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  • Title: Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: .. Technolife proudly presents: the final results.. Technolife project final report:.. TECHNOLIFE has developed a method to map ethical issues at early stages of S T and policy development and to represent social imaginaries relating to these ethical issues.. The results from the case-studies are documented in the final report, and a number of concrete policy recommendations has been delivered.. Read the final  ...   Short movies.. Results.. Publications.. Technolife is an EU funded project under the seventh framework program, coordinated by the Centre for the studies of the sciences and humanities, University of Bergen.. Project number: 230381.. EC contribution: 809, 343 euros.. Contact:.. kjetil.. rommetveit@svt.. uib.. no.. roger.. strand@svt.. Centre for the study of the sciences and humanities.. Allegt.. 34.. 7800 Bergen.. Norway.. http://www.. no/svt.. Idium.. Web.. Rediger..

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  • Title: The Technolife Method : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: The Technolife Method.. Throughout the last 30 years ethics has become increasingly important for the regulation and governance of new and emerging sciences and technologies.. Central elements in the establishment of ethics as a tool for governance have been the discipline of bioethics, the coming of patient's rights in medicine and, increasingly, privacy regulations and data protection related to information and communication technologies.. Before such disruptive events as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the coming of the Internet or the global war on terrorism, one could reasonably argue that ethical issues could be dealt with through concepts such as autonomy, privacy and informed consent.. One could also argue that these could be taken care of by a few experts, such as medical doctors, lawyers, ethicists or engineers, scientists, ethicists or policy makers seeking to promote more democratic means of governance.. Recent EU policy reports on ethics and governance of emerging technologies are unequivocal about the need to develop more complex and future-oriented modes of ethics for governance.. Important reasons  ...   to these issues.. It is a suite of exploratory, qualitative and quantitative steps:.. 1.. A scoping exercise that defines hot topics in relation to the technological fields.. Hot topics are issues of concern that involve unsolved social, moral or political tensions and that are immature for regulatory definition and resolution.. 2.. Deliberation within KerTechno, our specially designed online open-source software in which citizens and stakeholders discuss the hot topics.. The purpose of the deliberation exercise is to elicit arguments, concerns, imaginaries and alternative frames of understanding with respect to central policy issues seen in the light of broader cultural developments.. 3.. An online KerTechno voting system, allowing for quantitative analysis of results.. 4.. A qualitative, analytical procedure that identifies the arguments, concerns, imaginaries and alternative frames of understanding elicited by the participatory exercise and defines their relation and relevance to early stages of S T and policy development.. Both the theoretical framework underlying it and its balance between approaches are essential features that give TECHNOLIFE its innovative character and robustness..

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  • Title: Partners : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: Inst.. of Environmental Science and Technology.. , Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Person in charge: Louis Lemkow Zetterling) & amp; amp; lt; /span.. Centre for Ethics.. , University of Tartu (Person in charge: Margit Sutrop).. Centre for Social Ethics and Policy.. , School of Law, University of Manchester (Person in charge: Søren Holm).. Laboratoire de recherche en économie-écologie, éco-innovation et ingénierie du développement soutenable.. (REEDS), Univ.. Versailles St.. Quentin-en-Yvelines (Person in charge: Jean-Paul  ...   sociology.. , University of Copenhagen (Person in charge: Margareta Bertilsson).. Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen.. , EC Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy (Person in charge: Ângela Guimarães Pereira).. Scientific Advisory Board:.. Silvio Funtowicz, Centre for the study of the science and humanities.. Sheila Jasanoff, Kennedy School of Governance, Harvard University.. Alan Irwin, Copenhagen Business School.. Links:.. Kennedy School of Governance, Harvard University.. Soiotechnical imaginaries project:.. http://sts.. hks.. harvard.. edu/research/platforms/imaginaries/..

