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  • Title: Rainpower - home
    Descriptive info: .. home.. sitemap.. about this site.. vacancies.. norsk.. 简体中文.. english.. Norwegian technology for clean energy.. 7 offices world wide.. contact us.. operations.. technology.. news media.. about Rainpower.. Rainpower.. in brief.. Rainpower is a Norwegian industrial group supplying turbines, generators, control and governing equipment for hydropower.. The group carries forward 150 years of industrial development started by Kværner; our operations are international - we have our own workshop in Norway, and develop and engineer in Norway and China.. Recent.. References.. 1.. Large Small Hydro.. small hydro.. large hydro.. 2.. Lab Experience.. view more.. Latest News.. Acquitted of all accusations.. 12 Dec.. Rainpower Hymatek qualified as a Gazelle Company 2012.. New projects in Canada - Jamie Creek and Skookum Creek.. 6 Dec.. New contract in Switzerland.. 26 Oct.. Huseby new CEO for Rainpower.. 23 Oct.. New orders for Hymatek Controls..  ...   2013.. Rainpower Norway, Hymatek Controls, has signed an agreement with TrønderEnergi for a delivery of two oil pressure systems for Svorkmo Power Plant, Unit 1 and 2 (39 and 22 MVA).. The delivery includes oil pressure systems and servo motors for main and safety valves.. Trial operation is scheduled for April and December 2013.. Rainpower Norway, Hymatek Controls, has signed an agreement with ABB to supply 12 excitation units for generators onborad military submarines of the Ula class.. Units for prototype testing shall be delivered by the end of 2012, while the actual delivery shall take place in two stages, specifically in January 2014 and January 2015.. Rainpower RSS.. Rainpower ASA.. , Instituttveien 8, P.. O.. Box 144, 2027 Kjeller, Norway; t: 64 84 40 00; f: 64 84 40 01;.. website editor.. : 24/7 service: +47 9928 1700..

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  • Title: site map english
    Descriptive info: Main Menu english.. our operations.. turbines.. controls.. excitation equipment.. turbine governor and oil pressure system.. unit controller.. control systems for small hydro.. synchronization unit.. services.. valves.. gates and penstock.. service rehabilitation.. service organization.. companies.. Rainpower Small Hydro.. small hydro reference projects.. organization.. Rainpower Hangzhou Company.. supply and services.. manufacturing.. Sørumsand workshop.. engineering competence.. system analysis.. hydraulic  ...   customer list.. performance.. clean energy for the future.. project execution.. large hydro reference projects.. latest news.. presentations brochures.. product sheets.. press releases.. annual reports.. rainpower in the media.. energy and the environment.. overview.. history.. timeline.. Rainpower worldwide.. social responsibility.. supplier information.. employees and organization.. organization chart.. competence development.. our values.. management.. quality and EHS.. ISO certificates.. addresses..

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  • Title: Rainpower - about this site
    Descriptive info: about this site.. Help page.. This site is owned and operated by Rainpower ASA.. Files for download.. Most files for download are in pdf format; single pages may be in various graphics formats.. Navigation.. The website has a top right auxiliary menu which is displayed on all pages.. The main menu is shown under the logo, and has sub menus to the left.. By clicking on the top left Rainpowers logo you will come to the website´s home page.. You may write "www.. rainpower.. no" or "rainpower.. no" in the browser´s address field; by writing "rainpower.. com" you will also come to the site.. The site is built  ...   Mac OS X, Linux and Windows - Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer (7+).. Photos.. Rainpower normally is the copyright owner of the photos used in this website.. Search.. Under the top right auxiliary menu you will find the website´s search function.. Language.. The website is edited in Norwegian, English and Chinese.. Content may vary from one language to another.. Feedback.. We would like your opinion about the information available at www.. no.. Send us your feedback by clicking on "website editor" at the bottom of the page, or by means of the contact form (auxiliary menu).. Erik Klepsvik, Rainpower ASA, is the website editor.. © 2011 Rainpower ASA..

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  • Title: Contact us
    Descriptive info: Contact us.. contact.. Name.. *.. Surname.. Email.. Subject.. Message..

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  • Title: Rainpower - operations
    Descriptive info: Rainpower´s deliveries comprise the following products and services:.. Turbines.. low and medium head "Storm" Francis turbine.. high head "Hurricane" Francis turbine.. "Blizzard" Pelton turbine.. "Gale" Kaplan turbine.. "Tornado" reversible pump turbine.. Controls.. static and brushless excitation.. electronic turbine governors.. oil pressure systems.. unit controllers.. Valves.. Gates.. Penstock.. Mechanical balance of plant.. Design (basic, concept and detailed).. Site management, erection and commissioning..

