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    Archived pages: 290 . Archive date: 2012-07.

  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Burning Point - "The Ignitor"
    Descriptive info: Interviews.. Scarlet Records (2012).. Here we have a power metal band where the songs are not actually each other's twins separated by number.. The cover is great and musicianship outstanding.. Although the guitars sound like Trivium, it's probably Trivium influenced by power metal not vice versa so the same goes for songs until the title track.. The title track is exactly what I usually don't like about power metal: unhooky chorus, mediocre riffs, assinine lyrics.. While this is easily the worst track on the album, it marks perfectly the point where the record goes stale and  ...   is their fifth album so there's no excuse for mediocre songwriting, even if production and musicianship are great.. Power metal, or really, just heavy metal (I can't tell a difference between one genre or the other) may be about the last two but the first one is the most important.. So, 5 for musicianship, 5 for production, 2 for songwriting.. Do the math and compare with the score below.. www.. burningpointmetal.. com.. scarletrecords.. it.. Rating: 4 / 6.. Composed by Dethster4life.. Roy Kristensen 23.. 06.. 2012 08:42.. Login or create account to blog.. Name.. Email.. Password..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - StoneLake - "Marching On Timeless Tales"
    Descriptive info: Massacre Records (2011).. Impressive if not a little outdated hard/hair/heavy metal with a generous helping and attitude of "Cowboys from Hell" Pantera.. Very good musicianship, execution, mighty catchy songwriting that works for the most part.. Perhaps a little early Ozzy thrown in to the mix as well.. I cannot say anything is particularly bad or a filler, and, surprisingly, despite operating with 160 Kbps mp3, the sound still comes in clear, crisp and powerful.. It has that 80s/early 90s, "all-hits-arena-rock-star approach" but somehow also that Megadeth "Addicted to Chaos" ("Youthanasia") vibe to it.. You want to say it's "commercial" but how can you deny the charm of " Snakechild" or "Walk in the Temple" or the simple but wrecking ball heavy "Liar", when that shit takes you back to the times when you didn't have to worry about your job, changing reeking diapers, politics, religion or relationships and were getting "pocket money" to buy the new Scorpions or Europe along "Rust in Peace" record?.. Although, I do remember how I heard "Countdown to Extinction" (Megadeth) for the first time thinking it actually better than the black Metallica album every other Polak worshipped? How I took  ...   and she went and actually BOUGHT me that motherfucker for my birthday? Oh, those were the days of my European upbringing!.. Speaking of Megadeth, I get this "my Megadeth" feeling I have not felt since "Countdown.. " (17 years!) with the new, "Th1rt3en" album, an album I constantly rotate in my car or listen to on my iPod along with this here Stone Lake CD.. I know the new 'deth disappointed many and garnered mostly bad or average reviews but I am actually very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this offering.. I also find it strange that no one bothered to review it here nor on Eternal Terror website, especially since it was done for "Endgame".. It has been generally ignored more than Ron Paul by his own party.. Anyway, back to the matter at hand.. Voodoo Highway made me question Massacre's judgment, Love Might Kill made me reconsider but Stone Lake got me thinking if they're this good, keep them coming! There is a magic to this album that, despite some flaws, will not let me rate it below 5 / 6, so be it.. stonelake.. se.. massacre-records.. Rating: 5 / 6.. 2012 09:20..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Trillion Red - "Two Tongues" EP
    Descriptive info: badGod Music (2011).. 4 songs and 24 minutes of dark melancholic metal from a duo of musicians called Trillion Red.. Patrick Brown handles guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals while Max Woodside is the drummer.. Songs like “Forging Two Tongues/A Reckoning” and “Right Over To The Helm” have much in common with Isis and Jesu- and I have to be in the right  ...   noisy, and as alternative as it is heavy.. Probably fits right in with the San Francisco musical climate- “Two Tongues” should resonate with the twenty-somethings who wonder where they fit in the current economic model.. As for myself, Trillion Red merely registers in the ‘okay’ feeling barometer.. trillionred.. badgodmusic.. Rating: 3.. 5 / 6.. Composed by Matt Coe.. Roy Kristensen 20.. 2012 09:15..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Never to Arise - "Hacked to Perfection"
