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  • Title: Home - Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre - IRIS
    Descriptive info: .. I R I S A N S A T T E.. News.. Archive.. Research.. IRIS - Energy.. Environmental Research.. Integrated Operations.. IRIS - Biomiljø.. IRIS - Social Science and Business Development.. Publications.. Facilities.. Biosentrum.. Akvamiljø.. Ullrigg Drilling & Well Centre.. Centres.. COREC - Center for Oil Recovery.. Stavanger Centre for Innovation Research.. Center for Drilling and Wells for Improved Recovery (SBBU).. PreSenter.. Commercialisation.. IRIS - Forskningsinvest AS.. Events.. About us.. Logo.. Employees.. Board of directors.. Code of professional conduct.. IRIS alumni.. HSE policy.. Quality policy.. Organisation chart.. Management.. About IRIS.. Jobs at IRIS.. Contact IRIS.. UiS.. Drilling and well centre.. High pressure high temperature.. Flow test facilities.. Managed  ...   that can handle equipment at temperature up to.. 200°C and pressure up to 830bar.. Features high flow rate testing in horizontal loops up to 1400m.. Erosion testing is performed in separate loops.. A third part of the facility is used by our TFL team (Through Flow Line) to train personnel and to qualify offshore equipment for use in well intervention offshore.. Testing facility including equipment for testing and verification of automatic pressure control systems for managed pressure drilling operations.. This facility consists of a test bench originally built to test drilling jars and a MLT (Multi Lateral) testbench to simulate lateral forces in down hole environment.. Read more.. Print page..

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  • Title: Home Energy - Energy - IRIS
    Descriptive info: Energy department.. Contact information.. IRIS has gathered all energy related R D in a new department named.. I.. RIS Energy.. In the new department, we will further develop the core activities within petroleum at the same time as renewable energy and CCS research will be strengthened.. The Energy department focuses on research and development of new technologies related to safe and environmentally sound exploration and exploitation of oil and gas, sustainable energy, and storage of carbon dioxide.. Additional research areas include smart energy systems, natural gas based power generation, energy systems based on new fuels and geothermal energy.. The Energy department, along with its national and  ...   petroleum industry and the European Commission.. Many of these R D programs are open and can welcome new industrial participants and sponsors.. Target areas:.. Automated Drilling.. and.. Multiphase Reservoir Flow.. Foto: Alligator film /BUG /Statoil.. Research areas.. Test facilities.. Drilling and well technology.. Reservoir technology.. CO.. 2.. storage.. Renewable energy.. Natural gas.. Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre.. Virtual Rig.. Petroleum laboratory.. Spinn-off companies.. COREC.. - Center for Oil Recovery.. Centre for Drilling and Wells for Improved Recovery.. Center for Sustainable Energy Solutions (CenSE.. ).. Norwegian Center for Geothermal Energy Research.. SEROS.. Drilltronics Rig System AS.. Drillscene AS.. Badger Explorer ASA.. Hole In One Producer AS.. Tectonor AS..

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  • Title: Environmental research at IRIS - IRIS
    Descriptive info: Environmental research at IRIS.. IRIS is involved in a number of environemental research projects.. The perspectives used vary from petroleum through social sciences to gas and energy.. Some of these include:.. The future s energy forms in Rogaland.. CO2 cleaning in a future orientated oxygen driven power station concept.. Integration of decentralised micro power/heating facilities.. Improved oil recovery and CO2 storage.. This is not to forget our researchers at Biomiljø, who are engaged in environmental studies of sensitive aquatic areas, and in the development of methods for monitoring and risk assessment.. News archive..

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  • Title: Integrated Operations -
    Descriptive info: Integrated Operations (IO).. IO carries the benefits of better use of competencies across disciplines, location and organization in a way that makes decisions safer, faster and of better quality.. The goal is to make operations more effective by making use of new ways of working.. This is made possible by linking competencies, data and tools together in real time independent of location.. Objective.. The main objective of IRIS is to be a leading national and international research institution within IO,  ...   reach the objective.. We focus on projects based on multi-disciplines.. Experiences from IO within drilling well construction, online environmental monitoring and.. information security, wireless communication and sensor technologies.. will be transferred to other areas and branches.. We have close co-operation with University of Stavanger and with other research institutes in Norway and internationally.. We.. commercialize.. our online technology through.. subsidiary.. companies.. We have strong relations with our most important partners (companies/industries).. Our position is confirmed by competent external sources, including authorities..

