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  • Title: Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: .. ABOUT US.. LICENSE PORTFOLIO.. HSE&Q.. MEDIA / PRESS ROOM.. IDEMITSU GROUP.. CAREER.. WELCOME.. Idemitsu Petroleum Norge (IPN) is a subsidiary of the Idemitsu group, one of Japan’s largest energy corporations.. We entered the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) in 1989 by acquiring a stake in the Snorre field.. Our office is located in Oslo and we currently employ around 50 highly skilled and experienced professionals.. Our HSE policy states that Health, Safety and Environmental considerations are of primary focus at all levels in our organisation.. Go to the top menu and click on HSE Q for  ...   IPN operated license PL 578 was completed.. CHANGE OF ADDRESS.. (Published 15.. 03.. Please be advised that as of 19th of March 2012 our new address will be:.. LICENSES.. IPN is a partner in seven producing oil and gas fields - Fram, Snorre, Statfjord Øst, Sygna, Tordis, Vigdis and Vega.. We also participate in a number of discoveries currently being evaluated for development, among them the Astero discovery and the Peon gas discovery.. The Knarr field was approved for development in 2011 and will start production in 2014.. Idemitsu Petroleum Norge.. Webdesign.. og.. CMS.. :.. InCreo..

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  • Title: License portfolio - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: Licenses..

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  • Title: HSE&Q - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: HSE Policy.. In order to establish and maintain a company culture with a high standard of health, safety and environment, Idemitsu is committed to:.. Implementing the most appropriate preventive and mitigating measures to minimise inherent risks associated with our operations.. Securing a healthy and safe working environment, protecting all employees and contractors from risk, injury or loss.. Reducing harmful emissions and waste, and use energy and natural resources efficiently selecting environmentally friendly products, materials and services to reduce our environmental footprint.. Ensuring safety of facilities, equipment and work practices related to petroleum exploration, development and production.. Ensuring compliance with all relevant HSE Q–related regulations and laws and with good industry practice.. Continually evaluate and improve our individual and company performance.. Health.. We seek to do business based on  ...   all business activities.. Through identification and mitigation of risk and continuous improvement of the way we work, we successfully conduct our business to achieve the best result for the Company and Society.. Environment.. We make HSE the cornerstone of our business and strive to preserve and improve the natural environment.. We want to minimise our impact on the external environment.. In our activities on the NCS we aim to minimise discharges to sea and air, and to execute operations with the least disturbance to marine wildlife and vegetation.. Quality.. Compliance to regulations and continuous improvement are quality focus areas.. We have established an approach to continuously improve our performance.. Through the use of our management system we can ensure that our work maintains the high standards that we expect..

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  • Title: Media/press room - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: Annual reports.. News archive.. Media.. For all media or advertising inquiries please send us an.. email.. or call our reception desk on +47 23 25 05 00 and ask for our press contact.. Logo materials, pictures and annual reports may also be ordered via the above email address..

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  • Title: Idemitsu Group - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: Idemitsu group.. The Idemitsu group was founded in 1911 by Sazo Idemitsu in order to realize his ideas and philosophy through business.. The group has achieved remarkable business growth, especially through the second half of the twentieth century, and is now one of the largest independent energy corporations in Japan.. The activities of the group include oil-related businesses for stable supply of energy, and also compound energy businesses such as onsite fuel cell/gaseous energy, oil exploration, geothermal energy, coal and uranium mining, highly value-added production of petrochemicals and lubricants, electronic materials and new biotechnology business.. As an energy supplier, Idemitsu promotes the development of  ...   Idemitsu began working toward wind-power generation and supplying biogas.. If you want to learn more about the activities of the Idemitsu group, click.. here.. to visit their website.. Since the successful discovery of the first oil field offshore Japan in 1972, Idemitsu has explored, developed and produced oil and gas for almost 40 years.. Norway has been a core area since entering the Snorre development in 1989.. Idemitsu group commits to actively seek investments on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and continuously contribute to the Norwegian society.. If you want to learn more about Idemitsu's oil and gas activities, click.. to visit Idemitsu Oil Gas website..

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  • Title: Contact - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: Career.. We are expanding and currently recruiting for a number of positions.. Please contact our HR Manager Mikkel G.. Krebs phone +47 93219876 for details about the positions or send an.. with your CV.. Geologists and Geophysicists.. Principal Reservoir Engineer.. Administration Team Lead..

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  • Title: Welcome - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: Welcome.. Vision and guiding principles.. CSR & the Idemitsu/Munch connection.. Working for IPN.. Information in Norwegian.. Contact.. Idemitsu Petroleum Norge (IPN) is a subsidiary of the Idemitsu Group, one of Japan’s largest energy corporations with 115 affiliated companies and almost 8300 employees worldwide.. Historically, our core area has been in the northern North Sea, but today we actively pursue opportunities all across the NCS.. Our office is located in Oslo and currently we employ around 50 highly skilled and experienced professionals..

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  • Title: Completion of seismic acquisition - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: 20.. juni 2012.. Seismic streamer vessel “Geo Caspian”.. Photo: Voldstad Maritime AS.. The operation was well managed and executed without any HSE incidents and within budget.. The seismic data are of good quality and will now be processed at CGGV in a JV with a neighboring license to gain a larger seamless data set..

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  • Title: CHANGE OF ADDRESS - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: 15.. mars 2012.. Please be advised that as of 19th of March 2012 our new address will be:.. Visitor address:.. Filipstad Brygge 1.. N-0250 Oslo.. Postal address:.. P.. O.. Box 2035 Vika.. N-0125 Oslo.. Telephone numbers remains unchanged:.. Tel.. : +47 23250500.. Fax: +47 23250501..

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  • Title: Idemitsu
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  • Title: Annual reports - Idemitsu
    Descriptive info: To download IPN's annual reports, go to.. About us - Annual reports..

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