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  • Title: Short movies : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
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  • Title: TECHNOLIFERESULTS AND POLICYRECOMMENDATIONS : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: TECHNOLIFE.. RESULTS AND POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS.. Technolife final report:.. The TECHNOLIFE approach.. :.. Integration of participation and dialogue into ethical frameworks for emerging science and technology.. the_technolife_approach.. Biometrics/ICT research line.. -.. main results and policy recommendations:.. Biometrics and mobility in the EU: point of view of deliberation.. ict_research_line_main_results_and_policy_recommendations.. BODY/Enhancement research line.. - main results and policy.. recommendations:.. Citizens as informed debaters about human enhancement and body modification.. body_research_line_main_results_and_policy_recommendations.. GIS research line.. - main results and policy recommendations:.. Citizens as Neo-Geographers and the Challenge of Responsible GIS.. gis_research_line_main_results_and_policy_recommendations.. Comments.. Be the first  ...   research results are important, which appeared in Research Europe as their View from the Top commentary on July 21, 2001.. I have".. -FQMyuwoQYuwpJb, 14.. 03.. 2012 13:28.. "NN skriver: Axe9n Olin borde sje4lvfallet ha rodveisat sin je4vssituation, men din he5llning ke4nns inte konsekvent.. Du och me5nga andra pe5 ajour deltog ju i #prataomdet-kampanjen, vars je4vsproblematik var minst lika allvarlig.. Men inste4llet ff6r att redovisa den f6ppet, har ni aktivt ff6rsf6kt skyla f6ver den.. Varff6r? 1 1".. -TtcYccznCIqu, 14.. 2012 15:47.. Give your comment.. Signature.. All research lines.. Biometrics.. BODY.. GIS..

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  • Title: Publications - The Technolifeproject : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: Publications - The Technolife project.. Booklets: Key results.. Ethics with people:.. technolife_ethics_with_people_the_technolife_method.. Biometrics/ICT reserach line:.. Connected to the system?.. Biometrics and Mobility in the EU.. technolife_connected_to_the_system_biometrics_and_mobility_in_the_eu.. BODY/Enhancement research line:.. Citizens as Informed Debaters about Human Enhancement and Body Modification.. technolife_citizens_as_informed_debaters_about_human_enhancement_and_body_modification.. GIS reseach line:.. Citizens as Neo-Geographers: The challenge of responsible GIS.. technolife_citizens_as_neo_geographers_the_challenge_of_responsible_gis.. "I find  ...   had one of those interactive wderiboaths (or MS Powerpoint) when I grew up.. ".. -nVZRMxyXDOAKNlJn, 14.. 2012 07:42.. "Assalamu Alaikum Huda.. See i tried to download the "Vishudha Quraan Malayala Paribaasha".. But, iam ngttieg the comment "Bad Request" and i coudn't.. So please can you guide me how to Download it.. -LyejccuwWadr, 14.. 2012 12:09..