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  • Title: IRIS - Biomiljø - Biomiljø - IRIS
    Descriptive info: Integrated marine environmental research.. is a one of three top priority areas within IRIS' strategy.. We develop knowledge and innovative sensing technology for continuous online and real time detection of pollutant induced changes in the environment.. Different levels of the marine ecosystem are the focus of our attention and we target a combination of physical, chemical and biological indicators in order to provide an overall assessment in relation to ecosystem health, risk and potentially detrimental effects.. Our objective is to make available an ecosystem based platform for monitoring marine environmental health.. Read More.. RESEARCH.. INNOVATION.. COMMUNICATION.. An overall objective is  ...   Tønnesen.. Biomarkers are important tools for early identification of environmental damage.. Results from our proteomics Biomarker research have been turned into industrial solutions.. Photo: Ciphergen.. Competence building.. Transfer of knowledge capabilities.. Training and teaching.. Organisation of workshops.. Master PhD Students.. Read more.. Contact persons:.. Vice President:.. Dominique Durand.. PhD and student theses.. OUR PROJECTS.. SensoMare Workshop.. Cold Water Coral Workshop.. Bioprospecting Workshop.. AUV Workshop.. Ecotoxicology, Risk Modelling.. Aquatic Biology Chemistry.. Biomarkers.. Histology.. Microbiology.. Fresh water ecology.. Effects of oil gas activities.. Marine Environment IQ.. Affiliated companies.. Akvamiljø as.. Akvamiljø Caspian.. Biota Guard.. AS.. BioPartner AS.. BioProtein AS.. Biosentrum AS.. GenderGuide..

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  • Title: Hjem - Samfunn og Næringsutvikling - IRIS
    Descriptive info: 01.. 08.. 2012.. Læring av hendelser i Statoil.. En studie av bakenforliggende årsaker til hendelser på Gullfaks C og av Statoils læringsevne.. Les mer.. 14.. 06.. Følg utviklingen i prosjektet "Scenarier 2029" - Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger og Kristiansand.. Nyhetsarkiv.. IRIS Samfunns- og Næringsutvikling.. I avdelingen arbeider vi innenfor flere forskningsområder, som alle gjenspeiler ulike muligheter og utfordringer i samfunnet.. Innenfor forskningsområdene finner du  ...   har bakgrunn i psykologi, helsefag, sosiologi, antropologi, pedagogikk, statsvitenskap, økonomi, naturvitenskap og ingeniørfag.. Forskningsområder.. Arbeidshelse.. Arbeidsliv, læring og ledelse.. Arbeidsrettet rehabilitering.. Innovasjon og teknologioverføring.. Kultur og samfunn.. Næringsliv og arbeidsmarked.. Politisk organisering og styring.. Regioner og regionalisering.. Samferdsel og trafikksikkerhet.. Sikkerhet og risiko.. Sykefravær og inkludering.. Forskningssentre.. Kontakt oss.. Seros.. cenSE.. Senter for innovasjonsforskning.. Finn en forsker.. Forskningssjefer.. Avd.. dir.. Gottfried Heinzerling.. Årsrapport 2010..

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  • Title: Welcome to Akvamiljø
    Descriptive info: Back to Akvamiljø main page.. About Akvamiljø.. Newsletter archive.. Contact.. Akvamiljø Marine Environmental Research Centre.. An international.. scientific.. MEETING PLACE.. For researchers and students from Universities, R D Institutes and Industry.. Akvamiljø is.. owned.. and operated by co-operating research organisations:.. International Research Institute of Stavanger.. (.. Norway).. Plymouth Environmental Research Centre, University of Plymouth (UK).. University of Bergen Research Foundation (Norway).. University of Stavanger (Norway)..

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  • Title: Centre for Innovation Research - IRIS
    Descriptive info: Centre for Innovation Research..

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  • Title: Commercialisation - IRIS - Forskningsinvest - IRIS
    Descriptive info: Commercialisation.. IRIS - Forskningsinvest a.. s is responsible for IRIS`s commercialisation activities.. IRIS`s ownership in spin-offs and subsidiaries are administrated by IRIS - Forskningsinvest a.. s.. Main commercial activities:.. - identifying mature technologies ready for commercialisation.. - convert spin-off mature technologies into separate companies.. - close collaboration with local authorities and governmental bodies with the aim of constantly improving the sustainable growth of new businesses.. Stocks and shares in different businesses:.. Completely and partially owned subsidiary.. Industrial companies.. Stocks and shares in.. Research Based.. and Network companies..

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  • Title: Logo for downloading - IRIS
    Descriptive info: IRIS logo available for downloading.. Logo available for downloading in your format.. IRIS logo (yellow) web large (JPG).. IRIS logo (yellow) web small (JPG).. IRIS logo (black and white) web large (JPG).. IRIS logo (yellow) high resoultion (EPS).. IRIS logo (yellow) high resolution (AI).. The story of the logo.. The logo used by IRIS is based on the monument Swords in Rock situated at Møllebukta in Hafrsfjord, only a short distance.. from IRIS' main offices.. Fritz Røed (1928 - 2002), a local artist from Jæren, is the creator of this magnificent monument.. He was educated at the.. Royal Art Academy in Oslo and at the Academie de  ...   the historical events of the late 9th century Norwegian history.. Swords in rock symbolise the Viking-tribes confronting each other in the battle of Hafrsfjord, by featuring motifs from their wapons.. The royal crown atop the largest sword is typical for eastern Norway, while the other two represent warriors fram the central and western regions.. Swords in Rock is also a fable about the swords that rose from the ocean, and they symbolise peace by being firmly planted in the rocky ground at Hafrsfjord.. The swords were made and cast in bronze in Italy.. The monument was unveiled by His Royal Highness King Olav V on May 7th, 1983..

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  • Title: International Research Institute of Stavanger
    Descriptive info: Sorted by last name.. Name.. Research group.. Phone.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. V.. W.. Z..

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