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  • Title: Rainpower - technology
    Descriptive info: Technology and Development.. Rainpower´s technology and competence comprise:.. Francis turbines (high, medium and low head).. Pelton turbines.. reversible pump turbines.. Kaplan turbines.. valves (large ball valves, gate valves and penstock valves).. penstock and gates.. small turbines.. auxiliary systems.. system analyses.. turbine governing systems.. generator excitation systems.. generator technology..

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  • Title: Rainpower - news & media
    Descriptive info: News and Media.. Here you find a selection of news, brochures, presentations, reports, and other information of a more general character.. The latest news articles are also published on our website´s front page.. Rainpower´s Media Contact.. Paal Tønsberg.. paal.. toensberg@rainpower.. +47 911 75 748..

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  • Title: Rainpower - overview
    Descriptive info: Overview.. Rainpower - an innovative technology company serving the hydroelectric power industry.. The company is rooted in traditional hydropower technology developed in Norway over the past decades, and is characterized by constant technological progress with new and effective products and solutions for hydropower.. Today, Rainpower is a highly skilled and flexible company.. The main focus areas are small and medium-sized hydropower projects in Norway and abroad.. Our core business is to develop and deliver effective, reliable and innovative energy solutions based on water.. We have state of the art technology for medium and high head hydropower turbines, pump turbines, turbine controls,inlet valves, gates and penstock.. We are also the leading Norwegian company for excitation and governor equipment.. We are a leading supplier of service and refurbishment projects for the hydropower industry with focus on both hydro mechanical and electrical equipment and systems.. Competence.. Rainpower has unique expertise and a highly skilled engineering staff.. We have a first class hydraulic  ...   the Guri Project in Venezuela.. We have the necessary drive and ambition to develop new technology solutions for the renewable energy sector.. Our strategy is continued growth through recruitment, acquisitions, and continuous innovation within the existing organization.. The Rainpower Group consists of the following companies:.. Rainpower Norge AS; development, sales, engineering and project management (Kjeller, Norway).. Rainpower Services AS, installation, service and refurbishment of hydropower equipment (Sørumsand, Norway).. Rainpower Sørumsand Verksted AS; manufacturing (Sørumsand, Norway).. Rainpower Hangzhou Company; engineering, purchasing and manufacturing follow-up (Hangzhou, China).. Rainpower Sweden AB; generator technology, sales of excitation and turbine governing equipment (Västerås, Sweden).. Rainpower Kristinehamn AB; turbine development and engineering (Kristinehamn, Sweden).. Rainpower Switzerland AG; sales and project management (Windisch, Switzerland).. Rainpower Hydro Enerji ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi; sales and project management (Istanbul, Turkey).. Rainpower North America Inc.. ; sales and project management (Oakville, Canada).. Rainpower Peru S.. A.. C; sales and project management (Lima, Peru).. Rainpower Switzerland AG; salg og prosjekt (Anglikon, Sveits)..

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  • Title: Rainpower - small hydro reference projects
    Descriptive info: Small hydro reference projects with Rainpower as a supplier:.. Switzerland.. Martigny-Bourg, Switzerland.. Rainpower upgrades three turbines for the.. Martigny-Bourg power plant.. in Switzerland.. The customer is Forces Motrices Martigny- Bourg SA.. The turbine design is very special, with three double, horizontal Francis runners, each of 7.. 8 MW.. Rainpower will also deliver inlet valve, turbine governor, site management and commissioning.. Greenland.. Buksefjorden, Greenland.. Rainpower has delivered a new turbine with equipment for the Buksefjorden power station, owned by NUUK-KRAFT ANS, Greenland.. The tubine´s effect is 14.. 25 MW, with a head of 245 metres.. The power station utilizes the water flow from two existing power stations, which were delivered by Kværner (now Rainpower) in 1993.. In addition, Rainpower has also delivered new turbine governors for the two existing  ...   hydro power plants, which combined may deliver electricity commensurate to the consumption of 200,000 Norwegian households.. Clemens Kraft seeks approval for about 40 projects, and Rainpower aims to take part in 25 % of these, mainly with the delivery of turbines and generators which may be custom made for each project.. The frame agreement comprises key components manufacturing at Sørumsand Verksted, Norway.. Turkey.. Gruppo Essentium, Turkey.. Rainpower delivers four small hydro power plants to Turkey; the customer is the Spanish company.. Gruppo Essentium.. , which concentrates its efforts in generating environmentally friendly and renewable energy.. Dimensions and turbine types may vary for the power plants; the deliveries will comprise Francis, Pelton and Kaplan turbines, complete with auxiliary mechanical equipment, generators and electric equipment, as well as governing equipment..

