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  • Title: Home | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Topmenu:.. a.. Contrast.. Sitemap.. Search.. Search criteria:.. Click for search:.. Home.. About UD2012.. Program.. Keynote Speakers.. Excursions.. Speakers' Corner.. About Oslo.. You are here:.. Newsletter.. Register to receive a newsletter.. Twitter.. Follow us on Twitter.. Universal Design 2012 Oslo.. Public space: Inspire, Challenge, and Empower.. Authorities, organisations, practitioners, users and representatives from enterprises and research and development (R D) institutions:.. Welcome to Oslo June 11.. th.. - 13.. 2012!.. As organisers of Universal Design 2012 Oslo we are looking forward to receiving you in Oslo.. The strategy of universal design aims at dismantling physical and social barriers..  ...   issues related to universal design in planning, legislation, politics, education, buildings, outdoor areas, information and communications technologies (ICT) and public transport.. The latest international practical knowledge and R D results on universal design will also be presented.. The conference language will be English.. Our aim is to make the universal design conference in Oslo a meeting place both for speakers and participants.. By exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas we can build global connections and design networks that inspire, challenge, and empower future work on universal design.. Join us!.. Conference office:.. The Delta Centre.. Telephone: +47 46 61 57 41.. email:.. ud2012@bufdir.. no..

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  • Title: Site map | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: Site map.. Accessibility.. Venue.. Hotels.. Letter of invitation.. Organisers.. Contact us.. Program 11 June.. Program 12 June.. Program 13 June.. Plenary sessions.. Parallel sessions by topics.. Parallel sessions by schedule.. Field trips.. Workshops.. Round table.. Social Events.. Poster presentations.. Presentation requirements.. Day 1 Planning.. Day 2 Good Practice.. Day 3 Added Value.. Eidskog municipality.. Kristiansand municipality.. Porsgrunn municipality.. Stord municipality.. Trondheim municipality.. Verdal municipality.. Travel to Oslo.. Local transportation.. Visa to Norway..

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  • Title: Home | UD2012:
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  • Title: About UD2012 | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: Conference Statement.. Universal design in public space.. is the main focus of the conference.. The three days of the conference will each have a main theme:.. Planning.. - for the diversity of tomorrow (11 June).. Good Practice.. - the interplay of regulations, research and practice (12 June).. Added Value -.. the benefits of mainstreaming universal design (13 June).. By exchanging knowledge, experiences and ideas we can build global connections and form networks that inspire, challenge, and empower future work on universal design.. Important Dates.. 11 13 June 2012.. Conference days..

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  • Title: Program | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: Program overview.. Universal design in public space is the main focus of the conference.. The three days of the conference will each have a main theme: Planning, Good Practice and Addded Value.. Topics to be addressed are issues related to universal design in buildings, information and communications technologies (ICT), outdoor areas, policy and travel chain.. Program by day.. Buildings.. ICT.. Outdoor.. Policy.. Travel Chain.. Parallel session 1.. Parallel session 2.. Parallel session 3.. Parallel session 4.. Parallel session 5.. Parallel session 6.. Parallel session 7.. Round Table sessions.. Social events..

