.. After 3.. 21 in “Seraphim Is Dead” there’s an electric acoustic riff that continues for one and a half minute.. During those ca.. 90 seconds you present a tremendous solo-section, a radical change in the drumming and as well as some progressive drumming.. My question is; do you write such a part because the song needs it, or is it more that you feel the desire to challenge yourself as musicians as well as us as listeners?.. “No it is only because the song needs it.. Take "Seraphim is dead" for example.. The whole song is an up and down.. It smashes the listener in front of wall and then hugs him again.. The solo was clearly needed.. And this fact goes for all songs on "Antithesis".. Of course we see ourselves as musicians.. But to me a good musician is not mainly good on his instrument.. He has to learn how a song works and lives.. That's a very important point!”.. The vocal is very clear, and angry.. In my favourite “Lucifer Speaks”, you sound furious and the way I interpret the lyrics you speak about the lost souls, those who do not dare to follow their own guidelines but rather follow the voice of the weakened god (God).. I wonder, why should we listen to Lucifer when  ...   think equal of “Carved In Stigmata Wounds” and “Antithesis”.. For those new to the band that will read this, I ask you to write about your development! Like, why were you so silent until after the turn of the millennium? The development of the sound, and the development of the band as a whole.. ”We were silent because we had to develop a lot.. We wanted to reach a certain musical standard before doing a first album.. We didn’t want to drown in the sea of faceless bands.. That was the main reason.. The other reasons were line-up problems.. Secrets of the Moon is a band that will never stand still.. We want to improve our musical strength.. There are so many things we aim for and I hope that the end is not yet to come after one more record.. We have a good working line up now and as long as we all pull the same string we will definitely come up with an even better album next time.. I expect that most people will favour “Versus” and “Seraphim Is Dead”, as they are, at least to me, the most instant songs.. But, I sense that “Ghost” and perhaps “Lucifer Speaks” were hard songs to write and record.. They are less immediate and need a lot of time (just like the whole album).. How did the album evolve? And, how did you work to make “Ordinance” a whole track despite the variation?.. ”Actually "Antithesis" was supposed to be a double album first but there was not enough time left that’s why we concentrated on 75 minutes of material only.. There were endless discussions about which songs we put on the record.. We never had that before but in the end we agreed on leaving two songs from the album.. They will hopefully be released elsewhere.. Also the order of the songs was something we had long nights of discussion about until everyone was satisfied finally.. All in all to compose and to record the album for nearly one and a half years took so much energy from me that I almost collapsed in studio.. Well now I don’t wanna miss anything and I know that the work was worth it.. "Ordinance" was just the last song we did for the record and we wanted a very straight one to complete the session.. Same with "Carved in stigmata wounds" actually where we did "Epoch" in the end.. Personally I find “Nowhere 11.. 18” and “Exit” unnecessary.. I would rather that “Versus” began the album and “Lucifer Speaks” ended your antithesis.. In what way are the first and the last track necessary to the album? I ask because I have given it a lot of thought, but I haven’t come closer to any conclusion.. "”Nowhere 11.. 18" is the perfect introduction for the album because in 2 minutes and 2 riffs it features the main character behind the record as a whole.. The massive and dark metallic approach.. On the other side "Exit" represents nothing but the ultimate death to me.. It's an ending theme and features a riff that has a very special and deep meaning as it was composed in times where death more noticeable than ever before.. The horns in “Seraphim Is Dead” are perhaps the highlight on “Antithesis”.. I look forward to it every single listen, and I love it.. At the same time I’m glad you didn’t repeat those because they make more impact as it is now.. Was this the intention behind the horns, the impact they make? Do you think most listeners will become annoyed of the challenge “Antithesis” really is? Do you think the sheep must be long dead now?.. ”No no the sheep are not dead yet.. the horns.. yes.. I don’t know.. they were there when we needed them.. Angels are in turmoil.. Never forget about that.. Thanks Roy for another interview.. It's always a pleasure "talking" to you and I hope we'll meet in person soon!”.. secretsofthemoon.. org.. prophecy.. cd.. Roy Kristensen 28.. 01.. 2012 00:06..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - on reviews
    Descriptive info: To whom it may concern.. As you’ve noticed, we have longer and shorter reviews.. We do understand if you would prefer only longer reviews, but as the metal scene has grown into a monster spitting out new albums every time you take a breathe, we simply cannot keep up with the pace doing Imhotep in our so-called spare time.. Thus, in order to review as many albums as possible, we will write plenty of the shorter reviews.. Longer reviews will include cover!.. However, the Rating is still in the same system and will remain so in the future as well.. 6 / 6 is top score..  ...   the review.. b) use the white box right below the menu and write in the name of the band to search for the review or an interview.. c) contact the editor at.. roy.. kristensen@gmail.. and ask for the album in question.. Do also notice that from now on Imhotep will.. often, but not always.. review downloading promos or voice-over promos.. We understand that the labels are afraid of the spreading of albums befire their initial releases, but we do Imhotep as a hobby and we do not make a single dime on this.. Thus, receiving full albums is our only "reward".. Roy Kristensen 17.. 2008 20:23..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Unlight - "Sulphurblooded"
    Descriptive info: Massacre Records (2010).. Thrashened black metal combining ideas of Dimmu Borgir and Agathodaimon.. Mildly entertaining although the main riff in "Pale Rider-Pale Horse" is cut and paste Machine Head ("Slanderous" off "The Blackening").. Compositions have been crafted with attention to detail and there are some cool moments ("Become an Opponent") but those happen to be "borrowed" from Agathodaimon's brilliant debut ("Blacken the Angel").. The majority of "Sulphurblooded" is pure chaotic noise  ...   just don't like black metal" horseshit: I own every Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and major Enslaved releases and appreciate Watain a great deal.. Unlight is just admittedly talented and skilled but apparently not very original.. This is usually not a problem if you have identity which Unlight seems to be sorely lacking.. And there's definitely no excuse for it on your 5th album.. unlight.. massacre-records.. Rating: 3.. 5 / 6.. 2012 23:03..

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