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  • Title: Rainpower - large hydro reference projects
    Descriptive info: Rainpower´s Large Hydro Reference Projects.. Rainpower is a supplier to a number of large projects; here is a selection:.. France.. EdF Energy, France.. Rainpower has entered into an agreement with the international energy group.. EDF Energy.. for a study of hydraulic systems, and delivery of two refurbished turbines for the Courbaisse power plant.. This is phase two of the Tinée power plant, located near Plan du Var, north of Nice.. The river power plant has a capacity today of 25.. 5 MW.. The project is particularly important because it opens up for Rainpower in the French refurbishment market.. Switzerland.. Robiei, Switzerland.. Rainpower has entered into an angreement with the Swiss energy producer Ofima for delivery of equipment for the.. Robiei.. power plant.. The contract comprises pump turbines and a Francis turbine with equipment; replacement of the electro mechanical equipment at the plant, as well as four reversible pump turbines adjusted to a head between 284 and 395 metres, with maximum effect of 41 MW.. One Francis turbine is adapted to a head between 270 and 390 metres, with maximum effect of 27 MW.. The deliveries include inlet and outlet valves, as well as oil pressure systems.. Due to the large variations in head, Rainpower will perform model testing of two different turbine runners.. The project will be carried out by by a consortium with Alsthom in Switzerland, which will deliver the generators/motors and the inlet valves for the pump turbines.. Bavona, Switzerland.. One of our large international projects is the refurbishment of.. Bavona power plant.. , owned by Ofima, Switzerland.. Rainpower will deliver two double horizontal Pelton turbines (each 41.. 3 MW); these are of the world´s largest of their kind.. The delivery comprises ball valve, inlet valve, model test in our Trondheim laboratory, turbine regulator with oil pressure system, cooling system, assembly management, training and commissioning.. Alstom is Rainpower´s supplier of generators.. Svartisen Generator 1 Project, Norway.. Rainpower delivers.. Svartisen aggregat 1.. for Statkraft Energi AS.. The power plant is located near the glacier Svartisen, in Nordland county.. Rainpower delivers complete turbine, main valve and turbine governor.. The turbine´s effect is 250 MW.. This is one of the largest hydropower developments in Norway during recent years.. The upgraded power plant will make use of existing waterway of Generator 2, which was delivered by Kværner in 1993.. Rainpower is also delivering a new 350 MW turbine runner for Generator  ...   device, sugerørskonus and new turbine governor.. Delivered in September 2008.. Rendalen 2, Norway.. For the new power station in Rendalen, which will replace the existing station, Rainpower will deliver the turbine and the pressure shaft and associated parts.. The customer is Eidsiva Hydropower AS.. The power station will be built inside the mountain in the immediate vicinity of the existing Rendalen power station, which was completed in 1971.. The water is transferred via a 29 km long transfer tunnel between Glomma by Høyegga and Northern Rena river at Lomnessjøen.. The turbine produces 100 MW, with a head of 185m, and in addition to this Rainpower will deliver the main valve, turbine governor, installation and commissioning.. For the waterway Rainpower will supply 140 metres of penstock, with a diameter of 3.. 8 metres, butterfly, straws hatch, cross sport and valve in the clear chamber with tubes.. The delivery will be completed in October 2012.. Hol 1 Power Station, Norway.. Rainpower will upgrade the four Francis turbines with ancillary equipment in Hol 1 power plant, which is owned by E-CO Vannkraft AS.. Unit 1 and 2 are each of 57 MW, with a head of 396 meters; units 3 and 4 are each of 53 MW with a head of 355 meters.. In addition to the new turbine runners, Rainpower will also deliver four new safety valves, four main valves with the current, four new oil pressure system and four new turbine governors.. The project started in November 2007, and is planned to be completed in November 2012.. China.. Pankou, China.. Rainpower has supplied hydraulic design and model tests for Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Hydro Power Equipment Co.. Ltd.. , China.. The design was carried out at our engineering office at Kjeller, and model test in our laboratory in Trondheim.. The project started in April 2008, and was completed in December 2008 with very satisfactory results.. Maoergai, China.. The design was carried out at our engineering office at Kjeller, and the model test in our laboratory in Trondheim.. The project started in June 2008, and was completed in July 2009 with very satisfactory results.. Philippines.. Binga, Philippines.. On the Philippenes Rainpower is upgrading the.. Binga power plant.. , which belongs to SN-Aboitiz.. We deliver four new Francis runners, each 33.. 1 MW, turbine parts, turbine governor with oil pressure system, site management and performance tests.. Rainpower will also deliver excitation equipment of the generators..

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  • Title: Rainpower - turbine laboratory
    Descriptive info: Turbine Laboratory.. Rainpower´s turbine laboratory is an experienced supplier of hydraulic model tests, and plays an important role in the development of turbine technology.. The laboratory is located on the campus of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, and has for many years cooperated with the university´s researchers.. Rainpower´s laboratory and development department comprise an important part of  ...   manufacturing, assembly, calibration, geometry measurements and documentation of hydraulic models.. All tests are carried out in accordance with the most recent international standards for model testing.. The laboratory is also carrying out field measurements, including performance tests.. Since its startup in 1985 the laboratory has tested Francis, Pelton and reversible pump turbine models with installed prototyp effect of more than 26000 MW..

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