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  • Title: Keynote Speakers | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: We are pleased to present the UD2012 keynote speakers!.. Our keynote speakers represent different practical, governmental, and scientific approaches to universal design from different parts of the world.. The speeches will be presented in the plenary sessions of the conference.. The main themes are:.. Day 1: Planning for the Diversity of Tomorrow.. Day 2: Good Practice the interplay of regulations, research and practice.. Day 3: Added Value the benefits of mainstreaming universal design.. The keynote speakers are presented according to the day of their speeches.. To challenge our keynote speakers, we have asked them to answer the following question:.. What is the biggest challenge for universal design today from your professional viewpoint?.. Thorsten Afflerbach.. Head of Social Cohersion and Integration Division.. Council of Europe.. Lecture title: Achieving full participation through Universal Design.. The biggest challenge for universal design today:.. "The first challenge is to make Universal Design principles more known and better understood, thus showing their potential benefits for an inclusive society.. Any possible outstanding issues between Universal Design and assistive technology devices should be resolved in the interest of all users.. Accessibility needs be complemented by “egressibility” – the ability to enter a building must be linked with the ability to leave it, especially in cases of emergency.. The Universal Design concept should be expanded from the built environment to all products, goods and services, which should not only be accessible and usable but also understandable to all people to the greatest extent possible.. We should start by making Universal Design mandatory and by including Universal Design principles as an integral and compulsory component into the curricula of all professions working on the built environment and the design, production or delivery of good and services; for their initial and further education and training.. The biggest challenge, however, is to move Universal Design out of the “disability corner” into the democratisation field, since it is a concept to improve active participation in the political, economic, social and cultural life of society and thus directly linked to the essence of diversity, pluralist and participatory democracy and good governance.. ".. Hua Dong.. Dr.. Brunel University.. Lecture title: "Universal design in a global perspective".. "Universal design is an evolving concept; there are different challenges at different time.. It is also context-dependent, i.. e.. in different countries, the priorities and approaches may differ.. The main challenges for many developed countries now are how to build effective business of ageing and disability, which requires innovation and a fundamental change of stereotyped perceptions.. Healthcare design and provision have to be made inclusive, and ‘people data‘ has to be captured, represented, and shared effectively among stakeholders including designers to ensure a more inclusive approach to design of products and services.. In the ‘majority of the world‘, such as China and India, universal design needs top management buy-in in order to become mainstream practice.. Public places and facilities are the current priority.. The huge number of ageing populations and people with disabilities will bring new opportunities for marketing and social innovation.. The coming years will see the growth of small businesses run by those often ‘socially excluded groups‘.. Mass media and mobile communication technologies will play a key role in helping the society understand and appreciate diversity and rights of being independent.. Novel manufacturing technologies such as additive manufacturing may bring new approach to design for inclusion.. Jennifer Hsu.. Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.. Lecture title: "Universal Design for Winter".. "I think the major challenge is to provide quantitative evidence to support universal design.. Our research shows, for example, that the kerb cuts do not work in northern climates yet they are often quoted as the icons of universal design.. Another example is the optimal parameters for safe stair design.. Stairs will never be true examples of universal design, nevertheless they should be designed to be as safe and easy to use for most possible since they are the biggest concern for older people living at home and since deaths and major injuries from falls on stairs are approximately three times greater than from automobile accidents.. The economic justification for universal design also requires study.. I experience this as a tall person who is forced to fly business class in order to fit into the seat without pain.. Ann Frye.. Director.. Ann Frye Ltd.. Lecture title: "Bridging the gap between theory and practice".. "The demographic trends common to much of the world are raising political awareness of the need to create environments and transport systems that will enable our ageing populations to live independently for as long as possible.. The realisation of the costs – to society and to the individual – of providing for a substantial and growing population in need of care is driving this agenda forward.. Universal Design is gaining recognition as an important part of the solution.. However, although Universal Design is now widely accepted as a concept, there remains a significant gap between theory and practice.. Few countries, regions or cities are introducing Universal Design as a legal requirement or as a condition of public funding.. Even fewer are monitoring implementation to ensure that the concept is translated into good design and effective operation.. The immediate challenge is to ensure that the actual and perceived value of Universal Design is not diluted by poor understanding and poor implementation.. To do this we need to see more examples of good practice with the clear evidence of the benefits, both social and economic, Universal Design can bring.. We also need to develop a wider body of guidance and training to ensure that quality and consistency of delivery are maintained.. Ahmad Ghanizadeh.. Norwegian State Secretary of the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion.. Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion.. Lecture title: Universal design – challenging universal and  ...   