    Descriptive info: Bad God Music (2011).. "Hacked to Perfection" is the debut from Florida two-piece Never to Arise, and it is quite an opening statement.. This is Floridian DM in the classic mould, offering up an excellent balance between tech/brutal/groove elements.. The songs are impressive; generally hard hitting with strong choruses and accomplished riffing.. Good vocals too.. Unfortunately, not all is as rosy with this release as we might hope.. I’m not normally bothered by covers, but this one is very amateurish.. Secondly, the drums are programmed.. I don’t have a problem with this per se and the guys have done an excellent job, but the overall effect is that the album sounds a  ...   the next level.. All of which is a pity, since the songs on "Hacked to Perfection" actually deserve more of a chance than some people might give them.. Definitely a band to watch out for in the future, and here’s to hoping they manage to recruit a couple of new members to help them fill out that sound!.. myspace.. com/nevertoarise.. http://badgodmusic.. com/.. Rating: 4 / 6.. Composed by Peter Loftus.. 2012 08:59.. RE:Never to Arise -.. Oh, c'mon, man, MOST gore death covers look like shit.. It's like a standard.. Your expectations may be too high in that department.. Btw.. have you heard Bodyfarm? Those guys rock!.. Dethster4life 07.. 07.. 2012 13:41..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Dawnbringer - "Into The Lair Of The Sun God"
    Descriptive info: Profound Lore (2012).. Bassist, drummer, singer, and songwriter – these are only a few hats Chris Black wears within Dawnbringer.. “Into The Lair Of The Sun God” is a concept album broken up into nine chapters, with each song only receiving a Roman Numeral title.. Joining Chris on this musical journey for guitar parts and soloing duties are fellow High Spirits live guitarist Scott Hoffman (who handles rhythm and melody guitars) while the solo parts are taken on by Pharaoh guitarist Matt Johnsen and Bill Palko.. The follow up to 2010’s critical acclaimed “Nucleus”, Chris’ confidence in his skill set and knowledge of hard rock/metal in general gives the listener a variety of moods and dynamics to take in with this 43 minute album.. “V” for instance contains some thick guitar harmonies and emotive soloing that seems to bridge the gap between classic Pink Floyd of the late 70’s with Boston during their “Third Stage” years- all the while with Chris using subtle progressive bass notions at doom crawl pacing.. Only to be followed up by the epic guitar/organ interplay on “VI” that siphons out the best in Rainbow, Blue  ...   be classified in the upper Halford, Dio, or Dickinson ranks- he knows his lower range is much more expressive and as a result injects more of a forceful personal touch that keeps the listener satisfied.. And his intuitive sense to know the right pacing on drums and bass keeps your ears pinned for the next riff change- a rarity in the traditional metal field.. Take the time to seek out and read through the lyrics- it is well worth the investment as the epic journey of a man’s struggle between triumph and tragedy unfolds through these 9 songs.. Those who believe everything has been done in the guitar harmony or metal riff world need to take in some of the spellbinding leads from Matt and Bill on “IV” and the emotive, doom-laden “IX” closer.. I really didn’t think “Nucleus” could be topped- but Dawnbringer prove that creatively they are just reaching the tip of the metal iceberg.. This one has been hard to remove from incessant airplay- “Into The Lair Of The Sun God” will hit many a top year end critical list, including mine.. facebook.. com/deathofhunger.. profoundlorerecords.. 2012 09:02..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Tracedawn - "Lizard Dusk"
    Descriptive info: Drakkar Entertainment (2012).. ".. "Lizard Dusk" is a catchy, ass-kicking motherfucker of an album featuring a mix of huge.. choruses, aggressive riffs and all kinds of groovy and freaky stuff you wouldn't except.. Those were guitarist Roni's own words describing this album when I interviewed him.. back in April this year, and I couldn't have said it any better if I tried.. Melodic metal in..  ...   way, which is.. quite unusual in this sometimes worn-out and outdated style of death-metal.. If you can.. call it death metal that is.. Lets call it catchy metal… Anyway, I liked it back in April, I still.. like it today, so if catchy (again.. ) and melodic ass-kicking metal is your thing, check it out.. tracedawn.. Composed by Leif Neverdahl.. Roy Kristensen 18.. 2012 13:44..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Antropofagus - "Architecture of Lust"
