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  • Title: Obstacle Collision Avoidance System - OCAS AS
    Descriptive info: .. Jump to content.. Jump to navigation.. Jump to search.. Obstacle Collision Avoidance System - OCAS AS.. Search.. What are you searching for.. Home.. What is OCAS.. OCAS.. The Obstacle Collision Avoidance System.. Vestas Acquires Technology Assets from OCAS.. Vestas has acquired the technology assets of  ...   (AVWS) used to prevent aerial collisions while significantly reducing the visual impact of wind power plants.. For more information on OCAS visit.. Vestas.. com.. Legal.. Visiting adress: Brobekkveien 80A, 0582 Oslo | Postal Adress: PB 434 Økern | T: +47 22 07 10 00.. idium.. webpublishing..

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  • Title: What is OCAS - OCAS AS
    Descriptive info: What is OCAS - OCAS AS.. The Obstacle Collision Avoidance System (OCAS®).. Rather than providing unnecessary continuous lighting of an aviation hazard or obstacle, the OCAS solution allows the lights to stay off until an aircraft approaches while also providing a superior warning capability for general aviation.. The OCAS solution is an on demand obstruction warning system using advanced 3D radar technology and standard obstruction lighting.. OCAS provides both visual and audible (optional) warnings to pilots on a potential unsafe heading towards the aviation obstacle (such as wind turbines, over head power lines, and towers).. OCAS improves the environmental profile of these obstacles, by eliminating light pollution caused by unnecessary lighting.. OCAS also vastly improves flight safety when the audio capability is utilized.. For example, the OCAS solution will keep a wind farm “dark” at all times until an aircraft is on an unsafe heading towards it.. In this case, the initial warning is the activation of medium intensity red  ...   addition, the OCAS Control Center (OCC) provides 24/7/365 monitoring of the system that meets the tough reporting and compliance requirements of aviation regulators.. OCAS requires no additional installation in the aircraft.. Read.. more.. BENEFITS OF THE OCAS SOLUTION:.. • Flight Safety -.. OCAS meets and often exceeds the toughest flight safety requirements.. •.. Decreased Environmental Impact.. – reduced light pollution and overall decreases the visual impact of an obstacle.. Improve ROI:.. reduced maintenance and replacement costs for lighting system, shorten permitting cycles with increased community acceptance, increase the potential for taller obstacles which in the case of a wind farm can increase the energy produces while still meeting increased lighting requirements.. •.. Improved Risk Management.. – documented surveillance records of aircraft near the park for future permitting and incident reporting.. Environmental Group Approval.. - International Dark Sky Association approved.. Regulatory Approval.. – US, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines.. Wind turbines.. Core Technology..

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  • Title: Legal - OCAS AS
    Descriptive info: Legal - OCAS AS.. Legal and Notices.. © Copyright 2011 OCAS AS.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Obstacle Collision Avoidance System - OCAS AS
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  • Title: Our competence on Wind farms - OCAS AS
    Descriptive info: Our competence on Wind farms - OCAS AS.. Providing a DarkPark™ Solution.. The Wind Industry is both applauded and criticized for its effect on the local communities where wind energy projects are being built.. In many cases, the main concern of local residents is the view shed or unappealing visual impact caused by new wind development.. It is evident that being a good steward of the environment and addressing these issues is a cornerstone of any successful wind developer’s business model and OCAS can help by allowing wind developers to significantly decrease the night time visual impact of a wind park.. OCAS stands out as an environmental friendly technology.. The OCAS technology is a revolutionary new technology that addresses both the night time visual impact issues of a wind farm while also meeting or exceeding current aviation safety standards.. OCAS lowers the environmental impact of the wind farm by providing an intelligent means to activate approved lighting.. The lights are ONLY activated when aircraft are operating in the vicinity thereby reducing excessive light pollution and annoyance to nearby  ...   are met is a challenge.. OCAS provides an ideal solution in meeting these challenges.. The OCAS Solution.. Watch the video here.. You need Adobe Flash and Javascript to view this file.. OCAS uses low powered radars that can be attached to the outside of the wind turbine tower (or on separate masts) in order to provide a proximity obstruction marking and warning system that is capable of delivering both visual and audible warnings to aircraft flying too closely to the airspace surrounding wind parks.. Utilizing the unique OCAS surveillance capabilities limits the obstruction light run times to actual threats thus eliminating the light pollution associated with legacy obstruction marking applications which traditionally run their lighting system on a continuous basis to maintain compliance with aviation administration safety recommendations.. The OCAS application is further differentiated from other obstruction marking systems, requiring no additional equipment in the approaching aircraft to provide the audible alarm to the aircraft’s cockpit radio.. Installation of the system is compatible with wind park layouts and will not compromise or complicate the generation equipment sighting process..

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  • Title: Wind turbines - OCAS AS
    Descriptive info: Wind turbines - OCAS AS..

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  • Title: Core Technology - OCAS AS
    Descriptive info: Core Technology - OCAS AS.. The OCAS solution is the result of comprehensive research in advanced 3D radar technology by a highly experienced team of engineers with solid industry background.. Cooperation with several aviation authorities, (i.. e.. FAA in the USA and Transport Canada) and industry customers (wind park owners, turbine manufacturers, utility companies) has ensured that operational requirements are always in the forefront when designing, developing and implementing the OCAS solution.. The core of OCAS is a compact 3D radar with the following key characteristics:.. FMCW radar with range 3 – 5 km.. Low radiation, less than 2 watts emitted.. Consists of power unit (PU) and radar unit (RU).. RU  ...   sophisticated algorithms.. Identify only real threats – filtering out non relevant detections.. Following moving threats and calculating possible time to impact.. Proprietary hardware design using off the shelf components.. No moving parts.. Fault tolerant.. No additional installation in aircraft required.. The OCAS solution also comes with a monitoring system- OCAS Control Centre (OCC):.. Allows for 24/7 monitoring of OCAS radars.. Automated monitoring with detailed status from individual modules.. Remote upload of software or firmware updates.. Remote upload of system configuration.. Connection to OCC: LAN or GSM/GPRS, CDMA.. Email or SMS alerts to service personnel.. Certifications.. • US: FCC (89270CERTCAB / 95209CERTCAB).. • Canada: IC (89270CERTCAB).. • Europe: CE 0470 / HF 094003..

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