supported by reliable scientific data.. The greatest challenge to UD and accessible design is the lack of in-depth human factors research that includes individuals with disabilities.. Better data of this type will provide tools for evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of alternative designs and standards.. It will give designers and standards developers more confidence that the choices they make will achieve the desired outcomes for people with disabilities and others".. Liv Signe Navarsete.. Minister of Local Government and Regional Development.. Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.. Lecture title: To be confirmed by Liv Signe Navarsete.. "".. Joakim Palme.. Professor.. Uppsala University, Department of Government.. Lecture title: "Universalism at the crossroads".. "Among the Nordic countries, the universal approach to social protection has been successful in terms of generating sustainable political support to policy programs that have been mitigating social and economic goals.. But this universalism is challenged, not only by aging populations and tax bases eroded by the globalization of the economy but also by political non-decisions that are threatening the true (universal) nature of both cash benefits and social services.. Immaculada Placencia Porrero.. Deputy Head of Unit.. European Commission.. Lecture title: "Improving accessibility: European initiatives".. "Inmaculada Placencia is Deputy Head of Unit, for Rights of Persons with Disabilities within the Directorate General for Justice.. The unit is in charge of the coordination of the European policies for people with disabilities and responsible for the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities at EU level.. She is graduated in Physics and Computer Science and work in RTD activities in industry.. Since 1991 she joined the European Commission and worked in several research programmes addressing accessibility and applications for older persons and people with disabilities.. The focus of her recent work in the "e-Inclusion" unit of the Directorate General Information Society and Media as well as in the Integration of people with disabilities unit in Directorate General for European Employment social affairs and equal opportunities addressed policy related activities in the area of accessibility at European and international level, as well as eAccessibility and eInclusion and work related to Design for All and Assistive technologies.. Camilla Ryhl.. Professor, Architect MAA.. Bergen School of Architecture/the Danish Building Research Institute.. Lecture title: "Sensing Universal Design: Experiencing Architecture".. "One of the biggest challenges we face is communicating broadly and professionally that universal design is much more than a matter of physical access: it is not enough to get everyone into the building, we need to assure that everyone can stay in the building too! We need to better communicate that universal design is not only a matter of physical ability but also about sensory and cognitive abilities.. This includes understanding the importance of acoustic quality and access to the sensory qualities of a space and hence to the architectural experiences of in the built environment.. This is one of our most important challenges: to communicate this understanding of universal design in order to avoid the obviously existing risk of the concept being perceived as just a new name for ‘accessibility for people with disabilities’.. Birgit Lovise Røkkum Skarstein.. Board Member / Consultant.. Norwegian National Board of young people with disabilities / Athletics for people with disabilities.. Lecture title: Universal Design for future Generations.. "A key to success is to raise public awareness for the need of universal design in today’s society.. Spaces being accessible for “everybody” do not only include people with visible disabilities.. Making spaces universally designed is not something we do to be nice - it’s a step towards a more democratic and including world.. To exclude people with a need for universal design from public spaces is to undermine their integrity and value.. Politically we need a clear understanding that even though universal design might lead to more expensive projects, the investments still pays off.. Being willing to discuss finances might be necessary to realize big projects.. It will be important to show how human resources can be made accessible for the society though the design of the surroundings.. Understanding the benefits universal design as an investment give, is a prerequisite for politicians to make it a priority.. We need to work towards a society where the need for universal design is truly recognized.. The public must be aware of its value, and politicians have to focus on making it happen.. In the process, we must listen to those who have something to contribute to the debate – especially those who are depending on it.. Edward Steinfeld.. Professor of Architecture, Director.. University of Buffalo.. Lecture title: "The Goals of Universal Design".. "Today, the primary challenge in the field of universal design is to clarify the concept and demonstrate its benefits to all.. By broadening outcomes from usability to include social participation and wellness, we can overcome the perception that universal design is a narrow technical specialty.. And, by addressing diversity and social justice issues beyond disability, we can expand the constituency for universal design practice and also emphasize that disablement is a universal human experience that intersects with many other conditions.. Ultimately, the goal should be to develop a sustainable and global community of practice that serves as a home for those interested in design that empowers people and addresses the diversity in human populations.. Getting from here to there will require establishing an infrastructure for communication, information sharing, and effective tools for research and practice.. A twin focus on evidence based practice and encouraging innovation will provide a strongest foundation for this field to prosper in the context of contemporary civilization.. Trine Nohr, advisor, on behalf of Henriette Killi Westhrin.. Norwegian State Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment.. Ministry of the Environment.. Lecture title: Universal design for a sustainable society..