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  • Title: All research lines : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: … in this era of rapid and sweeping advancement, we see the old world struggling to guide and restrain the process of advancement into the new (next?) world.. Recording companies howl bloody murder in the old courts about people "stealing their livelihood" by making and distributing pirate copies of their intellectual properties.. Yesterday's telephone companies become today's facilitators of information and entertainment access.. World governments gnash their teeth at the possibility of new technologies sparking sweeping economic change and the dashing of the old world's entrenched economic power structures.. Change will happen according to the will and abilities of the masses, regardless of the old world sensibilities, («Rockpiler», TECHNOLIFE Forum participant).. biometrics, gis and human enhancement: HOT TOPICS.. In the study of.. biometrics.. and the changing configurations of public and private, the following hot topics were identified:.. Social justice, Surveillance and privacy, and Trust in technology and in government.. In the case of.. Geographical Imaging Systems.. , the following hot topics were identified:.. Trust in maps and images, Surveillance and privacy, and Equality and power.. Converging technologies.. and the future of the human body, the following hot topics were identified:.. The relationship between normality and perfection, Freedom of choice and social difference, and Change in the life-cycle and life-span of individuals and the human species.. social justice, equality and power.. Citizens are concerned with.. when discussing emerging science and technology.. This is a robust finding.. Even if we as researchers framed the discussion otherwise, participants returned to social justice, equality and power.. This is important to of ethical frameworks and to the creation of future institutions.. First, there are.. issues.. that should be attended to more than now.. Secondly, the.. frame.. of social justice, equality and power should be given be more importance when discussing " conventional" ethical issues such as autonomy, privacy and beneficence.. Irreversible disruption of old structures….. Internet hijacks attention of populace from the old conventional media and imposed culture…a ttraction to new forms of collaboration and participation through new technologies…(MarkoK, biometrics forum participant).. the feeling of being "blocked from above".. If institutions are perceived not to address concerns of social justice  ...   codes of conduct etc presuppose a culture of.. honourableness and good faith.. - of honest.. dialogue.. and voluntary agreements between honourable people - in science in society.. TECHNOLIFE has shown that such a culture can be achieved in an online forum, given that the appropriate methodology is applied.. Results and policy recommendations for all research lines.. "Amen, sista.. However, I would like to point out that sometimes rinvpdiog wealthy people with opportunities to â make a differenceâ or â find meaningâ in their lives can and has been the first step in engaging them to get more involved.. Sometimes the rich just need a chance to experience the other reality that we see everyday.. And while I am not suggesting that we merely use the haves to help the have nots, some people just need a little nudge to get them more involved, and, once nudged, can become powerful allies in our fight for social justice.. Let's get our foot in the door, so to speak.. Happy Holidays to all.. And for the New Year, here is an old Irish saying.. May you have the hindsight to know where you've been; the foresight to know where you are going; and the insight to know when you have gone too far.. -ElwqSrYLhXdBpA, 14.. 2012 10:13.. "This is to let you know that our org.. will be represented at the Harlem Gate.. I am the cnoevner for LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent.. We are just what we say and we are looking to bring and expand the dialogues re: LGBT rights to the Black community.. Many of us support marriage equality and I have been a spokesperson for marriage equality for Pride in the Pulpit and several other organizations.. We want to let you know that we will be present and we are seeking ways to partner to bring the message to our community.. We applaud this event and we are doing our best to get press coverage in the Black press.. You may have already worked all this out and we support you.. Dr.. Wilhelmina PerryConvener, LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent.. -CZOfBbsPiP, 15.. 2012 01:02..

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  • Title: Biometrics : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: Biometrics.. BIOMETRICS HOT TOPICS.. In the TECHNOLIFE paradigm, hot topics are issues of concern that involve unsolved social, moral and/or political tensions and that are immature for regulatory definition and resolution.. In the case of.. a).. Social justice.. - Can biometrics promote freedom of movement, security and justice? Could new mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination be built into these systems?.. b).. Surveillance and privacy.. - What does "privacy" mean for you? Could biometrics improve privacy and security at the same time?.. c).. Trust in technology and in government.. - Can governments and operators be entrusted with keeping our personal and biometric information?.. Debating (in) a policy vacuum?.. In the Western world, the introduction of biometrics was intimately connected to the fight against terrorism.. This greatly stimulated corporate and government security activities.. Policies have been marked by secrecy and a.. lack of information.. , rendering biometric futures uncertain.. Great urgency coupled with.. legal and technical complexity.. also contributed to.. poor conditions for.. communication and.. public debate.. ".. The main problem is lack of trust.. Lack of trust is particularly a problem regarding Governments.. If we could trust Governments and if we could trust people in our communities then we would have little need for privacy.. ",.. Singularity.. Utopia, forum participant.. CITIZENS: CONNECTED TO THE SYSTEM?.. Citizens, immigrants, travellers and users of critical infrastructure are increasingly connected through a number of information systems.. Biometric devices such as fingerprint readers and face scanners radically scale up the potential for.. connecting individuals and groups to centralised systems.. Governments looking for new ways to keep track of dangerous individuals have embraced biometric information systems, such as the VIS, SIS II and EURODAC.. But biometrics may also be used to.. give rights to people.. : If the state does not know who you are, it cannot grant you access to social services and basic human rights, such as voting.. I am not saying that biometric tech is corrupted in western countries.. But it is  ...   and the safeguarding of civil rights.. "I do.. wonder about our increasing desire for more information and speed.. , […] I can only guess in the haste to implement this programme no thorough review of EU law was conducted.. My point is, I suppose, this stuff often doesn't work; […] I question how we handle and manage, in this case, information and speed.. ",.. "Keith", TECHNOLIFE Forum participant.. Biometrics can.. improve our safety.. in terms of "fake detection" and to make also the authentication process more reliable.. However, this does not delete the fact that.. we have to submit our biometric data.. (E.. g.. fingerprints) to apply for a e-service.. The matter has to be evaluated carefully.. It's absolutely necessary to create REAL indipendent autorities to keep and preserve very sensible informations.. (As biometrics could be).. By alessandro1980 at 01/17/2011 - 14:15.. Results and policy recommendations for Biometrics.. "Review: The security eertuafs are questionable.. Half the time or more, it just lets me get at everything without needing the fingerprint or security code.. Fingerprint reader only works sometimes.. Just get a normal flash drive and create a 16 character password.. Over priced, semi-functional.. -RZiuugHFnZIqd, 14.. 2012 07:22.. "What are these privacy picrnoaaas afraid of? Are they worried they will end up on the evening news because they wore shoes and a belt that didn't match? Or because they had a bad hair day? Give me a break nobody watching will care (and typically no one is watching anyway, until there is some kind of incident.. ) Also, the video will eventually get deleted (data storage still costs money and is not unlimited.. ) Every day, hundreds of thousands of hours of surveillance video gets recorded and susequently deleted (because nothing happened.. ) Nobody will ever see surveillance video of you unless you are doing something interesting i.. e.. criminal and if so, you deserve to end up on TV on Caught on Tape.. ".. -OMSrugbi, 14.. 2012 13:55..