    Descriptive info: Comatose Music (2012).. Seven words: Nile "Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka" could splendidly sum up this review in one sentence.. Antropofagus does try to make things varied by alternating between slow and heavy and fast and technical death, but slow stuff is incredibly simple - exactly as on Nile's debut, and even vomiting vocals are similar.. With the exception of the first song which is fairly original, Antropofagus borrows licks and riffs from Nile in great measure, but occasionally Suffocation and All Shall Perish (crazy fills between riffs) also appear.. However,  ...   write the same album twice? Okay, not the same, as this album is very uneven and even simply boring toward the end.. I am quoting Tom Araya speaking of Sepultura's "Chaos A.. D.. ": "Their latest production is quite not bad but I think they should stay away from what we're doing and write their own stuff".. I don't think Karl Sanders will issue a similar statement on Antropofagus, but if he chose to make one, I would not blame him one bit.. antropofagus.. net.. comatosemusic.. Rating: 3 / 6.. 2012 08:51..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Nile - "At The Gate of Sethu"
    Descriptive info: Nuclear Blast (2012).. Nile has always been a so-called one trick pony.. They appeal to specific audience: either you get them or you don't.. Next to Immolation, Nile is also my favorite death metal band and one of my favorite bands overall, so for better or for worse, this is a fanboy review.. I own all of their CDs and I love them all.. To me, they always maintained a consistent quality and I could not pick my favorite until 2009 "Those Whom The Gods Detest".. I gave it 6/6 but it was a 10/6 and I still think so today.. It was and is a death/thrash metal masterpiece.. Since Nile always delivered I never thought they were even capable of making a less than stellar album.. As of now, I'm not feeling so sure, as Bruce Dickinson would say.. In many ways, "At The Gates Of Sethu", titled in a similar manner as their first and third album (the latter, "In Their Darkened Shrines", by many considered their finest), feels like some of the best material of Nile career, such as the excellent "Inevitable Degradation of the Flesh", "The Gods Who Light Up the Sky" or "Supreme Humanism of Megalomania" - melodic, catchy compositions with great riffs.. But, great songs nothwithstanding, the rest of it sounds a little samey, like death metal for the sake of death metal, never a good sign or thing in this particular genre.. "At The Gates Of Sethu" is nowhere as ambitious as its brilliant predecessor.. Perhaps this is because, despite traditionally fantastic musicianship, the production is deeply flawed.. Guitars remind me of Nevermore's "Dreaming Neon Black" which has a rather inferior, overbassed production.. The sound is similar on Nile's record, especially on the 1st track and no wonder for both had the same producer  ...   winged asshole who imprisoned little Annakin with his mother in "Phantom Manace".. Consequently, this album repeats some of the successful moves of the debut, but also the flaws are just as apparent in comparison.. Technically, all is well, Nile is still Nile, complete with rich instrumentation and the excellent ideas along with the balanced use of insane speed v.. slow burners, but something's amiss here.. For sure, some moments do feel derivative, as was the case with "Ithyphallic".. The closing track, for example, could be the not so distant cousin of both "Eaters of the Dead" ("Ithyphallic") and "Stones of Sorrow" ("Amongst the Catacombs.. ", et al.. ).. As this is not the first time, it seems as though, as is the case with many metal acts these days, the mighty powerhouse may be running out of ideas.. I think "At The Gates Of Sethu" is a good not great album that feels a little undeveloped.. Perhaps, indeed, having delivered seven albums of their innovative Middle Eastern death metal, Nile has thrown at us everything they had with their previous masterpiece, all the tricks up their sleeve have been used up and the band no longer appears unique, but that's not my opinion.. In my opinion, sometimes it gets to be around 3 years since last album and it's time to put another one to stay relevant, even if what you have is only half of a fantastic album.. It certainly feels like it could be the case with Nile's 7th offering.. I still believe in these guys, every band is entitled to delivering some disappointment once in a while, which this album certainly is an example of, for many of us who are used to worshipping at Nile's arcane altar.. nile-catacombs.. nuclearblast.. de.. Rating: 4.. Roy Kristensen 03.. 2012 11:41..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Nile - "At The Gate Of Sethu"