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  • Title: Excursions | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: Stord municipalty.. Trondheim Municipality.. In 2009 the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment appointed 13 municipalities to be involved in a national developed project on universal design.. These municipalities have been working systematically to translate the UD principles into clearly defined actions, and they have been exploring UD as a strategy to make society accessible and non-discriminating.. This project is part of the.. Norwegian Government s action plan on universal design.. Six of these municipalities have invited  ...   municipalities themselves, and are not part of the official conference program.. The excursions will be offered on the days before and after the conference.. Excursion duration is 1 day, unless described otherwise.. Registration to be done directly to the excursion organiser contact person.. A short presentation of the municipalities and their offered excursions is listed to the left.. Please see the municipalities own websites for sign-up, travel descriptions, and contact information.. Deadline for sign-up is May 31st..

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  • Title: Speakers' Corner | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: Speakers Corner.. Welcome to Speakers Corner, the UD2012 s designated blogg for speaking, debate, and discussion.. We invite you to contribute with your insight and knowledge.. Contributions are published in the order in which they are received.. To have your articles, comments, questions, or answers published,.. please send your contribution by email.. We welcome contributions up to 300 words.. Launching of a Nordic Charter on universal Design.. join the debate!.. By: Åse Kari Haugeto, The Delta Centre, Norway on behalf of the Nordic Charter Group.. What is universal design in 2012?.. What should UD become in the next decade?.. Which are the important rationales for working with UD? - and.. Which are the important levels of actions?.. Excellent Design must include Universal Design.. by: Dagfrid Hestnes, NSB, Norway.. NSB (Norwegian Railways) has for years worked with the improvement of accessibility on existing trains.. The decision to invest in 50 new trains in 2007, however, opened the window for a new approach and NSB adopted the concept of universal design fully for the first time.. Welcome to Lund 2014.. By: Per-Olof Hedvall, Lund University, Sweden.. It is a great pleasure to announce that the Department of Design Sciences at Lund University will host the next biannual Universal Design Conference in June 2014 in Lund, Sweden.. New Master’s Programme in Universal Design of ICT at HiOA.. By: Weiqin Chen, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway.. The Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture have recently approved the Master’s Programme in Universal Design of ICT at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Technology, Knowledge and Design, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA).. The programme  ...   of the user’s sensory abilities.. Better snow clearing and fewer icy surfaces.. Translated and abbreviated from the Norwegian Government’s website for UD.. Last year, Bryne city (Norway) decided to improve its snow- and ice-clearing operations in order to make areas more accessible to everyone.. Universal design of services - is it possible?.. By: Rudolph Brynn, Standards Norway, Norway.. An important part of the discussion concerning requirements for universal design is whether it is possible to design services for all? It is well-known that solutions are available for universal design of the built environment, ICT, transport and other aspects of the physical environment - what about services?.. Universal Design a Key element of Democracy - Could it become Really Universal?.. By: Saafa M.. Issa, Menofia University, Egypt.. Since its inception, Universal Design concept had for aim to allow all individuals access to built environments.. This concept represents one of the key elements of Democracy; and that, as it takes into consideration the various abilities of all architectural space users.. It emanated from the understanding that providing certain facilities for disabled individuals reinforces judging them, basically, on the grounds of their abilities; and this would stress the idea that considers them different, and therefore unwelcomed or disliked.. Article 3:3.. Universal design as a concept for the future.. By the conference organisers.. Universal design as a concept is used differently in different countries and regions.. What are the implications if universal design is emphasised as a strategy for including persons with disabilities? Or a strategy to meet the needs linked to the coming wave of elderly people? Would it be better to consistently stress that universal design benefits everyone and is a necessary foundation for a modern society?.. [Archive]..