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  • Title: BODY : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: HOT TOPICS.. In the academic-ethical literature on.. human enhancement and body modification.. one can find some key controversies: About the body (its.. stability/malleability.. and its normative significance); about what should.. count as enhancements.. ; about the importance of.. justice.. and.. equality.. in the distribution of enhancements; and about the.. choice of moral and political theory.. Science fiction literature offers an even wider range of issues, such as:.. Issues.. Ethical concerns.. Social.. Control:.. Order and violence, surveillance, xenophobia, security, cheating, autonomy and freedom, colonization, eugenic selection.. Distinctions/inequality:.. Gender, class, marginalization of the (non-) modified.. Identity.. (individual).. Identity/memory loss, borders of humanity, split personalities, human/non-human rights (animals, androids), individualism, privacy, moral enhancement, loyalty, safety, freedom.. Immortality.. (life-span).. Overpopulation/depopulation, intergenerational disorders, extinction (loss of adaptability), evolutionary transcendence.. For our TECHNOLIFE deliberation on enhancement and body modification, the following hot topics (see reverse side) were chosen:.. Normality versus Perfection.. Freedom of choice and social difference.. c ).. F.. o.. rever young.. The topics were presented in a short movie:.. youtube.. com/watch?v=STiuB7nQn1w.. The.. online debate.. with participants was a.. success.. There was considerable activity, and it.. exhibited.. real in-depth engagement.. with the issues being debated.. Importantly, two frames of understanding emerged:.. 1).. Social justice, power.. voluntariness.. 2) New aspects of enhancement technologies can be seen if they are understood both as biotechnologies and as.. analogous.. to ICTs, using concepts of.. open source, sharing and connectivity.. I found the video showing scary developments.. I would not want to live in such a.. world and I do not believe in human perfection.. " "ICT2010", TECHNOLIFE forum participant.. We see memes wash over the internet on a weekly basis right now.. Imagine how powerful those memes will be when they directly and swiftly flow into the physical world in the form of instant clothing, personal electronics, furniture, body implants, engeneered organisms and custom-designed matter.. Try being "normal" when variety is the order of the day.. Rockpiler, TECHNOLIFE forum participant.. Improvement and experimentality in high-tech cultures.. Academic debates about human enhancement often turn around the high-flying positions of "transhumanists" and  ...   current social structure.. The hoarding of wealth that has come with our Agricultural Revolution, and the tiered social hierarchies that developed to direct such a lifestyle both will need to change in order to establish a more stable and peaceful future, in my opinion.. "Midare", TECHNOLIFE Forum participant.. Enhancing the digital agora.. Citizens want to be involved.. Many see a non-commercial ".. open source.. pathway as an interesting and viable option for enhancements, also as a counterweight to the power of corporate and state actors.. For European authorities, the.. policy challenge.. is to develop institutional arrangements that can accommodate the.. transformation.. from a centralised and reactive mode of governance.. to a truly participatory and proactive mode.. In the case of enhancement this means more than debate:.. Citizens.. should be engaged as.. co-producers of enhancement knowledge and technologies.. I also don't believe in human perfection, but I do believe in the quest for human perfection.. ".. Deth, TECHNOLIFE forum participant.. The exponential improvement of technology will make extensive body and mind enhancement possible within decades.. Mainly through changing our genes and by emerging with machines (which by then will be just as quot;human quot; as we are, and not like the machines we know today).. There are good reasons to be fairly certain about this…I won't go.. into why, but if you are interested you can look up the writings and the video presentations of Ray Kurzweil".. , Tor Økland Barstad, forum participant.. Results and policy recommendations for BODY.. "Health is more important than gtneitg a servicepack out as soon as possible, i'm sure most users are prepared to wait a little bit longer for it considering what happend.. Good luck with your recovery Stephen.. -yrZzvyXIGKzs, 14.. 2012 23:27.. "Hey, just looking auornd some blogs, seems a pretty nice platform you are using.. I'm currently using WordPress for a few of my sites but looking to change one of them over to a platform similar to yours as a trial run.. Anything in particular you would recommend about it?".. -IKObICOgrcgaT, 15.. 2012 04:16..