    Descriptive info: One of the leaders in the American tech death metal scene, Greenville South Carolina’s Nile does not sacrifice one iota of riff, lead, or blast beat fury.. 19 years in as a group, you would think guitarist/vocalist Karl Sanders and company may slow their attack down, as their style has an athletic element that probably punishes the arms, legs and assorted body parts more so now than in their youthful 1993 beginnings.. With album seven “At The Gate Of Sethu”, the quartet continues their unrelenting exploration of dropped A tuning, mystical/exotic Egyptian lyrical focus and complex speed picking with furious drum accompaniment that leaves you dizzy and discombobulated.. How drummer George Kollias doesn’t need hand (or foot) surgery after his flood of activity on songs like “The Gods Who Light Up The Sky At The Gate Of  ...   consider a slight weakness for it can be almost barking in a rabid dog manner, and not distinctive enough for track separation (although the slower moments in “When My Wrath Is Done” give a tip of the cap to classic Chuck/Death days).. Dazzling technique won’t mean a hill of beans if the band didn’t know how to make the final product viable to the consumer- and there’s just enough mid-tempo pause for cause to keep songs like “Tribunal Of The Dead” and the seven minute “The Chaining Of The Inquitous” ready for crowd surfing, hair flailing antics.. “At The Gate Of Sethu” requires a multitude of passes in various environments to capture what Nile puts forth- but 47 minutes can be filtered through your five senses for quite a few years.. com/nilecatacombs.. Roy Kristensen 11.. 2012 13:56..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Rush - "Clockwork Angels"
    Descriptive info: Roadrunner Records (2012).. It wouldn’t be fair to merely write ‘It’s freakin’ Rush!’ and prove you need to buy this.. For comparison’s sake, “Clockwork Angels” rivals much of their mid to late 70’s output, when Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart seem to be at their creative peak with their knowledge, construction skills and out of the box pushing of any progressive hard rock parameters.. The 12 songs on this album give the listener 65 minutes of stripped down, three piece mood moving music.. Some parts of “The Anarchist” and “Headlong Flight” rival the best space/time travel moments within “2112”, as Geddy seems to have an attacking nature to his notes, offering the bottom end thickness for Alex to roll comfortably over the top of.. Geddy’s voice may not necessarily get to the helium highs, but he’s still pushing  ...   make an instant body moving experience.. The recording has a liveliness to it not heard in quite a while – the band appear genuine in their intent to keep the creativity flowing until they no longer feel inspired.. Even when they add a string section to the closing third of “The Wreckers”, it doesn’t sacrifice from the pure emotion of Alex’s riffing.. You can’t hit out of the park all the time when you’ve been recording albums since 1974.. We as Rush fans know that they’ve recorded enough special albums and songs through the years to forgive any left turn indiscretions they may have made not to our liking.. “Clockwork Angels” will be held in high regard by multiple generations of Rush followers- not just in 2012 but probably for the rest of their career.. rush.. Rating: 5.. 2012 14:37..

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  • Title: Imhotep - Interviews/Articles - Black Sheep Wall - "No Matter Where It Ends"
    Descriptive info: Season of Mist (2012).. Downtempo/Metal/Minimalistic, or maybe Sludge, Stoner, Doom, no matter how the band describe themselves, they sound like slowly played hardcore.. It doesn't surprise me this band hails from California, US, where according to popular media, marijuana is overabundant.. They should have been nice and deliver a couple of grams to go along with the promo as this album only entertains (mildly) when the listener is stoned off his ass.. Produced to sound like a wall of sound with prominent bass, obscure, droning guitars, every single song sounds alike.. The vocals, again,  ...   middle school kids", those kids probably have never even thought about the reason they think their musical contribution should be worth listening.. The way band names are dropped in the liner notes strongly suggests that at their core, they are just another coverband trying out their own songs.. Maybe a concept would have helped.. In their defence, there are so many bands out in any given genre that creating something outstanding is hard.. That doesn't justify more than one Imhotep-head, though.. com/blacksheepwallband.. com/blacksheepwallmusic.. season-of-mist.. Rating: 1 / 6.. Composed by Lennard Bertram.. 2012 08:53..

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