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  • Title: About Oslo | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: For general information about Oslo, please visit the official travel guide to Oslo.. About physically accessibility in Oslo.. Language.. The official language in Norway is Norwegian.. English is widely understood, and is the official language of the conference.. Opening hours.. Shops are generally open during the week from Monday through Friday from 09.. 00-18.. 00, with slightly shorter hours on Saturday.. A few shops are open on Sundays as well.. Museums are normally closed on Mondays.. Weather.. Temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius can be expected midday in June, cooler at night.. Local weather forecast.. Prices.. Norway is a high-cost country, and visitors from abroad find drinks and food expensive.. Accommodation costs are comparable to  ...   most train stations.. Check with your home bank for service charges before leaving.. Currency.. Norway uses Norwegian kroner, NOK.. As for the denominations of the currency, there are 1000 NOK, 500 NOK, 200 NOK, 100 NOK and 50 NOK notes, and 20 NOK, 10 NOK, 5 NOK and 1 NOK coins.. Currency exhange.. Currency exhange may be done in all banks and post offices in Oslo.. Opening hours for most banks are 08.. 30-15.. 30 Monday through Friday.. Most post offices are open 09.. 00-17.. 00 Monday through Friday and 09.. 00-13.. 00 on Saturdays.. You can also exchange monay at The Tourist Information by the City Hall, The Tourist Information at Trafikanten and FOREX..

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    Descriptive info: > Search.. Search in articles..

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  • Title: Accessibility | UD2012:
    Descriptive info: > Accessibility.. We wish to make the program accessible to everyone with disabilities.. If you have disability-related needs and cannot find information relating to these below, please.. contact us.. as soon as possible.. All enquiries during the conference, including technical problems, can be addressed to the Service Desk.. Conference Venue.. The conference venue is wheelchair accessible.. Due to a limited number of lifts, we encourage the use of stairs.. The conference will be held in smoking-free areas.. The hotel entrance will be smoking-free.. The conference registration will be located in the foyer, immediately after the hotel s main entrance.. The hotel offers vibrating pillows and visual alarm systems.. There will be a Topaz 19 CCTV magnifier available at the Speaker Preparation Room.. There may be guide dogs present at the conference.. A guided orientation of the conference area will be organised on Sunday 11 June, at 17:00, departing from the Service Desk.. Getting there:.. The conference venue is located in Lillestrøm, 12 minutes from Oslo Airport and 11 minutes from the city center by train.. The trains stopping in Lillestrøm are wheelchair accessible.. The conference venue is approximately 300 meters from Lillestrøm train station.. The route is wheelchair accessible and will be signposted.. A parking garage with disabled parking is available at the premises (for a fee).. Presentations:.. We have provided our speakers with.. guidelines for accessible presentations.. Speakers are responsible for the contents of their presentations.. All times are final, and the schedule will be followed (due to the participants dependence on medication and planned rest).. All abstracts are shown in.. the online program.. Please contact the speakers directly to obtain the presentations electronically.. All the speakers email addresses will be published on our website..  ...   floral decorations will be allergy friendly.. Dietary options.. The following dietary options will be available:.. Coeliac disease / Gluten intolerance.. Without nuts.. Without milk/lactose.. Vegetarian.. Vegan.. Bring your dietary card (handed out during the conference registration) to all conference meals to indicate your dietary requirements to the waiters.. Conference dinner.. The conference dinner is held at the conference venue.. Speeches will be speech-to-text reported.. The dining hall is carpeted.. The above-mentioned dietary options will be available.. Reception at Oslo City Hall.. This is a standing reception, with no organized seating.. A limited number of chairs will be available.. Oslo City Hall is wheelchair accessible.. Please note that public transportation will be used to attend the reception.. Lillestrøm train station is approximately 300 meters from the conference venue.. Oslo City Hall is approximately 600 meters from Nationaltheateret train station.. Your UD2012 accreditation badge is valid as a train ticket between the Lillestrøm and Nationaltheateret train stations.. Oslo City Hall has tiled floors.. Induction loops or alternative systems will be provided.. Monday 11 June.. Ferry boat inspection with trip on the Oslo Fjord:.. The ferry boat will be at the quay, approximately 600 meters from Nationaltheateret train station.. A UD2012 representative will guide the group.. The ferry boat is wheelchair accessible.. The inspection will end approximately 200 meters from Oslo City Hall, in time for the reception.. Tuesday 12 June.. Alternative 1: Downtown Oslo public transport.. This field trip is based on public transport and is wheelchair accessible.. Alternative 2: Oslo City buildings and outdoor areas.. A bus will be used for this trip.. The bus takes a maximum of six wheelchairs.. Both alternatives will have two daily trips - one in the morning and one after lunch..

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