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  • Title: GIS : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
    Descriptive info: (…) the social production of maps, normally online, is becoming such a powerful tool to enhance the comprehension of territories (including space and people), social processes, expressing denounces, building participatory proposals, and thus taking part in governance, for non-GIS-experts.. In this sense, accuracy is not so important since the geo-referenced data is normally quite simple, but it strength is its democratic nature,.. «Violeta», TECHNOLIFE Forum participant.. New configurations of space.. The imagery of the.. vulnerable planet Earth.. being the home of the whole of humanity is above all connected to the iconic photographs from space journeys such as the Apollo programme.. Importantly, GIS technologies now allow.. non-experts.. to create new representations of the Earth,.. developing their own configurations of space.. in their own communities.. CITIZENS AS NEO-GEOGRAPHER.. In this sense, accuracy is not so important since the geo-referenced data is normally quite simple, but it strength is its democratic nature.. («Violeta», TECHNOLIFE Forum participant).. Citizens are becoming empowered neo-geographers through the deployment of new ICTs.. Centralised models of governance of space.. , with inclinations for ever-larger central databases and computer models,.. may fail.. in this situation.. While resources are invested in measuring and predicting citizens' behaviour, citizens can use similar technologies to map space in new ways, create  ...   (perarian1, TECHNOLIFE Forum participant).. Responsible research and innovation of gis.. GIS-based applications can be used as tools against oppression; at the same time, other GIS-based applications appear in the service of the further commodification of space.. Although the end use of technology always allows for a creative element, design issues will also have bearing on such opportunities.. It is therefore important that.. ethical acceptability and societal desirability.. is.. not reduced to questions of privacy, data protection.. and, say, welfare and innovation potential when attended and embedded in the proactive measures proposed above.. The frame of.. should be a primary one in the ethical framework also for GIS technologies.. Results and policy recommendations for GIS.. "reinforced by the second of three ansroes given by the Open Government Data tracking project in Why Open Government Data?: Releasing social and commercial value.. In a digital age, data is a key resource for social and".. -HfmUvleaWyla, 14.. 2012 08:13.. "× × × ×¨:Utworzenie takiej elnapty nie jest wiÄ kszym problemem w sensie technicznym.. W zasadzie byÅ by to taki ×§× ×¨× , × × × wspf3lny:)Trzeba by utworzyÄ listÄ kanaÅ f3w i dogadaÄ ksztaÅ t strony MogÄ siÄ tym zajÄ Ä , × × × po sesji (ostatniej:))".. -dyPraJRYfTmTR, 14.. 2012 17:33..

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  • Title: All research lines : Technolife proudly presents: the final results
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